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hike the tree top trail. you will spend a solid 2 hours in our beautiful tropical forest, and can spend the time to have a good conversation catching up with your friend.

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hello! we have national service because Singapore is a small country and our national servicemen forms the bedrock of our defence. so every Singaporean men serves NS as a young men. after 2 years of full time national service, there are 10 years of liability in the "reserves" where individuals will still be called up for training and operations.

active national service training is generally doable. well, everyone has gone through it, so it's not that bad. of course, there are ups and downs. in NS, you meet people from all walks of life and motivations. there are people who are motivated, and those who are less so. the training can be tough and there will be challenges, but generally, most ppl will tell you that they made good friends and had a good time with their platoon and BMT buddies through national service.

there are medical checks done beforehand, and people are streamed into training based on their medical conditions. the fit and able one will hold the ranks at combat positions while the ones with certain medical conditions will serve in support functions. I've even heard of a deaf person serve national service. there are people who try to come up with medical reasons so that they can serve in less onerous jobs, but my personal belief is that do your fair share, and make the best out of the time. it's 2 years of your live, so how much you put in, is how much you get out of it.

I personally think that NS is something that all of us do, and need to do cos Singapore is so small. certainly many aspects of NS can be better, and we should give honest feedback so that things can better. and of course, what is within our control, I think that we should try to make things better.

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worst thing - worsen inequality and social stratifications. preferred placements for alumni at primary schools. kids who do well end up in the same school. end up all the more well off ones end up in the same school. LKY when he was around, raised this as a BIG issue. if the people just mix with same socio economic strata, how to understand difficulties of all others?

second worst thing - kiasu parents. arms race amongst parents. race to place kids in best tuition, best eca, massive investments to support kids' ecas.

best part - the average Singaporean can speak, write English better than the average American and British. same for maths and science.

second best part - a strong sense of pride and identity with our schools. helping to strengthen our sense of rootedness to Singapore. invaluable in a globalised world.

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at exercise wallaby in Australia, the showers is a field shower. you put the water into a bucket, pull it up with a pulley system, and then shower from there. half the time, the water is cold and the weather is bloody cold at night. our boys still shower. this weather aint nothing for our boys.

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Elephant789 1 point

Do you know what's a good price for the Switch console? I was thinking of buying on Amazon but not sure.

IndefatigablePhi 3 points

when I last checked, prices at the shops were pretty much comparable with amazon. the good thing about getting from the shops is that the bundles are pretty good deal. if you ask nicely, some of the shops will let you swap the bundled games. and you can get some small discounts on additional games.

you can ask around the local shops, Tec Drome, GamesMarts @ PS etc. support local. give our local guys some business!

peenutonfire123 1 point

is it the old uncle and a younger dude shop? it's them if I rmb correctly

IndefatigablePhi 1 point

I think the uncle owns the shop. he usually has a few young chaps that help him. I got a good deal from him for my switch package.

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IndefatigablePhi commented on a post in r/singapore
IndefatigablePhi 3 points

let's try to change the list to something else?

we can do it if ALL of us start typing the same "why are Singaporeans so XYZ" on google. let's go screw with google's algo!

IndefatigablePhi 1 point

any thoughts why "so rude" is the first one?

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