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If joi was invented my marriage would be in ruins

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Id let her hologram in on me and my husband without a moment's hesitation


I love that her stories could be/sometimes are real. The characters are flawed, sexual without crossing into smut, and have complicated histories. Would love any suggestions! Edit: a word


Check out Always Happy Hour by Mary Miller. She teaches in the MFA program I was in and is awesome. Also I think Roxanne Gay herself recommended her on a list of her favorite writers.

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Thank you!

I miss my r/trollingforababy snark! Is there a trolling sub for pregnancy? I keep searching but can't seem to find one.

There’s r/hcgifs but it’s pretty slow in comparison 😕

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Maybe we can fix that!

Only 4 weeks and anxious with every little twinge. I feel like I'm expecting another loss, not a baby. Gonna be a looong wait until my first appointment.

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4 weeks here too and you phrased it perfectly- it completely feels like expecting a loss. Every twinge brings a panic. I'm hoping this will pass after our first sono and we both have long, boring pregnancies

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The last time I had a onesie and my test and hid it in the record player to surprise him and recorded it. We both cried. That was a really cute moment, but we lost that baby. This time I stared at the test for a hot minute then silently walked out and pointed for him to follow me into the backyard where there's better light and just gave it to him. He smiled and said "yep, that's two lines". No big excited moments, just two nervous people over here. I think we'll have our moment after we see the heartbeat on our first sono.

I'm here!! I have a 6 year old boy, and an early loss a few months ago so am cautiously wading into this pregnancy. So far I've been EXHAUSTED and am completely put off by the thought of sweets, which sucks because I love to bake. Anyway, hello :) I really really hope I stay here with you guys 💜💙💚♥️💛

I have one 6 yet old not see home from a previous relationship. My husband and I have been TTC for 15 months, 4 cycles of Clmid and 1 on Femara. We had a CP around Mothers day and I just got a positive UPT last night. I'm still absolutely in shock and really struggling to manage my anxiety. I'm trying to break it down into manageable steps:

1- get a dark line
2- do my betas
3- wait for my sono on August 2nd.

Bite sizes pieces. I work for my OBGYN, though, and spending the next 3+ weeks waiting for my sono, right next to the sonogram machine, is absolutely killing me knowing there's not a damn thing they could see right now.

Anyway, thats my rant. Hello :) I hope I stay here a while.

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If I know Reddit, instead of letting this one die, chances are high this is going to the front page.

EDIT: RIP my inbox.

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Hi, front page here

Just finished my first RE visit. We liked his style, he was really chill and explained everything well.

Plan is to go ahead with this second clomid and iui, (which may be more like my first real one because this doctor said the obgyn was wrong when they told me to take the clomid based on just spotting and not on the real day 1 argh).

Then next month no drugs or interventions, but get amh, other labs, testing for generic carrier status and an antral follicle count. And another SA. Then meet again to decide between letrzole monitored with trigger or ivf. So basically what I was expecting.

He said that after one year of trying with no success, in general you'd have a 2% chance per month of getting pregnant if you do nothing.

I'm just relieved the doctor wasn't an asshole. I feel like I could talk and ask questions. It's sad how even as a nurse it is so still scary to go to a specialist like this not knowing if they are going to be nice or make you feel like shit.

I am going to have to relax my timeline for the summer, seems like next interventions wouldn't be until the fall. Sigh.

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I think it's BECAUSE you're a nurse, so you know how shitty some doctors can be. I'm glad you had a good experience!

I'm so frustrated and sad today. I used up all my chances on clomid, I'm not responding to my first round of femara so we'll up the dose next month. We're not doing IUI because the odds are so low and its so expensive but we're not financially ready to start IVF. So I just keep pumping myself full of all these meds that make me crazy and only sometimes work and it feels like it's all for nothing.

Do they actually taste nice?

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I didn't eat these but my husband brings them home pretty often. They taste like slightly floral grass to me. He's able to pick them apart "this one is more savory, similar to mushrooms". Mmmmmm,nope. Still grass to me.

What do they taste like?

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I didn't eat these but my husband brings them home pretty often. They taste like slightly floral grass to me. He's able to pick them apart "this one is more savory, similar to mushrooms". Mmmmmm,nope. Still grass to me.

TW: Living child

CD1 on my last cycle before my OB gives up on me so now I'm off to the RE, except I can't afford to go right now because dickwad X-SO refuses to help pay for my son's $5k in dental work like he's obligated to. So I have a meeting with my lawyer today and court in 2 weeks to hold him in contempt. If I can get even some of my legal fees back, I can put it towards my RE and start saving for IVF again. It's just a lot of garbage for CD1 and I'm so tired :(

What a tough situation, I'm so sorry, and I'm sorry for CD1. I hope the courts help you get somewhere. Is it usually helpful?

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Im not sure, we did mediation the first time. This took me $8k to get here and I'll still racking up fees. It better be helpful at this point. My lawyer was cautiously optimistic.

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That's a fantastic first try! I love the color, what brand coloring did you use?

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let me copy what i wrote to someone else in this thread in case you didn’t see that!

thanks!! the tube says ProGel by , concentrated red food colouring! i used like 4 drops because the recipe said the colour would fade but it definitely didn’t!

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Thanks!! Mine always fade so I've been looking for a better brand

Poisonwood Bible is a great read but the first hundred pages are soooo hard (boring) to get through and is LONG so probably stay clear of that one. A separate peace is pretty easy to pick apart and not too terribly long.

11DPO BFN on a FRER. I just feel so empty :/ I wish I could take a break and catch my breath but it doesn't matter if I take the pills or pee on the strips, I'm still getting that reminder every month. There's no escaping it and I'm so tired :(

I’m SO sick of a negative test. I see it and just roll my eyes and throw it in the trash now and don’t even have an expectation of a positive one. It’s not a fun feeling, at all. I’m sorry for your negative 😔

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This was the first cycle in a long time I had any hope. I tried to shake it the entire TWW, I knew this would be a hard one :( hopefully I can go back to expecting BFNs, it's easier that way

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Is there any hope for thin uterine linings?

Had my initial RE consultation yesterday. During the ultrasound he measured my lining at 4.8mm (at 8DPO, not the best day to take a measurement, but that’s when I could get an appointment), stressing that it was quite thin and mentioned 9 - 11mm was the normal or ideal range. He said that while it wouldn’t necessarily prevent implantation in a cycle, it definitely wasn’t helping.

He also said this was one factor where he had absolutely no control to affect it, and there was nothing to do to thicken it. Is there any remedies out there that are backed up by science that aren’t just internet woo-woo? (though nothing against the woo-woo!)

For clarity: I mean beefing up the lining in future cycles, not a quick fix for this particular one.

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I've been taking baby aspirin and acupuncture once a week and got myself from 5mm to 7. still pretty thin but I was thrilled with it. Jurys still out on if it was a fluke or not 🤞🏼

Thanks! Was your acupuncture accompanied with any sort of herbal treatment or was it just the acupuncture itself?

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Just the acupuncture. I'm terrified of needles but it was surprisingly very relaxing after the initial panic lol I also found it through a community co-op. I would do a Google search to see if there's one in your area before you pay a boatload. Good luck!

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We were evacuating hurricane Irma on O-1 so we pulled over at 1am to BD in an empty church parking lot 😬

My lining looks good (10mm) so transfer will likely be June 15. I’m already super nervous!

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Good luck!!!

I finally feel like it's time to check in here and introduce myself, I've been lurking a while. I'm 29, DH is 28. We're trying for my second, his first. I have PCOS but responding well to clomid and a thin endometrial lining that's getting better with acupuncture and baby aspirin (who knows which, really). His SA is normal. We were NTNP since 4/17 and actively trying 7/17. We had 1CP 2 months ago.

I work for my OBGYN so she's been going well beyond the norm and has been great testing and treating me but yesterday she said if this round of Clomid doesnt work, I'm being passed to the RE. I knew it was coming and logically it makes sense but logic doesn't live here today so I feel like she just gave up on my lost cause. We have no infertility coverage so are saving for IVF rather than IUI.

Also there is a baby shower at work today and I just want to hide under my desk and cry.

Anyway, hello. Sucks to be here. Sorry you are, too.

Hello! I'm also on the PCOS spectrum....and I work with mostly younger women (in a pediatric medical field so double bonus). We have THREE pregnant ladies right now. It's 90% of what we talk about. So I feel you on the urge to hide under your desk and wail now and again.

I just wanted to say hi and commiserate, welcome!

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Oh that's awful!! I'm so sorry. I hope you have plenty of junk food on standby.

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Today is a baby shower for a girl at work. The break room is completely filled with food and gifts and decoration. I just want to hide under my desk and cry. I've been baking A LOT as a kind of therapy so I tried to make some cookies to work through it and I burnt them. If that's not a goddamn metaphor for my life..


Try to figure out the best “worst case scenario”.

Would you rather have a child as a divorcée or not have a child as a divorcée?

After having my son I honestly struggle to think about living without him. I’m so sorry you are going through this and pray that things work out for the best.

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Another perspective: being a single mom was hands down the most difficult thing I've ever done. It was so emotionally draining. My son is 6 and custody/co-parenting is a nightmare since he remarried a horrible woman.

Edit to add: it also caused me terrible postpartum depression that grew into plain ol depression that I have been fighting ever since. I frequently say I feel like I missed his baby years because I was just trying to survive. I never got to enjoy him.

I'm so so sorry you're going through this

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