Main Pilot Number by Churchi3 in VOIP

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The pilot number is the extension or telephone number that you dial to reach the members of the hunt group.

Low-Cost UC Platforms by mhammett in VOIP

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Have you looked at Allworx?

Why does all of the Cisco DNA and Cisco ONE offering include Prime? by windybuff in Cisco

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My understanding is that DNA Center is the new Prime. Including both probably makes planning for migration easier.

When does a joke become a dad joke? by 0108sarthak in dadjokes

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And when does it become apparent? After the delivery!

Looking for a decent space opera influenced by O'Brian? Try David Drake's RCN Series. by mattmurf in AubreyMaturinSeries

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That's funny -- I always think about how the series might translate into a sci-fi drama. ...and that always makes me think of the Star Trek: Generations scene starring the Lady Washington as HMS Enterprise:



Men of Reddit, what gifts would you prefer to get instead of the booze/smoking/bbq/shaving items that are usually marketed for you? by bogaq66 in AskReddit

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True -- A new discovery is always welcome. Protip: Go to an upscale party store and ask the workers if they've ever tried his favorite brand. Ask for something similar that he might like. My wife did this when I got a promotion, and I was very touched. I think she got me a Johnny Walker Explorer's Edition.

Men of Reddit, what gifts would you prefer to get instead of the booze/smoking/bbq/shaving items that are usually marketed for you? by bogaq66 in AskReddit

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If you're also on the Parks & Rec bandwagon, you could get him one of Nick Offerman's books or something from his shop.

Men of Reddit, what gifts would you prefer to get instead of the booze/smoking/bbq/shaving items that are usually marketed for you? by bogaq66 in AskReddit

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I don't understand the question. Is larger quantities of booze a possible answer?

On a serious note; take an interest in his 'selfish' hobbies -- the ones he does outside of the relationship -- to show that the gift is just for him. Every year I say I'm going to take golf lessons, then I don't. My wife gave me $100 for golf lessons and encouraged me to make the time for them.

If you watch Parks & Rec, I call this the "treat yo' self!" gift.

No time for interviews by NateLRS38 in ITCareerQuestions

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Jack Sparrow would love this thread.

Men of reddit: What is the thing that girls do that you just cant stand? by adelriccia in AskReddit

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W: Why are you talking to her? Is there something you need to tell me?

At this point, I'd share the spoiler with her.

What's your favorite book in the series? by Not_A_Human_BUT in AubreyMaturinSeries

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Beware the Spoiler if you haven't ready the Commodore yet.

I really liked the touching passage from The Commodore when Stephen realizes that Jack has been subtly underplaying his musical abilities so that Stephen wouldn't lament the loss in dexterity he suffered from this incident.


“Stephen had been put to sleep in his usual room, far from children and noise, away in that corner of the house which looked down to the orchard and the bowling-green, and in spite of his long absence it was so familiar to him that when he woke at about three he made his way to the window almost as quickly as if dawn had already broken, opened it and walked out onto the balcony. The moon had set: there was barely a star to be seen. The still air was delightfully fresh with falling dew, and a late nightingale, in an indifferent voice, was uttering a routine jug-jug far down in Jack's plantations; closer at hand and more agreeable by far, nightjars churred in the orchard, two of them, or perhaps three, the sound rising and falling, intertwining so that the source could not be made out for sure. There were few birds that he preferred to nightjars, but it was not they that had brought him out of bed: he stood leaning on the balcony rail and presently Jack Aubrey, in a summer-house by the bowling-green, began again, playing very gently in the darkness, improvising wholly for himself, dreaming away on his violin with a mastery that Stephen had never heard equalled, though they had played together for years and years.

Like many other sailors Jack Aubrey had long dreamed of lying in his warm bed all night long; yet although he could now do so with a clear conscience he often rose at unChristian hours, particularly if he were moved by strong emotion, and crept from his bedroom in a watch-coat, to walk about the house or into the stables or to pace the bowling-green. Sometimes he took his fiddle with him. He was in fact a better player than Stephen, and now that he was using his precious Guarnieri rather than a robust sea-going fiddle the difference was still more evident: but the Guarnieri did not account for the whole of it, nor anything like. Jack certainly concealed his excellence when they were playing together, keeping to Stephen's mediocre level: this had become perfectly clear when Stephen's hands were at last recovered from the thumb-screws and other implements applied by French counter-intelligence officers in Minorca; but on reflexion Stephen thought it had been the case much earlier, since quite apart from his delicacy at that period, Jack hated showing away.

Now, in the warm night, there was no one to be comforted, kept in countenance, no one could scorn him for virtuosity, and he could let himself go entirely; and as the grave and subtle music wound on and on, Stephen once more contemplated on the apparent contradiction between the big, cheerful, florid sea-officer whom most people liked on sight but who would have never been described as subtle or capable of subtlety by any one of them (except perhaps his surviving opponents in battle) and the intricate, reflective music he was now creating. So utterly unlike his limited vocabulary in words, at times verging upon the inarticulate.

'My hands have now regained the moderate ability they possessed before I was captured,' observed Maturin, 'but his have gone on to a point I never thought he could reach: his hands and his mind. I am amazed. In his own way he is the secret man of the world.” ― Patrick O'Brian, The Commodore

FAX via VoIP in 2018 by Adventor in VOIP

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Several products exist that can do this. Some of the eFax providers have a PC client or server based client that can route the faxes to a printer.

Collaboration study materials by zirophyz in ccnp

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...that's another thing. Cisco should ensure study materials are available before an exam goes live. Cisco Press should be working with the community of authors and SMEs to make sure this happens. It would be good for them; I'm sure that test sales slow down in the lull between the test being released and adequate study material becoming available.

CCNP / CCIE Collaboration - Quality of Test Questions and Cert Overall? by JF42 in ccnp

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Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I also feel like "they worded it tricky on purpose" They do, but I can forgive this on a test as long as they do it in proper English. When they combine it with bad grammar, things get confusing.

As for the bugs in the simulator -- that's just getting you ready for working with their gear in the field!

Collaboration study materials by zirophyz in ccnp

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I used the Cisco Press books and the INE videos to study for my CCNP Voice.

I took the CCNP Voice just before it was retired. There was very little study material available. I believe this is because many candidates skip the CCNP and go for the CCIE. In hind sight, I probably should have done that.

I hope that the CCNP Collab tests are more relevant and materials are more available. If not, look for CCIE study materials and use those -- it's the same material.

The CCIE Collaboration Quick Reference Guide is pretty good. It's available on Scribd.

Good luck.

Suggestions for phone system refresh? (x-post from /r/networking) by blobskewer in VOIP

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New or Refurbished? I see a $1,000 new phone on CDW that is only $300 refurbished on third-party sites. If we stay with Cisco, should we purchase new or refurbished phones? We will not be adding the phones to SmartNet coverage, so is there a practical difference between new and refurbished?

Nobody pays retail for Cisco phones. Your partner should work to get you a discount. Some companies get over half off.

If you want to stick with Cisco and go to the cloud, there are plenty of partners who will provide you with hosted CUCM.

The decision of whether to go to cloud is a tough one -- how great is your WAN? What provider will you use? Are they on-net via MPLS and do you have redundancy to them? If your network and WAN to the provider aren't rock solid, the answer is "no".

If they are rock solid, or can be, the next question is ROI over a period of time. Many of the cloud solutions have good initial ROI and then it runs out after a few years (3-6 years). The biggest issue I see in hosted VOIP is that vendors often want to charge a ridiculous rate per user. I'm talking $30/mo in some cases. If you calculate the ROI on that vs. having your own system, the long-term costs of owning are lower.

Sometimes there are other compelling reasons to go to the cloud, though. Companies who open/close offices frequently and can find a provider who will accept month-to-month or minimum commit terms can find an advantage there. Flexibility and ease of moving from one site to another is better with hosted solutions. And no up-front costs -- all costs are op-ex, etc.

Trying to upgrade/migrate CUCM, having a heck of a time getting the OVAs by TheGuyATX in Cisco

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You should also be concerned that you won't have any support from Cisco if the upgrade goes sideways. Your partner and your Cisco rep should get together and fix this for you.

Wireless desk IP phone? by vrtigo1 in Cisco

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Can't get more like an 8841 than that.

How do you find your phone jack series ordering? by RoboticPieman in VOIP

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The phones in your house aren't wired in series, they're wired in parallel. It won't matter which jack you plug into. Are you sure you want to buy from a company that doesn't understand how their product works?

Smart Install Remote Code Execution Vulnerability IOS by arfeds in Cisco

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Would you like to interview for a "Security Liaison" position? :D