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Are you guys really this stupid?

Mate, any time you live on an island it's gonna cost you.

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This is the first time I've ever seen cunt used as an adverb

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rarely cunting is an adverb? not sure of the grammar rules around here.

"cunting rare", but yes. An adverb modifies a verb or an adjective

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what a cuntingly good explanation. you've got a future as a teacher of english.

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Wish I could have cunt fisted this guy myself

Certainly there's a reason you think that. Please share for us no-nothing fools, where we might be delivered safely away from ruin, saved from our foolishness. You owe us at least that, oh wise one.

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nice snark but people do have their own opinions

God I hate cunts

Original Poster7 points · 4 months ago

Cunts have depth and warmth, how could I hate them?

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shallow holes for mismatched poles

There was a cunt who wrote for the J-Times who had a job like this.

And there was some other woman cunt who had a consulting company that give shit-FOB advice to suckers who wrote something on that newspaper paper as well.

Shit cunts like this exist. But they hide in niches and they're the first to drown.

Oh my living fuck, geishaboy's story...Just holy shit, I've got plenty of experience with enduring and blocking out negative, shitbag relatives and their abuse, but I don't think I could stand more than 5 minutes around all he's mentioned. He sounds like the only sanity his kids have got to depend on! Good for you for hanging in there for them, man - it sounds like they really need you!

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Ding Ding Fuck You

"Osaka has better food" is some bullshit that asshurt Kansai provincials (and the weebs that think they're cool) tell themselves to somehow make up for the fact that they live in a run-down shithole that's essentially Ikebukuro surrounded by a giant Adachi-ku.

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Don't be a cunt

When I was young children were harder

Comment deleted1 year ago

Was waiting to see who did the dad joke first

Which mooger fooger is he fiddling on top?

Everything in Japan is all about hard work and overtime though, their work ethics and taxes are crazy.

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Taxes aren't crazy at all. Very reasonable.

Watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi if you liked this.

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No. please don't. That place isn't even good.

1 point · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

In factories they don't care if you live or die. While I worked at Kobe aluminum there were 2 explosions where people were badly injured/burned, one guy got sucked into an Aluminum grinder but was somehow okay, a few guys got set on fire, a guy got crushed by a forklift, one guy passed out from the heat and fell into a fire (the company tried to say he was drunk so to dodge medical bills, when he wasn't), etc. I personally will be getting injections in my left foot for the rest of my life after injuring it, and then being forced to work 12 more hours on it, standing the whole time. If you get hurt, you risk getting fired for complaining. You work around molten aluminum for hours without a break and aren't even allowed to being water onto the work floor.

You know why factories have multiple security checks and waiting points before entering? It's so they can hide stuff from OSEA inspectors.

Factories are absolute hell on earth. I'd rather die than go back to one.

What makes anyone think that a factory would pay for something like this?

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This is so comically far from the truth that it sounds like something a videogamer would make up.

You're neck deep in this weeb shit

You're elbow deep in dolphins

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what does this even mean?

8 points · 1 year ago

I wouldn't pay ichi man for bum S○X with some old guy.

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Are you saying you'd rather be on the receiving end?

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