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JaqSmith commented on a post in r/cringe
rossk10 40 points

Jesus fucking Christ, how could any person think that design was a good idea? I have absolutely no idea about interior design and even I could tell you that was horrible. Unless the couple was very eccentric and into that look, why would you do that?

And damn, all those plants along the hallway. Not only do you have to water them, you would constantly have them slapping against you as you walk down your hallway.

And that water feature sandwiched in the wall. Looks stupid and will just get dirty and be a pain in the ass to clean

JaqSmith [score hidden]

Plus that fishtank is essentially just a window looking directly from the mail hall into the toilet.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/exchristian
JaqSmith 3 points

It is so frustrating when our parents believe sick and unhealthy things while being certain that those things actually make them better than everyone else. Since the Bible claims that beating your children is a great idea they can't even imagine the possibility that it might not be true.

I bet if they were relying on their consciences and scientific psychological findings, they'd be singing a different tune.

I love the Steven Weinberg quote:

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

I'm sorry you had to deal with abuse. Nobody should have to go through that, especially a kid. I'm so glad to hear that you refuse to hit your future children. Stopping the cycle of abuse is one of the most mature and noble things a person can do. The world will be just a little bit better because of you.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
JaqSmith 5 points

It sucks so hard to be a decent, sensitive person on the internet. The bullies love trying to crush the good out of everything. And if you try to tell them to leave you alone they just get meaner and tell you to grow a thicker skin or get off the internet.

I've had my day ruined by even just a few downvotes. No matter how much I remind myself that it doesn't matter, I can't seem to make myself really feel that way. And I just feel so enraged that the jerks are "winning" when I don't know how to shut them down.

Honestly, I'm still not really any better at letting these things go. What I have found to help is just to avoid contentious comments online. I used to feel like it was my duty to say something but I really think IRL is a much better place for activism. People are much less likely to be a complete dipshit to your face without the safety blanket of anonymity. You're not weak for avoiding the monsters out there who have their fingers in their ears. Making yourself emotionally sick by jumping into the ring only hurts you and usually helps no one.

If it helps, there are plenty of us out here who can't just turn off these feelings and let everything roll of our backs. It sucks but it's not because we are weak. It's because we still care. Strength isn't about being immune to pain, it's about learning to keep moving forward in spite of it.

Much internet hugs! ❤ Try not to beat yourself up. Our psyches do more than enough of that on their own.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/exchristian
JaqSmith 29 points

Yeah dad, the Dark Ages were the good ol days. Fuck science, amirite?

Fraddle 1 point

"I don't like how some people try to use science to explain everything."

- my friend's wife

JaqSmith 3 points

I always want to ask those people what method they would propose for discerning the truth. If it has anything to do with detectable reality, that is science.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/TargetedShirts
JaqSmith 37 points

The people who wear this shit clearly don't understand why these things are contentious. Nobody cares if you, as an individual, do any of these things. People have an issue when these things get forced on others or put into politics.

This kind of guy gets a martyrdom boner from his imagined persecution while bitching about safe spaces for actual vulnerable minorities.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/childfree
whiskeytangofoxtrout 4 points

And an inheritance isn’t his parents’ responsibility. He’s throwing a tantrum over money and it’s tacky.

JaqSmith 0 points

The argument was never about whether parents should leave their money to their children or not (though I think an argument could be made for that as well). It's about whether one child should get more than the other just because they have kids.

You have a very low bar for what makes a tantrum and people have every right to talk about money whether you think it's tacky or not.

whiskeytangofoxtrout 7 points

He literally called his nieces and nephews “snot-nosed brats”, and even though his stupid fucking religion grants him the right to a larger portion of the inheritance, he still took to the internet to cry about how unfair it is.

That’s a tantrum.

JaqSmith -1 points

That's your opinion. You also seem to be of the opinion that Reddit is a perfectly appropriate place to throw a tantrum. Should I pitch a fit about your tackiness now? You seem to think that's they way to prove someone else is being immature.

I don't even know why you commented on my post in the first place, I didn't say anything about what you've taken issue with. I literally only commented on children being a lifestyle that is the responsibility of the one who chooses it and that I don't think it should affect inheritences under normal circumstances.

Please take your virtue crusade elsewhere.

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JaqSmith commented on a post in r/AccidentalComedy
JaqSmith 48 points

The fundamentalist logic here is that if they get molested they'll still go to Heaven for eternity. If the atheist deconverts them they will suffer unendurable torment for all time.

Same logic behind inquisitorial torture to force conversions. Sadly, it's technically a sound argument if you believe that the Bible is literally true.

ecodude74 11 points

If your kids faith can be wavered by spending a few minutes alone with an atheist, doesn’t that mean they had very little faith to begin with, ergo you’re to blame for their “conversion”? Besides that, if talking to an atheist can cause their faith to waver, do they really think that being left alone by their parent with a pedo wouldn’t make em reconsider where their beliefs lie?

JaqSmith 13 points

I don't think there's nearly that amount of nuance in the thought process.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/writing
JaqSmith 4 points

These lines are fabulous for practicing voice acting and using intonation and pauses properly. Hearing a robotic voice read them makes no sense to the listener but if you're careful enough you can make these sentences understandable with just your cadence.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/exmormon
LadyofLA 22 points

Not once, outside of evangelical christians did anyone once say something like. "You know you are in a crazy cult, right?" Or. "I wouldn't trust you as far as I can throw you since you are so easily deceived." Almost every comment was neutral or positive. Again, outside of evangelical christians. They were more than happy to tell me I was going to hell. :-)

Well of course. Who's going to be so rude as to say any such thing?

Oh right, those evangelical "christians".

JaqSmith 12 points

I mean, it's perfectly Biblical. They're called "fundamentalists" for a reason. They promote the harsh reality of what the Bible actually says. Finding out the fundamentalists were technically correct was a part of what broke my Christian faith.

Michamus 2 points

Yep, this is ultimately the problem with Abrahamic religions. The fundamentals of the belief structure is fucking awful.

JaqSmith 5 points

"The problem with Islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of Islam."

-Sam Harris

Applies equally well to Christianity.

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JaqSmith commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
hashtags-and-popcorn 27 points

I like 2 honks as a thank you/ sorry.

I then strain to make eye contact so they know I’m not being a dick. If I can’t, anxiety will take hold of me all day and I generally won’t eat.

I should probably stop driving.

JaqSmith 11 points

Me too! I can't stop dwelling on anything stupid I did on the road and I feel horribly ashamed all day afterwards. I even know it doesn't matter and I'll never see the other person again but the sick feeling just will not stop. Yay, social anxiety disorder!

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/funny
CharadeParade 5 points

Hoky fuck the gas thing isnt even the stupidest part of that article..

Or consider Florida’s license for interior design, which requires six years of education and training to obtain. When the state legislature considered a repeal bill, one licensed interior designer testified that using the wrong fabrics could spread infectious diseases in hospitals.

“What you're basically doing,” she told lawmakers who backed deregulation, “is contributing to 88,000 deaths every year.” 

JaqSmith 1 point

To be fair, material choices in places like hospitals are actually important. Absorbant fabrics can't be properly sanitized, etc. But I think they should just have standards for what is acceptable in hospitals. Same thing for fire retardent materials in hotels and apartments. You don't need a licensed "interior designer" to follow a list of instructions.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/ADHD
JaqSmith 61 points

I describe the feeling as being responsible for keeping a square meter of pavement dry in the rain by catching every drop with a teaspoon before it hits the ground.

Ecocavalry 8 points

Nice Analogy.

JaqSmith 4 points

Thanks! I think it really captures the feeling, but when I use it with a doctor/ therapist/ friend they ways just seem confused and look at me skeptically. Not sure if non-ADHD people quite get it...

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/childfree
ThisIsGoobly 6 points

I'm not a hugging person at all but hugging isn't inherently intimate, is it? Like if a friend of yours is hugging everybody goodbye and hugs your girlfriend then it's hardly an intimate thing.

JaqSmith 2 points

I was using "intimate" here as a bonding/ emotional moment, like how people seem to intend holding a baby to be. Hugging someone's SO in the correct context isn't weird, but offering for someone to hug them randomly is.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/CrappyDesign
sn0wbl0cks -6 points

I think that was part of his joke like keming with bad keming would be kerning but idk maybe I’m dumb.

JaqSmith 8 points

Other way around. The real word is kerning. Shoving the r and n together make "keming".

sn0wbl0cks 2 points

Oh my god I thought it was keming for like soooooo long.

JaqSmith 1 point

Haha, I think that sub has caused that problem with a loooot of people. I saw someone suggest a pinned thread to explain the joke to people when they visit r/keming 😅

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
HammableOfCarthage 5 points

And keep it that way. I was a fedora short of the neckbeard back in the day.

JaqSmith 3 points

I think you mean a "trilby", m'lady.

HammableOfCarthage 1 point

The trilby is the most stereotypical neckbeard hat. There's other forms, but the trilby is favored.

JaqSmith 2 points

I was making a joke about the neckbeard stereotype of correcting people for calling it a fedora.

JaqSmith commented on a post in r/UnresolvedMysteries
[deleted] -3 points


JaqSmith 7 points

"Fuck the police" has very different connotations than "fuck those particular police" or "fuck corrupt police". I guess people here don't share your hatred for all cops.

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