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Jakeable commented on a post in r/redesign
Jakeable 1 point

Go to your preferences, and select "I would like to beta test features for reddit". Refresh the page, and another option ("Use the redesign as my default experience") will be listed just below that. Select that and you will have the redesign.

Alternatively, you can go to when you want to use the redesigned site.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/redditdev
Keynan 1 point

Could I ask how you found it/learned how to use it?

Jakeable 1 point

Sure, I found it a while back using the Web Inspector on Safari. I used the "Timelines" tab, and clicked the record button to see all of the requests the page made.

Keynan 2 points

Damn :p that goes way above my skills. Thanks anyway for a quick response

Jakeable 1 point

It’s not that bad! Just poke around with inspect element and over time it’ll come to you.

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Jakeable commented on a post in r/redditdev
Stuck_In_the_Matrix 13 points

Honestly, I think all bots should be registered and a page provided by Reddit listing all active bots. This gives moderators the opportunity to set a global subreddit setting to disallow bots posting in their subreddit if they choose.

The new version of the Pushshift API will have the capability of detecting bots. I will provide an endpoint that lists all bot activity for a specific range of time.

There are a couple major classes of bots. Bots that are script driven only and bots that are human / machine hybrids. They can usually be further divided into bots activated by submission actions, bots activated by comment activity and bots that initiate posts (my Pushshift bot for example posts all new news stories related to Donald Trump's in /r/donaldtrumpwhitehouse

Jakeable 1 point

That bot detector sounds like a really useful feature. How accurate is it right now?

Jakeable commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
dragonx254 212 points

It's a feature that mods can enable that hides scores so that people don't dogpile based on what the current score is (People tend to downvote negative posts even further, and conversely upvote highly upvoted posts)

Jakeable 6 points

Although you are correct that moderators can hide the score, that setting only applies to comments and not to posts. The hiding of scores on posts is a built-in feature of reddit and is not controllable by moderators.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/redditrequest
sodypop [M] 130 points

Please read the sidebar. It clearly states NO DRAMA.

Jakeable 41 points

It shows up like this in the redesign. That means that drama/flaming/accusations/off topic posts are encouraged, right?

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