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Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
young-messiah709 16,119 points

English is my only language and I'm still pissed over read and read.

Isaac0398 1 point

I want to rant about something. I moved to Pennsylvania 3 years ago. There’s a city called Reading. Trust me is you say it Ree-ding it’s wrong. It’s pronounced Red-ing makes absolutely no sense. Theres a lot of cities out here that sound and are spelt so weird.

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the_nin_collector 113 points

or go back to BF3/4 feeling style of gameplay. I really feel like BF1 was a step sideways, not bad, but not forward.

Isaac0398 53 points

Please go back to BF 3/BF 4 style. I played BF1 for like a month when it came out and I’ve still been playing battlefield 4. It’s just so good

the_nin_collector 21 points

Every now and then I jump in all rusty as hell and it doesn't feel lame. I don't feel like everyone is super OP. It doesnt feel cheap to die.

Not talking about BF1, but there are so many FPS games that I feel if I don't jump online within in the first couple of weeks then I feel I get left behind and everyone is so good already that its pointless to get into the game. I felt BF3 and BF4 were really good about this, that you could start playing at any point in the games history and still have FUN. Because it wasn't 100% about K/D.

I still remember the first mp BF game I ever played was Bad Comp 2. And I got it for 10$ or something WAY after it came out. I was like fuck it, lets try the MP. No one will still be playing this game. It was packed and I immediately had fun. I became a BF fan from that point forward.

Isaac0398 12 points

I agree for sure it’s great cause I can play a couple days of PUBG then when I get pissed off we’ll jump into some BF4 and play hours with no complaints. Me and my buddy tried battlefield 1 for one match recently after not touching it for so long and all it did was make us frustrated and we immediately went back to BF4.

I’m really hoping this next battlefield is gonna appeal at least a little more to its battlefield veterans.

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Fire_balls_ 5 points

If I were you I'd get the factory job and work a crazy amount of hours so that you can pay the loan down to what the cars worth and then sell it.

I agree that it's probably worth about $9k if you sell it privately

Isaac0398 1 point

Well working the factory I’d get the same check I am here with way less hours.

Fire_balls_ 5 points

the job I have now I really really hate but it’s the best pay I can get around here unless I went to this factory I worked at about a year ago that I was good at but I worked so many hours and it was 3rd shift

I thought you meant the factory job paid more but sucked. If your current job pays as good and takes fewer hours that means you should keep it and add a part time job

Isaac0398 1 point

Sorry I’m on mobile if that explains anything lol

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Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
BATFudd 7 points

Scranton, Pennsylvania,sales tax rate is 6.00%. Income tax is 6.47%. The income per capita is $20,351, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $37,551.

So yeah. That's a lot for where the show is based.

Isaac0398 2 points

I can second this. I live 30 minutes from Scranton. Schuylkill County is a crime filled shit hole who’s economy is practically destroyed.

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/PUBGXboxOne
DavidWurgy 57 points

I’m kinda surprised we are getting the new scopes already. I was beginning to lose hope with that. What a pleasant pleasant surprise. Nice work Bluehole.

Isaac0398 24 points

I don’t think they added the new scopes PC has. They just made the current ones look better

DavidWurgy 5 points

That’s what PC has. Those exact descriptions of the new scopes are the exact descriptions from the PC patch notes when they first got those new scopes a while back. We aren’t gonna get the 3x and the 6x but we are getting the revamped ones that PC has. Why would they waste time making ours look better if it wasn’t the new ones? The only effed up scope is the 2x. They wouldn’t revamp all of our scopes to something that isn’t the new ones. That would be pointless AF.

Isaac0398 13 points

Oh my bad. Misunderstood I guess 🤷‍♂️

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/army
SapperInTexas 131 points

Upvoted, pops. Get used to it. Your kid ain't gonna listen to you either.

Isaac0398 2 points

Yeah and it’s gonna want you to fund it’s overwhelming lust finely for finely powdered cocaine. I heard... supposedly... maybe Edit: a word

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/CatastrophicFailure
Power_Lvl_9000 122 points

It's called storm shut down. They can only go so fast before you end up damaging the gearbox or generator. Also you can get what you have here where the blades bend back and hit the tower.

Source: am a wind turbine technician

Isaac0398 1 point

I want your job. 😶

Power_Lvl_9000 2 points

Good time to apply. Lots of jobs in the spring. Just to on if your not open to traveling your first year then forget about it. More money in traveling anyways.

Isaac0398 1 point

I actually love traveling so that would be no problem. How much schooling did you go through?

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/interestingasfuck
I_want_all_the_tacos 11 points

My PhD is in this work and because most of this type of tech is still in proof of concept design phases lead by academic research, the PhD route tends to be the best way of getting into it. And having an electronics background is a huge advantage in succeeding. If you are interested at all in going after a PhD in this type of work I would be happy to share advice for best paths to take.

Isaac0398 1 point

I’d love to hear about it! I basically want to work anything electronics related so humor me?

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