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I can see my house!

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I can see my appartment.

876 points · 20 hours ago

That's why you re-direct it through your stomach

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Actually a viable method. You are taught that if you can't get to lower ground or out of a pasture then you should crouch with your hands on your knees to give the electricity an alternative path than through your vital organs.

That article is talking about crouching as a way to avoid getting hit. We are talking about a way to heighten odds of survival if getting hit is a near certainty. Say in the middle of a huge flat grassland, or the middle of a saltflat. Which I just realized your SOL completely in a saltflat.

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Up on the northern lakes and rivers you pull your boat out for the winter and some of the bigger ones get shrunk wrapped, for the winter. If you have the money.

Right?!! I think it all comes from Iowa, but I’m not sure. All best C-Section jokes come from there.

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From Iowa, what am I missing?

Iowa is definitely well known to be a hotbed for c-section based comedy

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Okay. From Iowa here, what am I missing?

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Alright thanks, when i drive to work tomorrow ill give them a feel :)

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Please use the front of your hand. This is not a human forehead. It can get hot enough to burn you. Use the tough callous side of your hand, it will hurt less of you get burnt.


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Sometimes when we add offset we call it stansing the vehicle.

Stancing...? Because of stance and stuff like stancewars 😂

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Because it lowers your center of gravity a bit. Like taking a fighting stance.

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17 points · 1 day ago

It'd probably be about as cool as a shiny tool that's been sitting in the sun for hours.

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Would probably be cooler than a black one.

lol. Not that kind of salvia. At least I don’t think so. Eww I hope that’s not what that is because it has a stinky smell. I feel like it would detour smoking. But you kind of have me paranoid. The Home Depot salvias aren’t drugs, are they?

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Salvia divinorum?

Kinda like "distressed" jeans. Pay extra and they'll make it look like shit before you get a chance to.

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It's a wrap so it also protects it so you don't even really get a chance to wreck it.

He parked on 4 parking slots. GG

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Yeah because pulling into the parking spot like it was a normal vehicle and blocking the road would have been a better alternative?

No this is just country. No direction about it. You can see this from Texas, to UP MI. From Washington to Maine.

Edit: Holly shit. I didn't even see what it actually was a second ago. I just thought it was a divided bed. Dam that's a good sticker.

I'm gonna hope that this is the vehicle they use for going duck hunting.

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You know, that's not a bad idea. Camo truck, with a hatch on the topper. Just park it by the pond. Pop out when they fly by.

I get that some of you have had the luxury of a decent computer and internet for the majority of your lives. Some of us have been in very odd, less ideal, situations. Out in the middle of no where, with only what's on hand to make your dreams come true, but only if you have the drive and enginuity to get it done. I must applaud this lad. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Figure out a way.

I've always been told that Heady is any glass that is heavily worked.

Say what you will about how Amazon treats their employees on the job but they have amazing benefits. What other warehouse workers get medical, 401k, employee stock purchase programs, and paid time off? FYI most no skill jobs don't offer those benefits.

I really don't get the whole anti Amazon sentiment — there was one article about an employee pissing in a bottle now everyone thinks Amazon is literally Satan. Yeah, the warehouse workers do very hard work but they are compensated well.

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Really? All of the 5 warehouses I have worked in have had all of those things and a pretty laid back attitude also. Warehouses have treated me and a lot of people I know well. Amazon I hear horror stories of.

with all the fire solventless in CO right now whyyyy would you want flower rosin?

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Because the only real solventless is pressed rosin and bubble hash. I mean you could consider Co2 solventless but it's really not. The only way to extract every cannabinoid and terpine is to press. Otherwise you are always going to be missing something.

540 points · 7 days ago

Lol I wasn't expecting such a big one. I'm in awe

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That's what she said.

If you want a great sock sale, once a year in Osage Iowa, foxriver hold a charity sale. $1-$3 a pair for great socks. It's like the first weekend in October every year. It's the only time I buy socks.

Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

Do they host the sale online?

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Unfortunately, no. It has become a very large charity event in the last few years. I have gotten various Merino wool socks there and some nice L.L. Bean socks for just a few dollars. I usually buy about 50 pairs every year there.

Thots and prayers

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67 points · 12 days ago

your always old enough to drive if the car is stolen

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No, you just have to smile and wave. Trust me.

50 points · 12 days ago · edited 12 days ago

Pump the brakes, kid. That woman is a national treasure.

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Haha brakes, Haha car crash.

Original Poster82 points · 16 days agoGilded1

Thanks! We're in this interesting phase of pitching so we're gonna try a big company next....... Space X

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Nice try, but your not getting a rocket dude.

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