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ElGringoCabron 2 points

Are you at the top of The Nelson Monument?

Hoyerman68 2 points

I was - well spotted...

tomdzu 3 points

OK... how? That's pretty cool. software stitched together a bunch of separate pics?

Hoyerman68 3 points

It’s 12 x DSLR images stitched together with Microsoft Image Composite Editor, to make a 360 degree panorama, then that was transformed into a Little Planet with

Broseidon16 0 points

Is it me or do I keeps seeing this picture like every other week? It's very cool, but its giving me deja vu.

Hoyerman68 2 points

It’s you...

4tunabrix 8 points

Can you explain your process? This is crazy

Hoyerman68 3 points

Best explanation of it I’ve ever seen is this timelapse video (not mine!)

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ITAP of the largest horse sculptures in the world - the Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland.
5 points
z3k3 6 points

fyi kelpies are not horses

Hoyerman68 1 point

Well... they are equine...

DundonianDolan 1 point

Would you consider a unicorn to be equine?

Hoyerman68 2 points

Equine is defined as “relating to or resembling a member of the horse family” so I’d have to say yes?

markfukerberg 1 point

Wow,Sorry.its been already a week.

My question which is your favourite train and why?

Hoyerman68 1 point

Hmmm - in terms of the 3 types I drive now, probably a Class 334 - that’s what I trained on first and the ones I know most about when things go wrong! I’ve driven all the other ScotRail traction types except the 380 and 385 and the most comfortable I’ve worked on is definitely a Class 170, but I was never qualified on them!

Aceofkings9 1 point

So they’re like chiggers?

Hoyerman68 1 point


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MrCondor 1 point

Absolutely beautiful part of the world. I go to Morar/Mallaig every year.

Hoyerman68 1 point

I used to be there 3/4 days a week. Not so much now, but I’m camping there for a weekend in June Sea Kayaking again!

MrCondor 1 point

When was the last time you were there? It's become very overgrown on the hill down from the toilet block.

Hoyerman68 1 point

It doesn't sound like I camp on the same site as you... as the one I use doesn't have hills!

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Hoyerman68 3 points

Lunch was at 8:45am - and I finally finished work at 12:25pm...

eastriverdriveII 6 points

nice! how long is the trip?

Hoyerman68 12 points

Due to arrive at 7:48am, so 1 hour 40 minutes, with 24 stops on the way...

thingimibob1 6 points

Yeah we’re gonna need a full story and explanation please this is astonishing

Hoyerman68 1 point

Explanation of how it works in other comments. This camera spent its time tied to a tree, opposite the campus building...

tISKA 2 points

Are the white streaks the sun??

Tell me more! How did you do it? Why is it not straight, what process did you use?

Hoyerman68 1 point

Ive got a picture of some cameras under construction a few weeks ago here

The white streaks are the sun crossing the sky each day, as it gets higher or lower in the sky with the changing seasons. If you want to know how it works, this is the best video of the process I’ve ever seen.

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theleted 1 point

sold what.. the picture?

Hoyerman68 1 point

Prints of the image... looks quite nice framed at 12x12...

Minihulk 1 point

where do you sell your prints?

Hoyerman68 1 point

Canvases available here or DM me for prints...

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cyberjacob 2 points

Nice photo, what safety checks do you need to do?

Hoyerman68 3 points

Brakes, Lights, Horn, Doors, Comms equipment, circuit breakers and emergency equipment, Various Safety systems (Emergency Brake operation, Vigilance, Driver Reminder Appliance And Driver Safety Device) and traction power from cabs at both ends of the train, Plus a walk through to check everything internally (fire extinguishers, Lights, seats, toilet etc) Takes approx 10 minutes per train...

DivergingApproach 1 point

Those are some squeaky clean cars.

Hoyerman68 1 point

They have to drive through a train wash before they’re parked there...

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WhyAllTheTrains 20 points

I work through Waverly quite often. It's definitely multiple exposures. The station is block signal operated - only one train is allowed in one signal block.

Hoyerman68 17 points

Apart from the permissive working platforms... And yes - its 27 separate exposures (from 250 or so on the day) to get the trains in the right places without breaking things. The real giveaway though should be the 2 car 170 unit exiting Platform 11 into X line in the Mound Tunnel... since they don't exist!

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