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IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 37 points

worst thing - worsen inequality and social stratifications. preferred placements for alumni at primary schools. kids who do well end up in the same school. end up all the more well off ones end up in the same school. LKY when he was around, raised this as a BIG issue. if the people just mix with same socio economic strata, how to understand difficulties of all others?

second worst thing - kiasu parents. arms race amongst parents. race to place kids in best tuition, best eca, massive investments to support kids' ecas.

best part - the average Singaporean can speak, write English better than the average American and British. same for maths and science.

second best part - a strong sense of pride and identity with our schools. helping to strengthen our sense of rootedness to Singapore. invaluable in a globalised world.

IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 11 points

at exercise wallaby in Australia, the showers is a field shower. you put the water into a bucket, pull it up with a pulley system, and then shower from there. half the time, the water is cold and the weather is bloody cold at night. our boys still shower. this weather aint nothing for our boys.

IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 9 points

tec drome at sim lim square level 5 is honest and decent. can get new games at good price.

Elephant789 1 point

Do you know what's a good price for the Switch console? I was thinking of buying on Amazon but not sure.

IndefatigablePhi 3 points

when I last checked, prices at the shops were pretty much comparable with amazon. the good thing about getting from the shops is that the bundles are pretty good deal. if you ask nicely, some of the shops will let you swap the bundled games. and you can get some small discounts on additional games.

you can ask around the local shops, Tec Drome, GamesMarts @ PS etc. support local. give our local guys some business!

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IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 6 points

let's try to change the list to something else?

we can do it if ALL of us start typing the same "why are Singaporeans so XYZ" on google. let's go screw with google's algo!

IndefatigablePhi 1 point

any thoughts why "so rude" is the first one?

egoqueen 37 points

Didnt know Reddit became Instagram.

IndefatigablePhi -23 points

am freezing and in need of some hot soup! have any good reccomendations?

khaliqsaleh 9 points

You should say that on the title then.

IndefatigablePhi -10 points

my bad!

IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 44 points

very nice of u! lost my wallet at an mrt station before. never found it. no one picked it up.

IC was in it, and had to go do a replacement.

10 years later, an Indian worker showed up at my house, and returned the IC!

llamaowl 17 points

10 YEARS LATER? did you ask him how he got hold of it and the whole story?

IndefatigablePhi 22 points

said he found it in a rubbish dump! didn't ask anything beyond that. was just super happy, and super grateful to him. gave the nice fellow a small reward.

IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 16 points

population is an existential problem for Singapore. with so few people left in Singapore, will Singapore still be around as an independent nation? how to sustain our economy? will we still have our own education system and our own JCs?

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