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It's something Trump wants you to believe to make you lose hope.

Look. The GOP know they should get smashed in this election, the only chance they have of winning is making the electorate believe that the game is already over.

We should be making a show of confidence that the Democrats are going to march into congress. The Republicans should be fucking terrified. This will be one of the largest defeats in history for congress. Don't be afraid of them,

Just to make this clear this isn't a "we are going to win, so I am complacent and wont bother voting". This is "we are going to win, and we are all coming for you"

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This is probably the most important voting cycle in our lifetimes. Anyone who doesn't vote in 2018 is garbage.

It's telling to me that Clinton was impeached for perjury regarding an extra-marital affair, while half the country believes Trump is committing open treason against the United States, yet there's almost no chance he'll be impeached for it.

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When this is all done it will be dozens of Republicans who have taken Russian money via back channels. The reason they are fighting so hard to protect him is that there are many more high level Republican traitors.

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No you're missing the point here, it doesn't matter WHO we vote in. Money will always buy policy decisions. You think that just because you voted for your representative or you wrote to your representative they have the authority to change their decision on a policy? Money creates policy decisions, not your vote. I don't offer a plan on how we change the current system, because frankly, it'd be ignorant and pompous of me to do so. There are many more intelligent people who are way smarter that I am. I certainly have a method, but it has a lot of flaws and complicated ethical dilemmas. I'm sure there's a better system out there that we can all create, but I can't offer that. What I CAN offer is a movement to start recognizing this problem. My comment is seeing a lot of controversial upvotes and downvotes because people DO agree with it. It just offers no solution. Like how a book offers no ending. It just offers problems -what many consider to be "self-pity" or "complaining" or "whining". The problem can't be solved by simply voting. If you really think that, you should start doing some research on campaign contributions and trend analysis of votes to dollar contributed.

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it doesn't matter WHO we vote in.

Really?!? So, there is no difference between say Trump and Bernie? As much as I hate Trump he's definitely proof that the whole system could be disrupted. Anyway, at least most people aren't as apathetic as you.

you really think Bernie got to where he is now without bending the rules like Trump did? You really think Bernie owns multiple properties as well as his newly acquired $600k beachfront home from just sitting around and being a magnanimous senator? You think the Obamas got to where they are by being a "great upstanding family"? Come on now man. I'm not saying they're bad people, I'm not even saying Trump is better, hell I voted for Clinton knowing she was a bad option -you're letting your emotions and idealism shroud you from seeing the reality of the jobs they hold. I argue it's not even their fault, the system is built in such a way that they HAVE to engage to maintain their positions. But think about it, we have political dynasties for a reason: the Bush's, the Clinton's, the Kennedy's

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Why are you even on /r/politics if you think there is no point in voting? You make no scenes.

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I hope there are massive protests and he ends up looking even more like a fool by this.

Is that 101? He could have died doing that. He must be on something strong.

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How about "traitor"?

How about "Republican incarnate"?

Edit: Downvoted only by Russians.

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What do you call that feeling when something's funny, but also incredibly sad?

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This time line.

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"This is going to go over well and it won't hurt the hotel's future earnings at all!"

16/8 is a hell of a lot easier to do I'm.

All electronic voting machines need paper receipts and a real time paper archive that can be verified by the voter as s/he casts his/her votes -- without that democracy will be at risk.

All electronic voting machines need paper receipts and a real time paper archive that can be verified by the voter as s/he casts his/her votes -- without that democracy will be at risk.

Original Poster9 points · 3 days ago

All the pics and description, my gf said i can't have it

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Need a new girlfriend then.

Original Poster2 points · 11 days ago

Does Hyperboria work online as well as off the normal internet? I've looked a little bit into it and it looks like it's just some software that you run on your machine. How does that become a robust mesh that can work in case of a corporate/government curated internet?

I've heard of meshes that work in poorer countries connected by some ISP-like companies using point to point wireless links, but I've also heard that a DIY solution can be made with a parabolic antenna combined with a sort of cantenna.

The biggest issue I've had with this sort of idea is that it's scattered across five or ten different standards or efforts. A dystopian internet future is potentially imminent; ironically, I feel there needs to be a somewhat more centralized effort, or at least a standardization, for this to work. Instead, I've heard of Hyperboria, Althea, cryptocoin-based networks, 4Chan's own ideas that never seem to take off, ideas about using ham/packet radio (which would never work because it's illegal to encrypt communications over ham frequencies), among others.

As far as I can see, Hyperboria seems to be the best effort so far, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll look into it more. I don't believe the most precious of our communications and freedom should be allowed to be limited by companies and/or governments that haven't for over a hundred years had our best interests in mind.

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Hey, you are asking a lot of the same questions I was wondering about. It sure would be nice if there were one mesh that could span the US let alone the world. It would be great if all the independent efforts could have a conference and come together on a standard. Anyway, thanks posting the questions.

I know it's probably not a popular thing to promote Pi competitors here, but the creator of the (high quality) video is literally recreating the Odroid HC-1 or HC-2. All the ports on one side, support for a fast SATA connection (instead of USB as in the video). Making things is tough and it sucks to find out there's already an equivalent on the market, but why reinvent the wheel?

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Original Poster3 points · 4 days ago

Good points.

19 points · 4 days ago

Poor Traitor 45..

The correct spelling is TRE45ON. ;)

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Wholly fuck, that is brilliant. Did you come up with that?

What language and libraries did you use?

Original Poster21 points · 4 days ago

A little understated, if trump is a traitor then congress needs to act.

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They won't act until they believe it is in their own self-interest.

Original Poster3 points · 4 days ago

Should read "Watch DT and his boss downplay collusion and treason"

Seems like a nice design, but he put in a lot of work to get that Pi's peripherals to be in the right places.


I thought this sub was going to get cleaned up and maintained. I know only 5% keep it off, but that's still something. Did the mods gain back all the weight?

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