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Isilthar commented on a post in r/FlashTV
TheRealPhantomHunter 10 points

So this happened two seasons in a row? Let’s make it 3 for 3 and be on the lookout for who the Season 5 villain is or another important figure in 5x01

Isilthar 16 points

Maybe it's that Thomas guy which Cecile mentioned in the season finale?

Isilthar commented on a post in r/FlashTV
lnickelly 3 points

Well shit a pickle I forgot about those people.

Ok so outside magic and science experiments gone awry.

Also Slade has powers?

Isilthar 6 points

Slade had powers from mirakuru, which also made him crazy. But that was also science experiment go wrong, so you are still right

Isilthar commented on a post in r/FlashTV
Isilthar 4 points

And then, in the next season whole team will brake up after Barry's death and whole world will be on the brink of destruction. Although in the very first episode Iris will stand at Barry's grave and tell him that she didn't gave him permission to die, so he will rise up from the death, unite team flash and everything will go back to normal. Then at the end of the episode a new villain will appear - Barry's intelligence, independence and confidence. Whole team will have to work very hard to keep things as they are and should be!

Delumine 36 points

Show has someone not white:


Isilthar 1 point

Yeah, you are right. Making Iris Barry's black half sister wasn't forced at all. What was the point of that change?

Isilthar commented on a post in r/Polska
Isilthar 16 points

Ale katolicka w oparciu o nowy czy stary testament? Katolicka w taki sposób, że trzeba być miłosiernym i tolerancyjnym good guyem jak Jezus, czy chorym pojebem, który niszczy całe miasta, topi cały świat, każe złożyć w ofierze swoje dziecko i zabijać homoseksualistów jak złoczyńcą Jahwe?

Scypio 13 points

Ale katolicka w oparciu o nowy czy stary testament?

Jak katolicka, to w oparciu o nauki Jezusa - czyli nowy testament. Dużo o miłości bliźniego, przebaczeniu, o tym, że bogu co boskie, a cesarzowi i tak dalej, dorzućmy jeszcze, że nie można służyć bogu i mamonie. A potem raz jeszcze o miłości bliźniego i Nycza weźmie apopleksja. :)

Isilthar 4 points

Tak sobie myślę, że gdyby tylko Jezus nakazał swoim uczniom odciąć się zupełnie od starego Testamentu to świat byłby piękniejszy. Nie było by wtedy katolickich faryzeuszy, którzy odwołują się do najgorszego gówna ze starego Testamentu. Ale z drugiej strony odciął by się od 10 przykazań, a z tego co czytałem to wielu katolików potrzebuje mieć to na piśmie żeby wiedzieć, że kradzież, morderstwo i cudzołóstwo jest nie w porządku

Isilthar commented on a post in r/pics
wellrat 567 points

Am I the only one who read this as F*CK! MY EYES! and was subsequently confused by the comments for a little while?

Isilthar 1 point

Yeah, I thought it was some kind of a joke about flat earth and he wrote "FUCK, MY EYES" because it hurt him when he saw that the earth is not flat.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/FlashTV
derpiderpi 161 points

Imagine a world in which we would have Patty BootyAllen instead of the girl who can't go one minute without saying "WEARETHEFLASH."

Isilthar 2 points

I imagine that would be just like the world where we got Felicity queen instead of Laurel Black Canary Queen. That could be something new and original at the beginning, but I think she would become even worse than Iris. And there would be a lot of hate from the OG True Comic Fans.

But that doesn't change anything, Hoss.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/Polska
Isilthar 19 points

Powoływanie się na zaklętego dziadka jest oczywiście żałosne, ale moją uwagę zwrócił też dam artykuł. Czy ku temu zmierza dziennikarstwo? Zaczepianie ludzi na twiterze, a później wrzucanie tej rozmowy z komentarzem jako artykuł? Jak dla mnie to jest to równie żałosne co zachowanie tego posła

Isilthar commented on a post in r/savedyouaclick
Hirumaru 40 points

Guns are used for hunting, defense, and as a protection from tyranny. Hunting is self explanatory. Defensive gun use outnumbers criminal usage. Protection from tyranny is laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Back in the day this was writ, private citizens owned not only muskets but new-fangled rifles, cannons, and even warships. Oh, and if you want to point out that the US military has tanks, drones, and air superiority, I will point out that we had the same shit during Vietnam and the occupation of Iraq. Fat lot of good those do for controlling a population. You'd have to be as wicked and genocidal as Saddam to force compliance, which would only justify gun ownership even more.

Isilthar -5 points

Do you take gun when you go to hunt for food in a grocery store?

Firearms are only weapons I can think of, that are used solely to attack. Eventually, to scare someone that you will attack them, but that's hardly a defense. And if someone you try to scare wouldn't be scared that much you could easily end up killing him. Would you really like to be a killer?

Who decides what is tyranny and what not? If the blacks of US think that the police is against them, should they use firearms to defend against the police? If people voting for democrats decide that the republican gov is tyranny, would it be okay for them to kill the govt they don't like? And do you really think, that in these days anyone would succeed against much better equipped and experienced military, which would surelly defend govt?

And let's be honest - if people didn't rise up to arms to overthrow Trump I don't think they will ever do this. Your govt is too smart for this.

Back in the day this was writ, private citizens owned not only muskets but new-fangled rifles, cannons, and even warships

Then maybe back in the day your constitution was a good idea, but it should be updated because world has changed. You should do this to at least avoid all those deaths of children in schools that will surely happen in the future.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/trees
lllIllIll 117 points

Make sure to reflect on the countless lives lost to allow you to live free

Isilthar 83 points

I was thinking about this recently: why does united statians always portrait their soldiers as heros fighting for the freedom of their country? Were your borders invaded recently? Did they went to protect them? No, they only go to far off countries and kill foreign people there. Always, so that some rich dudes with power in your country can gain something. Is it really what heroes do?

nyet_the_kgb 9 points

I mean freedom is very relative. So it depends who is in office.

Since WW2 freedom has not been taken lightly. Since then it’s basically been the US vs Russia (and all communist russian ideals) until the 80s/90s/9.11.

The theory is about protecting US interests around the globe while trying to spin it as a greater good.

And look, there have been very valid cases and very invalid cases.

9/11 sparked the afghan war and subsequently the Iraq war. Whether or not the latter was justified seems to be debated (yeah, oil and shit but also sadam was a horrible dictator)

There has also been a historical lack of other countries who would step in, in the case of horrible things done by other countries.

Some may argue “the US has to step in first because no one else will” which may be partially true.

The real thing is that foreign and military policy is always highly contested and the outcomes aren’t known.

To your point, it takes an amazing level of bravery to even enlist for this type of service. Basically having to do what the government of the day tells you.

Enlisted folk aren’t necessarily heroes and can definitely be bad people at that level. However you cannot take away their courage and bravery in the face of the unknown.

Isilthar 1 point

You are right, they are brave to enlist. I guess my problem is with US invading other countries and being so glorified for that.

There has also been a historical lack of other countries who would step in, in the case of horrible things done by other countries.

Some may argue “the US has to step in first because no one else will” which may be partially true.

I think a lot of people (especially those from US) doesn't see that the US government is just like any other gov and gets involved only when it is in their interest, although they have great marketing tools to portrait them as the "good guys" and "world police" to justify their war.

But I think that violence spins only more violence and military should be used only as a way to defense your own country borders.

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Isilthar commented on a post in r/cosplaygirls
angrycoffeeuser -61 points

Wow Tracer sure let herself go :/

Isilthar -5 points

At last someone on this thread doesn't think that fat ass is nice. And of course you're downvoted. And so will I probably, but I totally agree with you. People are strange these days.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/arrow
I_Failed_This_City 89 points

I think the biggest problem with her character is she went totally 2 dimensional. She had her own dreams and a career, then she had Eddie(love interest). Only now, it's all flat and she's Barry Allen's sister-wife and THAT'S IT. No hint of a career or other dreams, just, "We are The Flash" and giving sweet love to Barry.

I agree it's nowhere near as bad as Arrow, but I can assure you, the Character Iris, on The Flash is totally lacking in development.

Isilthar 8 points

And she was also made a team leader when Barry was gone and stayed that way when he returned (kinda similiar to Felicity being new leader on Team Arrow when Oliver was playing mayor). That was so stupid and strange since she didn't show any leadership skills prior to Barry's disappearance (tbh she didn't show any useful skills at all, which made this even worse for me). And now even Barry, who's supposed to be the main character and in my opinion leader of the team, called her the leader and waited for her decision before taking action. And here I was hoping that after experiencing so much he will finally become someone else. Something... Else. That he will become independent Flash. But nope, he is still simple speedster who can't do shit without the team telling him what to do over comms, cause he is too stupid to figure out anything by himself. It's better to take orders from failed journalist.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/arrow
DrWhoBruh 53 points

You are right but you know how Guggie works. He builds up a compelling story only to drop for status quo at the end.

Isilthar 21 points

Oh, so he also writes flash episodes? Because that's exactly what happened with flashpoint or barry going inside speedforce to save the world. Guess it's just the CW way

DrWhoBruh 17 points

no, Guggie doesn't write Flash. But that's a problem with all Arrowverse shows but Legends, they managed to keep the consequences of season 2's finale in season 3. Three of them have trouble keeping up with the story arcs but Guggie is the worst offender.

Isilthar 9 points

So I have this theory that maybe Guggenheim is not the main villain this story, but there is someone above him on CW (maybe producer or someone like that) that makes decisions which makes those series so shitty sometimes. And since LoT is not the main show, the writers have more freedom.

And just to clarify: I don't mean to defend Guggie, just wanted to point out that entertainment buiseness it's not that simple and often there is someone at the top who makes decision which makes product shitty, but stays in the shadows. Source: I work for video game company.

Isilthar commented on a post in r/Polska
qNikk 76 points

Ja naprawdę uważam, że dwa lata temu po prostu teren Polski został poddany jakiemuś zakrzywieniu czasoprzestrzennemu i trafiliśmy do "strefy beki". Za jakiś czas wszystko wróci do normy i będziemy mieli efekt Mandeli i takie "łojacie, ale te paseczki TVP to była jazda"

Isilthar 11 points

Teren Polski? A co z prezydentem USA zapowiadającym ostrzał rakietowy Syrii na Twitterze?

Isilthar commented on a post in r/Seaofthieves
deathsprophet666 16 points

Edit: More importantly great work and thank you!

Hate to ask, can you check damage whilst in water at differing ranges as well. Account for shooting into/out of/on the surface of water as well as distance

Isilthar 13 points

Yesterday I've killed pirate underwater with exactly two pistol bullets, hence I would assume that the damage doesn't change while in water

[deleted] 4 points

Was this pirate swimming ashore to a Outpost? Just curious because I'm pretty sure I was two shootted on a beach under water yesterday :p

Isilthar 3 points

Nope. It was in a water near Dagertooth Outpost. That pirate was from a galleon crew that sank my sloop

leostrauss 11 points

Jemu chodzi że "peak" w znaczeniu szczyt np. szczyt brzozy.

Isilthar 1 point

Albo szczyt schodów

NieustannyPodziw 12 points


Edycja: a co mi tam, masz golda!

Isilthar 12 points

Och, dziękuję! Jeszcze nikt nigdy mnie tak nie docenił.

Chciałbym skorzystać z okazji i podziękować wielce panującej nam Partii, a także Przenajświetszemu Prezesowi, bez którego sukces ten nie byłby możliwy.

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