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Jakeable commented on a post in r/changelog
KeyserSosa [A] 61 points

It replies with "if the provided email address matches that account's verified email address, you'll receive an email with reset link shortly" independent of what email address is specified to ensure this isn't a way to guess email addresses. There's also a rate limit!

We realize this makes it potentially harder to use for legitimate resets, but think "know your own email address" isn't a particularly high bar to have to hit, especially since we'll send you an email when you verify your email address.

Jakeable 26 points

I just tried it and got this, which made me thing it is a way to guess emails.

I just tried it again with my verified email address, and I'm still getting this error.

KeyserSosa 37 points

Actually that's the recaptcha error...which isn't currently enabled on that form. Just tweaked. Try now!

Jakeable 15 points

Awesome, thanks for clarifying that!

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Jakeable commented on a post in r/redditdev
farnaws 1 point

I am trying to crawl through each of the submission and get the content (selftext). I don't know the urls beforehand, so this solution is not feasible. I will basically use .submissions(from_timestamp, to_timestamp) for this. Is there a way to iterate through each of the submission individually given a time range? Thanks for your reply

Jakeable 1 point

Reddit post IDs are sequential base36 numbers. So you could start at the first known post ID (87) and iterate up through the newest post and check all of them for self text. Alternatively you could scrape data from this Google BigQuery database which would allow you to filter posts down to what you need.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/redditdev
Jakeable 6 points

This isn’t an API issue - the URLs that you’re using in the comments are filtered by the site spam filter. Link shorteners and redirectors (like are commonly banned by reddit since they can be used to circumvent the spam filter. Switch the URLs to a direct link to the site and most of your comments should show up.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/announcements
spez [A] 475 points

All of those things, yes, with a particular focus on PM harassment last year. This year our focus will be reducing the amount of noise in our reporting system so that the reports moderators and we see will be much more useful.

Jakeable 8 points

Will moderators have the ability to reply to people who make reports ever? I think it would benefit both moderators and users if there was two-way communication to let people know what's useful and what isn't. Even a way to indicate a "helpful" vs. "non-helpful" report would be cool.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/changelog
therealandytuba 4 points

I see from your Safari gif that the URL is encoded correctly (note the %3F in the address bar), so I imagine there's a different error happening right now. Maybe the search boxes really are overloaded at the moment.

Jakeable 1 point

I did try searching “question” or “test” before and after each “question?” search, and those tests didn’t fail. This issue has also been occurring for several months now.

therealandytuba 6 points

Thanks for QAing with different variants -- same text, no question mark; different text, no questoin mark! Sounds like it's on u/ketralnis' radar now and hopefully he'll sort it out.

Jakeable 1 point

No problem! Thanks for looking into this.

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Jakeable commented on a post in r/changelog
Jakeable 5 points
bobcobble 6 points

While we're discussing sorting...

Would you ever consider an option where you could unsubscribe to subreddits from /new? Subreddits like r/Askreddit, r/videos, r/funny and r/pics are terrible to read from /new. Some are good though.

Jakeable 5 points

You could always make a multireddit for subreddits you like to read from /new

Jakeable commented on a post in r/AskReddit
PM-ME-EAR-PICS 500 points

What's AskReddit's first ever question?

Jakeable 137 points
Jakeable commented on a post in r/shittykickstarters
melduforx 7 points

Any thought on disabling the auto-archive of threads older than six months? This would be useful for keeping up to date on shitty kickstarters as the ultimately fail to deliver...

Jakeable 24 points

This is a limitation of reddit and not specifically this subreddit, unfortunately.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/politics
sagan_drinks_cosmos 29 points

The app on my phone never loads the CSS anyway, and I'd suspect that's somewhere around 50% of pageloads anyway.

DrongoTheShitGibbon 10 points

Desktop Reddit is god awful to navigate and looks dated as hell. My buddies made better websites in 1998.

Reddit mobile is fucking ace. Especially on iOS.

Jakeable 2 points

Reddit is rewriting the frontend of their site and the desktop site will look similar to the official app in the future.

Jakeable [M] 0 points

The last time we got a breakdown of users by platform, the percentage of mobile users hovered around 50% (I don't remember the exact percentage).

Jakeable commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Bigdaug 9,894 points

Holy shit! That drummer is my older brother! They wore outrageous stuff all the time, they really had fun with their shows. He passed away from colorectal cancer in November 2015, but I have some cds and tons of YouTube videos if y’all are interested.

Shame edit: I want to start with some great news! This drummer most likely isn’t dead. Bad news, I made my comment up. I’m sorry to have led you on, I specifically added details so this comment would be more believable, including the death detail. I made this comment last night and thought it would be a fun joke that progressed like this:

Make the comment>wait for 3 upvotes and a “wow really” reply>reply to that comment saying “no, don’t believe everything you read online haha rofl”

Little did I know, you guys upvoted me close to 70 times in the next few minutes. I panicked and put my phone down and tried not to think about it and here we find ourselves, 9,000 upvotes and some gold.

I lied, this drummer will probably be very confused, and I’m really sorry I did that to you guys.

P.S. Maybe the mods can refund whoever gave me the gold, I’m sorry to bother you like that.

Jakeable [M] 12 points

P.S. Maybe the mods can refund whoever gave me the gold, I’m sorry to bother you like that.

Unfortunately the mods of r/AskReddit have no control over gold. You can try to message the admins for help, though.

Jakeable commented on a post in r/blog
Jakeable 4,890 points

Nothing like a reddit blog post at midnight EST

-eDgAR- 177 points

Didn't you see the graph they posted saying this was the best time to post?

Jakeable 2 points

Unreal. Now I'm wondering why this graph was never shared with users.

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