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Uranex 1 point

ive Deposit some ETH 2 weeks ago, but still nothing. idk what to do either

Jirkast 1 point

Its ok now for me. They deposit it 24 hours after it

Jirkast 1 point

ok, i am looking on coininfo and OMG has no connection ... what does it mean? When can I expect my OMG? Sigh ... I am loosing money ...

Jirkast commented on a post in r/omise_go
Jirkast 3 points

This should see everyone on cryptocurrency

Jirkast 3 points

Can somebody do a post on cryptocurrency about OmiseGo and their events and about The invitation from VISA (if its true)

Jirkast 9 points

lol, we are almost back ... if I wouldnt look on cryptocurrency like 2-3 days I wouldnt notice anything :D

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Jirkast commented on a post in r/omise_go
Jirkast 4 points


wickey27 -14 points

Just sold all my omg so i can double my stack at $6

Jirkast 7 points

Poor guy ... you will be upset when it will rise from now ... you want double and you will have half :D

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