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Just be careful, I've done this combo in the past and been fine but i've seen stories online about people blacking out easily and getting way too fucked up so I don't do it anymore.

Also are you talking about YoYo in Melbourne?

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Yeah, that's all google shows me too, expect for the odd one or two where people say it's really enjoyable.

Yeah man, YoYo in Melbourne, I didn't go to the listen out, just got tickets for the event to see ASAP, apparently he wasn't that great at listen out, but man, I was having a ball at yoyo

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Oh nice! I live in Melbourne and I've been to YoYo a couple of times

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Definitely agree that chicken flavour is better than beef but unfortunately haven't tried spicy chicken ramen so I'll need to get on that asap


I've been taking Lyrica 75mg twice a day for the last 3 months or so. Tomorrow I plan to take a recreational dose of codeine with a small dose of DXM. I know that Codeine can cause respiratory depression but I've read that DXM in low doses doesn't depress your breathing.

I'm not sure if low doses of Lyrica depress breathing or not, I was wondering if I take my prescribed dose of Lyrica tomorrow morning and then take Codeine and DXM an hour later will that be safe?

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Mine is mild enough to where I enjoy it, whenever I get high it gives me visuals comparable to a low dose shroom trip. My friend has really bad HPPD from doing 4800ug and he sometimes randomly spaces out just staring into space cause the visuals are so crazy

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4800ug? Fuck that must have been intense


I've heard people describe opiates as very euphoric and pleasurable but I've never gotten euphoria from them. I've tried Oxy, morphine, heroin, codeine and dihydrocodeine and have never gotten euphoria.

I also have a very high natural tolerance and have to take a lot more than others to feel anything. Last weekend I took 2 40 mg Oxycontin pills throughout one day which is a very high dose that could make someone overdose but I just felt relaxed and sleepy but no euphoria or high.

Am I one of those people that doesn't metabolise opiates properly? I'm not on any other medications at the moment


I've got no idea but I would be really interested to hear about DMA once you've tried it

I got the opportunity to try ludes recently (Methaqualone), and holy shit it is very nice!

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I've heard its like a mix of an opiate and a benzo, wish I could try it


I've got a big family event on Sunday that I'm really nervous about. I would usually take a small dose of xanax or Valium but I don't have any and I can't find anyone that has any at the moment.

I can't drink before this event either is there any alternatives I can use?


Opiates for anxiety.. Hmm. Well it works but it's not a good recommendation lol

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That would definitely work lol probably not the best idea though

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Lucky! Can you get this over the counter in Aus?

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Makes sense, morphine is incredible

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The single player was incredible, I spent a huge amount of time playing it. The online on the other hand felt like a massive missed opportunity, I played it for a little while but felt like I had to grind way too much to buy things unless I wanted to spend real money which I never did. I was also dissapointed they never did a single player dlc like GTA IV. The Ballad of Gay Tony is still one of my favourite game expansions.

Equal parts video games, and masturbation marathons. Typically in that order lol

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I like your username

Wow I kind of want to try that combo now

I'm still recovering from a huge mistake I made while blacked out on xanax 2 years ago. I only take benzos in very small doses nowadays, I can't risk ever blacking out again.

Benzos work for me but I agree that DXM works a lot better for my anxiety and depression than benzos.

Don't do it man, I don't know what you're going through but trust me you don't want to end everything.

What an asshole

I would guess that Alcohol would be worse for all your main organs except for the brain and dxm would be worse for the brain

My cousin is addicted to xans. Doctors put her on more and more. I think she gets up to 90 2 mg bars each month. Eats them like candy and seems normal all day... it's sad. She has lost all of her kids and I'm pretty sure she was using xanax while pregnant.

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90 2mg bars a month? That's crazy

I LOVE a crack in time. Every time a new ratchet and clank came out I would replay all of them while waiting for the new ones price to drop so I could buy it, but the past few years I've always just jumped straight to ACIT because when I start any of the other games for a replay I find myself saying "I could be playing A Crack in Time right now instead.."

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Yeah I was surprised by how much I liked a Crack in time, after playing the whole series up to Quest for Booty I didn't think they would make a game that would beat Going commando or up your arsenal but when a crack in time came out it became my favourite game in the series.

How much tolerance do you have for oxys? Because 60 mg is way too much with no tolerance, also never mix opiates and benzos its too risky

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None really, honestly I smoked a blue last week for the first time and I felt good and didn’t feel like it was too much

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Well start off with 20 mg and if after a couple of hours that doesn't feel like enough you can take a bit more. But don't mix benzos and opiates

a lot of people here and everywhere say "ive been there" and then proceed to say things like "your only 19" and "it will get better"...

Im 22 and i felt like you did when i was 19 and guess what? Its only gotten worse. And ive been struggling since i was 13. Ive also "fried" myself over the last 3 years as a result of feeling this way. i used to tell myself i was launching nuclear war on my brain: the enemy.

anyway, i hope you end up like most of the people commenting here but i can assure you that i deeply relate to your words and i really believe for some of us that there is no hope. not in this particular world. I see this as a fact. to "get better" would be to destroy the core of what i am and invalidate my entire life to at least myself. Like you said, its like a switch in your mind. being miserable is who i am. I dont "want" to be better, this world isnt worth the effort to me. Oh, and im too much of a coward to end my life now.. although ive tried in the past. im just waiting to give in and finish the job.

if you want someone to tell you things are going to get better and if you have hope for yourself then ignore me. im not here to discourage anyone, but i figured id comment to add some "cold" reality. this world is shit, if you can learn to love shit: good on you.

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I feel very similar to you and am also 22 years old, I don't know if I'll ever get better and life just keeps getting worse for me but I hope someday everything will change.

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What made you turn to opiates specifically? Why not something like weed, which depending on where you are or who you know can be dirt cheap.

Edit: what’s with the downvotes, it’s a valid question whether you like weed or not

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As much as I love weed it could never numb my emotions and pain as well as or make me feel anywhere near as good as opiates.

Original Poster1 point · 25 days ago

:( I’ve done almost everything and weed still makes me feel the best other than combining it with opiates or benzos

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I guess it depends on the person, some people find some drugs more euphoric than others. I've had some of the best times of my life while high on weed but it doesn't numb my emotions and other issues as well as opiates.

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Around 2 years ago I found a lot of black mold on the curtains in my bedroom and on the frame of the window. I got rid of the curtains and wiped down the frames with vinegar.

I can't see any mold in my room but I do sneeze more than usual when I'm in my room and sometimes get slight allergy symptoms. I'm worried that there might be mold spores in my room still.

I've had a chat to my parents about it and they're not worried about the mold but I feel like if it ends up making anyone really sick in the future it'll be my fault for not doing anything about it. I plan to move out within the next couple of years so I want to make a decision before then.

Should I consider getting mold remediation done or do you think I'll be overreacting?


Upvote for /u/yesmaybepossibly. Do not assume; testing is the only way to be sure:

There are many other things that can cause the symptoms that you've described. Take this one step at a time.

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Original Poster1 point · 25 days ago

Thanks for replying I've read online that the tests will always detect mold because its everywhere but will these tests let me know if there's a problematic amount of mold in my room?

That sounds fucking awful, glad I never tried it

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