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How is this project? Normal JMT fare or is it better?

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I mean, it’s every JMT album... for better or worse.

That's the gift and curse of every JMT album. I know what I'm getting, but I'm not gonna get anything more.

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They are ok. I never get much replay out of their stuff, but it’s ok for a listen or two.

They’re like plain ruffles potato chips.

48 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

All the songs are on his youtube page now except for the album intro... I need to know if he actually got Arn Anderson on this classic

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It’s an old Anderson speech from new horseman days in wcw.

2 points · 2 days ago

It's OK. Not one of BR's better songs. If you talking political punk, I'm more excited for new Leftover Crack.

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There’s a new leftover crack?

I hesitate to call them political, but great band.

Choking Victim was great too.

It's coming out later this year (I think). Stza has been talking about it on Instagram. There's also a Choking Victim live album from the reunion with a new song coming out.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't call them political. The vast majority of their songs are about political and social issues and they consider themselves a political band.

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It’s just really light/jokey political message. When I think political I just think more of US Bombs, Propaghandi, etc. if someone asked me for political punk recommendations I don’t think I would go with leftover crack.

I'm definetly getting too old for this shit.

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For real... I'm listening like "this is the garbage y'all bump these days?"

"Can you send me two e-mails so I can print it twice?"

2 points · 5 days ago

At the very least, a long, long, long time in prison.

Emotionally, I would be tempted to want the death penalty, but logically it can't be justified.

In this case though, we obviously need much better oversight for our immigration system.

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Why isn’t it logically justified?

You almost can’t come up with a sentence that I think is too harsh.

None, because I don’t believe in either.

Before everyone yells healthcare nonsense at me, I believe everyone has the right to healthcare, I have 0 confidence in the US government to run it.

My daughter is 6. We cuddle all the time. Your wife is completely out of line.

BU is never calling with that stack, he's either jamming or folding so I'm not too worried about him beating us as he probably folds 97 and Q9 preflop unless he's a total fucking maniac, so the only hand in his range that can beat us is JJ. EP is making the call with a lot of hands we beat (TPTK, 2pairs, flush/straight draws). I'm pretty much always jamming in this spot.

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Q9 and 97 both call preflop live on the button a majority of the time.

6 points · 10 days ago

Is Q9 calling 6.5BB PF?

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1/2 live 100%

It seems pretty obvious that they are trying to get away from PP as a payment processor, I'd guess it's because of a fear of legal issues, but it's possible the fees are too high. They've banned an entire state from playing, and now they are forcing some players to withdraw and deposit with WP. I think this is a step backwards as it relates to getting recs to play, since everyone has heard of (and trusts) Paypal, but nobody has heard of WorldPay.

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Who did they ban?

Eh, we have a pretty big range advantage.

This isn't exactly true. In a spot like this one, villain has far more straights than we do. They're more likely to limp/call JTo and JTs, whereas we may only open JTs over two limps and limp behind with JTo (or even just fold pre). Once we have raised preflop, we have more two pair combos and more sets, but definitely have less straights. This evens everything out as long as villain isn't check raising complete air. Villain is going to check raise a lot of straights and pair + flush draw type hands with tons of equity. We're not ahead by much unless villain also has every KQo in their range for xr.

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They have more straights. No argument. They have a bunch of mediocre single pair hands and other very weak combos as well. Live players limp call too much and way too wide.

They have the nuts more than us, but we have a stronger overall range. I still think this makes me want to c-bet smaller.

This is fair. But now the question becomes how often villain has top pair vs weak middle pair or bottom pair type hands. This particular board smacks the limp/calling range of many 1/2 players. They'll have pretty much every single Ax combo (some will even have AQ/AK here). Then they'll have a ton of suited Kx and Qx combos (even K7s etc). And the offsuit combos will all invariably have a straight draw of some sort on this flop. All of this makes me want to bet very large on this flop because the average 1/2 villain is never folding for any size under pot with top pair or pair and straight draw. Betting small will only add a few suited combos of weak Kx to their calling range and we now get much less from the top pairs and pair and gutters (which comprise most of villain's xc range).

If the board were instead something like A95, I would agree much more with your statement about cbetting smaller.

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Yeah, a95 is a much clearer spot for sure.

I’d have to run the ranges with some pretty big assumptions to give a real answer to your first point.

If we’re going larger for exploitative reasons, that could easily be fine. I think we will find optimal sizes closer to half pot here.

I have no concerns over any of this.

Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Do you think having a few straight non-trans men weirdos in the shower room at the gym locker room is just something you need to deal with in order to have these rights for trans people.

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I think this happens at such a minuscule amount that it is of no concern to me.

Absolutely not. I did not support him in the previous primary, and I would not support him running again.

Wondering how close we actually are to next gen now...

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I think next year we get the announcement than Xmas of 2020 launches.


I am working on raising my CS, since that seems to be a major mistake among new players. I tend to be at around 55-65 at 10 minutes when alone in top lane. I am still missing some last hits here and there, but more so the problem I keep running into, is when I clear a wave early game and get all my last hits, the lane pushes. I end up under the enemy turret, and have trouble last hitting. Especially with melee champions (Mundo is who I'm usually using).

What am I missing? How can I keep the wave slightly farther away from the turret, while still getting those kills? This gets especially more difficult if an enemy champ is also in the area.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this question belongs elsewhere.

Edit: Thanks for the advice. It sounds like my biggest issue is attacking minions too often before last hitting. I need to work on just last hitting a lot more, and understanding what actions move waves in what ways.

Great joint also gives me one of my favorite visuals and hip-hop history which is Nas running around his school stabbing people with a pencil.

J Prince is the dude Suge pretended he was.

If he said chill, everyone chills.

RIP. 23 is so young... my condolences to his people.

If anyone is going through addiction issues or depression please get help. I’ve been there, it gets better.

You can say a lot of shit, but saying that these Chicago kids aren't "about that life" is fucking insane. Those kids are crazy.

This is the best project released since Royce. I can’t really compare it to that due to it only being five tracks.

So you're going to quit your job everytime you don't like a coworkers personal views? That does not seem like a good way to keep a steady income for your family.

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Kanye isn’t his coworker. He’s his boss. I’ve quit jobs before because of issues with bosses. There’s always somewhere else to make money. Also, this isn’t even that, pusha went out of his way to work with kanye. Completely different than being forced to work with someone.

My bigger annoyance is that Pusha is calling someone out for not being pro black enough while working with kanye. It’s nonsense.

9 points · 24 days ago

We wouldn't have a functioning society if that were ever truly the case. If you search long enough you'll find bullshit with most people you meet in life.

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Y’all really missing the point. There is a line, and chastising someone for not being pro black while working with kanye is nonsense.

dude holy shit maybe its just cause im high rn but this is the best comment ive ever seen, my guys name is really malcom too goddamn

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I was gonna upvote but imma let you sit at 420 on this one.

Not exactly martial arts, but bushido blade for ps1 is a sword fighting game with a sense of realism (no health bar, being able to easily kill your opponent, or disable use of their limbs)

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We used to play this in “first to 100” matches.

This could be an interesting take on the world.


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