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Hoyerman68 commented on a post in r/pics
Dove_Dog 1 point

I work as an environmentalist :)

Hoyerman68 1 point

Which part of the planet? From the image that could be one of several countries?

Hoyerman68 2 points

Far away from prying eyes, several computer screens and a half-empty box of tissues. How do you pass the time?

splitnit 5 points

Good to see it finished! I was wondering if this is Smug, since it looks similar to his other work around the city. Does anyone know?

Hoyerman68 3 points

This isn’t Smug. But - Im pretty sure that Smug was involved in another artwork a bit closer to the railway (a skeleton wearing a knights helmet and holding liquid metal blobs kinda thing)

Hoyerman68 1 point

The picture was taken with a pinhole camera I made from a beer can (Tennents Lager can if you’re interested). The white arcs on the image are the path of the sun across the sky each day as it rises slightly further up into the sky each day. Oh - no idea who downvoted...

Chazmer87 0 points

Shit, you're not op... I've been bamboozled

Hoyerman68 0 points

But I am OP... what do you want to know?

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Hoyerman68 commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
Hoyerman68 3 points

I was a scout leader for 12 years in the 1980s/90s until I had to give up because of work (I was always of the belief that I had to do it properly or it’s not fair to the kids involved and I just didn’t have the time any more due to shift work). I ran a small scout troop of around 20 kids in a rural Scottish village. We did everything - hiking, camping, climbing, kayaking, sailing, rafting etc. We organised events for the village (jumble sales, ceilidhs, dances, coffee mornings), helped at major events locally (like the Scottish Rally Chamionship and the local agricultural show). We travelled to places like Orkney, Germany, Switzerland and Iceland. We sent kids to the world jamboree in Japan and to work on summer camps in the USA. We even built and ran an assault course (only out of wooden poles and ropes) with some other local scout troops for a week at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988. It took a lot of time to organise and run well, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time and some of the friends I made are still my closest friends to this day. All the kids are now scattered right around the globe!

Hoyerman68 commented on a post in r/pics
Hoyerman68 14 points

In the UK, that or any other medical care (even if it was a Heart/LungTransplant) would have cost me exactly £0.00, thanks to our National Health Service. Any aftercare would cost me £0.00 too.

ranchdressingonpizza -12 points

Doctors that get paid less are USUALLY worse though. Just sayin'.

This was still a huge rip off though.

Hoyerman68 3 points

Sorry,I absolutely don’t agree with that statement. Don’t ever make the mistake that because you’ve just been ripped off and the doctor drives a nice car that it’s better. Some of our doctors are world leaders in their treatment area and people travel from around the world to be taught by them. Medical standards here are high and are maintained and closely monitored by the British Medical Association. What we don’t have here is the same amount of unnecessary treatment. Theres a substantial amount of research pointing out how in the USA a lot of treatments are not actually required, or not beneficial to the patient or their quality of life (especially in a terminal phase) - or to translate that, you’re getting a certain treatment not because it will help, but because they can charge you for it and make money without repercussions. Yes, you have some great doctors in the USA, but by no means do you have all the great doctors. You also have your share of bad ones.

stoter1 1 point

That column needs a wipe, look at the algae.

Hoyerman68 1 point

It was surveyed and photographed at the start of March for some work...

Hoyerman68 2 points

An aficionado of Maison Greggs?

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crucible 1 point

How are the windscreens on the new 385s? Heard drivers were seeing double approaching signals...

Hoyerman68 3 points

Don’t know much apart from what’s in the papers... I don’t drive them!

cheshirecheese 6 points

I remember this! "A little bit of perspective. 4:30am last summer and I’m hard at work carrying out safety checks before I take the first train of the day out."

Hoyerman68 6 points

Ha... this is a different pic (and pointing in a different direction) but it does look almost exactly the same!

Lisbon- 2 points

This looks really good! I’ve tried doing some (really not that many)solargraphs but they never get as much definition as yours, I suspect that I might be doing something wrong heh

Hoyerman68 2 points

For me, I’ve found the two critical elements are the size, shape and sharpness of the pinhole - and the paper used... I’m still experimenting!

Hoyerman68 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Hoyerman68 105 points

3am is actually the earliest that I get up for work for a day shift. No person should have an alarm that goes off that starts with “03”... Should be banned by the Geneva Convention!

If I’ve just finished a week of late shifts (02:00 finish on Sunday morning) I’ll still be wide awake at 01:00 on Monday praying for at least an hours sleep before I start again.

FiveChairs 3 points

I work in public transit as well. Earliest I've started was 3:30 am, and I had to get up at 2 for that... It was the worst.

Hoyerman68 2 points

There’s just no need for the public to be going anywhere that early...

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moggyroe 3 points

That's amazing but I'm now wondering how much googling I'll have to do to work out what you were doing.

Hoyerman68 3 points

This timelapse isn’t my video, but it’s the best visual explanation I’ve ever found of what’s actually happening...

mrhuggies 5 points

How did you get this effect?

Hoyerman68 13 points

It’s genuinely one single continuous exposure from December 2015 to March 2016, taken with a pinhole camera I made from an old beer can and exposed directly onto photographic light sensitive paper. Once the paper comes out of the Can it is scanned with a normal flatbed scanner, invert the colours (it comes out the Can as a negative image) then adjust contrast, brightness and saturation to taste. Nothing else...

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