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the-packet-thrower • 1 point •

Most devs know nothing about networking and/or infrastructure which means to many problems. It’s good to know the basics!

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

Thank you for the information!

But isn't CCNA R&S and CCNA Security a bit more than the basics?

ITNinja • 1 point •

As a software dev I don't think you'd be completely wasting your time, only mostly wasting your time. I do think everyone who works in IT benefits from having a basic understanding of ports and protocols, and how switches, routers, and firewalls work. These are the foundations that support and enable everything that happens on a network. However, the CCNA curriculum also contains a lot of Cisco-specific information that you likely won't find useful.

So if taking a CCNA class is the best way to get that knowledge, then I would say go for it. But if you already have that knowledge or can find a better way to get it, then I'd say skip the class.

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

Thank you for the information.

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kylethale • 3 points •

I can confirm you are able to relink your reddit account to the gifts account. I've done it myself last year.

ImThatRedditor • 2 points •

Yeah I already did it. But thanks anyway.

kylethale • 2 points •

Just curious if you had any Secret Santa trophies on your former profile that haven't moved over? I lost one in the process, but others did transfer.

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

I dont know what trophies I had before so I cant say if I lost any or not. Sorry.

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pi3832v2 • 2 points •

Why can't you use sed?

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

I just joined university and I have a subject were I am learning how to use the terminal and we still havent learned the sed command so the teacher wont allow us to use it. I understand the decision but it makes it so much harder because most of the solutions I search and find use it.

DogePT • 1 point •

Oulá! Só por curiosidade, qual é o curso? :P

(Heya! Just for curiusity, whats the course? :P)

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

Engenharia Informática.

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ImThatRedditor commented on a post in r/portugal
ImThatRedditor • 4 points •

Eu, infelizmente, não entrei no curso que queria. Queria engenharia informática mas entrei em engenharia electrotécnica e de computadores no ISEP. Como funciona as mudanças de curso dentro do mesmo estabelecimento? Só posso mudar daqui 1 ano ou posso mudar na mudança de semestre? E para mudar o que é preciso? A média do ensino secundário é usada na mudança?

Eu quero imenso engenharia informática mas tenho de decidir rápido se me matriculo neste curso e tento pedir transferência de curso quando for possível (mesmo que tenha de começar tudo do início) ou se volto para a escola para subir a média.

O que aconselham?

humelectro • 2 points •

Inscrever-me faz as cadeiras todas e para o ano pedes transferência e assim tens equivalências a maior parte das cadeiras.

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

É o que vou fazer.

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ImThatRedditor commented on a post in r/portugal
HidenSoul • 1 point •

Universidade do Minho. Quem tiver dúvidas, é so dizer. Mandem PM ou respondam aqui.

ImThatRedditor • 1 point •

Estás em que curso? Espero conseguir entrar em Engenharia Informática aí.

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