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If it's just one layer I usually just add a delay with short short delay time and add a little of it to make it more wide. Somewhere in my process chain I'll do parallel compression, probably at 7-9:1 and fast attack and I'll mix it in till the voice feels thick enough. I'll then use a panning tool to control the wideness. If a song has one adlib track I'll usually double it up and hard pan one right and another left. I'll then offset one of them by. 15 milliseconds or so to make it sound wider and I Usually cut deep around 860 and 1.1k to make space for my voice, probably different for yours. Anything more than one adlib track means they'll go from left to right in the order they come in.

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Underrated comment

They banned my Visa My Amex and Mastercards

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It is DEFINITELY "bend". This is a reference to the fact that his "pockets snug, they can't hold his 7". This song came out when iPhone 7's (and subsequently credit cards) were being bent by skinny jeans.

Original Poster9 points · 1 month ago

Makes sense, I guess is wrong. Me and my friends were debating it the other day.

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Wouldn't be the first time they were wrong! Although I personally think it's more likely that it's a double entendre. "My pockets snug" also likely means that he has so much money that he's spending, which would explain the "banned" cards as well.

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Dude no one is stopping these players from protesting at their own time.

When I tune it to watch football on Sundays I'm not trying to see that shit.

If I went to work tomorrow and protested at my job I wouldn't be working no more.

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The league doesn't OWN these players, that is their own time. Nobody's debating whether or not the league is able to do this, they clearly are. It's a question of if they SHOULD.

(Hint: they shouldn't)

Wtf? Them standing on the field isn't their own time you idiot. Me and millions of other people just want to watch football and not have to see people protest.

Them going out of their way during their every day life and protesting is during their own time.

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There's never a "right" time or place for them to protest, according to racists like you.

If you choose to be ignorant about the challenges people of color face every day, then that's your decision. But you don't get to speak for them.

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-1 points · 3 months ago

Odell played four games last season. The season before that he shit the bed in the Giants playoff game. Not denying his talent, just bringing up his weaknesses which were overlooked in your comment.

Wentz came into a starting role in his first season and did fine and LIT IT UP for 14 weeks with a full off season under his belt. He wasn't on track to win the MVP, it was all but decided. He finished second in the league in passing TDs by 1 and 4th in QBR despite his injury and led the team to a regular season division title.

Your comment makes it seem that Wentz has shown nothing but a couple flashes in the pan and that is simply not the case. Who is more talented at football? It's hard to say. Odell is an athletic freak and Wentz is a franchise QB, and I think the debate leans more toward "can't go wrong" than "not even close."

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Trying to upvote this sixteen times

Comment deleted3 months ago

Were you in a coma for 4 months

When in the fuck did I question his character or say he doesn't go around doing charitable things?

You said he loves this team more than Darby. How is that even quantifiable?

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Somebody needs a hug

You're the worst

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Go birds

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50 points · 3 months ago

For a long time, I had to pretend I didn't like Romo or Witten, but now I'm free. Currently, I'm genuinely crossed Dak Prescott seems like such a good guy, I really wanted a cocky asshole at the helm in Dallas, looks like it's Romo all over again, got to suppress the sympathy I feel for him

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There's a scene in All or Nothing where Dak is just out fishing and he really does seem so down-to-earth. That show also made it pretty clear that he didn't like human-sized-hemorrhoid Dez Bryant, which I can certainly get on board with.

ok that's a big middle finger to dez Bryant, most of us love him

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Lol then sign him

I'm glad we have Nick for another season and all but I still can't believe no one traded for him

BDN is young and already has one of the best seasons ever for a QB and one of the best playoff runs ever

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Somebody offered 2 second round picks for him and we turned them down. We're clearly still in a "win now" mentality.

Remember when everyone wanted to start Nate Sudfeld when Nick struggled in his first game as a starter last season. It’s almost like the coaches didn’t want to give away the game plan.

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I truly believe that Doug let Nick struggle in those last games to keep from giving away too much tape. We clinched #1 after the Giants game so there was no reason to unleash the RPO monster.

Original Poster41 points · 3 months ago

I always knew Dougie P was a great football mind. I just didn't realize (and really, no one did. maybe you did. no you didn't) that he would mastermind this shit.

Embarrassing the Cowboys is such a treat. Fuck their fans. Seriously, fuck them.

I'm so happy Rodgers has great moments against them. And your FIRST EVER SB win against a proclaimed dynasty just sweetens the deal. If the Pack can't win, FLY EAGLES FLY.

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Wentz really does look like baby Rodgers sometimes. Here's hoping they face off in the NFC Championship this year.

But over his first four seasons, he's been sacked 44 fewer times than David Carr over his first four seasons.

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I thought you meant former Fall Out Boy bassist Derek Carr for a second

I disagree. I think the strategist on the other side of the ball will pick a simple offense apart. Hell, you don’t want to put an offense out there that the other team’s linebacker will pick apart.

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Dougie P running the RPO with Foles was a great example of simplifying an offense to build QB confidence. However, the birds only ran it once every like 6 or 7 plays to keep the defense on its toes. It totally depends on execution and at the end of the day, your QB still has to know how to do it all.

Will be interesting to see what the Ravens do with Jackson, since the rumor is that they will simplify the offense if he ends up starting.

I wonder if they have any update on pricing. Last year they started having increased prices for "premium" games.

Like last year the 4 tickets I bought for the Cards game (which was deemed a premium for whatever reason) was a decent chunk more than my friend paid for four 49ers tickets.

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Does anyone know what face value tickets go for? Upper vs. lower bowl?

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It's Week 1 at Lincoln Financial Field. The Atlanta Falcons stand on the sideline, waiting. Sweating. "This time will be different," Matty Ice thinks to himself. "It has to be."

A bell is heard throughout the stadium. Eagles fans erupt into applause, leaping to their feet. Smoke fills the field.

Lightning strikes across the sky! Julio poops a little. Just a little.

We hear a thunderous boom, but it wasn't the lighting. We hear another. And another. "Those sound like footsteps" human-size thumb Dan Quinn thinks to himself. "But that can't be."

Something emerges from the smoke. No, make that... Someone.

Carson Wentz steps onto the field to the sound of angels weeping. He is now 6' 11", 345lbs. His muscles glisten in the moonlight, looking like ripe cantaloupes. He takes a knee. The crowd roars like a coked up lion.

11 throws his hands upward, looking to the sky.

CRACK! Another bolt of lighting splits open the beautiful night sky. The heavens open. Rain pours from above.

He rips open his jersey, revealing giant, majestic Eagles wings. A Super Bowl ring sits delicately on each feather. His eyes dart towards the Falcons' sideline.

He makes eye contact with Matt Ryan. Carson winks. Just once but it is enough - the damage has been done. Matty Ice's gulp is heard throughout the stadium, even in this storm. The entire sideline empties and the rival team runs for the locker room.

The Eagles walk off, 1-0.

Regardless of the video, as a rap song it's pretty atrocious.

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Shut your goddamn face hole, this shit dings

What impact would a potential house takeover have on the Mueller special investigation, as well as the house intel investigation closed recently by Republicans?

Would a Democratic house create a safer environment for Mueller to conduct his work?

Original Poster3 points · 4 months ago

House takeover can't prevent Mueller from getting fired, Saturday Night Massacre style. It can reinvigorate a House intel investigation, and a Dem House could open up 10 new investigations about Trump history of sexual abuse, Trump org finances, emoluments, etc.

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Great answer. Thank you.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be the guy to bring the first super bowl to a team? He’s the reason they were ever there in the first place though and I honk he knows that.

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Honk honk

Whatever, just wait to watch Underdog: The Nick Foles story when it comes out on Amazon Prime in 4 years.

But yeah they definitely decide before the season so they can follow the team. Also, half the fun of All Or Nothing is the locker room bickering, which Dallas has WAY more of than we do :)

Gotta love winning.

God these would be so cool if it weren't for that GIANT D

One collective drop of sweat drips down the face of the Saints fanbase...

I'll put my testicle in a blender and drink it through a crazy straw if Drew Brees signs with a team besides the Saints

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Looks like you're safe. For now...

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