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Oh man, so this is a long story but I'll try to compress it as much as possible. I'm an American, born and raised, and early netizen back in the day. About fifteen years ago, a Filipino judge, Florentino V Floro, was disbarred amidst reports he was unfit to be a judge. There were lots of reasons, but among them were the fact that he believed he had magic healing powers, that he could be in two places at the same time, and that he frequently received help in the courtroom from three magical duendes, Luis, Armand, and Angel. If you really care you can read his Wikipedia page,

How on earth did this impact my life? Well, Judge Floro went on an Internet spree to share the story of his unjust disbarment with the world. I was a member of one of those forums and newsgroups and the situation tickled me pink. We exchanged messages in public and private back and forth for months, with Judge Floro "training" and advising me on the use of my latent psychic abilities. In reality I was just literally walking through all the Monk perks in my Dungeons and Dragons handbook. He didn't seem to mind and we had a very friendly discussion back and forth even though I was, let's say, doubtful of many of his claims. I got busy with other stuff being a teenager and we lost contact.

Why is this at all relevant now? Well, I just so happen to be traveling in the Philippines on vacation. And it so happens that I've caught a nasty cold. And I saw an ad for some judge and immediately remembered my old magical penpal with the healing powers. Could he colocate here and heal my stomachache?

You can upvote if you want to, but you probably don't have to. The one real magical power Judge Floro definitely possessed was the ability to know when he is mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

Cheers r/PH! Thanks for humoring me...


Damn BRO your so weird lol!

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Original Poster3 points · 5 days ago

Only god can judge me.

God and Judge Floro.

Ah yes, him and his supernatural friends! What were the names of his dwarf friends again?

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Original Poster5 points · 5 days ago

Luis, Armand, and Angel. :)

Hmm... Balance feels good.

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Erectile dysfunction is more common for young men than society thinks. Sildenafil (viagra) and other ED drugs are not only prescribed to old men.

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My endocrinologist told me that the "cialis is for old men" thing is a myth. While a lot of boner pills are prescribed to older men, the single biggest cause of ED is obesity, and the next biggest is psychological. If the cialis commercials were honest they wouldn't have fit confident silver foxes, they'd have anxious fat millenials, but that would make it way harder to sell those pills.

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I mean, I think the much weirder thing is that we romanticize death so much. Seriously, the majority of people probably believe death is a desirable and appropriate end to life. It's weird to think about the fact that as a species we're just ok with slowly getting weaker and weaker until we stop living altogether, instead of treating it like every other illness.

The thing about "romanticizing life over death" is that, for everyone in human history so far at least, death has been an inevitable end. So even if someone thinks death is desirable or preferable to life, they'll get there eventually. It's weird to say "it's their choice." Death isn't anyone's choice, yet, though some people may want to die earlier. You're right, maybe we're pushing them to keep living, and that's probably not always desirable or fair. I think most people believe if someone miserable keeps living they may have a chance to enjoy life, but if they die they will definitely not be able to enjoy life ever again. I don't agree with it, but I think that's the math that's going on in peoples' heads.

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I just want to thank you. I have been thinking too much about this comment.

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Glad I could spark some good thought :)


Visiting Glasgow for a few days and ended up writing a liquor cheque that my aging old body couldn't cash. I'm sitting on two extra handles of Smirnoff and one handle of Southern Comfort that I can't take through security with me tomorrow. Please PM if you're near central station/Argyle street and can give them an honorable death.

Please have ID to prove you're 21 18 and old enough to legally drink.

Edit : wow claimed in two minutes. Way to live up to your reputation, glasgow ;)


Don't even know what a "handle" is but I know you are doing Gods work LOL Haste ye back ;)

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That's what we yanks call a bottle, most often in the states a bottle big enough to need a handle (1750mL)!

Nice! I can... Oh.

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I'll buy you a pint today if you're still around. Pm me!

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My dad is the one rocking the afro and deep V. Last pic is bonus pic from 1986, my mom is the blonde on the right :)

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Be mindful of the fact that you are engaged to someone who is capable of developing strong feelings for someone else and repeatedly not disclosing that to you despite multiple low-pressure opportunities as well as not changing anything about their behavior or hobbies that might curtail that affection.

All relationships are going to be challenged by outside attractions. Is this how you want your life partner to deal with those attractions?

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5-0 Baby ! Putin be like: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Couldn't stop laughing at Putin's shrugs. It happened like four or five times, too. It's going to be the memest meme on the net for a while, I'm sure.

Man first time this meme made me lol.

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Man, love this team. I got Iceland advancing to knockout and taking out France, 2-1. I mean, I doubt it's going to happen but if it does I also predict that the ancient ice giant Ymir will rise from the Icelandic frosts and signal the beginning of the end times. You heard it here first.

Others have given you far better legal advice, but I really just want to address #5 and #6:

Was it my fault that he cheated? I feel like maybe if I had traveled less, cooked and cleaned more he wouldn't have done this.

No. Cheaters like to use excuses like this for why they cheat, but ultimately it's an incredible moral failure on their part, not yours. If any of those were problems he could have talked to you about it, and failing that, just broken up with you before fucking someone else. He chose not to do it, I'm guessing because cheaters tend to be emotionally underdeveloped people who aren't equipped to deal with the consequences of their actions.

How do I deal with pressure from his family or other people to forgive him? His family really likes me, so I think they might pressure me to forgive him.

I mean, maybe your boyfriend is the incredibly rare person who has only ever cheated on one person (you) because of trying times, but the majority of people who cheat have cheated before and will cheat again. It's likely he cheated on his past partners, and he'll almost certainly cheat on his future partners. You can't do anything about the past but there's no reason for that future victim to still be you. Whatever his family says or does, let them know that they should encourage him not to cheat on his next fiancee and move on with your life.

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Normally I don't like matching names but that's actually kind of cute. I'm assuming Scarlet is in the red and Violet is in the blue?

Just make sure you don't force the themes on them too much. I notice they're already wearing matching shorts :P

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I think the larger issue is that people are frustrated with race-based policies that benefit under-represented minorities from affluent backgrounds and systematically make it more difficult for similarly qualified Asian or white candidates to be admitted. If you think race/ethnic diversity is extremely important in and of itself (regardless of SES), you will probably support race-based affirmative action. If you don't, you might have some issues with affirmative action. Some groups, such as Asians, are more displaced than others by race-based policies.

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I totally get this, but I feel like it's disingenuous to separate "frustration with race-based policies" with "the belief that those race-based policies are directly impacting them negatively." Like, do you think as many people on T_D and the rest of the Internet would still support eliminating affirmative action if they realized white people were generally helped instead of harmed by affirmative action policies?

I think if white people were generally helped by affirmative action, most would find a way to rationalize supporting it. (I think we are agreeing on that point, if I understand your argument correctly.) People are selfish and generally find ways to look out for their own interests.

However, I think the frustration with race-based policies directly stems from the belief that those race-based policies impact these groups negatively. And if we looked at the number of Asian Americans who apply and their academic credentials (test scores, GPAs) versus the number admitted, I think an argument can be made that a race-conscious policy does impact Asian Americans negatively. If names and race were stripped from applications, schools like Harvard would have a much larger population of Asian Americans.

That being said, we implement affirmative action for poor white kids and veterans too. Everyone wants a seat at a very exclusive table and will find a way to justify that. I do think people are more comfortable with income-based affirmative action policies, which would continue benefiting low-income minority students. But race/ethnicity tends to be an easier proxy for socioeconomic diversity so that's what admissions offices use.

I must admit that it can be frustrating to see children of affluent parents benefit from affirmative action because they're part of an under-represented racial/ethnic group. That being said, I myself benefited from affirmative action as the first in my family to attend college, and I do recognize the inherent importance of ethnic/racial diversity regardless of socioeconomic status. Is that argument entirely fair to Asian Americans who systematically must score higher in order to receive the same level of consideration in the admissions process? Will that argument stand up in court? I dunno, we'll see.

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7 points · 1 month ago

I 100% agree with your entire reply. Some notes:

People are selfish and generally find ways to look out for their own interests.

I feel like this is the ultimate truth that everyone is uncomfortable expressing. People are generally going to support the policies that help them the most, and I guess a lot of my frustration is people pretending like that's not the case.

If names and race were stripped from applications, schools like Harvard would have a much larger population of Asian Americans.

Absolutely. Historically the rates of white students at Harvard have floated around 50%. MIT (my alma mater), has slightly weaker affirmative action, and around 40% white students. Caltech, which only factors in race at the waitlist level, around 30-35%, and Berkeley, which is by California law not allowed to consider race in the application, is at about 25%. Berkeley has so many Asian students that it breaks out its Asia demographics by specific country. The evidence is pretty overwhelming that while affirmative action may disproportionately help under-represented minorities, it also significantly helps whites, almost entirely at the expense of Asian applicants.

But race/ethnicity tends to be an easier proxy for socioeconomic diversity so that's what admissions offices use.

I wonder how much of this is a holdover from a much data-poorer environment. The world we live in now is much statistically richer than when we first established these kinds of policies, and like your post seems to suggest maybe we could begin using a scalpel instead of a hacksaw to try to solve the underlying problem of unequal access to opportunities.

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That was the start of his lengthy brigade to get me to terminate. He would text me about abortion facts and statistics. When we were at home he would weasel it in wherever he could. It was tiresome. I ended up getting the abortion to appease him and because I was basically being told that any other options would be detrimental to our marriage.

Harassing you to terminate is really shitty and a huge red flag in itself. But he's not wrong: having a child that he doesn't want would actually probably have been even worse for your marriage.

I can't stop thinking about what could have been, as cheesy as it sounds.

This is happening because you're comparing reality to a fantasy scenario where you both wanted to keep the child. In your mind the choice was to terminate or to have a real family, but those weren't the options you actually had. Your options were to terminate or to have a child with a man who didn't want one and in doing so destroy your marriage and cause a child to suffer for it. Obviously the ideal is that you both wanted to terminate or you both wanted to keep it, but there is no winning in your scenario. When you think about "what could have been," are you factoring in that you would likely have an alienated and resentful husband, or maybe even be a single mother raising your kid with child support? Given what he's said that's the far more likely outcome of keeping the child.

You could enlist a therapist/LMFT to help you communicate your feelings about the loss to your husband. I guess the broader lesson for everyone else is that it's really wise to check-in regularly with your partner to make sure you know where they stand on really important things like unexpected pregnancies. If you don't know the answer to "what would happen if this results in a pregnancy?" you probably shouldn't be fucking.

24 points · 1 month ago

Can you just get separate rooms? It seems like that would be the lowest-friction way of resolving this.

-4 points · 1 month ago

Shhh, quiet! You may make those people realise they're hypocrites!

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TIL there are people who can't tell the difference between properties you're born with and occupations you choose to participate in.

7 points · 1 month ago

Thank you for taking the time to write this and the other post out.

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3 points · 1 month ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, and please consider registering as an organ donor if your country requires it and you haven't already :)

At least here in New Zealand, no matter what document you wrote it on or whatever stipulations you attached to it, once you die, what happens to your remains is entirely out of your jurisdiction. Your family can do whatever they please with it. And at least here again, wills are laughably easy to have discounted. Present your argument of why to a judge, and if he agrees, schtabam. I have a very basic will because I don't feel like putting a ton of effort into something everyone's going to amend and argue about anyway.

Grieving families can be incredibly stupid, selfish, and spiteful. If they decide they don't want you harvested, for whatever reason, sorry wait-listers.

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Yeah, I understand, but I can understand why the law is written that way. If you don't want to be a donor when you write your will but have a change-of-heart, your family should know that too. Ultimately it's our responsibility to do the intellectual and emotional work of communicating with our families and making them appreciate the value of organ donation to society as a whole but to us as donors in particular.

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Those who choose not to fight in culture wars will still find a way to be shocked that they lost...

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It looks like students usually take it during IAP, and it seems to have strict deadlines and enrollment.

As an aside, did MIT really go from having 6.001 to 6.01+6.001 to just 6.01 to 6.01+6.0001? It looks like 6.001 isn't offered anymore but the ASE course number is 6.001.ASE. Waow course 6 go home you're drunk.

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It’s not offered during IAP, and there isn’t an enrollment cap.

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My bad! I don't know what the link I found pertains to then.

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I know how you feel man. I put down my German Shepard on May 5. and had him for 14 years.

my little sister practically grew up with that dog. and we had to put him down (cancer). as much as it sucked for us to put him down we made the most of the situtation. I took him all over the city (L.A) bought him all sorts of dumb food to eat, and went to the beach (we never took him there cause he was a bit wild) but because of the meds he had, and what not, he was much more calm, but his hind legs didn't work too well as he would stumble a lot.

anyway he went like a king and took pic's with many people who were curious as to why we had him in a wagon (yeah a wagon lol funny memory ill always cherrish) but it made him happy meeting new people and going on cool little adventures. we burried him in our backyard with his toys and favorite blanket he'll always be running around back there in spirit. stay strong it'll suck i cried. but at least he isn't suffering now.

sorry to hear about this, but again life happens even to pets. just know, that dog loves all of you as much as you loved him. best regards and a big ol hug and pat for your doggie!

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8 points · 1 month ago

Fuck, going to hug my pupp so hard when I get home tonight.

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So much messed up here. You're stalking your ex's social media like years after she exited your life. The time you've been apart is actually twice as long as the time you were together. It's super pathetic that you're stalking her online, and that's before you factor in logging into her account.

Sounds like your ex was a shitty person. But she's not the only one that did no growing in the last four years. Delete everything, move on, and get some therapy or something. The best way to get over shitty people is to just let them continue to be shitty people without you.

Original Poster5 points · 1 month ago

Yeah I agree, shitty people exist in the world and I have no place sticking my head in her business. I do feel guilty for what I did, but also knowing she’s still the same person I left her just annoys me. Anyway, good advice and thanks

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I get it man but take a step back and consider that maybe it's also weird that it annoys you at all. Like, you're not even friends or acquaintances who are still in communication. You have nothing at stake and no claim on her happiness or development as a person. She hasn't attempted to communicate a single word to you in four years and she's pretty much a total stranger to you.

It's like being annoyed because you went to the donut shop and caught the fat guy that lives down the street cheating on his diet. Whatever that dude does impacts your life next-to-nil. Maybe it's curious or interesting, and maybe it's kind of sad to see anyone making those mistakes, but it's concerning that you feel personally slighted or offended or annoyed by it, you know? Those feelings are betraying an inappropriate emotional investment.

Let it go, let her be whoever she wants to be. She's not your problem anymore. What is your problem is that you have a hard time letting go, and you don't seem to regret it (according to the flair and some comments), and maybe you should figure out why you felt the need to do what you did so you can grow and become better yourself. Because she may or may not be the same person you left, but you still seem like the same person she left. You can decide to be better than that. :)

Block her everywhere, e-mail, IG, snap, phone, reddit, twitter, etc., and start moving forward.

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Pearl is NOT pink pearl as many would like to believe post "A single Pale Rose." I believe that pearl is a WHITE pearl that was given to PD for the following reasons:

Her gemstone: The series has shown a correlation between the placement of a diamonds gem and their pearl's gem. Both BD and YD have their gem placed in their chest, as do their pearls. White Diamond Given that this is the only imagine of white diamond we have, it is very possible that Pearl was created by her and not Pink, because of her gem placement being her forehead.

The diamond emblem: So I hear that Pearl is pink pearl confirmed because of the PD emblem she's worn on different occasions: PD emblem While this does confirm that she served PD, it doesn't confirm she was created by PD. We have seen other gems who have been confirmed to belong to PD's court, however have been tasked with serving BD and YD. These gems being Jasper, and the earth Amethysts from the zoo: Jasper Amethysts. Take note that the yellow and blue emblems they display only show which diamond they currently serve, but we know they were created by PD.

Color scheme: We have yet to see any official white gems so their color scheme is still uknown. Or is it? You might have noticed that Pearl is the only gem to have all 4 diamond colors in her palette at the same time. I believe that white gems aren't entirely white, but rather they all share Pearl's color palette of representing all colors. This applies to white diamond as well, I believe she is a multi color diamond, not just white. It makes sense too, seeing as how the color white contains all colors.

It just makes sense: PD was starting her very first colony alone. She hadn't created any gems yet when she began taking over Earth. We haven't seen what an initial invasion would look like starting from scratch, but my guess is that PD would need someone with experience regarding the construction of a colony. Perhaps a veteran pearl who's assisted a diamond in conquering many many worlds before? Maybe someone like white diamond's pearl? Yes. I believe Pearl was assigned to PD temporarily, at least until PD created her very own pearl (Pink Pearl). Pearl was very loyal to PD, and likely PD believed another pearl wasn't necessary. Given that the Earth colony was never completed, a pink pearl was simply never created.

So there it is, my theory as to why Pearl is NOT pink pearl, but rather a white pearl.

Edit - I just remembered another reason: personality. A lot of people have pointed out the resemblance in personality traits between each diamond and their pearl. Much like yellow, YP is bossy, impatient, easily angered. BP is calm and collected like blue. But our Pearl, she's nothing like Pink. If anything Amethyst is more akin to PD's personality from what we've seen, rebellious and child like, immature, etc. But not Pearl. Pearl has a more organized and a perfectionist OCD personality, she likes order. Order is important for running an empire....could this be what WD's personality will be like? Guess time will tell.

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3 points · 1 month ago

Inside Pearl's gem in the flashbacks though her hair is pink and she has the PD colorscheme, right? I'd have to rewatch the episode to make sure.

[Brother], mom left me the house because I paid most of the mortgage on it, in addition to her retirement funds. She wasn't gifting me the house, she was paying me back. Having said that, now that I don't need to take care of her financially, I'm happy to set you up with some resources to support you the same way I supported her.

Because you've had trouble being responsible with your finances I'm going to establish a trust that will cover any expenses associated with school, on the condition you stay on top of your rehab. In fact, I'm willing to contribute way more than half the value of the house to this trust, but it's going to be contingent on you continuing to make responsible decisions in the future.


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