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Antiagelast -8 points

Personally, I think these allegations are false. The man has built up his career in Hollywood and as these actresses’ or actors’ (basically) protector, he wouldn’t do something like this which would in fact destroy his career (23 years ago). Also, the fact that no witnesses reported his supposed sexual harassment to the authorities is outlandish. He wasn’t standing from a very powerful position. Unless Dushku can in fact prove these allegations, I wouldn’t take her word for anything.

JournalistDude 3 points

Your immediate disregard for something you have no inside knowledge about is why this shot stays secret for so long. Do you really think she’d publicly name a guy, and both change the course of her career and open herself up to a massive libel lawsuit, to push a blatant lie? This is all anyone will ask her about for years, and it will follow her forever. Along with the legal jeopardy, it’d make no sense to do this if it weren’t true.

Hollywood has looked the other way for years, protecting people at both higher and lower levels than this guy, at the expense of much bigger actresses. Get a clue.

badgemini1979 0 points

A legit study would need to have strict controls to be credible, accurate, and valid. GTFO with that bullshit.

JournalistDude 1 point

I’m not entering it into any scientific record or research journal. It’s still worth looking at the data, which has been collected from many sources. Everyone has done it in good faith. Enjoy your Saturday!

badgemini1979 1 point

The data is easily skewed so its worthless on all levels. May as well pick #s out of a hat.

JournalistDude 3 points

Again, it’s not scientific. And you haven’t seen the data. If you have constructive criticism, perhaps an idea about how to conduct polls, I’m all ears. Otherwise, mind your own business.

JournalistDude commented on a post in r/movies
JournalistDude 4 points

The only thing that troubles me is that it's once again being put on the woman to sacrifice and atone (especially for something that was done over a decade ago). It's big of her to do this, but not every actress can afford to give up money.

When will Amazon, Sony, and frequent Allen collaborators step up and do the same thing?

JournalistDude commented on a post in r/movies
JournalistDude 0 points

Disney is starting its own streaming services, and now owns most of Hulu. Every company wants proven content. Maybe they'll work to make sure the Fox Searchlight movies don't interfere with big Disney release dates, but I can't imagine them shutting specialty studios down, especially if they don't have the Disney name on them.

That being said, Searchlight has already taken some major hits in recent years, given the shift towards blockbusters. They make fewer movies now. So big corporate consolidation, technology, and public hunger for superheroes has impacted that studio already in a negative way.

GalacticPetey 279 points

Sort of related, but not really, Shin Godzilla actually won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Picture. Not Hollywood, but still cool regardless.

In addition to being a great reinvention of the character, the film's biting satire of Japanese bureaucracy and the call backs to Fukushima, combined with Hideaki Anno's direction made for a masterful film.

JournalistDude 120 points

I loved Shin Godzilla, and it was really interesting to see how politicians reacted to it in Japan. Some saw it as a satire, others saw it as nationalistic propaganda

DennisBurger 11 points

As long as you could find a way to keep it lighthearted and fun, I’d love to hear Leland talk about any blunders he’s made in keeping track of continuity in the past and how he handled them.

JournalistDude 2 points

thats a good one, thank you!

justscottaustin -20 points

Aww! Cute!!

Look. Someone wants to talk about racism in Bright.

I myself didn't see it. Were there undertones or overtones?

Huh. Must have been super subtle. Maybe I should watch ol' Chance's thing here...

EDIT: Uh-oh. The Millennials who need a famous person with a 100 IQ to think for them are here.

JournalistDude 4 points

I think he wanted to analyze it, not just point it out

Quantum_Telegraph 1 point

I want to sign-up, but the page doesn't seem to have any links on it.

This is a great idea. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to provide this resource.

Maybe you already included it in your newsletter, but if you have not, I would like to suggest you add some mechanism by which you can take donations. PayPal is free if the payment is sent 'friend-to-friend'. Ask for $5!

JournalistDude 1 point

Ah, sorry about that! Here is the sign-up!

JournalistDude commented on a post in r/movies
JournalistDude 4 points

Forbes is the same magazine that badly miscalculated Trump's wealth for decades (or just took his word for it) and makes endless mistakes of the same ilk. It's a terrible rag with awful online contributors, hiding behind old, false prestige

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