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They could have prevented this drama by making it so that your TL account had to be 2 weeks or so old to be able to vote.

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It's taken me almost 20 years to form this opinion, but here it is: Modern Starcraft has become less about strategy, and more about how good your memory is.

I completely disagree. If you're playing a proper build don't fuck up your mechanics there nothing you have to remember, because you're building stuff ALL THE TIME, especially as a Terran. You should never even have the money to queue up more than 3 units per building, there's nothing to forget here, just make stuff.

Hopefully. The game got better after every one so far and big patches are always exiting. I'd love them to try some more big changes like the MSC/Battery one.

You need to attack move instead of right clicking enemy units. Press A and then left click behind the enemy army.

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Please stop making new accounts, you subhuman pleb.

GSL vs. The World isn't the right format for a popularity contest anyways, it should be the best Koreans vs the best foreigners. There should be a qualifier next time.

Chargelot/Immo. Prioritize armor upgrades.

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Maru would most likely murder Serral. There is not enough super tip top terran players outside of Korea, so Serral's zvt is most likely too weak to match Maru. I would love to see that match, nonetheless :)

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Original Poster11 points · 1 day ago

Well they played 2 times this year already, Serral 2:0'd Maru before the Raven buff and got 3:0'd after it.

I’m about to get the acer aspire 5, it’s 600$ and it can play games more demanding than Starcraft so you could look at that

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1.8-GHz Intel i7-8550U processor

It won't run SC2 properly.

You can't watch replays on twitch, you watch vods on twitch, which are just videos. Replays are actual files that you open in SC2, which allows you the spectate the entirety of a game. The WCS replay pack should be coming soon.

Get to M1 with marco Zerg and let's talk again.

Nice, just bought 100k.

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That was just a fucking amazing finals. I think Serral vs Showtime would have been much more boring. I am glad we got Serral vs Has

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I think Serral vs Showtime would have been much more boring

Did you see their games in nationwars? It would have been different, but I doubt that it would have been boring. Also I think Showtime would have made it closer.


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Showtime will dunk on him.

Edit: welp, RIP.

Now Serral, Serral is going to dunk on him.

Edit 2: There we go.

Heromarine is on the track to become the best non-korean Terran.


Paste this into chat in SC2 and then click on it. Best unit testing map around.

Most satisfying achievement in life!


Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

What are you doing on this reddit :D

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Shitposting, mostly.

Expect one in time for Blizzcon.

I wish there was another RTS that I could enjoy like Starcraft. I mean, WC3 is really fucking awesome but in my opinion SC2 is superior in pretty much every way.

Now this looked like the Inno from 2017. Maybe it's finally time for G5L.

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