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Isaac0398 7 points

That I like heavy metal or rock. They are so shocked when whip out the playlist and I bump drake or big sean or something

Portarossa 1,237 points

That I'm angry all the time, or somehow upset about stuff. I just have a bad case of Resting Bitch Face.

Isaac0398 1 point


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remembersomeone 41 points

On paper and in practice my MOS is a totally different animal. I do enjoy it though.

A lot of medics would say that range duty sucks or is boring. I love it because you get to make things go boom near the end of your time out there. 10/10 would recommend.

I think the only other MOS I’d be interested in is 31K.

Isaac0398 12 points

Hell yeah i would shit on someone’s nips to get into 31k. A man can dream

[deleted] 1 point


Isaac0398 1 point

Yeah those all looked like office type jobs. Which I also have no idea how to find. I wish I was one of those redditors that has a cushy office job

randomluvbomb 2 points

Construction and road work apply for every extra course going while apprenticed out including banksman health and safety fire and first aid certs. If they offer teleporter forklift or plant vehicles as extras take the offer. Bricklayers can make brilliant money when the goings good, add to that your plant vehicle certs= kerchiing.

Avoid recruitment agencies if you can especially as a general site laborer

Isaac0398 2 points

Why is that? I worked for a temp agency once to get a job in a factory which isn’t to bad.

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Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/army
BrokenRatingScheme 480 points

I graduated Warrant Officer candidate school and reported to Fort Gordon for WOBC. First day pulling on post in uniform, I was so excited to get saluted. Years of hard work as Enlisted, and now I was an officer and would receive my first gate guard salute.

I pulled up to the gate...and there was a captain checking IDs.

Isaac0398 1 point

Sorry this is kind of off topic. But I really to go green to gold when I enlist down the line. Was it difficult between duty and school and maybe even relationships? I understand if you don’t want to answer I’ll find it somewhere

BrokenRatingScheme 1 point

I didn’t go green to gold.

Isaac0398 1 point

I read that wrong my bad

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Suziq1003 3,612 points

I did the same thing for my SO. He started his own contracting biz thru my connections.

He spent 15 years working for $12/hr and struggling to get by.

He now makes twice what I do (I’m college educated and in a professional career).

I’m proud of him and his tenacity. However, I’m careful to never remind him or anyone where he made his successful connections.

Isaac0398 2 points

You are a true MVP

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/CombatFootage
S_A_N_D_ 583 points

Look up the documentary Restrepo. It essentially plays like a movie except it's all real footage from an embedded journalist. It really gets at what life was like in the combat zone without any hype or machismo. When people are dodging bullets they are literally dodging bullets and when people die, they are actually dead but there is also just the casual sitting around talking shit and just existing there.

There is a follow up documentary called Korengal which isn't nearly as well edited and put together. Look for Restrepo if you can.

Isaac0398 35 points

I’ve watched restrepo and korengal several times and will continue to. The way the portray the life and combat in war zone was incredible

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Quadruple_Pounders 61 points

Does public transportation count? If not then I don't see what the big deal if you compare it to the other issues that we have. I'd love to be able to travel without needing a car. But if it's just improving roads then I don't see why that needs soooo much attention. I drive a lot and I haven't noticed anything out of whack. Or maybe Texas just has their shit together.

Isaac0398 1 point

Come spend a day in Pennsylvania...

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/sex
animaniacsaremyfav 7 points

It’s not gonna work. Any confidence I had in the relationship or trust I had in her is 100% gone. I’ve seen relationships like that and I don’t want to take part in one. I have feelings for her, sure, but I can’t love her anymore.

Isaac0398 1 point

I respect this 100% and is exactly how I would feel. Me and my GF have a promise to each other that if for whatever reason we were trying to have relations with some one else then to end the relationship right then and there. Or maybe even talk it out. Obviously the relationship isn’t what you want if that’s what your doing so just end it. We both have a very strong hate for cheating or anything like that so I trust her completely.

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
carlosisthecatsname 135 points

extra toe nail on my pinky toes! my nails split in two. my great grandmother and my mother have it. "Accessory nail of the fifth toe" and is common among the Han Chinese people. I am about .000999% Asian of any kind so no clue where it came from.

Isaac0398 3 points

I have the same thing it gets annoying sometimes

carlosisthecatsname 9 points

When it gets caught on socks is the worse :(

Isaac0398 3 points

Yes!! And then when you pull it up to much on accident you gotta finesse a nail clipper under

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Isaac0398 1 point

When I showed up for the “interview” at subway the lady who could barely speak English as quick as possible tried to show me how to do EVERYTHING within an hour then told me I had to come in the next morning and run the whole thing by myself. I’m when I got home I called told her I found a better job and didn’t go in. That was a joke of a place.

TLDR: worked at subways for about 3 hours if that

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/army
York_Phoenix 9 points

Well you can't work on cars, you don't no words so good, and you certainly can't do math.

You'd make an excellent Lt.

Isaac0398 1 point

Guess you don’t ‘know’ words very well either 😉

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
alexmunse 9 points

I’m a pool guy.

I’m not a pool CLEANER, I fix the equipment when it’s broken. I got started doing it about 4 years ago. The company I worked for was basically a general contractor and hired me on as an apprentice. I used my own tools, I used my own vehicle, I paid for my own gas. They found me work and paid for parts, and I would kick them back $15 per house I would go to and I usually cleared $60k/yr. The company downsized and I was the newest employee, so I started my own company. The van was about $22k (brand new, off the lot), my tool bag has about $500 worth of tools in it. Licensing and insurance looks to be about $400-$600 for the first year. I spend about $20 a day in gas. Now that I own the company, I’m probably going to clear $100k this year and just go up from there.

The weather is usually nice, most of the people are nice, the work is rewarding and the overhead is low. This is my favorite job and I NEVER expected to enjoy work like this!

Isaac0398 3 points

This inspires me. I want to start a business at some point like this.

fireflyserenity85 8 points

Diesel mechanic. Absolutely love my job

Isaac0398 1 point

I was actually about to go to UTI for diesel/industrial mechanic but I panicked out because I couldn’t get a loan to cover the rest which was like.... 800. But I’m going to join the army learn some skills and retire out of there into a trade.

Isaac0398 commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
voltagenic 2 points

I'd say it went very well, possibly the best interview I've had.

My previous experience in working for that company really played in my favor when it came to questions the manager who interviewed me had, and he seemed really pleased with the responses I gave him.

I was told to expect a call from HR by the end of business today for the official word, but I'm 99.5% sure I got it.

Isaac0398 2 points

Heck yes man. Congrats

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