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Have you been to the Planetarium? Great shows, bean bags and fantastic visuals in a laid back vibe.

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Not aware of this, looks right up my alley too.

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Oh boy, this does not look promising...

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Welcome to the club. While I have never considered myself to suffer from depression. I like evangelion because i find it inspiring. It reminds me that what I do with my time matters and that my actions or lack of actions will negatively effect me and the people around me. But even more so then that the show just never ceases to bore me no matter how much I watch it. Their is just so much to unravel and play with in the context of the show. Eva gives you just enough detail to really come up with some interesting fan theories and is vague enough to never be sure of just one. I know that their is one overall widely accepted interpretation of the show but to even reach that you must go to other sources to flesh out. For me it is more fun to stick to the cannon of the original series and EoE.

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Near Philadelphia!

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Maybe, we should plan out an evangelion viewing event in new york or New Jersey.


Here's some food for thought. I think their was something interesting that happened in this podcast. Ethan said he was nervous early in the podcast he also ask bill about how he handled being nervous doing Madison square garden and finally awkwardly brings up when bill bombed in Philadelphia and how it actually helped his career.

I'm not saying that he has some elaborate plan to bomb this podcast to make some waves but it definitely seems like he got into his own head while preparing the questions for the podcast and the irony of he himself had a moment that all comedians go through of "bombing" the podcast.

This was H3H3's Philadelphia moment.


This is not even close to h3h3 Philly moment.

If you actually heard the back story, the crowd was booing a few comedians before him, and Bill decided "fuck that, that ain't happening to me" and went out there and started bashing everything they loved immediately. He bashed them so hard that the CHEERED him at the very end. That's how you do it, he bashed them so hard comedically that they cheered him. That's not bombing.

If Bill did what Ethan did, he would of got out there, heard one person boo, say sorry, and try to tell the next joke until his set was over.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

While that's very true it didn't feel that way to bill burr like he spoke about in the podcast. It's not a perfect metaphor by any means. The point that I am trying to make is that stand up comedians always talk about having bad shows and this was ethans bad show.

All those awkward moments were bombs. But most people are forgetting that there were deep moments in the podcast. Bill like talking about his time working with his dad. The Shari Berries bit, and the sandwich thing.

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Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

I like the podcast overall and perhaps because we are fans we know Ethans behavior a little more to recognize that it wasn't the best podcast. Bill burr still seemed to have a good time it's no skin off his back. So, like everthing else on the internet it will just be a thing that isnt a big deal next month and I'm sure everyone will get a good kick out of it in hindsight.

Usually there is a clear cable run from basement to attic. In my house I ran coax from the basement to the attic and down to my office where I have my rack. I dont know how many cable runs you need but I just have a couple and their for wifi. If you plan on running more then 3 or 4 cables then place in basement. Just make sure it doesnt get humid or wet down there.

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Is that a chihuahua corgi?


So, I know this is gonna sound like another "CT drivers suck post but I have lived in Connecticut my whole life. I've lived mainly in the New Haven area but I work as a technician and have spent many hours driving all around the state with mostly little complaints. I recently moved to the New Britian/Bristol area and as I explore and go about daily activities in the area (Restraunts, gym, banking, shopping, ect..) every day and multiple times a day I see people run red lights, speeding, cutting me off, and generally driving with no regard for their safety. I've seen numerous people get into accidents in parking lots. I'm not just talking about bad areas either. Southington, plainville, and Farmington included. What is it about this area that the driving is soo bad? Is the standards to pass the driving tests lower? There doesnt seem to be any less police. Does anyone have any insight as to what's going on here? The roads don't seem that hard to navigate or any thing. I've lived in the area for 6 months and I've never have seen anything like it before.

I know I'm ranting but what's the deal?

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Are police just not enforcing this stuff any more because people do it pretty confidently.

2 points · 19 days ago

Lived in NB for 20 years. It just seems worse. You have relatively narrow roads and stop signs every 15 feet and impatient drivers.

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Original Poster1 point · 19 days ago

I have to admit that I've missed a stop sign once or twice specifically in new Britain.

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The question has a serious tag

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20k into millions? I think his best shot is cryptocurrency. He could gamble and maybe get lucky but I think it is more likely he would get a 10,000 percent increase from crypto.

I guess I could say the best way to turn 20k into millions is hardwork. I dont think the answer he is looking for is to go to school or start a business.

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I had the same problem when I started. I would go on keto for a month then when I wanted to cheat I'd buy a box of cookies and feel terrible the next day. Luckily, there are a ton of low carb snacks out there that make it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Most grocery stores have a health food section just look at the Atkins treats they are normally very low net carbs and do the trick for a quick fix. On special occasions I get halo top ice cream since that's one of my favorite snacks.


Hey ITcareerquestions, about two months ago I interviewed for a networking/voip position that I think I'll be just a perfect fit for. The interview went great and I got good chemistry with the interviewers.

2 weeks after that they said that I was a little inexperienced in some areas then they'd like but they like the experience I do have and that it doesnt rule me out for the role.

Now, two months after my first interview I get a call back from my recruiter and says that they want to meet with me again. They have interviewed with a dozen more people and can't really find a good fit. My recruiter thinks they overestimated the talent pool and just want to meet with me again because it's been so long since I was the first person they interviewed.

I dont really know what to expect from this second interview. The phone and in person interview were very in depth technical wise and I just dont know what else to do to prepare for this next one. I am hoping for some insight, thoughts and opinions based on my situation above.

Thanks ITCareerquestions.


Yeah, a lot of positions don't have hundreds of qualified applicants beating down their door. One of my most recent positions sat open for 8 months because they couldn't find anyone even close to worthwhile.

Stories like yours are why I do not buy into this BS about there being 20 other guys behind me waiting to take my job when I leave. It just isn't so, we have far more leverage than is generally assumed.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I kinda thought that they would have problems finding people for the position. Where I currently work we just hired a ccie voice who lives over 300 miles away and needed me to show him how to make a PLAR... They grilled me pretty hard on the tech stuff. More so then any other interview I've ever been on. The people who are more qualified then me make way more money at VARs then anywhere else.

Just be you. Be honest and transparent about what you know and dont know. The right places will respect that. Also, make sure you have several questions to ask. You can and SHOULD ask different people the same questions. Gauge the various answers.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Great advice. I am writing down any questions I have now. I should have thought of this one.

Yeah, a networking career is what you make it. Pay wise I know people who make 30k and people who make 160k. Their is typical 9 to 5 jobs, work from home jobs, independent contract jobs, and some have a little of everything. Their are car enthusiasts in all professions and they make it work with whatever career their in so I imagine you can too. I'm not sure if I am missing something or if concerned about something else.

I thought I was in r/evangelion for a minute. Good to see I'm not the only fan these neck of the woods.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thank you. Would this work then?

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Ruby Tuesdays always is very flexible. It's cheap, they're many of them around and you can always substitute sides for a salad bar.

The trick is to study a little every day. Draw an exam topic out of a hat spend 20 mins studying it. Anyone can find that time to study and many times you will find once you start it is easier to keep going. Either way you will get over 2 hours of study done in a week but the end.

I used to just call PCW for odd ball parts when I needed them.

Remember tbrazzy123 it's not a marathon. Congratulations on your progress so far but it can be easy to fall back into old habits after seeing a lot of progress.

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Are you not entertained

This looks delicious. Okay so obviously you like those noodles, but I’ve never had them. I had them in my hand at the Asian grocery store but put them back. I’ve heard they taste wrong. Can you give me your opinion of them?

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

They are a bit rubbery. You need to cook them on a skillet with butter to get them more pasta like.

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There's no reason it wouldn't work if configured correctly, which all depends on what the modem is doing. It doesn't sound like there is a reason you need an ISR for home use though, why not go with something like Ubiquiti or another SOHO provider?

The ISR will certainly use more power and be louder than a SOHO device. As a side-note, the way you phrase the question makes it apparent this would be pretty new to you, so if you're just trying to learn, why not practice with enterprise gear on something GNS3 or EVE-NG? Or if this was strictly a theoretical question, then yes, the ISR can work, its just another router at the end of the day that can be configured many different ways.

edit phone auto-corrected Ubiquiti :/

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It is not optimal for a home network, but if you wanna plug an isr to it to play then that is a perfect way to get started. You can play with NAT, set up it's own dhcp, create port forwards. Connect devices to NTP. There is a lot of practical things you can learn about IOS by doing this. I am also a big proponent of using real hardware especially if your just getting started. Others will tell you to use gns3 and that's fine but nothing was more motivating to me then having real equipment to work on.

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I have that one! It's a good one for leaning python but I'm looking for one geared towards networking use cases.

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You need to learn python first. Then use it for network automation.

We will have a couple of years optimizing the block space but we will need to start figuring out exactly how big block should be soon. If segwit is any measure of adoption it could be a very long time before their is consensus on block size adoption. Let us all hope segwit and lightning network will be able to scale for the next bitcoin craze. Then we have to plan for world wide adoption. It never happens fast enough.

I already took out double what I invested and have plenty of bitcoin left and I still care if it goes to zero. I dont really plan on selling anytime soon but life happens sometimes and if it does I'd like to be able to sell at more then zero.

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