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blarrick 2 points

Dam kickass score my dude! Grats on the 900 club lol

I feel you on the 10min+ for a single question. The last one was like that for me and I had the exact same thought process "Which of these two sounds more correct" for the longest time. The wording is poor but after thinking enough there is always a "it HAS to be this one, it just has to" answer so I wasn't worried too much even though some questions really got me stuck.

Good luck on ICND2, we may be posting threads around the same time! :)

IvanLu 1 point

Thanks! I didn't expect to get that high. Was thinking even with the Boson score I expected at most low 900s since they would invariably throw in some difficult out of syllabus questions. I guess I was lucky in that ipv6 was not tested much.

Cristek 5 points

Nice score! You nailed it! Congrats!

IvanLu 2 points


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meganax 2 points

Yeah they are not the actual CCNA exams though. They are just tests basically. They probably even gave you a "certificate" after passing those "exams" which are just exams for that course not the actual CCNA exam. If you are an actual CCNA you should be able to go to and put in your Certificate Verification Number. You should be able to find your Certificate Verification Number on your CCNA certificate assuming it is the real thing. If you can't find that Certificate Verification Number then you know you have never been a CCNA.

IvanLu 1 point

Apologies for hijacking, but does the link also verify expired Cisco certs?

meganax 7 points

Sounds to me like you may have never sat the certification exam itself? Sounds like you did the CCNA courses in college and never sat the actual exam. If that is the case passing the actual Cisco CCNA exam is a lot harder than passing those courses.

IvanLu 1 point

Yeah never heard of those certs before too. They sound like a couple of topics on the ccna syllabus.

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aintcoming 20 points

Well you posted on a public forum and expect no one to give comments about his decision?

IvanLu 3 points

He expected only positive comments apparently.

flatwhitepengsiudai 16 points

Why tho?

Thailand's regime change was a military coup which no one expected to improve things. Malaysia'a regime change is a democratic exercise by the people partly aimed at making the country less corrupt and restoring rule of law. The difference between the two is huge.

IvanLu 5 points

A better comparison is Burma, which also saw landmark election in 2015 when the NLD won a supermajority of seats and unseated the military junta, widely viewed as corrupt. Apart from the Rohingya crisis, has life really improved dramatically for the Burmese?

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ccna
IvanLu 1 point

A lot of it depends on yourself. I find ebooks much more handy because I can Ctrl F to find instances. Whereas with videos you would have to remember the correct clip where the concept is covered then skip through it to find the part.

Nevertheless don't think of them as exclusion. Bryant's videos were very helpful for me on ipv6 as a secondary source.

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
Coding_Cactus 68 points

you could just say something like

"It was a contracted position that didn't get renewed."

Short and simple.

Anything beyond that is really up to how comfortable OP feels divulging information, imo.

IvanLu 1 point

Would they not suspect anything since the contract wasn't renewed?

IvanLu commented on a post in r/oscp
Ryuk-_- 1 point

I never said I will cheat . OSCP covers just a part of web pentesting. I guess corporate job require a lot of knowledge.My question was whether I should work on my web skills or having an oscp qual works fine? With qual I mean the knowledge I get while doing oscp.

And I never asked if qual is the only way to get a job. You are getting it all wrong.

IvanLu 3 points

Don't mind him. Some people just parrot the "experience trump certs" line without even reading the question. Personally find it annoying since a large number of those asking don't already have experience and are looking to break in. Some HR filters specifically screen for certain words when deciding who to interview.

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Confusedandyounggg 10 points

Shanmugam's point was that members such as Lim Chin Siong held dual identities, first as a PAP member and secondly as a CPM member. The combined efforts of the British and Malayan government during the Malayan Emergency had more or less destroyed the underground network of the CPM and as such, many CPM cadres took things into their own hands, often without instructions from the center.

This is another example of shoddy history by this article, being a CPM member and being a PAP member are not two mutually exclusive things. Our history textbooks make no attempts to hide the "dark history of PAP's beginnings", all these information are, as a matter of fact, taught to us in secondary school.

IvanLu -4 points

Shanmugam's point was that members such as Lim Chin Siong held dual identities, first as a PAP member and secondly as a CPM member.

Except there is no evidence Lim Chin Siong was ever a CPM member. How do you substantiate this? At worst he was also a communist but so was Devan Nair and it was never illegal to be a communist. It just illegal to be a member of a political party which was banned (CPM).

Confusedandyounggg 4 points

Therein lies the issue, it is impossible ascertain if Lim Chin Siong is a communist member short of him admitting to it, difficult considering his death. However, circumstantial evidence, from his rhetoric to actions with the trade unions shows almost no difference from CPM methods of the day. It is from this that we infer he was a communist.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a communist, it is simply a method employed by nationalists of the day to achieve the future they set out for their nation. What I take offense with the article is how it seems to allude that the PAP, as an organisation agitated the riots rather than specific members within the party.

IvanLu -1 points

However, circumstantial evidence, from his rhetoric to actions with the trade unions shows almost no difference from CPM methods of the day. It is from this that we infer he was a communist.

You're not disputing the point that he was not a member of the CPM. And that being a communist isn't illegal by itself. Sharing similar ideas is also not illegal, which btw communist ideals were widespread in the 1950s/60s as this would necessitate the mass arrest of all voters (some 193,301 people) who cast ballots for the Barisan Sosialis in the 1963 general election.

Secondly British sources themselves stated that they could find no evidence Lim Chin Siong was receiving instructions or working on behalf of the CPM.

In July 1962, the British noted that that while they accepted that Lim Chin Siong was a Communist, there was no evidence that he was receiving directions from the C.P.M., Peking or Moscow. “Our impression is that Lim is working very much on his own and that his primary objective is not the communist millennium but to obtain control of the constitutional government of Singapore. It is far from certain that having attained this objective Lim would necessarily prove a compliant tool of Peking or Moscow..."

Source :‘Operation Cold Store’: A Key Event in the Creation of Malaysia and in the Origins of Modern Singapore by Geoff Wade

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KeythKatz 47 points

You've found a site with even less credibility than "Must Share News". While I believe the contents of the article, "Wake Up SG" isn't really a site that we should be seeing more of in here.

IvanLu 54 points

I find it curious that you don't actually dispute the factual accuracy of the post, which is substantiated by the Wikipedia article on the same subject, instead choosing to cast aspersions on the website.

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ccna
karjune01 6 points

Majority are able to pass both ICND1 and ICND2 by just packet tracer. Commands that don't work like NTP and PPPoE worked on the 4300 series router option and IVR L3 switch method works using the 3650 switch. I've yet to come across something that I wasn't and to lab in PT.

I could be wrong.

IvanLu 3 points

I couldn't get the ntp master command to work on the PT 4300 series router. Are you certain?

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
BluePieceOfPaper 3 points

I'm glad you posted this. I am taking my Net+ in early May and the primary reason I am doing it is I picked up a Cisco book and was like "dafuq?...going to need to take a step backwards before I tackle this stuff." And I will say, in studying for Net+ I feel good about diving into ICND1 hopefully soon.

IvanLu 1 point

Personally I used Lammle's first for a gentle introduction then switched to Odom.

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ccna
StellarJayZ 2 points

The problem is you don't know what you're going to get on the test. Getting a barely passing on a Boson could mean a squeak by or completely crashing failure. Really what you should be doing is shooting for 90% or higher and hoping they don't send you some left field shit on test day.

IvanLu 1 point

Some boson icnd1 questions are outside the syllabus, such as cef and aaa authentication.

IvanLu commented on a post in r/TrueAskReddit
KidLimbo 25 points

A smoke break isn't the same as a regular scheduled break.

What OP is asking is weather or not it's okay to take more breaks on account of more "needs".

IvanLu 11 points

Exactly, OP is asking whether smokers should be given extra smoking breaks on top of what non-smokers already get.

IvanLu commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
uas01 1 point

Thanks for the reply!

out of curiosity, what is leading you to want to get out of the field? what's your current role at the minute? what experience did they require you to have?

IvanLu 1 point
IvanLu commented on a post in r/ccna
SgtPackets 11 points

Follow up: Just back home from work.

I'll attempt to give the best advice I can for how to get the material from the book into your brain. There is no one size fits all for studying.

Studying is a skill like any other, and the more you practice the better you will get at it. You need to find methods that work well for you. I'm only going off my own experiences for what has worked for me from my research, and studying habits. But hopefully this will help you get started.

A: Reading sufficiently challenging text is a mentally taxing process, but overtime it will become easier. Which is why it's important to make reading a habit. in the morning maybe read for 30mins of a book you enjoy.

B: Craving novelty is a common problem today because we are blasted 24/7 with distraction. Youtube, Social Media, reddit, etc..

The problem with IT is we have to use the things that give us access to a huge amount of distractions. I used to use an add-on called LeechBlock, However it's still not updated for Firefox Quantum. Which would block out websites for a set length of time.

Our brains don't like boredom or hard work, and if you're studying correctly, studying is actually hard work. I know when I'm actually studying because the front of my head physically hurts.

However, by giving in to distraction you're building a habit. A habit that OP is now finding is difficult to break. But, the good news is the more you resist. The easier overtime it will become to focus and not have a craving for novelty.

C: Now, when it comes to actually studying. There is loads of information on the subject.

There are 3 ways we remember, and they are: Recall, (When you can pull the information from your brain on request.This is what you use on tests.) Recognition, (when you see information and it jump starts your brain) and Relearning, (this is when you are able to learn information faster after you have forgotten it)

Now, you forget pretty much everything once you're read it. There is actually a term for this called the "Forgetting Curve"

As you can see, after 1hr you've forgotten quite alot already. Which is why flash cards work so well. Because it requires you to pull the information from the depths of your brain. Which is how you actually end up learning it.

But, here is some of the advice that I found most useful:

  • Pomodoro Technique: You set a timer for 25mins, You work for those 25mins. then you take a break for 5. You do this 3 times then take a break for 20-30 mins and that's called a Pomodoro.

For me, personally, I can only focus for 20-mins before my brain starts to wonder. So I just go 20 and 5. and it works pretty well for me. But when I'm on my 5-mins break I Do Not go on YouTube or reddit. because I know I'll get sucked in, and when I start on my next 20 min studying timer, I'll be thinking about whatever it was that I was doing.

So, instead I'll stand up, or study while eating my dinner or soothing. Also, I can't study with music or anything. I study in a quiet room. I normally do it 4 times Then I'm ready for a longer break.

  • Anki Flashcards using the Leitner System: I like Anki because I have them on my desktop, phone, and web. But also because I can put pictures and diagrams on them. I have the hand writing of a chimp, and zero art skills. I'd struggle to draw you a box with a ruler, let alone an actual diagram.

So I just use anki and import them into my Flash Cards. Now, the Leitner System is basically 5 boxes. You place your cards into box 1 and you review your cards, if you get them right they go into the next box. If you get them wrong they either go back into the first box on day one, or they go back to the first box if it's on any day other than the first day. You also first review them right after you have studied the information

The time interval between you studying them progressively increases. from Everyday, 3day, 7day, Bi-Weekly and Review before test. I normally print them out and keep them in a Zip-lock bag with the box number on the bag.

  • OneNote: I use one note because my handwriting is Awful and really slow. Now, I am aware that taking notes by hand is better for remembering information. But, I like having the ability to easily add diagrams and stuff, along with making it super easy to keep my notes organized.

I'm super OCD with keeping my notes organized and orderly, so hand written notes was never really an option for me. (Unless it was maths, maths you still kinda need to use pen and paper. I really wish the surface was an A4 sized tablet. :P )

Now, there are many different methods of note taking, but what works for me is the "Outline" Method:

Main-Topic: OSI Model

· The OSI Model has 7 Layers
        ► Layer 1 Physical
        ► Layer 2 Data-Link
        ► Layer 3 Network
        ► Layer 4 Transport
        ► Layer 5 Session 
        ► Layer 6 Presentation 
        ► Layer 7 Application 

            Supporting Details
                1. Notes:

                Further Details Ideas 
                    1. Notes:

Which looks something like that:

  • Reading: Read is not a passive process. I used to see people who where "Studying" just be sitting with the text box reading it. I could tell instantly that they didn't know how to study.

Also, just reading is a Terrible way to actual learn anything. that's because the retention rate is so low.

You might hear the term "Speed Reading " being thrown around. Ignore it. It Doesn't work You're study reading at about 200-400 words per minute. When you're reading a text book. You take it Slow and I mean Slow You should be able to take your eyes off the page. Look up and remember the context and some details about what you just read. If you cannot do that. Read it again until you do.

It is at that point you make notes In your own words about what your just read, if possible turning it into a question.

  • SQ3R: I use this all the time, I have just copy and pasted it from Wiki

SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review

  1. Survey The first step, survey or skim, advises that one should resist the temptation to read the book and instead first go through a chapter and note headings, sub-headings and other outstanding features, such as figures, tables, and summary paragraphs. This survey step only takes 3-5 minutes, but it provides an outline or framework for what will be presented. The reader should identify ideas and formulate questions about the content of the chapter.
  2. Question Generate questions about the content of the reading. For example, convert headings and sub-headings into questions, and then look for answers in the content of the text. Other more general questions may also be formulated: □ What is this chapter about? □ What question is this chapter trying to answer? □ How does this information help me? □ The Question step again only takes 3-5 minutes to complete, but it will motivate the reader to seek answers to the questions.
  3. Read (R1) Use the background work done with "S" and "Q" in order to begin reading actively. This means reading in order to answer the questions raised under "Q". Passive reading, in contrast, results in merely reading without engaging with the study material.
  4. Recite (R2) The second "R" refers to the part known as "Recite." The reader should try to retrieve from memory what was learned in the same manner as telling someone else about the information. It is important that the reader use his/her own words in order to formulate and conceptualize the material. Try recalling and identifying major points (heading/subheadings) and answers to questions from the "Q" step. This recital step may be done either in an oral or written format and is related to the benefits of retrieval (testing effect) in boosting long-term memory for the material.
  5. Review (R3) The final "R" is "Review." Once you reach the end of the passage, say back to yourself what the point of the whole passage is - again, using your own words.


  • Mind Maps

At the end of a chapter, or an important concept. I will use mind mapping software such as lucid-chart or (Insert your software of choice) to really understand the big picture using loads of colour and pictures to really nail down how they relate to each other

  • Practice questions

The absolute best way to study. LAB, LAB, LAB! Practice exams, practice questions

  • Break the book down:

Odom doesn't actually expect you to read the whole thing in one sitting. In fact he actually doesn't recommend it. If you look the book is broken down into nice little 20 page chapters as part of a large overall "Part" You should be labbing, watching videos etc. all along with the book

  • Don't rush: Your goal is to actually learn the material. Do Not rush. if it takes you 4 months to pass your CCENT then so be it. But, you need to study more than 1hr day. 2 would be my minimum. But, 1hr of practice questions and exams + labs Without your notes recalling it all from memory is Great studying

If you don't give your brain time to actually take the information it. It will actual push old information out. and by the time you finish your studying. You'll actually have learned very little and have to start the whole process over again.

Again, don't rush. Take it slow and study. This is a Marathon, not a race.

I study like this.

  1. Watch video
  2. Read chapter slowly while taking notes and making my own practice questions
  3. Do practice questions provided and answer my own.
  4. Lab it up.
  5. Test myself.
IvanLu 2 points

Stumbled upon this post via a search. Thanks so much for this!

IvanLu commented on a post in r/singapore
xinderw 102 points

Let x be the age of the youngest child.

Let y be the age of the eldest child.

Let N be the bus number.

x2 y = 72, 2x + y = N

Factors of 72: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 72

If y is one of the factors of 72, and to ensure x is a whole number, x2 = 36, 9, 4 or 1.

Hence x could be either 4, 3, 2 or 1, and that y could be 2, 8, 18, 72 respectively.

As y > x, we only have the following combinations that remains valid: (x, y) = (3, 8), (2, 18) or (1, 72).

That would mean N = 14, 22 or 74.

If N = 22 or 74, there is no other possible combination of (x, y) that will satisfy all the necessary conditions - you can confirm this by just try plugging in any of the factors of 72.

If N = 14, another possible combination is (2, 6, 6) which will still satisfy all the necessary conditions.

Since Frank only knows the ages after getting informed that the youngest 2 children are of the same age, then we have N = 14 and (x, y) = (3, 8).

IvanLu 1 point

If N = 22 or 74, there is no other possible combination of (x, y) that will satisfy all the necessary conditions - you can confirm this by just try plugging in any of the factors of 72.

Why doesn't 2,2,18 satisfy the conditions if N=22?

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