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Honestly it sounds like you need to look for girls in nicer areas

Downvote me for truth

Try the 183/35 location. I’m sure they will remove anything of value from your car.

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U must have a pretty nice car

Seeing a psych in the US has nothing to do with SGU

Do whatever you want

I honestly think it's the superstars at this point. Not that 518 isn't good, but a lot of the people I've seen getting interviews have 524+. But who knows.

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It literally just depends on your school list at this point

That's what I'm hoping for but then I've been complete at UChicago since the beginning of July and people been receiving II from that school, whereas I'm just sitting here waiting ;(

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You might get an interview there or you might not. Impossible to say at this point.

If it’s a reach for you it will always be a reach, if not, you are definitely a competitive applicant and will get looks elsewhere

The main crux of competitive medical school applicants isn’t just getting in, it’s getting in where you want

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Dating a hairdresser

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Depends on the rest of your app

No one can say for sure without more info

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Without more info, the surest advice is that this is a bad idea.

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No doubt, but it’s an even worse idea to give advice without proper context

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Why is the maximum legal speed the minimum by your standards?

If legality doesn't matter then why don't we just use my standard instead? I say that if you aren't going 90 mph on Mopac then you're an asshole. We'd all get where we want to go a lot faster if everyone went 90 mph.

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Lol right, if there’s light traffic there’s no reason to even use the express lane

So shot

Just be patient, no way to tell

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Part time require a two year commitment if I’m not mistaken ... and I only plan on taking a single gap year.

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Sure it’s unethical to lie, but who gives a fuck - they will be paying you like minimum wage lol

There’s nothing stopping them from firing you at anytime during your two year “commitment” - and there’s also nothing stopping you from quitting during your commitment (sure they may be a non-compete but that will only stop you from working as a scribe elsewhere)

It’s important to always look out for yourself in this process and in generally in life. Don’t let people on the internet guilt you into not taking an opportunity to increase your chances of getting into medical school or bettering your own situation

As for the reference issues, you can always use a trusted coworker, it doesn’t have to be a superior

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I talked about the religious aspects of healthcare in an interview. Result: accepted

Irony is that I’m atheist af

Is this real? Maybe oncologists should try out chemo, too.

You sound like your only exposure to medicine has been just straight up doing drugs. You should seek help with your addiction problems and then step back and look at things with a clear head. It’s funny you don’t see the irony is passing judgement on an entire group of people for passing judgement on an entire group of people

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You sound like your only exposure to medicine has been just straight doing drugs

Actually loled

Boi you crazy

On the real you’re not gonna be able to get in with a 1.6

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As a server, we really don’t give a fuck. I treat people the same regardless of what kind of tip I receive.

But yeah, blacks people are generally not good tippers, if they tip at all

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Boi you crazy, enjoy life for the next year and slam some beers responsibly tonight

Gennessee brewery is super fun, if you’re not looking for a craft brewery

Does Gonnif hold a degree or is he solely an adviser?

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10 points · 5 days ago

Unsure, he spends a ton of time on SDN, so I would bet not

To me, it seems like a conflict of interest to offer "free" advice with the potential to get paying customers.

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I personally disagree but yolo

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I'm OOTL, I wanna get in on this drama pls

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Goro is an adcom at a DO school who is very active on Student Doctor Network (SDN) forums

He gives a lot of good advice to applicants applying to both MD and DO schools. He can be pretty straightforward, which hurts some posters’ feelings - but ultimately the advice he gives usually 100% on the mark

Gonnif is a just a private premed advisor who charges students for additional services when he is not posting on SDN. He can sometimes give good advice, but he also acts like a huge chode.

For instance, a recent comment on SDN culture: “I am brutal, honest and excessive. I recently have come to the conclusion that to get these applicants really solidly ready for the challenge of applying to medical school, the actual mechanics of applying, of how to think, of how to communicate, I have to really "slap" them about their attitude and ideas that are: far too optimistic; far too pessimistic; naive, based on conjuncture, rumor and myth, and just plain ignorant. So I view myself as the meanest, loudest Marine Drill Instructor screaming at raw green recruits until they piss themselves and soil their pants in order to save their asses when applying.”

Yikes lol

where can we contact this Goro guy?

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If there isn’t a shared bike lane or a wide enough shoulder where I can easily pass you, GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD. Imo cycling is one of the most selfish, passive aggressive things to exist. Is it irrational? Maybe. Does it throw me into a blinding rage? Definitely.

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The real fuck you is to cities who don’t provide enough bicycle infrastructure to make it safe for both cars and cyclists

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I’ve still yet to be rejected by like two schools from last cycle lol

13 points · 6 days ago

I ballparked and rounded up when unsure

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Yeah I'm just really lost on what I should put. This is directly from the UT Austin page regarding the amnesty, "Amnesty means current UT students can avoid formal University disciplinary action and the creation of a formal disciplinary record when they call for help for an alcohol or drug-related medical emergency." So since I avoided formal disciplinary action and there is nothing on my record at all, should I be good? I also don't want to have this on my conscience. I called the school, but they're at lunch rn, so I was gonna call back later.

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You are supposed to report it even if it’s not on your record

I’ll probably get flamed for this, but if it’s not on your record, then it doesn’t exist (make sure that this is definitely the case though)

I don’t think it’s wise to ever purposefully incriminate yourself

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

so you're advising that I dont report it?

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If it’s not in writing anywhere, it doesn’t sound like there’s anything to report

Original Poster3 points · 7 days ago

I just sent want to go through this whole process and not get in. I guess the neurotic premeds finally got to me

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Well it seems that you put together the best application you could, nothing else to do the at this point (if you put together a good school list)

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Your app seems good, why you tripping?

You have way too many public schools. They are in-state biased especially oregon.

Even with family ties...good luck getting into Uni of Wa / Uni of Oregon

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Yeah OP be aware family ties are okay to have, but they don’t really mean much at schools that are already OOS unfriendly

No real difference. DOs learn OMM and have a tougher time matching into competitive residencies

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Can I also ask what would be an example of competitive residencies? Currently have a passion for emergency medicine and primary care. Obviously this will likely change by the time I leave med school, but for now my most enjoyment has come from these areas.

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Interventional radiology, Dermatology and surgical subspecialties like plastic surgery, urology, etc

Also the most prestigious emergency medicine and primary care programs may not be friendly to DOs

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