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I have what’s called Raynaud’s Syndrome/Disease. Basically what happens is my fingers or toes will randomly lose some blood flow and will become ice cold and lose color. It can take anywhere from a minute to about 20 minutes for the blood flow to come back.

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I have this too! It's a good tool to freak kids out about not eating vegetables or whatever lesson they need

an apartment to rent on a short term lease with 1-3 roommates

complain to papa johns not reddit we can’t help you

Chem here... yes, physics was too hard for me.

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chem here- can confirm. not that any of us get jobs anyway

they don’t make them anymore and i need one. name your price to steal that bad boy and mail it my way.

It's been a long time since I visited the states, my mother told me that no-where in America serves chips (fries) only biscuits and gravy. I saw a Bojangles sign and started crying. I fucking love chips. Anyway I remember Shoney's being pretty good.

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If you like Shoney's just wait until you try good food

I woke up one morning and she blocked me on everything then tried to blame me with no actual explanation of what I did wrong. Instead of being confused or wasting energy I accepted the blessing and got on with my life.

How can we keep people interested? Let’s censor “dies” so they have to click on the article

It really is. I don't have it and I love gluten. My sister does on the other hand have celiac and my brother and I used to rip on her, but honestly it's like food poisoning if she eats it or anything that touches it. Shit is real. Not like nuclear war real, but it's not fictitious or made up. My issue is the mother fuckers that say they're "gluten sensitive" or say they have celiac and cross contamination is okay. Like fuck you get over yourself and get over that fad. Actual people exist who can't stomach that shit, quit making it harder for them to be taken seriously ya know?

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Hello I understand your point but here’s another one to consider. Gluten makes me sick and doc told me to stay away but cross contamination is ok and in extra super small doses it’s ok but in big doses it is not ok at all. It’s pretty awful and the judgement for not dying from cross contamination makes me embarrassed to go out to restaraunts

Hi, could I send you my email as well?

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I passed the class and deleted any evidence of it. Sorry! Good luck! The other person I sent it to probably has it.

Don’t quite understand. If she’s on her back with her feet on the guy’s chest, how can he also be on top of her? Or is he supposed to be more perpendicular?

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Think superman style

My dad and I kind of drifted when I went to college, but we used to go to football games together and go prom dress shopping together. He let me be whatever I wanted, even if it meant I was a little bit of everything. He was always really supportive, but not as a friend, as a father. There is a really important difference there.

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Teaching isn't a complete joke yet, but it isn't what it was.

There was a time when people respected teachers; they might be the only person in town with a degree. They made ok money and sometimes even got a rent-free residence to go with the school. They were respected and looked up to.

Now degrees are much more commonplace, and many jobs pay better than teaching.

Some people think teachers are under achievers: "you have a degree in math or physics or chem, but you teach? Guess nobody wanted you. You must have been on the low end of the scale."

Also, if you're making 100K or even 1000K or more (and some people do) it's hard not to look at someone earning 50k or even less and not think of them as a loser...especially if they also have a 100K study debt.

I'm a teacher myself. I like teaching, especially kindy kids.

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I think teachers are so important so don't take this the wrong way. I think this might be a good thing. Not because teachers don't deserve respect, they absolutely do, but because students deserve teachers who care so much about teaching that they do it despite the salary and social side of it.

I hate watching other people talk in real life why would I subject myself to that during my me time

You start off with whatever your parents/friends/librarian tell you to do that you think you might have a knack for. After your first semester, major in whatever your favorite class was. After your second semester you'll know.

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