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John-AtWork commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
CaptainSharpe 728 points

Can't help but think how awesome it would have been to know the war has come to an end, and to party it up...

...but then the next day you'd think, now what?

John-AtWork 2 points

Was a great time in the US after the war. Employment was high, lots of love making, lots of families being made. We had an industrial boom as the rest of the world had to rebuild.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
theuniquenerd 10 points

Also belongs on /r/ladyladyboners

As a female, beautiful girls rock

John-AtWork 10 points


I'd be curious about how many guys peruse that sub. It really isn't very different than the gentleman version as far as content goes.

3Dogtown 74 points

If this trehalose stuff is widely used as a food additive, what is it called on the label? I've read hundreds of ingredient lists on food labels and I've never seen "trehalose".

John-AtWork 39 points

I was wondering about this too. It may just be labeled as sugar, as it is technically a type of sugar.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/MarchAgainstTrump
Pockaden 1 point

Being dyslexic and illiterate are two totally different things.

John-AtWork 2 points

I think he's both.

Pockaden 1 point

I think you might be speculating because you hate him.

John-AtWork 2 points

Watch some videos of him trying to read and see if you keep that opinion.

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John-AtWork commented on a post in r/Dyslexia
John-AtWork 2 points

Sure, there are audio books which will allow you to digest the book faster than if you actually read a book in the conventional sense. However, the only way to get faster at reading is to actually read. The more you read the better you'll get. I made a lot of improvements as an adult, it is a very slow process and you will need to be patient. I'm in my mid-forties now and I probably read 3x the speed I was at in my twenties.

There is no magic, but hard work does help. Don't ever expect to be as fast as a non-dyslexic person.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/politics
Cyclone_1 728 points

It is but both the USPS as an institution and its workers, especially its Letter Carriers, have been grossly mistreated since the 1980s.

John-AtWork 4 points

I agree, I love the post office, and I am very dependent on it for my mail order business.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/politics
BendakFartDriller 21,692 points

Steve Bannon is Drunk Uncle Littlefinger. Chaos is a gin fueled ladder.

Edit: Just want everyone to know mods just banned me for this comment. Citing Incivility, yet they let Trump Supporters post Gay Attacking Articles from Breibart.

John-AtWork 1 point

Wholly shit, you got banned for that! Such poor judgement by the mod who did that.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
John-AtWork 2 points

Sorry, I have to ask. If they eloped, how did she get such a lovely dress for her wedding, was it on loan from someone else?

spennyblack30 3 points

The dress and formal party was 3 months later after the family cooled down!

John-AtWork 1 point

That's great!

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/videos
AcidBurnnn 0 points

Says the guy that marches through the streets saying he hates homosexuals. You are pathetic.

John-AtWork 2 points

Congratulations, you know how to go through comment history. You should spend more time studying instead of trying to cheat your way through college.

John-AtWork commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Hello_Badkitty 51 points

Normally i would agree, however my husband is half white/ half Korean and has been told by several ppl, that he looks like Keanu Reeves. Lol he builds muscle(retains mass well) after one gym session, even though he eats like shit, he is forever buff... amazing genetics! Although he does have stinky white boy smell when he sweats Heh

John-AtWork 5 points

Keanu Reeves is himself mixed Asian/white.

[deleted] 1 point


John-AtWork 7 points

That sub is toxic.

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John-AtWork commented on a post in r/politics
zzzigzzzagzzziggy 35 points


Ruddy, the CEO of the conservative-media organization Newsmax, has emerged during the early weeks of President Donald Trump’s administration as an unofficial conduit from the official inner sanctum of the presidency to the outside world. Ruddy sees and speaks to the president frequently, and has popped up repeatedly on cable shows and in news stories as a sort of character witness for and explainer of Trump, who is a personal friend. He’s even inserted himself into internal White House conflicts.

Newsmax took Trump seriously early on, well before he finally followed through with his oft-repeated threats to run for president. “No disrespect to Breitbart—before there was Breitbart, there was Newsmax,” said the Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, who is friends with Ruddy and worked on Trump’s campaign. “Before the president was probably an avid reader of Breitbart he was an avid reader of Newsmax. Chris and the president developed a relationship several years ago primarily through and with Newsmax.”

“The only outlets who took us seriously were Newsmax, Breitbart, and Fox News,” said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump adviser. “And even Fox News wasn’t that serious about him running, they would just have him on out of ratings. Our two major outlets were Newsmax and Breitbart.”

“Newsmax is one of the earliest promoters of Trump,” said Roger Stone, the Republican operative and informal Trump adviser. “They were in fact promoting Trump for president in 2012. Ruddy has always been a Trump promoter when others were not yet taking his candidacy seriously or his potential candidacy seriously.”[1]

1. Rosie Gray, "Newsmax and the Rise of Trump," The Atlantic, March 10, 2017

John-AtWork 6 points

Interesting that Newsmax is featuring anti-trump articles, I am not sure what that means.

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