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I dreamed my wife cheated on me with Beyoncé and Beyoncé got her pregnant. I wasn’t even mad when I woke up. Thought we were getting that Beyoncé child support money.

Also, how famous are you when auto-correct knows throw the accent on your name?

New Petey Pablo? Unexpected.

94 points · 4 days ago

So anyone in Plainsboro NJ willing to go pick some up!? I’ll buy if you fly.

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Scrolling along and my hometown shows up. Weird.

Roli boli. I miss you roli boli.

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Brag: won a 17k pot playing 10-25 plo at the borgata. Beat: got 88s all in against Aces, flopped an 8 and he turned the ace of fucking spades.

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This a hu game?

Rio essentials is like 20 a month. That’s probably worth a month.

I don’t like our raise here. He’s heavily weighted toward top pair type hands with this sizing and they aren’t folding. This seems spewy. I don’t really even want to bluff catch because this combo is pretty bad for it, but I could see that if he’s randomly barreling. By description, he isn’t.

I greatly prefer raising turn vs river, then barreling some run outs.

Pf is close. But I lean fold unless v is gonna spew and make massive post flop errors.

Original Poster2 points · 6 days ago

Raising vs flatting the turn is also an interesting decision. I can see merit to both. The river raise is aimed at folding out the top pair type hands so if people are calling with AT like you say then it's a pretty bad bluff and an easy fold on the river.

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Honestly. I think j10 calls. People are way too sticky live.

Hand 1: fold pre at a full table. It’s not that close either.

Call is fine. We’re getting near direct odds. Neither direction matters too much.

Hand 2 - I muck this unless their is a player I’m foaming at the mouth to play with. It’s a 4X raise. Getting repopped sucks, and we just don’t realize enough equity in multiway pots. With rake factors, just toss it.

Hand 3: open or fold. Probably just fold.

Stop limping so much in general. It’s going to bleed money overall. I’m not saying it’s never correct, but no offense, you don’t have a balanced and thought out limping strat, and it’s going to end up with some awful spots oop that bleed money.

My brother and I have both worked for Jewish organizations at various times. My problem honestly, is that they are run horrendously in general. This is a product more of non-profits than anything Jewish, but getting anything done was like trying to drive a truck through a tire swing.

I'm going through this right now and I can actually feel myself losing hair. It's so frustrating.

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I did it for about 90 days and I was completely done. Seriously the most frustrating experience of my professional life.

Where do you live? Your Better off slowly losing money single tabling extreme micro stakes than playing free poker. Once you know the basic rules of course.

I had this vinyl back in the day. I used to sneak it into parties it had no business getting spins at because it was so good.

Duckdown most underrated label of all time.

Honestly, at this point, who gives half a fuck what jay electronica thinks about rap music. He is the epitome of a never was.

Im not overweight, loser!

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Ummm me neither. Yeah. That’s right. Fit as Finley.

So youre as fit as an old broken down 65 year old alcoholic piece of meat?

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Pro wrestling. Why? Because it’s the best topic of all time.

More importantly, he’s playing old Rappin 4-tay records.

Parx is a nice room.

What site is this?

This did make me audibly chuckle. Thank you for that.

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And they say poker is dead.

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Yeah, a lot of times.

Score hidden · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

I mean it’s in progress, did you really expect it to be done already? It’s a huge scale project that requires massive funding

Edit: less extreme sources 1 - nypost 2- politifact

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Score hidden · 10 days ago

Can you find a progress report from a remotely moderate source?

This may as well be me posting an article about trump from Young Turks.

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Good point, is this acceptable?

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Yes. That’s better. I don’t think it supports the idea that anything near his promise will be met, but it is a far better source. Thanks.


You leave when you feel like leaving. The dealer is an idiot.

I’d have to see the check on some of these. Seems off.

Original Poster7 points · 11 days ago

So, its more logical that the party is vehemently anti-Israel but the 70% of American Jews who vote Democrat are just too stupid to see it? Or, is it more logical that a handful of Dem candidates in deep blue areas are the outliers?

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To be fair I can see where I worded this poorly when I said “extremely”. I’m talking about an underlying current of anti Israel and anti Semitism in the party. I’m not saying it’s a party ideal. But it is tolerated, especially when framed as anti-Zionism.

So it's not what Democrats say or write in their platform or the legislation that passes but what you think they secretly believe?

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The simplest bit of research would easily show this isn’t some conspiracy theory.

I sometimes forget how much of a left wing echo chamber this site is.

For the record, I’ve voted nothing but Blue for the last 18 years.

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