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Thrgd456 -1 points

A Dutch Islamist murdered a film maker named van Gogh on the street by shooting him and then cutting his head almost all the way off. Why? Because the film maker was critical of the treatment of women in Muslim culture.

Get your shit together, Holland.

Jamessuperfun 2 points

There are crazy people doing crazy things everywhere, this isn't some kind of common occurrence.

SweetTea742 -4 points

I've never been to England or the Netherlands but I've read articles on the Daily Mail about "no go zones"... They even had pictures on the article where yellow signs were erected onto posts and walls with rules to follow... If I remember correctly, the rules were all women must wear hijabs and be accompanied by males, all action will be taken against anyone who disobeys Islamic law, the consumption of alcohol and pork would not be tolerated, prayers are to be conducted at these specific times etc.

I was beyond shocked when the article claimed that people were being burned, tortured and killed in these areas... I was of the opinion these zones were all over Europe.

As someone on the outside looking in, these are dangerous claims... I can't believe the Ambassador lied.

Jamessuperfun 4 points

The daily mail is well known as a pretty far right wing tabloid that frequently publishes fake news. They're about as biased as British journalism gets, and most of us don't consider it an acceptable source. Wikipedia banned it as a source of information, for example, as it was unreliable. A Google image search for "Daily mail front page" shows the kind of sensationalistic stories they run.

"APOLOGISTS FOR TERROR" (with 3 top politicians from the opposition)

"ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE" (3 judges who ruled Parliament must have a vote on the brexit outcome)

"Your tactical guide to boost the Tories and Brexit" (Literally advertising a guide to boosting a political party and position on the front page)

"CANNABIS: THE TERRIBLE TRUTH" (regularly running ridiculous stories about weed)

They're as bad as the Sun and Express, you can find headlines like "JEZZAS JIHADI COMRADES" (Express - leader of the opposition) and "VOTE MAY OR WE FACE DISASTER" (Sun - current PM).

I would look to places like the Telegraph as a better right-leaning source, or the Guardian leaning to the left. The Financial Times, the BBC and Sky are all much better. These papers (Sun, Express, Daily Mail) are the Breitbart of Britain.

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golfing_furry 4 points

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Jamessuperfun 1 point


QueenBeeYacht 9 points

It's the same story with the Dutch no go zones: started as a list of neighborhoods in need of improvement, filtered through the right wing blogsites, and came out the other side as "no go zones governed by sharia".

Best thing I was discussing this with someone online and they sent me a link which named Kolenkit as the worst neighborhood in the Netherlands. I lived in kolenkitbuurt at the time. Seriously.

So here it is everyone, the view from the heart of Dutch "no go zones":

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Oh shit, that's actually pretty close to where I stayed a few days ago - I was in the Mercure at Sloterdijk Station

QueenBeeYacht 2 points

And it's fine right, gets very slightly dodgier as you move south, but not even close to approximating a 'No Go Zone'.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Yeah, it seemed quite nice to me, from what I saw of it. I certainly never felt unsafe, the only thing I did think is the station could do with a bit of refurbishment.

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Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/todayilearned
mikiex 1 point

It does sound fishy, it was more than one election ago though so probably no point. There must be a level of error in vote counting (hence recounts).... which makes you think it would be better to do it another way.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

I'd still see if you could have it logged - at least that way if there's further issues in the constituency there's more likely to be an investigation.

Miggle-B 1 point

But how is it a punishment. People who steal for 15 years will get the next 10 years cctv free

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Not everyone is a "don't give a shit" voter, many at least want to see themselves as informed voters that participate in their democracy, but for whatever reason (say they're busy) never have. If you tell them "You're not a voter, we're punishing you further: You can't vote next time" some will go "Wait, OK, I'll vote" in order to avoid the perceived punishment, as it is now not a choice but something they're forced into. They may worry that a critical vote may be held in future that they wish to participate in, for example, even if they eventually do not. They're concerned that they may miss out.

It's more of a psychological thing than a logical thing, and it won't work for everyone. Kind of like .99 pricing: Logically it's annoying, but psychologically we perceive the product as cheaper and as a result we are more likely to buy it.

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lordkickass17 72 points

What are Britain First even trying to do? Islam is a religion. Britain cant ban a religion. These groups will only increase hate towards muslims

Jamessuperfun 34 points

Their whole purpose is hate towards Muslims. Their leader at one point was convicted for breaching a court order to stay out of mosques as he keeps going into them to harass people.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/london
[deleted] -38 points


Jamessuperfun 4 points

Sorry, but I don't think the department of the responsible officer should be making these decisions. They have an extremely obvious bias. That's part of how you end up with situations like policing in the US, a lack of wider accountability. The Independent Police Complaints Commission exists for a reason, perhaps you should be considering that some police officers just aren't good at their jobs or even good people. The description of the suspect is at direct odds with who they arrested, and they did it in a violent manner too. Yes, this case should have been handled by them, and the outcome doesn't seem surprising.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/battlefield_one
bg5203 19 points

I get the teamwork aspect but what did I just watch

Jamessuperfun 14 points

This is a method used in some places to get these things in the ground, which lays a stronger foundation for a building where the soil is otherwise too soft by reaching stronger soil. There was a post on another sub about it earlier, there's like a song they use to do it in time I think.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/europe
GroteStruisvogel 19 points

What makes Amsterdam so horrible?

I'm from the East Side and it's great! A bit chaotic but I love it. I seriously don't get why people hate it. To me it seems like some anti-Amsterdam bandwagon everybody is getting on..

Jamessuperfun 1 point

I'll admit I've never lived there, but I absolutely love your city too. There's a huge amount to love about it imo

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/worldnews
sj3l9q1mnb05s53c2g8x 3 points

No, I'm not. The parent comment advocates pardoning everyone involved. There's a reason they aren't going to just pardon everyone: some people involved should have been in jail.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Which one? I'm hearing "Cannabis related charges should be removed from current prisoners sentences". If you're in prison for both weed and breaking someone's legs, then weed being removed doesn't have any effect on the charge for breaking people's legs.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/ukpolitics
lovablesnowman -120 points

What do you hope to accomplish? It is virtue singling to your friends? Is it just to make yourself feel better? Or do you genuinely believe it'll make a difference?

Jamessuperfun 3 points

I just think it would be fun, if I'm honest. I very much side with the protesters in terms of "Trump is an idiot who shouldn't have been given any power in the first place" but having a whole celebration of flipping off Donald would be a laugh.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/DeFranco
ashthegod 2 points

Apollo app allows you to read the sidebar

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Which app doesn't? An app is an auto no from me if you can't read the sidebar.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
FvHound 8 points

And most of us would consider that and just roll with the match, already too invested in the match with landing and getting some gear.

But seriously fuck that guy who was like "Thank you for your honesty, I reported you".

What did he write in the report? "Intentionally played a game knowing someone else was hacking"?

What a prick.

Our anger at hackers shouldn't be taken out on those who don't.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

I agree with you, however I do also feel what he did is wrong. I can think of occasions I have discovered friends hacking and refused to play with them any more, and this dude didn't just finish the current game, he went on to play more. He did knowingly benefit from someone using cheats. Report I would not, but that doesn't justify it.

wighty 6 points

Even if the only cheat he used was to know where all items and people were in the game, you wouldn't necessarily know from replays - you'd just assume he was lucky

No, that's actually pretty easy to tell after watching for a bit. For item looting, you will see them systematically skipping over the poor loot areas and go for the good loot. If they don't loot normally, then what's the purpose of the cheat? For end game, you will see changes in behavior when moving and engaging that you wouldn't typically see as well. There are a LOT of good players that make this easy to see (go watch some of the CSGO overwatch stuff).

Jamessuperfun 2 points

Are there any resources I can look at to find examples of this behaviour, and how to spot it? May be useful for ensuring nobody in my group could be cheating, have a watch after seeing them keep finding suspiciously good gear or whatever.

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Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/worldnews
Captain_Shrug 1 point

He said something about that. Basically, he wouldn't get to participate in the center-stage attention, he'd be doing what any guest would do at someone else's wedding- be in the fucking audience.

Since it's not about HIM, what's the point in going?

Jamessuperfun 1 point

He also tweeted that he wasn't going because the embassy was sold by Obama for not enough, even though it was sold above market value and planned by Bush.

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Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/news
Hiscore 8 points

Do you have to sit there the whole time? How do they expect people to go get care if they have work? Can they just miss work for six hours+? Even if it's mental?

Jamessuperfun 34 points

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to fire someone for needing to go to a hospital

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/news
Its-A-Wrap 33 points

He could use a little pot for those shakes.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Interestingly, when I smoke (especially if I smoke a lot) I start to feel my head shaking a little. Seems to have the opposite effect on me. Especially if I do very small head movements, its like the muscle regularly overshoots the movement.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
Jamessuperfun 1 point

The problem I have with this is that a lot of people will cheat by turning their monitor brightness way up. It sucks, because I think night games have a lot of potential, but people are people. The whole trying to spot people in the darkness thing isn't that fun if only half of the game has a significant visual impairment.

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/gadgets
Redeem123 -1 points

Just do what I did and bind your abilities to 1-10 at the top of the keyboard.

(That's right, I'm a filthy keyboard turner.)

Jamessuperfun 1 point

And how do you press the later numbers without having to move your hand?

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/worldnews
coldfusionhybrid -9 points

they're not as disgusting as most Android phone brands though. Apple always made their products with a non-removable battery. I don't like it but that's how they started. Most Android phone brands however, ALWAYS HAD a removable battery and ONLY NOW, they choose to take that choice away because they realize they can make more money by giving us a non-removable battery. THAT, that disgusts me the most.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

So, it's disgusting to offer the useful feature on some models but not others, but acceptable to not offer it on any devices?

Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/news
Casanova218 1 point

We don't use grenades and once you remove the black and hispanic population "our" murder rate drops to less than 1 per 100,000.

Jamessuperfun 2 points

we don't use grenades

No, you shoot each other instead, but you do it far more often.

remove a massive amount of Americans and we have a comparable murder rate

I'm not sure why this is relevant, but it seems pretty ridiculous to me, since that also removes huge amounts of the poor which have a far greater risk of committing crimes than the average person. I'll look at this hypothetically, but it really makes no sense as a method of comparing crime. You would find similar results in the EU (other races are more likely to be immigrants, which tend to be less wealthy), and it would not be apples to apples if we do not replicate the experiment on both sides; I doubt 1.0 would even be a notable mark to hit at that point since so much of Western Europe is well below it (Sweden is not particularly safe). Based on some preliminary maths, your stats don't seem to line up, and the US would be losing more than 1.0 per 100k to intentional homicide anyway.

According to the US Department of Justice, African Americans accounted for 52.5% of all homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and "Other" 2.2%. Source

Even splitting it twice to be generous to your argument, you're well over 1 per 100k - white people are a clear majority in the country, while also being responsible for just under half of all murders. It would be significantly more violent than an untouched Western Europe if purely homogeneous, based on this crude estimate.

Raptor870 0 points

Look at violent crime rates, because in countries like the UK as soon as the government took law abiding citizens guns away only the criminals had guns, so crime shot up.. They are the best defense against crime, EX rape(like all those refugees are committing) murder. Also the 2nd amendment here in the US was meant as a defense against a tyrannical government, the first act of every tyrant like hitler or the commies is to disarm the population, because you cant force armed people into a concentration camp or gulag.

Jamessuperfun 1 point

Source for this? Violent crime seems to have peaked after rising for a few years from 1991, then fell after the handgun laws were implemented in 1996 after a mass shooting. If anything, there was an almost immediate reduction to where violence was before the spike, and then keeps dropping lower. You can still own hunting rifles and shotguns today with a license. Figure 1.2 Is there a specific firearm law that you think resulted in a spike in violent crime, and why that one? Because you seem to be under the impression that the British government one day decided "OK, let's fuck off with all the guns" and then all of a sudden violent crime shot up, which isn't the case. In terms of murders, which is generally what these policies are put in place to prevent, murder rates quite consistently fall, particularly murders including firearms.

The result was the 1920 Firearms Act, which introduced a registration system and allowed local police forces to deny a licence to anyone who was "unfitted to be trusted with a firearm".

Restrictions were tightened with the 1937 Firearms Act, which banned most fully automatic weapons.

The 1967 Criminal Justice Act required licences - but not registration - for shotguns.

Hard on its heels, the 1968 Firearms Act consolidated existing laws and gave the Home Office the right to set fees for shotgun licenses.

The result was the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, which banned semi-automatic and pump-action rifles.

Even stricter controls were introduced after the 1996 killings in Dunblane, when Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 primary school children and their teacher with four legally-held pistols.

The Conservative government drew up legislation banning handguns above .22 calibre. But following their general election victory, Labour introduced the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, which outlawed .22s as well.

More recently, in response to a series of high-profile shootings, the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 was introduced. This made it an offence to manufacture, import or sell realistic imitation guns; doubled the maximum sentence for carrying an imitation gun to 12 months, and made it a crime to fire an air weapon beyond the boundary of any premises. It also increased the age limit for buying or possessing an air weapon from 17 to 18. There's a long history of gun control in the UK, dating back to the 1800s.

Other types of crime are often much harder to compare, because vastly different definitions are used. Violent crime in the UK includes things like stealing a bike - there doesn't even need to be any actual violence, just the threat of even a push. In the US, this definition is much less broad. Its one reason murders are easy - intentional homicide is easy to define, and clear statistics are usually published.

Violent crimes are those where the victim is intentionally stabbed, punched, kicked, pushed, jostled, etc. or threatened with violence whether or not there is any injury. Source: Home Office

Ah yes, Europe is falling to the refugees. Didn't see that one coming...

I'm well aware of why it exists. I think it's a stupid concept though, you're not allowing anything like the amount of fire power the government has. Try shooting a tank, you're not going to win. I'm actually quite intrigued by it as a concept, allowing organised militias to own comparable military equipment to prevent the government from becoming overbearing. Not at all the case in America though.

Soldiers fight Nazis, not people in their homes.

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Jamessuperfun commented on a post in r/FIFA
dennisisspiderman 27 points

But you also have $1500 worth of PC parts that you can sell for money, will still be useful in a year, and isn't something you have to spend again the next year, every year.

I don't know anyone that spends $1500 on computer parts every single year and throws all the old parts in the trash. That's basically what spending money in these yearly video games is. You're spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every year for something that is useless within a year and has zero real value.

I'm not going to judge people for what they do with their money but spending $1500 on FIFA isn't comparable to spending $1500 on a physical product that can be resold and is still useful after a year.

Jamessuperfun 2 points

Give it a few years and no, they won't be worth shit because modern components will have eclipsed it in terms of performance and efficiency. The value tanks the moment I take it out of the box since its then used, and to date I've not sold any of my components. I keep them on display or throw them in a machine I'm using for something else, or if it's just a cooler or something, throw it away. I don't do it every year, but every few years? Sure - I'm an enthusiast, I have the money and it improves the experience I have for the many hours I spend using it. That works out to much more than $300 a year, and isn't going to give me a return on investment.

What I enjoy I enjoy, what you enjoy you enjoy. What he enjoys, he enjoys. If spending a few hundred dollars on a video game makes him happy, let him just be happy, man.

dennisisspiderman 5 points

Parts will always have value. I can sell parts from my 2007 build and earn a couple bucks. How much are my players from FIFA 17 worth? Nothing.

That's my point, but good job r/FIFA for downvoting facts because it doesn't fit your circlejerk.

Jamessuperfun 2 points

You could resell a fifa account too, I suppose, though again I doubt the OP will. Here's a listing for a team on ebay for $500:

My 5 year old components are worth a small fraction of what I bought them for. These are things people buy to enjoy, not to sell.

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