What do you add to your Ramen Noodles to enhance its flavor? by SelfishMentor in AskReddit

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I only make Ramen with extra stuff these days, always with the broth because that's going to be the best part. Here's how I usually do it:

Put water on to boil, start chopping some things; celery, mushrooms, green onion, red onion (sliced extremely thin and cut small), maybe some other things that are in the fridge getting old. I put this stuff in the water to give it a head start. I usually grate some fresh ginger into the water while I wait.

Then the noodles go in when the water is boiling. I stand around impatiently for a couple of minutes before adding spices, including the included flavoring packet. Cayenne, red pepper flakes, Sriracha, lime juice, a lot of black pepper, maybe a bit of white pepper, turmeric for a wild neon color (sometimes). If I'm feeling adventurous, I might throw in other spices, but I'm not sure I ever really notice them.

Here comes the most important part: a clove of garlic or three. I finally bought a garlic press because I was using so much garlic in my cooking; definitely a good purchase! Finally, transfer to a bowl and enjoy. Optional toppings include a splash of peanut oil, chopped peanuts, and cilantro.

My new roommate recently tried it for the first time and declared it "the best bowl of Ramen he could ever dream of," which may not be high praise, considering where the bar is set.

Sometimes, I cook chicken sliced into bite-sized strips or cubes while I'm waiting for the water to boil. I cook it in a small amount of oil and I add salt, pepper, MSG (also a great purchase), cayenne, paprika, and sometimes lime juice. It comes out a little bit like fajita meat, which I add to the bowl of soup at the end.

Ultimately, every time I make Ramen is a different experience. Sometimes I play around with other "styles," but typically I find myself coming back to a variation of what I've written out here.

TL;DR: Cook it in broth with vegetables, ginger, pepper, lime juice, and spicy things. Add garlic, transfer to bowl, enjoy.

You've just won £100 million in the Euromillions, what do you do with it? by [deleted] in unitedkingdom

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Ha, that's fantastic, and surprisingly accurate for me. I just spent the last of my cash, except $2 bills, and my dogecoins that I'm accidentally still holding onto for reasons regarding having no internet are a considerable amount of my "net worth," although I don't expect it to stay that way for much longer.

It's been funny how many username mentions and PMs I'm getting lately with what's been going on in the crypto world! How's everything going with you?

I found these stickers and note from a fellow shibe from 2014. by [deleted] in dogecoin

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Awesome, I'm glad to hear that you're going to put a sticker to use! That's going to look amazing; congratulations on the car! This community has always been fantastic, and I'm glad to see it still thriving. I used to be a dogeillionaire, but I can't say I regret having used them the way I did (mostly giving them away and buying hot sauce!). That's the kind of thing that, when a whole community uses their coins, it perseveres.

Right now my coins are a bit stuck on my desktop.... I have the wallet and the password, but no internet! Even when I do get internet, it's going to be satellite internet with a low data cap and I'll need to be careful. I think I only need the last couple of months, though, so I might be alright.

I'm still in disbelief that the coin has hit one cent, but I'm still really wary about what the markets are up to - crypto, stock, and otherwise. That being said, the worth of my coins aren't make or break. If it goes back to last year's prices overnight, I will not have felt any impact, and therefore I will continue to hold and use my coins when I get internet back!

It's funny to think about where these stickers might be now. I know two of the vehicles I've sold still have their stickers, despite new owners. I hope people get enjoyment and amusement out of seeing such a cute little doge, and I like to imagine it has spread a tiny bit of awareness and curiosity about the coin!

I'm at the airport about to go back home from vacation, apologies for any errors and for my lack of structure!

I found these stickers and note from a fellow shibe from 2014. by [deleted] in dogecoin

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Hey there! Maybe consider not including my address next time (granted, I moved away years ago!).

I'm doing fantastic, about to head back home after visiting family out of state. The car I've been borrowing has a dogecoin sticker on the back still from when I sent them one! Good memories, for sure. Some people still request my stickers from time to time, but alas, I never got more.

All in all, life is good, except that I've been stuck with only 3g internet on my phone for over a month now, as where I'm living is very rural. I want to get satellite internet or similar so that I can keep up with my old friends online dogecoin and otherwise, as a phone is hardly conducive to it.

How's everything with you?

Ladybug on a hemp plant. [OC][684×1024] by Jobeanie123 in MacroPorn

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I work on a family ranch that also farms hemp, a low- to no-THC cultivar of cannabis plant that we're growing for CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with a market right now for its potential healing properties), and we recently had an infestation of aphids. We purchased several thousand ladybugs to release into the greenhouse, with great success.

I finally had the ambition to go out the other night and spend a little while photographing some of them meandering around the plants. They're extremely voracious, and it was fun to watch them devour small bugs and aphids through the viewfinder.

18/M/Day off Carry by SmellyTunaFesh in EDC

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I find that my SC600w III HI is anodized darker than my SC62/SC63w was, but it is still just a dark grey.

What are your currently obsessed with? by emeryz in AskReddit

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I moved to a place without a piano several weeks ago, and I've been missing this so much. I've got a keyboard arriving next Wednesday, I'm ecstatic to finally get playing again. Just in time for Christmas carols, too!

Just ordered a Kawai MP11SE - any reason to reconsider? by Jobeanie123 in piano

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A site called gear4music, apparently out of the UK. I've literally never heard of them, so I'm hoping they're trustworthy. The price seems pretty low, but maybe that's a conversion rate thing.

Just ordered a Kawai MP11SE - any reason to reconsider? by Jobeanie123 in piano

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Awesome, I'm glad to hear it! Yes, I suppose if some day this does become a "permanent" setup for me, I can address the limited sound issue by getting my computer involved before sending it to some studio monitors. I haven't looked into that yet - for now, this will probably be used exclusively with headphones because I do not live alone. I will address the situation again once I feel the need to have my keyboard fill a room with great sound, but that's on the back burner for now.

Just ordered a Kawai MP11SE - any reason to reconsider? by Jobeanie123 in piano

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I'm glad to hear this, thank you. Physical size, particularly when it comes to height, is more of a concern to me than weight. It's "only" 72 pounds or so, which is not an issue for my use case. I don't expect to move it often, I just hope that it actually fits in a vehicle when the time finally comes. It's hardly nimble, but if it feels more-or-less like the real thing, I'll probably be quite content.

You can “level up” 1 everyday ordinary skill, what do you choose? by AMontyPython in AskReddit

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I have a bright (actually, very bright) light that I keep on my night stand. When I can't get up in the morning, I close my eyes and shine the light at my face. It's like facing the sun with your eyes closed, and it does a pretty good job of waking me up in a matter of seconds.

The specs for the SC64 and SC64w are up on Zebralight's spreadsheet, and they're set to release this month. by Virisenox_ in flashlight

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I think my ideal combination is going to be the SC64c and the SC600w Mk IV HI - this gives me a smaller, pocketable, high-CRI light to EDC, and a slightly beefier, throwier, brighter but still pocketable light to carry.

I actually just purchased a used SC600w Mk III HI instead of the IV, but they should be very similar. I love the throwy but still perfectly usable light, but I'm excited for the SC64c as well!

Lights like the Emisar D4; are they practical? Do you enjoy them as an EDC? by fortwangfandangler in flashlight

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I currently own neither the SC64c or the D4, but my D4 is on the way. As I understand it, 10 seconds of holding it on turbo (the Nichia version in particular) is way too hot for comfort. Yeah, that's pretty impractical, but it is still pretty awesome. At lower modes, it will be much more practical and efficient. And then when you need a quick burst of bright to see something in the distance – not that I expect it to throw that far – you have the turbo mode. I'm going to think of it as a contingency, or maybe as a rapidly-heating hand warmer.

I haven't seen anyone else but myself guess the number of lumens, and I'm wondering if 800 is too optimistic. The H600Fc is ~85 CRI and ~800 lumens with an XM-L2 EasyWhite emitter, but the SC64c is ~95 CRI. I don't know enough about the XP-L2 emitter that it's using to really estimate the lumens, but I have seen a lot of complains about the XP-L2 emitter. I also see on the data sheets that the XM-L2 80CRI 4000K @ 700mA has a 420 lumens rating, while the XP-L2 90CRI 4000K @ 1050mA is only rated for 360lm. Again, I'm not the person to take an educated guess here, but 800 might be really optimistic. If somebody else wants to speculate or tell me how those numbers work, please feel free.

It's nice that the tint deviation is only 2 steps, but I'm leery of what to expect as far as beam quality; High CRI won't mean much to me if it has colored donut holes and a wildly different spill color like the SC63w has. On the other hand, the optic of the D4 should at least prevent those kinds of colored artifacts, even if the corona ends up being diamond-shaped.

At any rate, I feel like an SC64c might be more conducive for me to EDC than the D4, particularly because I'm so used to Zebralights and the CRI should be a little higher, but in reality it's quite possible that I like every aspect of the D4 a bit better. Brighter turbo, the UI looks good, the cyan finish seems like it'll be cool, Nichias look amazing, etc. I think the biggest benefit of the Zebralight to me would be its slightly smaller size. I even appreciated the tiny size difference from the SC62 to the SC63w, so we'll see which one I end up carrying.

At any rate, it doesn't seem like hurting the D4 on turbo is going to be too much of an issue, but an uncomfortably hot light is still not too practical to use that often. In the lower lumen range, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be a fantastic light for everyday use. However, it might make a lot more sense to have a dimmer, more efficient, throwier light to EDC. Why scorch your hand trying to see something in the distance with the D4 instead of using a very comfortable mode on a throwier light to see just as far? I guess the choice is yours. My choice is to have both options available to me.

A year of carrying the SC63w everyday! by shmobodia in flashlight

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That looks great! I had been carrying mine since it was released, but it's lost now. I love how weathered yours looks! That adds a lot of character. Mine had a couple of dings on the tailcap, but at a glance it looked pretty new. I'm very sad that it's gone, but it always makes me happy to see one here.

Security personnel of Reddit, how much elevator sex, booger picking and wacky dancing do you see on your monitors? by Rekdon in AskReddit

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As I understand it, yes. I think that every position in a nuclear power plant pays higher than a non-nuclear equivalent, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it pays a lot more. I heard plenty of jokes from almost every position about being paid too much for the job, usually stemming from boredom during slow nights.

I suppose you can hold people to higher standards if they're getting paid more, and it retains people in the same position for longer.

That being said, I have never been a security guard, nuclear or otherwise, so perhaps somebody else can speak for my accuracy.

Security personnel of Reddit, how much elevator sex, booger picking and wacky dancing do you see on your monitors? by Rekdon in AskReddit

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I did end up hearing plenty of crazy stories, and they all seemed to end up with the same conclusion - boring is better.

Security personnel of Reddit, how much elevator sex, booger picking and wacky dancing do you see on your monitors? by Rekdon in AskReddit

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I went into the security building of a nuclear plant one night to empty the shredders, and I ended up sitting and watching a raccoon wander the fence line for a few minutes. The security guard in there said it was the most excitement that she had seen on those screens in weeks.

Why can’t Leather actually look like the pictures online? by LoganLittrell in EDC

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Zebralight SC63w...

...Although I have to admit that I lost it two weeks ago, shortly after catching and bending the pocket clip on something. I am waiting for Zebralight to release the specs of the SC64c, whose pre-orders start later this month. I suspect it'll be somewhere in the 800 lumen range (less than 1000, according to my email from Zebralight).

Given that we perceive lumens logarithmically (i.e. It takes four times the lumens to look twice as bright), this might be okay for me, especially at a CRI of 93-95 instead of 80.

I have a 3500ish lumen single-18650 quad on the way - the ever popular Emisar D4 with the 90+CRI Nichia 219C - which will probably end up permanently in my jacket for the winter as a hand warmer (I'm not joking) in addition to that convenient benefit of having massive amounts of light for a few seconds before it throttles down. Perhaps between the two, I'll be content... However, flashlight enthusiasts are never content, so I might end up with two more Zebralights in addition to the Emisar D4 that is on the way.

In the meantime, I put an Armytek Wizard Pro pocket clip on my H600Fd, which is not my favorite solution, but it works in a pinch. I grab the Noctigon Meteor on the way out the door if I think I'm going to need more light for any particular night task.

Why can’t Leather actually look like the pictures online? by LoganLittrell in EDC

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I fancy the idea of matched finishes, but I don't want to have to compromise any of the items that I like. My flashlight is natural (grey) anodized aluminum, and it's my favorite light ever. I don't want to know downgrade to a different light with a different finish just because I want it to match my light.

I try to color match where I can. My pocket pen matches my flashlight's color, for example. But the truth of the matter is that I care more about each individual item's function more than I mind what its finish is.

The light off of a friend's flashlight was powerful enough to pass through my hand and illuminate my blood vessels. by megadilemma in mildlyinteresting

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I carry a Zebralight SC63W with me everywhere I go, 24/7/365. With a charger and a battery it would put you at just over 100, but it's a great, small, super bright light with a fantastic user interface.

Otherwise, the Thrunite TN12, which I would recommend in neutral white tint for a much more natural light color, is $45 to $50, and is nearly as bright, but it has a slightly larger / longer form factor. The Zebralight is well into "diminishing returns" territory, but for something I carry with me all the time, a super bright light in a tiny size is worth it.

Edit: I see you already found the subreddit! Enjoy your tc12, if that's what you get. The TN12 is a little shorter, at the expense of no charging port. Get either in neutral white!

Stumbled upon this in the woods of New Hampshire by BRUTUS__MAXIMUS in pics

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It's actually a pretty popular attraction in, I believe, Chesterfield, New Hampshire. I've been quite a few times, and it's beautiful during the Fall foliage. If you take the other fork from the parking area, there's quite a long and interesting hike.

I'm sure some people might end up hiking the trail and stumbling across the staircase at the end of their hike, but I would assume most people going there are aware of it and just going to see what's left of the staircase and foundation of the building that used to stand there. It's quite a short walk from the parking area I've gone to, although I can only assume there are other ways to get there.

TIL after the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003 the debris field stretched from Texas through Louisiana, and the search team was so thorough they found nearly 84,000 pieces of the shuttle, as well as a number of murder victims and a few meth labs. by ThrillingChase in todayilearned

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What kind of commercial vacuum did you have in mind? The last owner of this house left behind a commercial upright Oreck vacuum, like the kind used in hotels, that I don't really like – maybe it works well on low-pile carpeting like that of hotel rooms or office buildings (I know it's great on the short basement carpet), but I don't find it to be particularly effective on the medium-pile carpeting here, even compared to our old dinosaur of a Tri-Star vacuum that some door-to-door salesmen suckered my parents into a couple of decades ago.

As a janitor of a power plant as my last job, I had a commercial vacuum that was basically like a beefy shop-vac with a HEPA filter. It did great on tile, but it didn't have rotating brushes so it didn't do particularly well on carpet. We also had one of those backpack vacuums that I loathed. That thing was so inconvenient to use.

My new house has medium-high carpeting in it, and it's on a farm/ranch that I'll be working at. Even with the utmost of care in taking boots off before walking through the house, some clay and plenty of dust end up covering the tile and carpet, and I'd definitely like something with good filtration to deal with the dust, plus the dander of the ranch dog.

I'm very open to ideas here, but of any of the commercial vacuums that I've ever used, their benefit has only ever been that it's huge and it holds a lot, or it's extremely lightweight and portable (like the Oreck) so that it's not a pain to lug from room to room at a hotel.

TIL after the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003 the debris field stretched from Texas through Louisiana, and the search team was so thorough they found nearly 84,000 pieces of the shuttle, as well as a number of murder victims and a few meth labs. by ThrillingChase in todayilearned

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I think I'm going to go for the Miele Compact C2 Electro+ because it comes with a powerhead suitable for carpet. The C1 line is apparently made in China instead of Germany, although I haven't particularly done enough research yet to know the difference between the build quality of the two. Stepping it up from the C2 would mean going to the C3 line, and I haven't quite seen any good justification on why they cost so much more.

But I'm not a vacuum expert. Somebody seems to have linked you to the AMA already, so hopefully you've realized how exciting this can be!