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Be saying that we need to respect all beliefs equally (rather than all people equally) you throw out the idea of truth vs falsehood. I'm sorry, but not all ideas are equally reasonable or correct and I believe that pointing out these issues should not automatically be considered offensive or bigoted. The truth is that religion is about faith and not evidence, and I think that that mindset in itself can be extremely harmful to individuals and society as a whole. And religious texts (esp the Abrahamic religions) are filled with calls to violence and other atrocities. There is plenty of reason to keep the pressure on these institutions and to point out absurdities. It got to me eventually and I was a fundamentalist Christian for 25 years. I'm glad for the skepticism movement.

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So, how do you suggest we have this conversation? Formalised debates? In my opinion people spend too much time being self righteous about how "open minded" and polite they are. I also think that that attitude gets us nowhere in the long run. Listen, I wouldn't have picked a gif like this personally, but I don't see it as an innapropriate or over the top jab. Some people need gentle persuasion, others need a few social kicks in the butt like I did.

And yes, putting down stupid ideas is EXACTLY how you fight them. We can't just ignore every wrong idea and only promote right ones. That's the coward's way out. Possibly more important than promoting good ideas is fighting the bad ones.

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Just one of your points bothered me. I'm almost certain Dwight admits to putting Sprinkles down. He says something like that he gave her pills, sang her favorite songs, "it was beautiful". Something like that. Dwight definitely killed the cat, he just didn't tell Angela immediately. He does admit it later in the episode though.

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I didn't write it. :).

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Oops! I see that now :)

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Although I am strongly, STRONGLY pro-vaccine, I don't agree that this is the way forward. It sets a tyrannical precedent that the government can do what it likes to you so long as it's "for your own good". Just imagine for a second how that could be abused.

That said, it is frustrating beyond belief when people don't vaccinate their kids.

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The government should absolutely be able to prevent you from exposing your child (and other people's children) to danger. You don't get to beat your kid either. Or even drive without them in a car seat. Is that tyrannical? Just think of how easily it could be abused /s! I say protect the lives of the children before the priveleges of the parents.

To equate protecting infants from criminally negligent parents with tyranny is to grossly misrepresent the situation. This isn't about libertarian ideals or the deep state. It is about the lives of helpless babies. The rest of us have a responsibility to them.

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Not even joking, this started for me the day after the vote to repeal net neutrality. Idk if it's even possible for my provider to change that fast but damn. Thanks Ajit.

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I think that's just confirmation bias.

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I hadn't had a buffer on YouTube for several months before that. I was shocked when it happened and didn't notice the NN connection until a few hours (and another 2 buffers) later. Entirely possible it was chance but it definitely happened. My PS3 and phone both dropped in internet speed from that day so I think it has something to do with provider (whether NN or not).

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This isn't r/subtleTIFU.

get this shit out of here.

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I didn't fuck up (I was lucky), I just realised the potential for a super awkward moment and thought I'd warn others.

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OP dun goofed. Lets hear it.

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I was lucky and nobody was around when it flashed a shot of my crotch on the toilet. It would have been better for karma if I fucked up big but honestly I prefer it this way.

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I would argue this but I was too drunk to recall the last play. That said you're probably right

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I think the Hawaiians were probably affected on a deeper level, but there was seemingly a lot more screaming from the Saints fans :)

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I love watching the available footage of significant events on YouTube. The contrast between these two events caught my eye this week. Screaming Saints fans and golfing Hawaiians.

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I once put an Asian beetle in my mouth on my over night retainer. I didn't notice it for a for a few minutes because of all the plastic in my mouth. I felt something tickle my gums and a bitter taste, swept my finger along my cheek and pulled out a bug. I'm not super bothered by insects but that creeped me out for the rest of the night.

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My mom came across the scene of an accident like this. The person just kept accelerating and freaking out. The accident itself was caused by them slamming the gas instead of the brakes. Rather than correcting themself they doubled down. I think they were having some sort of mental issue. Someone had to come up to their window to tell them to stop trying to accelerate.

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It was her psychosis that made her think the other woman was a threat. This is an issue about that psychosis, not a trans woman. If the doctors felt that there was damaging stress being put upon the AFAB lady they should have moved her. Just like if she had been unreasonably terrified of a black patient or a Jewish patient. Trying to paint trans women as an actual threat (more so than other women, which is silly because sexual assault is rampant in AFAB only prisons) is just an unhealthy attempt to validate her delusions rather than treating them.

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