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JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/rantgrumps
Randomgamerc -6 points

eh funhaus suffers from the same thing roosterteeth suffered from trump derangement after he won so much of the shit they say becomes political for no reason

dear god the kingdom come review they did

JoshNoshX -8 points

That episode shows how pc culture has ruined modern day libs, aka 'progressives'

JoshNoshX 11 points

Funhaus is vastly superior tomodern day GG in every aspect

JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/rantgrumps
JoshNoshX 16 points

Arins and Jon's alttp playthrough and OoT playthrough contrast beautifully

tryforce888 7 points

Great! I'll check out the LTTP playthrough with Jon. I did watch the OoT playthrough when I first found out about the channel and found the Zelda's "Crab Dream" the funniest part of the playthrough. Thank you, JoshNoshX!

JoshNoshX 3 points

No problem man, let us know when your vid is ready, it sounds interesting

JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/rantgrumps
wariolander2398 21 points

It's common for humans to have facial hair that is a different color than head hair, I dunno what the hell Arin is talking about.

JoshNoshX 4 points

Yup, have dark brown hair and somewhat black and blonde beard, it generics I suppose

JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/rantgrumps
JoshNoshX 7 points

At least OoT was cringe watchable, mm was by far the worst of the worst when it comes to a zelda let's play, he did absolutely everything wrong and keep bitching like it was the games fault when it wasn't

Edit to your edit: fair enough, good point

JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
JoshNoshX 9 points

It is, you're enabling his toxicity therefore you're toxic yourself, just FF and move on

iggyiggz1999 3 points

How is not forfeiting toxic? You could not forfeit because you honestly don't want to without any toxic thought behind it. Not forfeiting simply isn't toxic.

JoshNoshX 2 points

He specifically says he drives around and just don't play, ergo triggering more the toxic behavior

JoshNoshX commented on a post in r/rantgrumps
JoshNoshX 34 points

Let's look at it from dans perspective, being in the background doing absolutely nothing, just saying a few non game related things, laughing here and there from the unfunny jokes, and getting an easy paycheck, why would he bother playing when he just doesn't care anymore

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