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About to do 200ug for my 10th trip. Highest dose I have ever done.


How much is in that vial and how much did you pay for it?

"Well sure, I'd try LSD if it was still around, but that shit stopped being made in the 70s. It's all acid now."

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cringe twitch /s


I guess the word I am trying to describe here is “vibe”. LSD really can make you in tune with the vibe.

Perhaps this is because LSD is somewhat structurally similar to Serotonin, which can alter our perception of certain objects.

I wish to explore this more though.

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Holy shit, I fall asleep in chem every day.

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why does everyone hate chem :(

I don't here chem I hate how my teacher explains stuff. Thank God for Tyler DeWitt on YouTube man.

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Tyler DeWitt is a fucking god

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Xanax is nice to have just in case. I’d recommend maybe headphones and good music if they get into a bad mind state. Painting stuff is really fun. Some fruit/berries are often very good and fun to eat. Also a condom if girl isn’t on birth control lol...

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What dose of Xanax would you recommend to have laying around in case a trip goes south?

Got like 3 sheets of that shit and they were degraded or underdosed. Weak ass tabs

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Really? These tabs were perhaps the most intense tabs I have taken in my life.

If you sourced it from a street dealer, they probably didn't take care of it well or it wasn't handled properly.

Very popular tabs off of the Dark Net Markets. I won't name drop, but just know you have some good L on you :)

The blotter art is called "Voidrealm"

Yes, I see symbols all the time! When I look at a table top, the clouds or a wooden floor, I can barely make out faces.

Then when I look at my arms, I can see these aztec like symbols that suddenly apparent.

Would the DNM be an option for you?

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16, took a small piece of a weed edible. My friends took me to Chipotle and I was just dying of laughter from everything.

I don't really count that one.

The day after that, I tried LSD for the first time. 50ug (half a tab), WOW did that kick start things. Insanely wonderful experience :)

what did you take and how much

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Holy fuck, the Beatles can start to get pretty weird and funky if the trip decides to take a turn

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isn't pure LSD found in tartrate?

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Artist link? I'd buy a print, or go to an exhibit.

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Salvador Dali.

I once stood in the shower while tripping.

"So, this is what we do? Just stand here with water falling on us? That's it? I feel so, empty. How do I do this multiple times a day and not question why I am doing it?"

Oh shit. It's moving. Is it supposed to move? I'm not on drugs.


My Quad:

  • Frame: Xhover R5X
  • Motors: Tiger Motor F60 V2 2450kv
  • ESCs: KISS 24a Race Edition v1.03
  • Flight Controller: KISS FC
  • FPV Camera: RunCam Swift RotorRiot Edition
  • VTX: TBS Unify Pro Race
  • Antennas: TBS Triumph
  • RX: FrSky Receiver

It all comes out to $476 when I add up the prices of the parts.


Let him take it in his dirty room so that he realizes the errors of his ways.

Also what he said about the music makes absolutely no sense. LSD makes music like permanently better for the rest of your life so this "not being able to enjoy it sober" thing is BS. Music will be better than it was before. He's not setting himself up for a bad trip he's setting himself up to be heavily corrected.

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LSD makes music like permanently better for the rest of your life

Can confirm. I'm much more in tune with music and can analyze it much better now. Even the small sounds in the background stick out to me.

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Do they show up in the x-ray? Tsa is so fuckin finnicky

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Just put the tabs in between a book and forget about it. Make sure it’s not wrapped in foil.

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