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Sorry to rain on your parade, but there really isn't multitasking in SC2, you can only do one thing at a time. For example, if you could control units with your mouse and build units with hotkeys without losing the control over your units that would be multitasking, but that isn't how it is. You move you units, then you switch to your production and build things and then you switch back to your units. It isn't multitasking, it's sequencing.

explaining multitasking to a phd studying multitasking. very nice

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Would have been a great gotcha post if he hadn't agreed with me.

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Would have been funnier with an "S" and "D".

I'd destroy him 4:0 no problems.

I don't see what's scary about that. Playing vs better players in a game doesn't do any harm to you.

can we

I hate this fucking reddit mentality so much.

Thanks for the head's up, bro. Highly appreciated.

40k would dunk on them both.

shame that keyboard doesn't have an f2 key

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What do you think the Zerg logo key is bound to? 🤔

I love stealing Lambo's builds, he really knows his shit.

The time for chilling has passed.

Good times.

Original Poster0 points · 7 days ago

due to popular demand, i have expanded maru horizontally

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due to popular demand

People in your head don't count.


Seriously, how will you engage into a flock of 10+ BCs with a normally spread army? Everything that gets into their range will get destroyed instantly. Or am I missing something here?


There are a lot of reasons that nobody really makes BattleCruisers above a certain MMR, and the proposed changes don't touch on any of those. I don't think firing while moving and an increase in DPS is going to be enough to see them used more often.

Yes, in team games and low level games where people turtle and rush to BCs they will be stronger. Outside of that, I don't see it being a problem.

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Original Poster3 points · 9 days ago

nobody really makes BattleCruisers above a certain MMR

What MMR would that be exactly?

3 points · 9 days ago

Probably talking about infested Terran.

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Original Poster-2 points · 9 days ago

Same range as BC and slow/clunky.

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Infestors are wonderful if they are low on Tanks.

I think one of the main issues really is that many of the high tier NA players don't play on NA. I think ladder skill trickles down the ranks, so a shortage of high tier players hurts the entire server.

If neeb wasn't jetlagged out of his mind he would have crushed Semper yesterday and would 100% be in the top 8. JonSnow also would have had a pretty good chance if he wasn't against Serral. It's still definitely mostly EU, but there are some strong NA players you shouldn't ignore.

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Even if Neeb wasn't jetlegged I wouldn't give him 100% vs Heromarine.

I'd be down for a Diablo RTS.

Nice meme, this goes to twitch, thx

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And this post goes straight to my cringe collection.

For the same reason you don't see people attend the tour de france on a BMX or play basketball wearing flip flops.


Back to back 3:0's by Lambo and Showtime. Insanely dominate performance.


Poor you.

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i know how you feel but its what the community wants. they cant even accept that proxy barracks is not cheesing like protoss does. no one complains! also and if proxy barracks failed they can just turtle and build 2 more cc. compare that to proxy gate/stargate. as long as terran is winning everything is fine (i see you serral)

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they cant even accept that proxy barracks is not cheesing like protoss does.


Yeah, Germany is going to be strong next Nation Wars. Showtime and Gabe have both been getting better and better and Lambo has surpassed TLO hard. Outside of KR and Finnland I don't see many countries that are particularly scary to them.

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