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Chickachic-aaaaahhh 84 points

I hated snake way. Hated it. It wasnt enetertaining at all. And the motherfucker if hed known how to fly couldntve saved time... smh..

JCZ1303 4 points

He flew guys. He just got tired... THEN he tried to jump and almost fell. As a matter of fact when he almost fell he had to fly to get back up

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Bouttagetshwifty 2 points

May I ask why?

JCZ1303 17 points

Probably because common opinion is that tux looks and feels better. I did the ceremony and pictures in blues and went to dinner and out afterwards in a suit. Pictures look great, we are super please, and I had a blast afterwards in my suit. Worked out perfect.

JCZ1303 18 points

Literally did this two weeks ago. Asked my chief he said do whatever the fuck you want its your wedding. I didn't wear my cover cause fuck the Dixie cup

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JCZ1303 5 points

I have a BA in math. I wanted to teach.

Ended up enlisting and going nuke, still in the pipeline. School is hard but I like to learn, and I don't mind hard work.

As far as nuke life goes after pipeline, I'd refer to some senior enlisted, but like most things I hear it's what you make of it.

I original wanted to go CTN, if you are like me, as what little background I have of you is similar to me, both options are worth checking out if you don't want to go officer.

Edit: also nuke school is in SC. Gives you at least another year in the southeast.

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JCZ1303 9 points

Untrue. You could completely stop all contact and nothing will happen. Recruiters in the future might not be willing to work with you, but I'm sure you don't intend on going to a new recruiter anytime soon.

For example. When I was in high school I was in the DEP for the Air Force and I dropped out by telling my recruiter I didn't want to do it. He gave me some flak same as you, but I didn't want it. Fast forward 7 years and I got in the Navy no problem. I even told them about that, they didn't even have me on file for ever being in the DEP.

Don't let him scare you.

hellamoneydipped 4 points

i did stop alll contact after i "discharged"- which he told me "i didn't do", and then months later he calls my grandma at work. gross. he said "we were only going to discharge you to go reserves" which literally is not a thing.

if i DO go reserves, it won't be with this recruiting office jesus christ. Army reserves sound better for what i wanna do i think. especially with school. but that will be a long time after all this.

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JCZ1303 2 points

I was out drinking in town with a ton of people from work, someones leaving party or whatever. Our boss was just laying cash on the table, and me and my buddies were just keeping it flowing

Next thing i remember was having this dream of being out back of my house, like not where i lived but where Im from. And its cold and snowing and the backdoor is locked. And this dream was just me pounding on the door, trying to get someome to come to it to let me in. No answer.

Finally I had decided to just open the window and climb through. I took my shoes off laid on the coach, and that's when I woke up, immediately realizing that it wasn't a dream and it wasn't my house.

Ive never gotten up and left as fast as I did then. I made sure the door was locked when I left to avoid suspicion.

Halfway back to where I was living I was trying to recount what happened and I scratched the back of my head, to find so much dried blood it was scary. I had a pretty deep gash the size of my fingernail. I must have slipped on ice and gotten a concussion and then subsequently broke into someones house, politely took off my shoes, and slept on their couch.

I got away with it, but Im sure if they wanted to, the blood on the couch was enough dna to link me to the crime...

RaufossMK2 1 point

IMO, the best use for melee trigger gems is getting effects you don't want on your primary attack: endurance charge on melee stun, stun, blind, power charges, leech. The additional damage is nothing to be relied upon since it's usually worth ~0.1-0.4s of dps every few seconds. It's neat while leveling but does not fit into the overkill damage play style of high level builds.

JCZ1303 1 point

Thanks for the reply, I'll browse other builds and see if there's something else I find appealing, perhaps that utilizes those gems somehow

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JCZ1303 7 points

I can't answer your first question, as I have no experience but...

Retaliatory question: Did you walk into the office wanting MA? Or did you walk in wanting to join the Navy.

If it's the former, then tell your recruiter straight up that that is the case. If it is the latter, I suggest researching second and third choice rates, as nothing is guaranteed. That should answer your second question

As for the third question, your recruiter may not be happy if you don't sign, you have to go all the way back again, wasting time and money.

Rarelyrare 1 point

Well its really leaning towards become an MA, but I do want the experience of the navy too. So long as its not anything drastic like cook or anything. But follow up question is, even if he unhappy with me walking out, going into the fleet with an rate you wanted nothing to do with is not really reccommended right?

JCZ1303 2 points

True, but remember that being in the DEP doesn't mean you are at point of no return. Just because you swear in after MEPS you aren't stuck. Until you ship out, you can back out. I don't recommend letting yourself ship out with a job that you definitely don't want. and again, be straight with your recruiter, as hard as it can be since they don't seem to always want to be completely straight with you. If you pick a job at MEPS you aren't going to ship out with, I would straight up tell him/her, if this doesn't change, I'm not leaving.

In short, I wouldn't rely on crossrate suggestions from your recruiter, if you are job-locked on MA, then don't leave without MA, simple as that. It's your life, your recruiter can act like their mad about something like that, but if you are willing to wait, it's either they wait with you and get one towards their quota, or they don't get you at all.

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I'm currently in the DEP with a Nuc contract. Signed AECF to ship Oct 25th of this year when I went to MEPS in early March. I had to get a waiver for my age for the Nuc contract, which went through in only a couple of weeks.

I don't stand on any knowledge basis with this, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that an age waiver will be pushed through faster than something regarding legal issues. If you want to get the whole MEPS thing out of the way, which was my case, I would say go for it and sign something with a date far off if you can help it. If the waiver gets denied and you don't like your position, then don't leave, simple as that.

EDIT: Sign something with a date far off.... That you might enjoy (i.e. take trump-sanders advice and research other rates as second/third choices). Nuc isn't my first choice, but I'm more than happy with leaving with it if it comes down to it.

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