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HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/FIFA
HorribleHank44 1 point

Free upvote to anyone who can name the player who isn't David Platt!

Handsomemike9 1 point


It’s... oh god I have no idea. I’m going to google it.

HorribleHank44 1 point

Hint: It's not Dean Saunders, as I spent my childhood thinking!

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HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/svenskpolitik
HorribleHank44 -8 points

Jävla clickbait-rubrik det här. Hon vill ju förbjuda rasistiska organisationer, inget annat.

sharkcoal 2 points

Du har helt rätt, tyvärr är det här en SD-sub och du kommer att bli downvotead för att folk inte håller med.

HorribleHank44 2 points

Ja, det verkar inte bättre. Tur att verkligheten inte återspeglar suben åtminstone.

HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/funny
HorribleHank44 10 points

Why would anyone not like Rebels? The prequels I get, and maybe the sequels too, but come on, Rebels? It's uncharted territory in terms of (on-screen) chronology, and it's a whole lot of fun. Someone give me a valid reason and I might change my opinion?! Edit: A word

thegreatvortigaunt 3 points

Because it's blatantly made for fucking 8 year olds mate

HorribleHank44 0 points

Well people who are nearing their forties apparently can appreciate it, mate.

HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/FIFA
HorribleHank44 1 point

This data is skewed, there are literally hundreds of variables to take into account here. Did you play a game when you were tired? Was the icon's fitness not 99 at the start of the game? Was he subbed off? Was he injured? And so on, and so on.

Arlington69 2 points

The stats come from futbin so are based on data they have extracted from EA. For example Shevchenko has over 3 million games over 100,000 of players in each mode; DKT, season (on line and offline), Weekend and SB. Therefore any individual bias should be round off.

HorribleHank44 2 points

Still not data from a controlled environment, and still too many variables to determine anything specific.

HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/svenskpolitik
SvanteCool 19 points

Kärnkraft ger mest och är säkrast.

HorribleHank44 7 points

Hur farliga är solceller jämfört med kärnkraft?

SvanteCool 11 points

Har tyvärr ingen källa men jag har hört att produktionen av solceller involverar mycket giftiga ämnen som totalt har dödat fler än vad kärnkraft har dödat. Jag tycker fortfarande att solkraft är bra, men jag tycker definitivt att kärnkraft är bättre.

HorribleHank44 1 point

Just det, nu när du säger det har jag nog hört det också nånstans. Jag tänkte mest på säkerhet i drift, har svårt att föreställa mig vad problemen med solkraft skulle vara då.

HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/assassinscreed
grunge969 4 points

Altair has Egyptian decent. After he dies, his son leaves for Egypt.

HorribleHank44 1 point

Surely he's American, with that accent!

grunge969 4 points

If you look at it, Bayek stays in Egypt while his "wife" goes to Italy. If this doesn't show how Altair and Ezio are related...idk dude.

HorribleHank44 8 points

What do you mean?

HorribleHank44 commented on a post in r/FIFA
AskNotAks -26 points

Why would i want to do a La Liga SBC?

Its never coming out

Its a bit stupid to trade my tokens to submit Modric into an SBC that doesnt and never will exist



HorribleHank44 2 points


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