K's Choice - Not An Addict [alt] by JeffsDad in Music

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me too! i randomly thought about it, i figure a few of us dug this in like 96

Question about Bishop by JeffsDad in xmen

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thank you! i was about to chalk it up to "those crazy mutants" but this gave me a better idea of what went on. kinda odd, i thought this bishop was maybe an alt universe version, or from before the whole hope/cable thing. or shooting prof x.

Concept art for new Ryan Truex t-shirt by Baloney21 in NASCAR

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wait, did i miss something or is this a busch car or whatever its called these days. Denny better be in the 11!!!

Can anyone link to the first roo? by lordg52 in switcharoo

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i know that guy! we went to high school together! and stuff. edit:why the hate? he was my fantasy football commish

LPT: Now is the best time to go to thrift stores by Triviajunkie95 in LifeProTips

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going thrifting later today, local store has a 50% off everything sale today!!

What are you surprised that you haven't outgrown? by whitey in AskReddit

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Spider-Man and X-Men. Been 30 years and I still love both

What's your favorite fan theory and why? by giantgoose in AskReddit

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The show appears to have completely left the source material. Lots of theories why what was shown isn't fact