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I thought I was in r/evangelion for a minute. Good to see I'm not the only fan these neck of the woods.

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Thank you. Would this work then?

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Ruby Tuesdays always is very flexible. It's cheap, they're many of them around and you can always substitute sides for a salad bar.

The trick is to study a little every day. Draw an exam topic out of a hat spend 20 mins studying it. Anyone can find that time to study and many times you will find once you start it is easier to keep going. Either way you will get over 2 hours of study done in a week but the end.

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I used to just call PCW for odd ball parts when I needed them.

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Remember tbrazzy123 it's not a marathon. Congratulations on your progress so far but it can be easy to fall back into old habits after seeing a lot of progress.

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Are you not entertained

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Hello, 1200isPlentyKeto. I made another post as an example of what I typically eat when I have more time to plan a meal out. This is Sausage Alfredo with brussel sprouts, onions, and mushrooms with a side of avocado of course. I'll admit I had to shove in extra cheese to get the calorie count up.

This looks delicious. Okay so obviously you like those noodles, but I’ve never had them. I had them in my hand at the Asian grocery store but put them back. I’ve heard they taste wrong. Can you give me your opinion of them?

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They are a bit rubbery. You need to cook them on a skillet with butter to get them more pasta like.

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There's no reason it wouldn't work if configured correctly, which all depends on what the modem is doing. It doesn't sound like there is a reason you need an ISR for home use though, why not go with something like Ubiquiti or another SOHO provider?

The ISR will certainly use more power and be louder than a SOHO device. As a side-note, the way you phrase the question makes it apparent this would be pretty new to you, so if you're just trying to learn, why not practice with enterprise gear on something GNS3 or EVE-NG? Or if this was strictly a theoretical question, then yes, the ISR can work, its just another router at the end of the day that can be configured many different ways.

edit phone auto-corrected Ubiquiti :/

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It is not optimal for a home network, but if you wanna plug an isr to it to play then that is a perfect way to get started. You can play with NAT, set up it's own dhcp, create port forwards. Connect devices to NTP. There is a lot of practical things you can learn about IOS by doing this. I am also a big proponent of using real hardware especially if your just getting started. Others will tell you to use gns3 and that's fine but nothing was more motivating to me then having real equipment to work on.

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I have that one! It's a good one for leaning python but I'm looking for one geared towards networking use cases.

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You need to learn python first. Then use it for network automation.

We will have a couple of years optimizing the block space but we will need to start figuring out exactly how big block should be soon. If segwit is any measure of adoption it could be a very long time before their is consensus on block size adoption. Let us all hope segwit and lightning network will be able to scale for the next bitcoin craze. Then we have to plan for world wide adoption. It never happens fast enough.

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I already took out double what I invested and have plenty of bitcoin left and I still care if it goes to zero. I dont really plan on selling anytime soon but life happens sometimes and if it does I'd like to be able to sell at more then zero.

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People always say that they could never do a Ketogenic diet or eat 1200 calories a day because they would have to low of energy levels or mood swings from hunger. When I try to explain that is the exact reason they should try to do a ketogenic diet they say that I am going to have health issues from extreme dieting.

Another one I get often but is considerably more understandable is that they see me eating a salad covered in blue cheese dressing with a hamburger and bacon with cheese on the top and they say, "that can't possibly be healthy for you". Well it is if you do it right.

I have my problems with the ketogenic community too sometimes. It feels like many people thing this is a way to actually get around dieting. I like fathead pizza as much as the next person on a keto diet but if all your eating is cheese and meat then you are probably doing it wrong. A lot of the time it just seems like they aren't counting calories just carbs and they aren't getting any real nutrition. Then they are dumbfounded when they don't feel good. they go off the diet and then just think that the keto diet is just a gimmick.

The truth is some people will do just about anything from going on a diet. So trying to change that in people is an exercise in patience. Wait till the next time they see you and ask "How did you lose all that weight?" you can tell them. Remember that diet i told you about...

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I do OMAD and keto at around 1200 a day and it works well for me. I don't have any problem with hunger really and when I do I drink a coffee and it goes away.

By far the biggest hurdle with this diet (really most diets) is eating in a social setting. You gotta have a game plan on what your going to eat if you are going over someones house and usually bring your own food on short notice. If you are eating out you want to know whats on the menu and if you can eat anything there. Also, it is difficult to explain the diet and why you are eating this way. You get a lot of comments about how it is extreme and they could never eat that way. When really for me I find it to the most successful way to diet.

For me the diet is easier then any other diets. I don't spend most days figuring out what I have to eat. I don't spend a lot of time preparing my foods. It is very easy for me to calculate my calorie intake. I also drop weight like it is no bodies business. Plus It has become a real hobby to figure out a great tasting meal with the constrictions of low carb and low calorie meals when I have the time to make something special.

I've also started to do OMAD @ 1200 or less. Emphasis on the less because at just over 600 I feel like I'm about to hurl. Did you work up to the 1200?

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I just started by doing a 16 hour fast then an 18 hour fast and just kept increasing the hours till everything I ate everything at once.

I kind of accidentally stumbled onto this too. I started with a 16/8 fast and when I got pretty keto adapted I just completely forgot about food until it was later and later. It was kind of tough (and neuseating) for a while trying to fit all my calories and nutrients into one meal, so right now I'm having a small snack about an hour before my meal to prime my stomach. I'm also trying Lecithin to help with the fat digestion.

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Just because its one meal doesn't always mean you have to eat it quickly. I usually start slowly and end out having the shovel the last fork fulls into my mouth. I feel pretty nice and full for the rest of the night.

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Sorry r/btc but I have to unsubscribe from you. This subreddit has completely veered away from bitcoin to bitcoin cash and while I understand your stance that bitcoin cash is closer to the original vision of bitcoin. I no longer get anything useful out of this subreddit with regard to bitcoin or bitcoin cash. My front page is littered with posts from this subreddit spewing negativity and hostileness to bitcoin or as referred to hear as bitcoin core. Yes, r/bitcoin can be guilty of this too but for the most part they have moved past this feud.


Fit Active Original Flatbread

Hello Keto, I was wondering if anyone has tried Aldi's Fit Active Original Flatbread?

It says that it only has 7 net carbs! It seems to good to be true. I do one meal a day and I could make some amazing sandwiches out of this for when I can't eat at home. I just don't always trust food labels.

Please let me know if anyone has tried them and if they kicked them out of ketosis?

Here is the nutrition values for anyone curious.

Stop you're making me hungry! lol I personally haven't even dove into keto because I'm terrified of getting sick like I did last time.

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Im not doctor and do not know your situation but the more times you go in and out of Ketosis the easier it gets. You definitely want a good ketorade recipe and 3 or 4 low stress days to get into it. After that its Fat heaven. Cover your salads in as much dressing as you want or your veggies in as much butter as you want.

I would also love to know if this is true since I LOVE bread and it's a difficult thing to give up completely

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The possibilities are endless. you could make pizza, cut them up into wedges and bake them for dipping chips or make breakfast wraps.

I tell them that like the internet is a worldwide computer network. I make smaller private internet for companies.


Best Cisco command reference book

Hello r/Cisco. I was wondering what are your thoughts on the best command reference books for NP/IE level route switch commands? I've been keeping my own notes on stuff that I use frequently and realized that people have already made whole books by doing the same.

What's wrong with the configuration guides for the platform you are working on?

Or the IOS command reference guides on

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I was looking for something a little more toned down and generic then any literature Cisco produces. A book I can put on my bag put hand written notes into if needed. The IOS command reference is nice but its also 1500 pages.

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Put the PDFs from Cisco on your laptop, phone and/or Kindle, and use a good paper notebook or a notebook app and record yourself the stuff you use frequently? If I know the name of the command but not the details I use the CLI help to figure it out. Having the IOS guide in electronic form allows searching.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yeah, being able to search through commands id definitely a benefit.


Cisco re-certification or network refreshers

Hey r/Networking. After certifications we all find ourselves using some of those skills more then others. I was wondering what everyone does to refresh themselves on everything that you learned through certification or through past experiences?

I find I run into an acronym or something I forgot talking to coworkers or listening to a podcast/youtube and end out spending an hour getting reacquainted with it.

This helps me stay pretty sharp with stuff I dont have to use often but was wondering if you guys had any other techniques?

Watch them have real keys printed on them.

I used Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis. It gives you a quick and easy introduction to Wireshark. This book is great if you want to learn how to use Wireshark fast.


R/S One exam at a time or altogether?

Hello, I the last cert I passed was the CCNA Collaboration. I found that it would have been very helpful to study both exams (voice/video) at the same time as there seem to be many many questions on voice exam that related to video and vise versa.

I was curious if this was the same for CCNP R/S? I could imagine that for troubleshoot it is more definitely true. Should I just focus on one exam first or study both before taking either? Please let me know your thoughts.

One at a time. There is no benefit to studying both at the same time.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

These tests do seem to be more silo'd then CCNA R/S. I plan on doing switch first as long as you don't need to know more then a CCNA level of routing which I suppose is about as much routing as you should do on a switch anyway.

One at a time dude. They are fully segregated (by and large). You would really do yourself a disservice to try to study for all three at the same time. That's probably around 1500 pages of OCG alone.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I already finished the switch OCG and i am about 3/4ths completed with Route OCG. Based on what I am reading here I will probably finish the OCG for route and focus entirely on switch.

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I recall an interesting theory that 1.11 was supposed to be as close to the original as possible. 2.22 was a version of Eva as if it was what people wanted a typical anime to look and feel like. There was a lot more action and fanservice and spoon feed you plot points. Now 3.33 is a whole new beast. Completely different feel. Everyone is older and still have the same problems. People are jaded and shinji actually wants to pilot but cant.

So, i am really interested in what the new movie will feel like and if they keep this trend of what its like to get older and more jaded because you never solved the problems of the past. Evangelion is what ever you want it to be isnt that the point?

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