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JoeBirds commented on a post in r/AskReddit
adventuresofbaba 3 points

I am. To be honest, I went through a devastating break up which made me realize that I was the problem and that my anger and negativity had pushed away the person who I loved above all. I found God in my despair and my life was changed that day. I have tried from then to be a Kinder and more gentle humble person. I try not to let anger rule me like it used to. I'm happy to have learnt my lesson on why anger is such a bitter poison and I am better off for it.

JoeBirds 1 point

This is literally what is happening to my relationship, and I'm afraid it's too late for me to try and make it better. Finally realizing that you alone are the result of the love of your life ceasing to love you is the worst feeling I've ever felt. I'd rather dislocate my knee again, as that was less painful.

Socrasteezy 0 points

Zerker, Musa. Ranger can burst as well, but i'd put her more so under the best DPS category

JoeBirds 1 point

What is your take on Wizards?

Socrasteezy 0 points

For PvE or PvP?

JoeBirds 1 point

Mostly PvP

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Strayw0lf -2 points

Its has been quite a bit since Cisco updated the CCNP R/S track...8 years I believe. Rumor has it that they will revamp soon and yes, they do give a grace period to take the old exams. I expect heavy changes on that Cert so best do it quickly.

JoeBirds 3 points

I want to at least knock out SWITCH. I need to recert my NP Security before the fall. Should be doable within a few months.

_Gyusus 1 point

Connect all your cables to your new primary unit when it is powered off, people consistently connect the failover cable whilst both ASAs are up which is a big no-no

When your new primary boots it will see it’s connected partner as active and go into a standby role after downloading the config, please whatever you do don’t connect them while up or you will flatten your production environment

JoeBirds 1 point

So as long as the new unit is configured as the primary, while the current active unit is the secondary, it won’t matter, as long as the new unit powered off when you connect the failover?

_Gyusus 1 point


You can spin up this situation in GNS3 quite easily if you want to be sure of your process

JoeBirds 1 point

I’ll look into that! Would you recommend using the SSP hard disk of failed unit, or just use the one that the new one came with?

JoeBirds commented on a post in r/rolex
Mangojk03 -6 points

Isn't this auto douche such an asshole. Anyhow you earned it and deserve it bro. Happy wearing Man. Enjoy it in wealth and health. Too many haters.

JoeBirds 5 points

Dude, out of all people, you are the LAST person that should be calling other people a douche bag.

Oh, here’s my fancy submariner. Don’t mind my $400 dollars in the background that I’ve been working 2 months for

What a joke.

JoeBirds 2 points

Show him your pay-stub lmao. That should humble him a bit.

Vieplis 2 points

Honestly last few times I did it kind of a lazy way and it works like a charm. First of all obviously prepare hardware properly - that really depends and update to the same software version. Next just copy the failover configuration accordingly, keeping it exactly the same as on the failed primary device. You don't need anything else from the configuration. Just remember to active the failover. Save, turn the device off. Connect failover cables between devices. Leave data cables disconnected from the Primary. Boot Primary up. This gives us two things - non-connected data cables will assure new device will be in failed state in a failover after sync and will not try passing any traffic and booting up from full shut down will assure that new Primary device will see the Secondary/Active device first and get device from that. There are other ways of doing it, like turning failover off and then turning it on, copying full config, etc., but this is kind of a safe and easy option.

And no, I would not make Secondary/Active unit Primary. I don't see any point in doing it. I would install everything from hardware as it was on the failed unit just have consistency - even if the SSP is not used, you don't have to send it back for RMA, so let it stay there. Failover don't have to monitor that, so no harm.

Edit: Oh, just check the files that are not sync`ed automagically - AnyConnect profiles, etc. Again - depends on feature set used there.

JoeBirds 1 point

Thank you very much for this. Leaving the data connections disconnected and only connecting the failover connection is smart, that way the new device will most certainly be in an unhealthier state than the current active.

shortstop20 1 point

Save running-config from Active device to flash, copy to ftp.

Copy config from ftp to RMA device(via USB if necessary). Set RMA ASA to boot up to the config on flash.

I've done it before, nothing to it.

JoeBirds 1 point

That makes sense. Thank you!

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JoeBirds commented on a post in r/rolex
Auto_Motives 12 points

This subreddit has been bringing out the douches lately. Did you see the comments from the guy who posted his three watch collection the other day? I think he called his GMT a “panty dropper” and said wearing his sub makes him more confident around women.

Did you decide what to do on your watch?

JoeBirds 5 points

Oh, god. No I haven't seen that. I'll have to look that up.

I've officially decided on the latest sub-date. I was a little bummed/surprised that they didn't release one at Basil, with an updated movement. Even if they did, it would probably be at least a year wait until it's on your wrist.

I called my AD to have them let me know as soon as a new 116610LN shows up! I'll keep you fellas posted!

yuiop300 3 points

That's the exact same situation as me. Disappointed with no updated movement so I'm waiting to hear back from a few ADs about the 116610LN.

JoeBirds 3 points

I don't know why they had to go and make 2-3 new GMT variants, with no love to the Submariner, haha. I personally would have been stoked if all they did was upgrade the movement. I think the cosmetics as is are stunning.

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JoeBirds commented on a post in r/childfree
tbessie 20 points

I have some pretty serious difficulties sleeping, and almost always have had. So I love to sleep, especially because I get so little of it.

Some years ago, when I was trying to decide if I would stay with my then-girlfriend, who wanted kids, I thought very deeply about it. One of the big things on the list of negatives was that - given how badly I already sleep - the lack of sleep from having kids would likely make me sick all the time (I get sick if I don't get enough sleep). It was a very big factor (among many others) of my decision.

So I'm with you there. :-)

JoeBirds 1 point

Would you mind walking through your entire decision? I'm currently facing this very conundrum. I love my S/O of two years very much, but I've made the decision to be CF, when I know she definitely wants kids.

AbsVictorium 2 points

Eh, depends on the area and market. If OP's in LA or NY that might be pretty easy.

JoeBirds 1 point


AbsVictorium 1 point

I think you'll be fine private selling. Have you referenced the KBB on it and made sure you've gotten it detailed recently?

JoeBirds 1 point

I need to get it detailed, but KBB tell me the trade in value is $39,500

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Auto_Motives 2 points

Did you get the Sub?

JoeBirds 1 point

Ya know, I decided to hold off until Basel world. I’ve heard rumors about a 65th anniversary Sub with an updated movement. Who knows if it’s true, but it’s literally three weeks away, so I figured I’d just wait for it to be confirmed or otherwise, ya know?

Worst case, I tell my AD to throw me on another waiting list and be patient for a couple months until they get another one in.

Auto_Motives 2 points

Nobody knows. Anyone that claims to know is bullshitting.

JoeBirds 7 points

Lol hello again.. thanks for the input. I’ll be picking up a new one tomorrow!

illegalpartytoilet 1 point

OP should not overlook the possibility that this is a test of OP's judgment. If OP books American instead of Spirit and spends $50 more, no problem, most likely. If OP books first-class airfare and a suite at the Grand Hyatt, and tries to expense a $100 room service meal, huge problem -- and the job candidate's character is thus revealed.

You fly coach, you book three-star hotels like a Hilton Garden Inn or something, you take taxis or Uber but not Uber Black or Town Cars, you keep booze and sundries off your expense report. You have to show you're not a masochist but not irresponsible or an opportunist, either.

It's exactly this and your are exactly correct.

JoeBirds 1 point

So is it "bad judgement" to spend an extra $150 for a non-stop flight, instead of saving that and spending 7 hours worth of layovers there and back...?

Bobafett79 1 point

same here. i finally realized why my kill counter wasnt showing up because i was playing war but it was there in all other game modes.

JoeBirds 1 point

Why doesn't it show up in war? I can clearly see my kills with the Volk in the main menu, so why do they remove the kill counter on the weapon?

Edit - I only play war, so the kills on new weapons like the Volk are 100% from war.

GoBoltz 1 point

100 is the download, what's the upload, that's the one that matters..

JoeBirds 1 point

A shit ton - 50mbps

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JoeBirds commented on a post in r/personalfinance
engineer9643 1 point

Sorry to hear that, I hope your boss can understand your value later.

JoeBirds 1 point

Good luck, man. It's just of those things in life that's a true toss-up. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!

JoeBirds commented on a post in r/Ripple
HomicidalChimpanzee 3 points

As I said in my original post, I attempted to register at Bitstamp weeks ago and they collected ID info from me and then I never heard a word from them again.

JoeBirds 1 point

I registered for verification on Bitstamp on 12/14. I just got my verification email 2 days ago. So for me, it took a legit month.

error404 9 points

Let's start at the beginning. What service do you provide? Are you a transit provider? Are you a VM host that needs customer interconnects like AWS or Azure? Are you providing private WANs? Are you just providing private interconnect to an application you host? Are you interconnecting with other business units / acquisitions that need firewalled access to your enterprise network?

You're going to get very different answers depending on your scenario.

Now, it sounds like you're providing some kind of interconnect to your existing enterprise network. I'd implement this with a VRF per tenant on your router, plus either a VRF for the firewall interconnect (which you leak the necessary routes to/from the tenant VRFs) or a dedicated subinterface/vlan to connect to the firewall per tenant.

JoeBirds -1 points

You're right on the money with your last assumption. If you have moment sometime, would you mind drawing up a high level diagram of how that network would look, as far as the client connectivity as well as where the services network would live? I feel like that would help me get a better handle on my next questions.

By router, you mean a giant layer 3 switch, right? We could potentially get like 50-75 customers, which is 50-75 separate connections.

demonfurbie 1 point

are you providing them with a layer 3 device that you will manage?

are you going to be selling tiered speed packages?

will sip be involved?

what does the tenant sla cover?

You can tackle this several ways but I think you may be over thinking it.

JoeBirds 1 point

To my knowledge this will just be data. We will not be providing them with any device. In order to even use the services we will be providing, they will already need datacenter routing and switching, so they will be in charge of their end. Much like setting up BGP with your ISP.

djdawson 2 points

That FIN initiator text is not in the 9.1 code, so if you're also not seeing it then it may very well be new since 9.6. The only other option I can see would be to use the packet capture feature to watch the connections in question, since that'll tell you absolutely who's sending the first FIN.

JoeBirds 1 point

Thanks for your input. If only we were able to replicate the issue when we want, then a capture would be perfect!

shortstop20 6 points

Use a capture filter with a rolling buffer.

JoeBirds 3 points

Hey, you learn something new everyday. I didn't know the capture had a circular buffer switch. Thank you!

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JoeBirds commented on a post in r/ccnp
BrokenRatingScheme 2 points

When there’s a switch issue, 60% of the time, it’s spanning tree every time.

JoeBirds 1 point

Yep, then 30% of the time, it’s port config errors every time.

JoeBirds 4 points

Without drilling into your configuration, what seems to be happening here is spanning-tree with VLAN 5. Having VLAN 5 over the LACP trunk AND the access connection would cause a loop, and thus spanning tree is in use. I assume since your pings start to fail to the VLAN gateway when you disable to access port, that it’s the root port for that VLAN.

Your best bet here would be to remove VLAN 5 from the LACP trunk using the ‘switchport trunk allowed vlan’ command.

tmacadam 2 points

If kept separately, it should be fine. If you comingle the assets, you lose any protection you might have. With this amount on the line, sit down with an attorney and listen to how to manage the responsibility.

JoeBirds 1 point

Thanks very much.

LoudestTelephone 2 points

WITHOUT a Prenup, is that trust fair game to a spouse, in the unfortunate event of a divorce?

Depends on factors that include the terms of the trust, how the money is held, and some other issues. Great news, though! You can afford to hire an estate planning attorney to tell you exactly what your liability is.

JoeBirds 1 point

Haha, thanks. I completely expected the answer to be "it depends". I'll definitely be paying someone to get more information.

prescience6631 3 points

I would guess the cheaper one is slightly older. Notice that the dial of the cheaper one is '300 m' whereas the higher priced one is '300m' (no space between 300 and m). Similarly, the font of the 'submariner' is bolder on the more expensive sub.

I believe the newer dials are bolder/300m (I literally got mine last week brand new from AD and it is the 300m/bolder version).

JoeBirds 1 point

Wow I didn't even notice this. Thank you! I won't ask what you paid for yours at the AD, but is the 8k one pretty on par with what they sell for brand new?

prescience6631 1 point

No problem, the 8k one is roughly the price of a brand new one (~$550 base price discount) + any discount from not having to pay sales tax.

JoeBirds 1 point

Gotcha, so for 8k, shop around and buy a brand new one? lol

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