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Instructions unclear, dick stuck in mouth.

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Pretty sure there’s a r/ for this type of maneuver

I have been around a while little boy. TLI has been using online losers like yourself to attack anyone who speaks the truth. I know the facts. I know that those 2 guys were never brought up on rape charges before they went to lloyd's. I know while at lloyd's they raped a team mate. You can get butthurt and yell names over the internet all you want little boy. But I just laid out the facts. All your little fictions are as meaningless as your little dick.

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Wow, you’re such an angry little man. Resorting to personal attacks again.

I’m far from a TLI shill and have even told Lloyd in person I don’t like what he did in 89 but respect what he’s done in BJJ. He thanked me for being a man about it and we went our separate ways. He could probably give two shits about me but at least I said my peace in person.

NOTE: YOU START WITH A PERSONAL ATTACK...oh the ironing. You are the one having a hissy fit. OMG I called out a rapist. OMG you love his chocolate salty balls. You are a TLI shill. Did you get the mayo off the corner of you mouth after you met your master Lloyd?

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I bet you’re an UG’er.

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In time this claim would be valid but the gap is not closed yet.

Major adult titles

Mikey: 2 time world gold, 1 time Pan Gold, 1 time No gi World Gold.

Rafael: 1 time World Gold(1 silver, 6 bronze), 2 time Pan Gold(1 silver, 2 bronze), 3 time No Gi Gold(one silver), 1 European Gold, 2 Brazillian Nationals Gold(1 silver, 1 bronze), ADCC Silver Medalist. Throw in 4 Master 1 gold medals at Master Worlds.

Lovato Jr. Still has a better overall resume. Mikey, when it is said in done might end up with a better one. But for now. The crown still lies on the head of Lovato Jr.

Now that facts are out of the way. Another thing to consider is competition. Look At who Lovato has faught compared to Mikey. Much tough comp. Look at who has stopped him from getting even more Gold medals. Usually all time greats and multi-time world champs. Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao Bernardo Faria, Romulo Barral, Roger Gracie, Damien Maia, Rodolfo Vieira, Yuri Simone, Filipe Pena. In my opinion his comp was way tougher than what Mikey is facing. Add to that that Lovato has beaten other world champs and ADCC medalist on multi occasions. Add to that he is undefeated in mma and has beaten legit fighters (UFC vets) already in his short career.

Lovato is still the man. Mike or Shane can one day be the face of American bjj.

Also I would love to see Mikey Vs Justin Radar No-Gi. That would be a hell of a match.

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Correct, in time he has the possibility to take the crown but for now, no contest.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

In the gi Mikey already has more titles than Lovato

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See post above with all accomplishments laid out. Way better resume with tougher competition for Lovato Jr.

First American to take black belt gold at Brasilian Nationals in weight (2007) and then Absolute (2013) as well.

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That always amused me so much about Saulo's old Jiu-Jitsu Revolution series. He'd also portray someone questioning him. "Guys say to me, 'Hey, Saulo! What about I do this.'"

I picture some random guy stopping him in the street and getting down into a position. "Hey, Saulo..."

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I think everyone should start doing this to him and video it.

Nick, the refs will always be biased. Sorry to say it man.

I have two accounts but I just use two different phones to play them.

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Take it easy Heisenberg, some of us aren’t ballers like you.

I would buy one if you are selling em

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2 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Are you producing and selling these? I want several.

Great work. You should add "teu" before dojo, though, if you want to take the piss properly.

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Imanari Roll Mahogoff has a nice ring to it.

Shrimp Mahogoff. Sounds tasty actually.

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You can have my shrimp bb

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Will it vibrate my prostate? I’m tired of jackin and need a no handsies sesh.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Yes it will do that, talk to your doctor first though.

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I did talk to him and he said it was good to go.

Luckily he didn’t give me a bill or a fee, although he did try to kiss me. Not sure what that was about but he kept saying he knew what my problem was.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

He doesn't really compete that much compared to most active BJJ competitors. I don't think more or less of him for it. But AJ, compete's a shit load even compared to most BJJ competitors.

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Dat wrestling mentality

24 points · 4 months ago

My mother's family has lived in Rio since the 50's. The Gracies do NOT have a good reputation over that timeframe. I can't say whether there's anything actually criminal, but they had a definite public image as thugs and it wouldn't surprise me at all.

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Ask Jordan Tabor.

LOL at whoring out your girlfriend for Instagram views. Sad!

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No shit, I usually just whore out your mum.

Yeah, I said it...f’n someone had to.

"..go with Dave for my warm up"

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Gabe. Not dave.

Please stop smoking weed and posting.

Please elaborate, wtf.

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Yes...please elaborate...

Pot and shrooms ain't the same thing.

And I ain't never trained on either one sucka.

Jk I love bro

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Everyone should micro dose

Poor Geo, forced to come to NYC to fight a 16yr old... Just saying

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Just kidding.

I'm prepared to look totally wrong for this but I think Geo is a pretty big favorite, who has Nicky beat that's on Geo's level? Heck who has Nicky beaten period.

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Geo. He’s beaten Geo. Lol

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Why does a person with 150 games go against a person with over 1500 games. Just because we have the same amount of trophies or close shouldn’t mean anything. I’m going against people with level 6 and 7 clubs and using nothing but the last three balls. I have a max level three touchdown and that’s the highest level club I have.

Lost every one of my 100k coins because I can’t beat these guys.

This is crap. /rant.

2 points · 4 months ago

Normally I wouldn't care but recently I started a second account to mess around with clubs I don't normally use. Its on tour 3 while I practice for the tournament a bit, ~290 trophies, like 75 games played, crappy clubs of course.

I've been running into people that must just spend their life in t2 and 3. Today I played against two dudes with EM7/BB9, roughly the same amount of trophies as I have. 6200 games on one guy and 4200 on another. Its not IMPOSSIBLE to win against them but if that's also what a new player goes through at this point I feel horrible for them.

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Original Poster0 points · 4 months ago

So you can understand where I’m coming from lol. I’m not trying to be a little bitch but damn man. Those club levels aren’t easy to reach unless you play a lot.

5 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

It took this poor guy 1500 games to reach the same level as you, who only took 150 games. Doesn't that make you better? I don't understand what there is to complain about. Also if you face an inferior opponent, your opponent can make the same argument, and if everyone does this no one can enjoy the game?

There are lots of discussions on this topic. In summary if people only get matched with people with with same clubs, beginner always play beginner and we will have beginner 5170 players.

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Original Poster-1 points · 4 months ago

You ever think maybe that 1500 game person had a lot more trophies than I did at one point and lost them?

Like I said, I play people my level and i win in shoot outs. I’m not out clubbing people, I’m barely skating by.

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  1. He’s from New Jersey.
  2. He’s young
  3. See number one.

yougottafuckingproblemwithNewJoisey? fuggedaboutit.

New Jersey rules. Every other state is a pussy.

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You forgot the fist pump. And you say you’re from NJ...fucking amateur.

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I always wondered why the Mike Fowler gi's had such a full cut in the crotch. Now we all know.

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Instead I get Mike Fowler's hog.

did you look at his kak? was it worth it?

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Yes. And yes.

Cut off right now is -20. I haven’t made a weekend round yet because they’re all at least -20. When I got that I was cut out because of someone who had a better qualifying round


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