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I would've liked it if Hawthorne weren't so verbose. Nice story, but writing style made it a pain in the ass.

If I'm reading a fictional work I don't want added comprehension effort distracting from the immersive experience.

At least when I did it ('17-'18), you self report at first but they will want you to follow up with official scores as confirmation at some point soon. The self-reporting expedites their process but they still want the real deal otherwise there'd inevitably be cheaters.

I did the same. My Phys teacher did a brief crash course on derivatives and integrals the first week, and it was enough to get by (I'm a lazy ass and did no anticipatory work). If you work hard and stay on top of assignments you should be fine. There's a reason schools allow them concurrently after all - the calculus in C is not very advanced.

Just to point out, both Skye and joule ride vehicles. This is still a cool hero idea, just pointing out it wouldn’t be the first vehicle hero.

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Fair. I was thinking more in a conventional sense. Mech suits and flowers are not your typical vehicles

And a tank is? Wherever you live, I want to live there.

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Conventional, as in commonly employed in our current time period. Not necessarily by civilians. I don't think the military has mech suits yet...

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Did you consider trying to get into 19 via summer placement work? I'm not sure if the deadline is past for joining but all the placement work isn't due until the 27th so you may still have time


Random ass question sorry! (am incoming freshman)

To the older students: do freshman have to clear out their dorms during the winter break as well as summer? I wanted to set up a 5 gallon fishtank in my room but taking care of that might be iffy if I need to clear the room since I live halfway across the country...

Amanos sound cool. I've had bamboo, ghost, and red cherry shrimp and they're all super different from each other. I think neocardina (which includes cherry shrimp) are the easiest to take care of; what kind of fish do you think you're gonna keep in your 5 gallon?

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Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

If you ever have algae issues in a medium-ish setup that can't house plecos or otos, Amanos are my #1 recommendation. I had an overgrowth in a 16 gallon that got completely cleared of algae by 3 Amanos in less than 2 days!

I don't think a 5 gallon can fit anything other than maybe a Betta with good upkeep. I'm definitely leaning towards a shrimp tank right now. I'd love to get something a bit more exotic like Red Crystals, though I don't know my final budget yet so we'll see

Also I like how we're geeking out over aquariums in the Brown sub... oops

I think shrimp are easier and more enjoyable to have than Betta fish. For my bio class I had to set up a mesocosm, a closed environment which only has access to sunlight. I made a jar with some plants and some cherry shrimp. I set this up sep 2017 and it is still working, the shrimp are still reproducing. And all of this is without food, a filter or a heater. They depend on the growing algae for food. Haha yeah I could talk about aquariums for ever; I find this hobby to be fun

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Original Poster1 point · 12 days ago

Yeah shrimp are definitely easier to take care of.

That's a pretty cool setup, jararriums are always pretty fun! I'm probably going to stick with a classic tank though. There's going to be a sale soon at a local petstore and I really wanna see if I can snag a Fluval Edge

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Recommended shops in Providence, RI?

Anyone have some good suggestions for shops in Providence? Casing out the area in anticipation of uni, gotta have that dope 5 gallon shrimp setup for my dorm :D

2 points · 14 days ago

Aqua Life Center on Wickenden st is a good little shop, if you’re willing to drive a bit there’s Fish Bowl over in West Warwick, kind of near the Warwick Mall, or my personal favorite shop is Ocean State Aquatics in Coventry. Besides that there’s just your regular petcos and PetSmart’s all over.

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Cool, I'll give it a go once I arrive. Big no to the corporate stores though I've had enough of my local Petco

I'm generally very skeptical about those kinds of services. The Ivies (or any college in general) aren't looking for a specific profile for students, so a service claiming to be able to somehow make you a fit for the school seems pretty suspicious. If you're a bright and motivated student (as I'm sure you are), then just be yourself and commit to what you love doing and you'll find your way naturally.

That being said, there are a few *very* broad characteristics that they do look at that it would be easy to naturally fulfill without consulting any sketchy third parties.

Two generic ones:

You can show your love for learning by taking advanced classes offered at your school, or even self-studying and then taking a corresponding standardized test to prove your knowledge. (Speaking of standardized tests, if you struggle with ACT/SAT/TOEFL etc. this might be the one time where a third party service could be worth a shot if you have the resources. I just used prep books but I know some people who were really helped by tutoring services).

Colleges also *love* community involvement and long term commitment to something non-academic. If you have a long term hobby (musical instrument, art, sport, etc.) that you love, keep developing that! And try to find some community service opportunities. Bonus points if you tie it in with your extracurricular activities. It shows more involvement and initiative, and is also a rewarding experience in general! For instance, I play chess and so I volunteered as a coach at my local elementary school.

Sorry for the long-ass unsolicited mini-essay of advice, but I thought I'd just offer my two cents on the matter since I was once there myself. Just remember, above all else, don't let the college admissions process dictate your life the next few years. Learn for yourself and enjoy for yourself, not some admissions officer that may or may not take a liking to you at some point in the future. Being true to yourself and others is honestly the best way to improve your chances!

Man wish you were at ADOCH, I already made a lot of friends there. Always got room for more though, PM me if you need friends once you get there!

I got some val from Petco a few months ago, it still looks pathetic :(

8 points · 1 month ago

Now add raid boss talent. LMAO. I tried this and the enemies cant even lower my health to half.

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Pfft. Poisoned Shiv and Spellfire. Ez

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Rule 6 - He was an accomplished pediatric neurosurgeon prior to becoming a politician

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Opened one of the rare chests SEMC was kind enough to gift to players with the start of Summer Season. I had all 40 prior heroes unlocked. Since there should be a 35% chance of a hero or skin, and I only needed 1 hero, that would be a (.35/2)(1/41) = 0.00427 chance of it happening. Needless to say, thank you SEMC for blessing me this fine evening :D I will *definitely* be spending some of my iTunes credit on in-game purchases now lol

le proofz:

I wonder how many people bypass the rule this way. Kinda surprised CB web servers don't always go down because everyone checks on day one anyway.

The plasticizers from the eraser likely migrated into the pens and softened the plastic enough to make it stick to the eraser.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Oh, interesting. So nothing to do with heat then? I might leave another pen in contact with the eraser to see if the same thing happens again

That, friend, sounds like a science experiment!

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Original Poster-1 points · 1 month ago

One that woefully circumvents all scientific convention regarding safety and methodology, but one I will carry out nonetheless :D

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

3 little guys absolutely transformed my 16 gallon tank in just 2 days.

Hey guys, I’m almost three months into my first tank since I was a teen, 30 now. It’s a 200l Fluval Roma and I’m still obsessed!

I’ve set up a really nice community tank with various types of mollies, platys, cardinal tetras, corys, green tiger barbs and 2 German blue rams (both male unfortunately but they have their own space and do get along) and loads of live plants that are growing really nicely.

Now I’ve got the tank all balanced and happy I want to get two or three bigger fish, or statement fish. I don’t want to put any of my others in jeopardy, literally all 28 have names and personalities and it would pain me to lose any! All the options seem to mean I’m going to make my tank into a food bowl!

Are there any larger fish that aren’t as predatory? My tank, although busy just looks kind of bare even with loads of foliage, driftwood and slate caves. I’d love a nice colourful fish but I’m happy with a less colourful fish as long as it’s on the easy side to care for - for example I’d love a few discus but I’ve heard they are really hard to care for.

I’d rather add a few bigger fish than risk overpopulating it with more of the same size.

Also, I’m kinda having a bit of an algae problem, once a week I clean the glass and change the water and that’s all good. The only think is a few of my plants have quite thick algae growing on them where it’s not newer growth. I’ve only got 4 corys, should I maybe get more or are there any other suggestions for good algae eaters? Ideally I don’t want a huge monster in a year or so though.

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Amanos will absolutely annihilate any algae on the plants. I bought 3 Amanos and they cleared out my 16 gallon in 36 hours. Your tank is big enough for algae eaters like Otos or Plecos (not sure if you are overstocked yet though, check aqadvisor) which should take care of any algae on the glass.

Bigger fish are generally going to take opportunistic snacks so that's unlikely. One exception might be if you can find a fancier Pleco variety although they like to sulk and aren't very prone to showing off, so to speak.

Would a 40 breeder be too big for a bunch of pea puffers and shrimp and a bunch of plants? I'm trying to figure out what's gonna be the most fun in my new tank I'm gonna set up over the summer. Edit: right now I'm thinking either plants/puffers/shrimp or cichlids and I can't decide which one!

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No such thing as too big ;)

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iPhone 6 wifi and GPS issues

My iPhone 6 can barely pick up 2.4 GHz wifi signals now (5 GHz is fine strangely), and navigation apps are no longer able to give me live updates. The issues started right after I got my battery replaced at a local apple store, so I suspect they knocked something loose. Has anyone else had similar issues? I've been told that the antenna flex cable might be loose, so I was considering just opening the phone and tightening it if that's the case. Any advice on that would be appreciated, thanks!

Reset to factory. Start over. Should solve problems

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestion. I've established that it's a hardware issue since posting though, there's a broken internal connection. Oh well, the phone's getting old anyway

Are 3rd party smartphone repair shops a thing in your location? Because it is in my location. Maybe such repair shops have the proper tools to fix it? I had my phone looked at by technicians in such shops. You can watch while they repair your phone in front of you. :)

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Could be worth a shot. Or, I could just make do until I pony up for a new phone XD we'll see, thanks for the suggestion

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Of course! It *is* AP Stats after all

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