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So this kid in my band class hurt his leg and he couldn’t walk and someone suggested hopping. So obviously I yelled out “I tried hopping Kevin, but I bumped my elbow on a wall and now my elbow has a protuberance!” No one got it. Such a waste of talent


I am always confused why Pam says in Goodbye Toby that she thought Toby was cute when I think here she is clearly uncomfortable. And they never address it again.

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Just like how they never confirmed if Ed Truck was decapitated or not

I have an announcement to make. I am moving to Costa Rica.

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hops fence and runs home


(Writing prompt was cheesy, what superpower would you have and why) Teacher- Anon, what would you have? Kid- I would become Jesus so I could end the world and kill everyone Teacher-.... Teacher- That could be a bit offensive Kid- They can’t take offense if they’re dead EDIT- It’s the really weird kid in class that looks like he could be possessed btw

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(Netflix won’t let you take screen shots so I don’t have a picture) It’s season 7 episode 22


Andy’s a great guy and pretty smart. If he stayed out of his own way and became his own person, he would have found success a lot earlier

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Ya, I think the directors realized that and they gave him some credit by making him manger

I don't have anything amazing, and it wasn't even something most people would consider frightening, but it was vivid to me.

The first memory I have is of a nightmare. I’m about three years old. I’m in my parents’ backyard, playing in a small, plastic turtle pool, when my mom comes out and tells me it’s time to come in for a nap. I tell her I don’t want to, she says fine, and she goes back into the house. I play with some toy boats for a while, when I get this sudden sense of dread. I look behind me, and in our bushes is what I can only describe as a shapeless, figureless entity. It has no form, and I don’t even know how I know where it’s at. It’s like a more advanced version of the “someone’s watching me” feeling. I run to our garage, and I feel it following me. Because it’s a dream, I somehow get into my dad’s car and drive off. I’m incredibly panicked as I feel it following me down our street, and god knows why, but I stop at the light at the end of our street instead of speeding off. The entity opens the door, and I quickly close it, and lock it, and the dream ends as I step on the gas pedal. I know it’s all fake, but this dream comes back to me every few years or so, and it always ends with me closing the car door. I don’t know why my earliest memory is of a nightmare, but it never ceases to creep me out.

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Dang that’s creepy

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You're gonna see some weird shit, and you're just gonna have to let it be. There's a lot of things that will make you stop and stare, raise your eyebrows, make you really uncomfortable or scared even. But it's best to just let it be, and move on. Of course, keep your wits about you around the weird shit. Unless there's an imminent danger to your life or someone else's, it's best to just ignore the weird things you'll see in then city.

Example: Here in Portland OR, I was walking to my car around midnight on a Tuesday last year. Down the street from my car, I could hear hooves on the pavement, and music. I looked up and saw a man on horseback, wearing a motorcycle helmet, and playing disco out of a boombox he had strapped the saddle. He was pacing his horse around in the middle of the street.

I just got in my car, and decided whatever was happening there, didn't concern me, and I just drove home.

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Heyyy I live in Portland too

This is stupid.

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As is 90% of the things on this website, get used to it.


So lately I have been really depressed because of thing that have been happening. So let me start, I have had a crush on this girl for a while and last year we went to different schools but I still knew her from church. This year we are at the same school and I have been trying to fit in with her friend group so I can relate and hang out with her. The problem is that the guys in her friend group are all of the jerk type and are being constantly rude and inappropriate towards the ladies. I am a pretty shy and nice kid. I am not sure what to do because I want to be myself but I also want to have a friend group to belong to, I am currently just the awkward kid (even though I am not like that on the outside) I want to be able to treat the girls the right way and have a good friend group, what should I do reddit?


Well if they are jerks and inappropriate and that bothers you, you shouldn't need to be friends with them , and honestly the only way to get to her is to tell her how you feel

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Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Thank you, I now that is the right choice it’s just difficult because all of them have been friends for a while and I just want to be able to be in with them, thank you so much

I am always going to be a over looked guy. I’m really nice just a bit shy and am pretty attractive (don’t mean to sound like one of those /r/whiteknights) But my “friends” usually ignore or avoid me. I hope I grow out of it some day

If it was the top teeth it could be a sinus infection but since it’s your lower I’d say it could be caused by grinding of the teeth. Do you have problems with that?

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