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45.39gb for anyone wondering.

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Score hidden · 2 hours ago

Holy cow, i was thinking about trying it( not really my cup of tea) but that big? Its a no go for me

Ditch a bunch of free cash for doing absolutely nothing,and im gonna say nah

TBH they both sucks in their own way, only amanda is infuriating to watch or listen to because he acts like a know it all douche

Its probably a spoopy scary ghost who wants to play on ur one ;)

4 points · 1 month ago

I think it's pretty obvious why Jon wouldn't apologise for saying the N word....

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Yeah because he isnt full of shit like ariana

HOpy cows yesssss, can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy

Yes i cant stand random people following me just to invite me to play fucking fortnite

As a fan of the tales series its a must buy for me

I’m glad they took a break from the soulsborne series, shadow die twice looks amazing

You'll need an American account to redeem those, diferente currency

Tbh rocket league is the better fifa without that many micro transactions

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Username checks out

They're so fuckin lazy that they get tired from being tired, it's infuriating

I mean, It was revealed on the Xbox con so I would say that's why you're gravitating towards xbox, but besides stating the obvious getting an Xbox console is definitely a wise investment if you don't already have one, I mean I have both Ps4 and Xbox one and I rarely turn on the ps4, heck if I had a switch I would turn that even more often than the Ps4, maybe because I only play the exclusives over there but I digress, if you already have a 'next gen console' wait a couple of years to see the next Xbox console or if you want one right now you can't go wrong with the x

The best part of this is no crates, heading into the right direction psyonix

Just. A heads up, disable chat, rl has a very toxic community

Nobody dislikes arin cuz he sucks at games, people dislike him because he’s a cunt

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Pretty much sums up what's wrong with gg

If its anything like the MLS shoot out (a really old method to do pens) I'm in

The lack of solo queue and the lack of prizes really destroyed tourneys for the community

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