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Original Poster3 points · 9 minutes ago

I think it was the owner who traded him.

you did a great job with the coloring, hoping to see more for other old time greats!

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Original Poster3 points · 11 minutes ago

Thanks. I've got a hell of a lot already. I suppose I should post here more often.

For example.

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D. Use some soap.

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You can use soap with the ass blaster too. What you wouldn't do would be to just wipe it off. Our point exactly.

The point is that just squirting water isn't going to get the job done. You need to wipe things clean - and I'd rather not clean up shit with my bare hands.
It does sound rather like a lot of people just give it a quick squirt and call it good, though.

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Score hidden · 47 minutes ago

You might be doing it wrong. It's a blast, not a squirt. And it feels so good that nobody does it quickly unless they need to run.

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Perhaps, but the differences between two languages when they ostensibly began is when each respectively adopted new phonology or new grammar or new vocabulary that the other doesn't share.

Look at American, British, Australian, Canadian, and Commonwealth English (or, alternately, RP). Each one is distinct. It's more than an accent, as each one uses different rules for pronunciation, there are variations in spelling, even variations in grammar. If you then look at Ebonics and Creole, these are both English, but they're quite distinct languages, and someone speaking in, say, Californian Ebonics is almost incomprehensible to a Londoner. Heck, I'm American and it's nigh-incomprehensible to me.

The beginnings of languages are so gradual, that I think it's fair to say that languages aren't born and don't emerge, but are rather distinguished.

To be honest, this is why I have a hard time with terms like "began to exist."

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2 points · 1 day ago

I think it's fair to say that languages


born and


emerge, but are rather


It's fair to say that they evolve as species do. They break off from ancestor languages and diversify, as the ancestor language previously did from it's parent language. There was no "birth" of English because there was no first English speaker, just as there was no first Homo sapiens when talking about life.

Hobart is great. We are really looking forward to the move.

You do the colorisation restorations if I remember. You did that gorgeous picture of Forbes Field. Is this picture of Hobart possible?

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Oh wow, I could do it, but I would need a MUCH higher resolution scan to work from. Nothing good can come from thumbnails like that.

Find me a history museum in Hobart that will take me on and I'll gladly move down to work. "Work".

Hobart from Mt. Wellington. That's a great hike down from the top. I didn't hike UP.

We bought a place just down from there. In fact if you took the trail past the reservoirs you probably ended on my street.

I found the picture from the University of Tasmania University archives:

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Great. I really hope to go back sometime soon. I'd love to do a motorcycle tour of the whole island.

That's a better photo, but I would need probably 4X as large as that to do a good job.

I've done a lot of Hong Kong from the similar time period.

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4 points · 3 days ago

Also if you lie on your back and cover your dick with your hands you'll quickly notice that you have to stretch and strain your arms in a way that a corpse simply wouldn't do. His hands would have fallen to his sides unless someone had glued them onto his nutsack.

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3 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

They could have stuck his willie into the holes in his hands. That would hold the arms in place.

Apologetics 101.

Is that a country for ants?

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Yes, as in, "I ant sailing all the way around South America!"

HSBC notoriously laundered money for the most violent cartels in the world. When caught, they faced next to zero consequences.

A great read is The Divide, by Matt Taibbi. It covers this and other stories.

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HSBC got its start in Hong Kong in 1865 mainly financing the opium trade inti China. It's good to see them respecting their roots.

Funny, but Macgyver wouldn't enhance the resolution on a digital image. He would make a polishing wheel from a bicycle drivetrain, collect some broken glass and river clay and whip up some lenses for a compound microscope to examine the film negative.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

MacGyver doesn't enhance. He orders the tech geek to do it, while spouting nonsense tech words.

We must have watched different Macgyvers

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One thing we progressives/libs do badly is just happily move on without holding these assholes accountable

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They also vote (not vote) badly. If they would all just get out to vote, these assholes would have never come to power in the first place.

Good point and thanks for providing sources too!

The part about Germans not being able to adopt an English complexion is hilarious stupid compared to our country now.

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And almost 250 years later there are still Pennsylvania kids who are raised speaking German.

You mean his own echo chamber, right? So all his supporters can go there and be safe from having their minds changed and views challenged? The way you defang people like Alex Jones is by challenging the worldviews of his supporters. Change their minds, get them to actually think. I know there's an argument to be made about the fact that people only change if at some level they want to change, but uf Alex Jones is in his own stadium, how are you going to challenge him?

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Are you upset at Alex Jones' rules for his own website?

"Remember: you are a guest here. It is not censorship if you violate the rules and our post is deleted. All civilizations have rules and if you violate them you can expect to be ostracized from the tribe."

2 points · 8 days ago

Yes except that everyone else is still in that other room and honestly I call BS on the idea that anyone can go build there own youtube/facebook/twitter.. etc. Arent these million dollar investments? Thats like saying just go build your own roads.

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Facebook wasn't a million dollar investment when it started. It probably cost Cheetos and Mt. Dew and long sleepless nights.

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All of my fathers war pictures were lost in a house fire six years ago. I am green with envy that you have thousands of them.

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This is why everybody needs to get a really good scan of all of their important photos and pass the files around to the whole family, and upload to several cloud servers.

45 points · 8 days ago

George visited the US before the Beatles all came together. He also visited his sister, who lived in Illinois.

Who the fuck would design a bomb on a plane?

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He may have been using plane geometry.

So onto my actual question; If we can agree that microevolution happens, then what process or mechanism stops those changes from resulting in a new species (or “kind”) over millions or billions of years?

Not a christian but I have asked the same and been told the world is only 6000 years old so billions of years don't apply.

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And yet these same people argue for an unimaginable speed in speciation after the Flood so that they can cram as few animals as possible onto the ark.

I've also heard an argument that there were actually two members of every single species, and the ark was just unimaginably big. If you follow it up with "how is that even possible/feasible?" you get the "anything is possible for God" reply.

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Of course, another description of a species that has only two members is, "functionally extinct".

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HOLY SHIT! nice grandpa, and damn nice color tho. good job ;)

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Thanks. But uncle.

Original Poster4 points · 14 days ago

well ceasing to an eternal sleep

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It can't be. There is no more "you" that will be locked down into sleep. The present "you" is gone, not eternally resting. There are only new "yous" experiencing life.

Oh, boomers certainly protested for THEIR rights See: Vietnam war protests when their asses were on the line. Not so much anything else...

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110 points · 14 days ago

We remember the photogenic hippies protesting and all the amazing music, but we tend to forget that a large percentage of young people at the time were perfect squares who wanted nothing to do with protests or long hair or great music. Those boomer assholes are still with us today and they haven't changed.

Paul never met Jesus because he was not part of Jesus followers when he was alive. Remember that time and time again, Jesus commands his disciples not to go and tell everyone of the miracles he performed. He did try to retain a low profile even though crowds would swarm to him, can you imagine?

How can Paul prove a revelation to be true? If someone is in trance or whatever state of mind a person experiences, it is only conducive to that person itself and no one else.

What tells me the revelation is true was that Paul being part of the pharisees converted to the teachings of Christ. This means he lost his friends, circles was accounted heretic and even went as far as to be put to death for his Master. Come and tell me again that he wasn’t convinced.

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What tells me the revelation is true was that Paul being part of the pharisees converted to the teachings of Christ. This means he lost his friends, circles was accounted heretic and even went as far as to be put to death for his Master. Come and tell me again that he wasn’t convinced.

You must, by this logic, be a member of multitudes of religions. That perfectly describes Buddha and Muhammad as well, except for the being put to death part. And Joseph Smith got the death bit right.

I can't tell what position you take on the existence of Jesus

Why is my position on that topic relevant? Aren’t we discussing the supernatural claims in the Bible and not the existence of Jesus? But I guess since you kind of asked I’ll tell you my position. My position is “I don’t know”, all I know is that the things the Bible attributes to Jesus have yet to be verified whatsoever, and until such a time that they are, I will not accept them.

comparing the Bible to a spiderman comic says more about your motives than it does about the historicity of the Bible.

So analogies aren’t allowed to be used?

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Maybe he would be more comfortable with, "Mecca and Medina actually existed and still exist. Do you therefore accept the miracle of Muhammad flying on a winged horse or splitting the moon in two? If not, why not?"

To add some clarification: they are set up as a corporation - The Corporation of the presiding bishopric of the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints. There is branch of the corporation set up as a non profit that uses a trademarked name - The church of Jesus Christ of Ladder day saints. Members pay tithing to the non profit org. The for profit corporation has all sorts of business holdings, including holdings in pharmaceuticals, real estate, and a whole ton of other stuff. (A list of holdings was leaked recently).

More than likely, the church is funneling money from the non-profit to the for-profit, and probably pays some taxes on it. The problem is, the nonprofit money is supposed to pay for helping the members and needy but other leaks have shown that money spent on doing good is a tiny fraction of what actually comes in. The church then claims all the individual volunteer work as money and time donated by the church.

It’s sad that the members get sucked into doing free work for a corporation, and have to pay to do it.

Sounds a lot like an MLM.

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Latter Day. Ladders are for climbing the multi-levels.

A modernised version, including online news.

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But should it be applied? After all, you can so easily access another website if you don't like the one you are looking at. Literally millions. It ain't like the old days with three network and one or two local news channels.

Did you mean to say something different? The whole point is it would apply to all sites.

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How would that work, exactly? Are you saying that every single American news website must give space for alternate views? Which alternate views, if there are more than one? How often? How much space? How high on the page?

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Again, you're conflating the origins of names with the language they speak.

You clearly have no understanding of what common knowledge is.

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And yet it is you who were the only one to be surprised. That by definition makes our knowledge common, and your ignorance uncommon.

You shouldn't make any assumptions based on names, color, or any other superficial characteristic.

It's just not common knowledge. No argument. Surprise or lack thereof isn't even relevant.

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It's just not common knowledge.

But it is. Just as are the origins of surnames such as MacKenzie and Grabowski and Schmidt. You shouldn't be wondering why we all know the origin of Cohen. You should be wondering why you don't.

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The arguments prove that there exists a God with certain properties.

They dont prove, they postulate.

They record centuries of interactions with this thing, who behaves exactly as we’d expect God to behave, including giving and fulfilling prophecy.

What's this "we" part? Maybe it behaves the way YOU expect it to behave.

And in the end we see the man Jesus who comes claiming to be God come in the flesh, who behaves as we’d expect God to behave, with a supremely good moral character, who fulfills prophecy given over the last few thousand years.

No he didn't claim that. And his behavior is nothing like how I would expect a God to behave. Healing lepers? Ha! That's just puny bacteria!

I believe Him.

Believe what you want, you wouldn't need faith if there was any evidence.

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Healing lepers? Ha! That's just puny bacteria!

Puny bacteria that this god supposedly created. For some damn reason. He cured it? Oh jeezuz, thank you! Now WTF did you create it in the first place?

Turned off the TV for good. And with all those extra hours I create things that many people enjoy.

There ARE really good TV shows though, so you can still find other ways to watch them. Just don't plop down in front of the box and watch whatever is on just to be watching.

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