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lol yes, tax cuts for the rich have definitely helped grow the economy for the middle class over the last 30 years. no question, trickle down economics always works, the wealthy don't just pay themselves huge bonuses and sock it in off-shore accounts and keep more of it via tax loopholes. never happens.

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i am very much employed! my paycheck went up a couple dollars every few weeks. the richest 1% of the population got 83% of the tax benefits.

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I have the red one! Had no idea it was unlicensed. Where are they initially from? I got them at the Japan Society in NYC at an event promoting Steve Ryfle's Ishiro Honda book!

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If you bought it there, it was a real one.

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I'm not sure who ran the sale — it was a booth that also sold the books and some music of Ifukube touring concert CDs haha

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