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IntingPenguin 1 point

What the hell... I just posted this morning before going into exams expecting like maybe 5 upvotes... come back to find 40k and realize that I missed it going front page

IntingPenguin 569 points

Imagine the only parking spot left is next to a guy that parked at 30 degrees tilted lol

IntingPenguin commented on a post in r/APStudents
IntingPenguin 4 points

Deleted my original comment. I stand by the general gist of what I said (don't be so entitled and take some responsibility) but I did come off a bit strong (am very stressed from my APs too go figure) so I removed it.

Hope you learn an important lesson from this. Always better to fuck up in high school while the damage is still fixable.

Lord_Revan69 9 points

Well you could shoot them in the face, and they would no longer have an opinion. So technically it would have changed, therefore brute force sounds pretty effective at changing opinions. You just have to be willing to go the extra mile.

IntingPenguin 1 point

I would not qualify ceasing to exist as a change of opinion. Since the opinion no longer exists it cannot have an observable quality that we could state is different from the original.

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TheCaptainAmerica 237 points

Serious question from a mild mannered nerd, how do I not seem creepy in this situation? There doesn't seem to be a way around it other than just changing the rout I am taking to wherever I am headed.

IntingPenguin 6 points

If you are proficient at whistling, classical tunes can have a disarming effect. A mugger is probably not going to approach you while chirping away at Bach or Mozart lol

Marali87 11 points

But serial killers?

IntingPenguin 1 point

Damn I've been found. Oh well, expect a visit soon stranger ;)

IntingPenguin commented on a post in r/Aquariums
IntingPenguin 4 points

What do you add to help your plants? My swords are stuck at the first picture :(

scottyrads1 3 points

I purchase flourish but never remember to use it.

It also helps that the top picture was from Jan 2016 and the bottom was Feb 2018.

IntingPenguin 2 points

Oh. Mine is only 6 months in, maybe I'm just impatient?

IntingPenguin commented on a post in r/tifu
IntingPenguin 5 points

What region do you live? If you're in certain regions of the south, that sounds kind of like a raspberry crazy ant infestation, in which case it was probably inevitable and the food only sped up the process. Talk to an exterminator if that's the case because they'll probably be back.

IntingPenguin commented on a post in r/Aquariums
kuhlifan 1 point

They could definitely eat a dead one in that amount of time

IntingPenguin 1 point

Even when well fed? Should have mentioned, my tank is hella understocked (4 Skirts and 2 Corys - yes I know about schooling, still waiting for a healthy stock to come in at Petco, gonna be awhile), so I just don't know if they could've finished everything, carapace and all when not hungry

mmoncur 2 points

I'd say they couldn't eat a whole shrimp overnight. I have 17 Cories in one of my tanks and it takes them more than one night to eat an amano molt, although to be fair my Cories are very well fed.

IntingPenguin 1 point

So are mine! And 2 is a far cry from 17 lol

I think amanos are just good at disappearing for stretches of time. That one has gone for 2 months with no sightings before reappearing during a water change so I'm not too concerned

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IntingPenguin commented on a post in r/Aquariums
IntingPenguin 5 points

Also going to college, and I've researched for awhile already.

Read your residential rules/guidelines handbook very carefully, and contact your RAs ahead of time. All of the college choices I looked at had size limits well under 30 gallons.

Even if you don't have to deal with a size restriction, I would still not recommend a large tank unless you're going to college close to home. Most freshman dorms require you to clear out your room between semesters. Plus, you're probably not going to have the same residence after each year anyway. Moving a 30 gallon when you're living halfway across the country is not an experience you probably want.

Personally, I plan on getting a 3-5 gallon shrimp/snail tank. Comparatively low maintenance, especially if I have to leave the tank with someone over holidays. Plus, if push comes to shove it's a lot easier to transport them than fish.

RuFf-PWNagrophy 2 points

That makes sense, but I live an hour from home and will be able to leave the tank for a full year until summer. Definitely info I needed!! Thanks!

IntingPenguin 1 point

Wow lucky! I'm on the other side of the country, so I will have to settle. Nothing wrong with a good ol' skrimp tank though

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