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JonnJacob commented on a post in r/Austin
designstudiomodern 24 points

Actually, yes, according to the census, Hispanics are white.

JonnJacob 9 points

Not quite totally correct. The US census uses Hispanic an ethnic term, not a racial one.

You can be a Hispanic and fit into any racial category


mymaga -2 points

In my opinion the guy looks more hispanic than white. What's racist about that? I was responding to the person who wrote 'white people' in response to this post. I don't need to deduce or infer. If you're not seeing that 'white people' is racist, and then you want to jump on me for calling them out and sharing my opinion of what race they are, then to me it's clear you think like a liberal. You can hide behind your anonymous status but you lean liberal. It's ok. You used their playbook in responding to me.

Edit: isn't to is

JonnJacob 14 points

Hispanics can be any race

Hispanic is commonly referred to as ethnicity, not a racial category

Hell, this is even what the US census uses. Has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
jacksparrow2048 24 points

No place for pricks in medical school...reject

JonnJacob 62 points

Unfortunately there is definitely a place for pricks in medical school lol

AggressiveCoconut69 0 points

Tbh, might be because you are MD/PhD.

Most MD/PhD's I've met are total pricks. So self-absorbed and gigantic egos. Doesnt help the fact that I've heard at many schools the MD/PhD interview process is basically a PhD interview process (not all, some have totally separate), with a rubber stamped MD admit.

JonnJacob 1 point

Tbh this comment makes you seem like a total prick soooooo lol

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JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
holistic_nut 5 points

This is something I just talked to my friend (M2) about. I honestly have know idea what specialty i want to do...(EM? FM? Surgery? no idea) However, he said he feels really alone because he is interested in surgery and 60% of his class is die hard FM. Obviously FM is awesome and we need more PCPs, but he explained that he feels like he can't really bring up specializing in front of anyone besides his close friends/mentors.

He said it is mostly this way because many admissions committees are screening for students who would be perceptive to primary care. Again, this is great and schools should do this.... but it is understandable how you could end up with a 100 person class of which 50 want to do some level of primary care.

JonnJacob 1 point

Lol what school does your friend go to with so many die hard family medicine students

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
JonnJacob 3 points

Stop overthinking this

  1. Residency is still training

  2. Whatever works, you can go with a fun angle or a serious one

  3. They’re definitely not looking for a particular answer here, that’s why they leave it open ended

Source: accepted here last year

I also did not put anything about the school in the essays

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/medicalschool
AgnosticKierkegaard 14 points

M1 was plenty of fun, and M2 hasn’t been miserable. Med school being miserable is a self fulfilling prophecy. Just accepting it’ll be miserable well will lead you to having a miserable time. Spring when step rolls around will be rough, but that’s just a few months and you can do anything for a few months. Thinking med school can only suck will inevitably lead it to sucking when it doesn’t have to.

JonnJacob 11 points

Honestly I feel like this really comes down to your schools curriculum and what type of learner you are. Having so many online quizzes and random bullshit assignments plus mandatory lectures would absolutely destroy me

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
igotaboychicken 3 points

won't there be a DO disadvantage as well with the merger, competing against MDs and residency directors might still have stigma...

JonnJacob 2 points

Yes, DOs will be at a disadvantage. It's silly to think otherwise when all the merger is doing is letting MDs apply to what were once DO-only residency programs

ACMGE (MD) programs have always been open to DO students, so this will not help DO students in the short term. However, long term this will help raise the perception of osteopathic medicine as AOA residencies have historically not always been on the same level as their ACMGE counterparts

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
FAPer- -3 points

Unpopular option: Skip it.

The money loss for flights and accommodation is not that big a deal. However, the time loss (especially that you have classes) can be a big deal. I'd skip it if I can justify that it would protect my GPA.

JonnJacob 5 points

Who gives a fuck about your GPA if this gives you a wayyyyy better chance of getting into medical school lol

JonnJacob 9 points

Pay the money for the interview early (its cheaper than reapplying), and use your throwaway school as practice for your more desirable schools

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/medicalschool
GrizzlyBearrr 6 points

500+ can seem insane, but there's plenty of people who take loans for undergrad (which can be over 200k), pre-medical school programs like MS/MS or MPH (another 50k-100k), and then medical school which is usually around 160k - 200k depending on living situations.

JonnJacob 12 points

200k for undergrad seems absolutely insane

GrizzlyBearrr 5 points

Yeah, I agree but a lot of people go to private schools that can have 40k in just tuition. When you factor in living expenses, transportation, and everything else it can really add up.

JonnJacob 9 points

I don’t understand why people choose to go to those schools

spareanyexchange 28 points

TIL that video secondaries exist. Congrats!

JonnJacob 20 points

Ya they suck massive dong

spareanyexchange 7 points

Hopefully school sucks less dong :)

JonnJacob 16 points

Slightly less dong

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
GeriatricJunky 35 points

Preach cultural competency and how it’s an important part of your culture and beliefs. Is it any different than a Christian wearing a cross around their neck or a Muslim in a hijab? (I’m sorry if that wasn’t 100% culturally accurate.)

JonnJacob 8 points

I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but IMO an interview is not a time to display your religion

Some might take your faith positively, but there’s a big chance people don’t

The hard truth is professional environments are all about looking as cookie cutter as possible

JonnJacob commented on a post in r/premed
gnarleyjuude -31 points

I have quite a few friend who went to Carib and are in residency now so I believe it really is up to the individual and their performance on the steps

JonnJacob 15 points

A lot is changing with the residency merger

gnarleyjuude 2 points

Can you elaborate?

JonnJacob 17 points

Basically, merging of AOA and ACMGE residencies mean less spots that were traditionally reserved for only DOs.

More DO schools opening, plus aforementioned merger means more DO students will be clamoring for lower tier residencies

Thus, there will be even less spots for IMGs

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