Swim tube by Maddison_Mavis in ProperAnimalNames

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The properest animal name is always in the comments

My first and last attempt by Saucified in nailedit

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Yeah, clearly trying to replicate second / right image; after many attempts, OP's best result was first / left image.

Mighty dragon hunts his blueberry prey by mike_pants in aww

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Will never not upvote a Magnitude reference

You don't know how complicated the story of FFIX is until you have a 5-year-old watching you play by MikaojNergom in FinalFantasy

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Literally almost replied "who?" and "who???" But then I remembered that those names are in FF8.

He missed the third rail! by cyan1618 in holdmybeer

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I thought that looked like park street station in Boston, and then I saw the behavior which confirmed it.

Oh and the Boston shirt, I guess.

Dalvin Tomlinson was the top rookie interior defensive lineman in 2017 by Shinglings in rolltide

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Nice. Not surprising. He was "my guy" every year. Kept expecting him to break out and be a total monster, but those minor injuries in his early years kept him out of the spotlight. Still grew into a total monster, just without the fanfare. Happy to see it!

Seat Message. by [deleted] in funny

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Sorry Bro