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Expect many queues. You are likely to spend half the day in them if you want to play the main things.

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"Be prepared for more terrorist attacks" doesn't sound any better tbh.

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I completely disagree. Do you think we shouldn't be prepared? Get rid of all the anti-terror training for the police? Being prepared for terror attacks is quite literally part of living in such a massive city, terrorists don't generally target empty villages.

He wasn't even referring to an attack in London. When you have a city the size of Scotland + Wales you can expect more of everything within it and if it houses most of the country's major political buildings it'll always be seen as a target for shitty people. That is nothing like suggesting terrorism is OK, or that it shouldn't simply be accepted - rather it is a call to handle it collectively.

Do you think we shouldn't be prepared? Get rid of all the anti-terror training for the police?

No. Nobody has ever suggested that.

Being prepared for terror attacks is quite literally part of living in such a massive city

It's really only part of living in some cities though, isn't it? I've noticed these terror attacks seem to be happening a lot less in some other cities.

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No. Nobody has ever suggested that.

But that's literally what he's saying, support the police doing their jobs in handling the problem. You're the one taking issue with it?

You say 'more' like they've just started, but having a direct threat towards London has been quite common throughout history. Before ISIS it was the IRA for example. To say more are coming is simply a statement of fact, this has been the case throughout history. It doesn't affect the vast majority living here but everyone should be vigilant so the few that it may can report it as early as possible, potentially saving lives.

It's really only part of living in some cities though, isn't it? I've noticed these terror attacks seem to be happening a lot less in some other cities.

I can't think of any city of comparable size that would broadly be considered free which does not face some level of terrorism. It would be reckless to have an area with so many people within it that does not prepare for terrorism.

Tell you something south London doesn’t have.

The Tube.

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I'm happier with national rail, provided I have a well connected station nearby. I can comfortably walk to East Croydon station, every 5-15 mins there's direct trains to London Bridge, Victoria and Clapham Junction which connects me to wherever I need to go. There's also the trams, West Croydon bus station and Overground stops in walking distance to reach closer areas.

The underground is the worst part of my commute. No window to look out of, regular stops/changes and much more packed. Its not the end of the world but I'm certainly more comfortable on a Southern or Thameslink train, which takes about 10 minutes to travel between East Croydon and London Bridge.

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No, it is about average for the first world. The United States has above triple the homicide rate (per capita). Manchester is approaching double.

What a silly comment.

I bet they’re fine with kids though, who will fuck shit up.

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This is usually a legal requirement.

Rent is always going to be much more expensive in cities as you have more people within the same space. Demand exceeds supply.

£35-40k isn't a bad salary, its just expensive to live in London. You have to ask yourself if the benefits are worth the drawbacks. 30% on rent isn't even high in my experience, higher than that is very common.

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Not mentioned in the article are the plans to extend it further to Hayes (and possibly Beckenham) via Catford once this is done. That should be a lot easier, since most of the line already exists.

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Catford could use some more transport links, this would be good.

For anyone interested I believe the train on the board to the right is the 18:32 southern service from London Victoria to Caterham & Tattenham corner.

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Interesting, I was in that train yesterday.

Woah double decker trains? I’m british too but now I wanna be an Aussie. How did our criminals get so far!

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The Netherlands also has them, quite lovely

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London Bridge to East Croydon (one stop only sadly). Can confirm I wasn’t dreaming, even though this is the first time I’ve been down here!

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Ooh, how was it? I'll be doing that every day.

I can't help but wonder who's renting these properties. There's plenty of perfectly nice modern 1 bed flats in central Croydon for £50 to £150 more, I would imagine South Croydon to be a little cheaper. Surely even a house share would be more pleasant?

I do quite like the black, it looks sleek, but the orange stripe at the front looks silly and out of place IMO.

But i don't agree with your premise that having a young, probably drunk, scantily clad girl rubbing her ass on a policemans crotch is good pr for anyone involved.

Again, call me old fashioned...

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I think those in the party mood at the event would see it far more positively than you. Showing the police having a little bit of fun helps humanise them and build connections to people in the community, assuming all involved are fine with it. I wouldn't want it to go further but a bit of dancing isn't exactly the end of the world.

I live in a new build. Really quite happy with the sound isolation, though they advertise it as a feature. I get the impression it's great as I rarely hear anything from the neighbours and its very muted if I do (usually any kind of thud on the wall or floor above). They do seem like respectable neighbours so I doubt they're playing loud music or anything. Previously I lived in another somewhat less modern flat in another part of the UK that was terrible though, the walls seemed almost like hollow bits of cardboard they seemed so thin. The worst was when the neighbours plug something in as their socket seems to be next to my bed, it was loud af at night. There's a clear difference tapping on the wall, my old flat sounded like the hollow internal walls whereas each flat is seperated with far more solid sounding ones in my current place.

You should report them for this on OpenRent, should have the option in the conversation.

My company doesn’t even make us aware of our benefits. I’ve earned four days of paid time over a year and a half. American and pissed.

They also reduce employee hours and hire more people to avoid providing health insurance.

I quit my last employer after they promised health insurance and didn’t follow through.

So, utter shit, in other words

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I start an apprenticeship next week in the UK, I'll have 25 days paid time off plus 8 paid bank holidays. 4 days is insane, I'm pretty sure 20 + 8 is the legal minimum here.

I had to show bank statements or a tax return.

If you can convince enough locals you may be able to petition an ISP (I think HyperOptic is one?) to install a better service. Otherwise, it's a difficult situation - you ultimately need to check before you move.

Absolute fucking state of our police.

Why would these savages ever be afraid of them, can sell drugs and shoot/stab in broad day light without any fear.

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Why would these savages ever be afraid of them, can sell drugs and shoot/stab in broad day light without any fear.

This guy was arrested soon after by armed police (he had a gun on him). There were 2 arrests, though of course not everyone is caught.

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This is interesting data to see, I had the impression that people usually don't need to submit quite as many applications. I'm not sure if it's really comparable as I was looking for an IT degree apprenticeship (with a permanent contract) but going by the comments I did well. 20ish applications to no response or to not be taken further following an online assessment/phone interview, being my first job search I felt kind of down about the repeated rejections so I did some more. Then I got called for 4 interviews over a 2 week period and got 2 offers, I start in early September so I guess I did a lot better than I thought.

It would be fascinating to see how this would work out when crowdsourced and from different industries, I'm sure some are much harder to enter than others. I'd be really interested to see how it compares for jobs requiring different levels of qualifications, for example a waiter versus a lawyer.

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Why does it always come down to taxing the public for purchasing products. Go after the corporations manufacturing and using them.

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From the article

"Our focus is on the producers of those plastics and the retailers who are making the decisions about the types of plastic we see on the shelves, rather than the consumer."

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Absolute cunts cheering for the criminal. Luckily he was arrested a short time later by armed officers, though the officers in the video were hospitalised. Two arrests for firearm offenses, at least one sold crack.

Edit: Link seems to be down, here's another

I'd look up the most expensive location and choose that. Then I'd sell it and buy somewhere I can actually live with the proceeds. There are some expensive ass places out there.

Further eli5?

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I think he's referring to the way the LIDL sign is above the Iceland sign/building. Its actually sort of behind it iirc, used to live in Morden growing up.


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