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Where did you get that entertainment center for the tv? It look freaking amazing!


So to start off, I’m not vegan at all, I still eat products involving animal product or whatever the term is. The thing is, I’ve recently cut back A FUCK TON on the amount of pork,chicken,and beef I eat and have switched over to fish. Now, I know vegans don’t eat animals of any kind, but is eating fish more sustainable and better morally than eating pork,beef,or chicken?

Edit: Welp, I’ve read everyone’s feedback and have decided that I’ll start slowly phasing our meat entirely from my diet, as an immediate transition would be very comfortable for me. Sorry if I upset or offended anybody with this, but I really just needed to know what others thought.


No, it's neither. The oceans are being stripped of life because people heard fish was healthier, so they all went ME ME ME I must eat fish. Now you get super-trawlers parked just on the edge of international waters close to some of the poorest countries in the world, taking all the fish that those people need for subsistence. Doesn't seem very moral to me.

Also, why elevate one species over another? Fish don't look as cute as lambs and calves but that's no reason to harm them when we have no need.

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Original Poster7 points · 5 days ago

I never really looked into how the populations of fish are to be honest and just thought that since it said sustainably sources that it was better. Now that everyone here has given me another way of viewing things and some facts, I’m going to start slowly phasing meat out of my diet, so thanks for your thoughts and opinions on it!

No, it is not, but that's great that you've cut back that much! 😄

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Original Poster3 points · 5 days ago

Well then I’ll start cutting back on that too! I don’t think I’ll make an immediate transition, but a slow thought out one sounds good to me! And thanks for not hating on me like some other here!

Ironically that billboard is distracting drivers from looking at the road

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Y’all ever heard of I N S P E C T E L E M E N T?

“A welcome one, for sure.”

I’m more interested in the video’s thumbnail.

Wait hold on is this at University High school in orange city?

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So we're trying to get any volunteers (specifically FL ANG with honor guard experience, he was Army JROTC) to try to give this kid a military burial for his sacrifice and display of patriotism i think we can all agree he deserves. If you are willing to give some time or perhaps if you're FL ANG leadership willing to send some guys to do this, please dont be a stranger, PM me or the guys already volunteering. Upvote this so it can get to the top, the right guys see it and we can make this a reality please!

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If this does happen, I would like to know where and when since I’m JROTC. I would like to attend the burial if possible and honor a fellow cadet. I know it’s just JROTC, but C/ Private Wang went above and beyond.

Hey I went to Space Academy and Aviation Challenge there! Never thought I’d see this here.

Is this taken in Hawaii?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Orlando, Florida. It’s at the Orlando Science Center.

awesome cosplay but guy on the left got a hard-on

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Oof. It does look like I have one.

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Yuo see Ivan, vhen you make shoe steel, yuo don’t have to vorry about ‘flip-flop’ noise vhen sneaking up behind capitalist pig.

tink tonk tink tonk

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Ah, but loud noize scare capitalists as they can not turn around to see vhere noize comes from because body is too fat. *Oink *Oink capitalist pigs.

Looks amazing! I always look for things that subtlety reference things I like! The only thing I’d like to know is if you do or plan on making stickers for laptops/cars/etc since the area on my 5.11 backpack is taken by my F.B.I Academy patch. Would really love to put these on my car!

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Hey don’t be talking sht about my man for talking about something relevant. Fck off if you’re gonna be like that, cause as of this postings time, about 14 other people agree with me.

I go to a specialised STEM academy, I wish we did more design oriented stuff though, your school sounds pretty interesting

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

Yeah my school has a lot of good stuff. We have a Smash Bros competition team that hasn’t been beat except by our second Smash Bros team. Our JROTC is also really good. We have over 50 trophy’s and the state comp for raiders is this Saturday! If you’re curious look up University High in orange city.

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