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JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/worldnews
POWESHOW44 43 points

You know that everything having to do with Manafort is not related to Trump, right? Like, this all happened under the Podesta lobbying firm and this doesn’t at all relate to Trump...

JuanPabloElSegundo -31 points

Keep telling yourself that. It's cute.

POWESHOW44 36 points

No, but seriously... your hope is that Manafort wants to avoid a lengthy sentence and flips on Trump for whatever reason, but the actual Manafort stuff is not related to Trump. This is legitimate- this happened under the Podesta lobbying group, look it up. You’ve been lied to if you think this is otherwise

JuanPabloElSegundo -18 points

Ok Trump's campaign chairman Manafort's illegal actions, plus the mountain of evidence against him, not to mention no attempt to defend [the indefensible] aren't in anyway related to Trump.

Got it.

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JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/Comcast_Xfinity
BeastModeXLVIII 2 points

I got quoted 79.95 per month a few days ago for Blast Internet at 150mbps if I downgraded from Triple Play. I currently pay $200 a month including everything. Hate it, but probably will buck up since I'll still be saving $60-$70 per month. Hate those equipment fees. Looking into AT&T DSL in my area as well. They charge $50 a month for 100mbps.

JuanPabloElSegundo 1 point

You can bring your own equipment to save on fees.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
captain150 4 points

Because those idiots want someone "new" that's not a typical politician. So they elected a narcissistic piece of shit with zero political experience as president.

It's like going to the doctor and asking to be operated on by the elementary school student not the surgeon with 20 years experience.

JuanPabloElSegundo 3 points

They want to be ENTERTAINED. That's what we've come to. When people say they want DC "shaken up" all I hear is "I want to be entertained."

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/recruitinghell
4THOT 13 points

Real question, does anyone ever give a fuck about LinkedIn? I've never heard of anyone getting a dev job because of LinkedIn. Seems really fucking stupid.

E: Thanks for all the replies dudes.

JuanPabloElSegundo 11 points

I keep my profile updated with a good description of whatever techs I may be using for keyword matches.

I publish my Google Voice number which I have directly go to voicemail. My voicemail message states pretty much what I'm looking and not looking for (contract vs hire, relocation, etc.) This way I can keep my regular phone number without it being bombarded by recruiters offering a 3 month contract to hire in BFE.

I also publish a separate email strictly for job opportunities ( to minimize spam.

Right now negotiating a sweet position that I wouldn't have found without linked in.

Other than making myself "findable" by keeping my profile updated, though, I don't look at LinkedIn whatsoever.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/FellowKids
sarkujpnfreak42 202 points

Honestly I feel like we're losing, the older generation is killing it with memes. They do it differently, they have gone beyond us, they in a different realm. Everyone is trying too hard to make dank shit now it spoils it.. but older folks don't even care they ain't even trying. And it comes out so smooth.. like damn

This whole sub is a scam .. we are the "fellow kids".

JuanPabloElSegundo 22 points

It's like dad's telling dad jokes. They know you're rolling your eyes at them but they're getting a kick out of it themselves.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
scientz 42 points

So as the projections go, instead of Seth Rich being some kind of a Democrats conspiracy, turns out the GOP has one instead? That would be too ridiculous.

JuanPabloElSegundo 32 points

That would be too ridiculous.

So then it's probably what happened.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
dick_beverson 39 points

When the president of the United States is trying to trample the constitutional rights of Americans out of racism, it is a big friggin deal, not a distraction to be ignored. We can and should be outraged for any and all legitimate attacks on our freedom.

JuanPabloElSegundo 3 points

The Republicans are using a firehose of falsehood. You're not wrong that this is important, but it's also important to stay focused on things that will have a tangible outcome.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
SwegSmeg 1 point

But in the name of fairness that's exactly what the press will do. How do you stop it?

JuanPabloElSegundo 1 point

If we're debating, and if while you're stating your side I begin to literally fling my shit at you, that does not mean we are both equal but with different view points.

Donocchio 21 points

Manafort persuaded Trump to take Pence as his VP. Manafort never does this sort of thing for free. Who paid Manafort for it, and what was the payment?

JuanPabloElSegundo 1 point

His financials during the campaign will lead to something higher up. No doubt.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
unmarrow 156 points

Russia is using American victims’ stolen identities to fund an active warfare campaign and violating the rights of American voters by hacking and vandalizing registration databases, and the president of the United States of America doesn’t give a shit.

JuanPabloElSegundo 38 points

and the president of the United States of America doesn’t give a shit.

is helping.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
tohrazul82 25 points

At its core, conservatism has its place. The idea of promoting traditional values and ideals leads to stability in a society. The problem here is that technology has caused society to advance at such a rapid pace, even a single generation experiences several changes in ideology. The ease with which we can communicate and spread ideas means traditional values have competition, and often the competition is adopted as a better set of values by younger generations who haven't latched onto, or developed respect for the traditions of older generations.

Edit: on mobile, completed the post

JuanPabloElSegundo 3 points

traditional values and ideals

I don't even know what, in a non-cynical sense, this means, anymore.

tohrazul82 3 points

That's pretty much the point. The idea is that you share the same values as your parents and grandparents. The values of your family/social group are passed from generation to generation through what is essentially indoctrination.

Think about this for a second. For the overwhelming majority of human history, technology advanced at a snail's pace. It took a long time for new ideas to come to fruition and to spread throughout society (generally speaking). This allowed distinct cultures to develop. Isolation for long periods of time lead to differences in language, clothing, culture, food preferences and styles of preparation (as examples).

Essentially, the advent of the printing press almost 600 years ago started a technological firestorm that was unheard of at any point prior in human history. Ideas could be shared faster than ever before, and shared ideas lead to greater advancement. If you had wanted to read some great work (by Plato, for instance) you would need to travel to whichever library housed the work, likely get on a list to see it (could take hours, days, weeks, months), then read it, and take notes or copy it by hand, then travel back to wherever you lived. That's a lot of effort.

A single scribe could make a copy, but that would likely take hundreds of man hours, and the result is that you might end up with a perfect copy (assuming the scribe was literate and could accurately copy the original, and didn't make alterations in the copy for some reason) or you could end up with an imperfect copy (the scribe was illiterate and didn't realize they made a mistake). In either case, this is not an efficient or cost effective way to spread ideas and information. The printing press changed all of that.

Ideas could now be shared with ease. Knowledge could easily be stored and shared with the world. We went from several thousand years of simple life: farming, having some sort of trade that took years to master, and your life was very comparable to the lives of your ancestors in terms of what you did or could do; to a time when life really isn't comparable from one generation to the next. My great grandparents grew up without cars or planes. My grandparents grew up before commercial flights were available for travel, you went everywhere by train or boat. My parents grew up in the 50's and 60's, where we can really start to see what has become modern society, but they didn't have computers or the internet. I was born in '82, and am among the last people who are old enough to remember life before the internet and computers were integrated into our daily lives. The children of my contemporaries will never know such a world. It's difficult for people of my generation and younger to share the same values as older generations because we didn't grow up in the same world.

Aspects of conservatism are dying because the world no longer supports the structures that allowed them to be sustained.

JuanPabloElSegundo 2 points

Yes, technology has assisted in the propagation of new ideas and lines of thinking. It's put cultures on the opposite side of the world within a fingertip's reach.

But if I'm understanding your well written point, it brings me back to the attempt not to be cynical on the whole "traditional values and ideals": does this mean that these newly found cultures' values need to be dismissed simply because they're not mine?

The premise of conservatism from this particular point, as I understand it, is pretty ignorant.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
hardtobeuniqueuser 28 points

i think you're looking at this the wrong way...giuliani just admitted to 50 murders the chicago pd apparently doesn't even know about yet.

JuanPabloElSegundo 1 point

...but that he does he know of these 50 murders? This smells like it needs an investigation.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
Riaayo 126 points

"To jump on board this train and give him a chance."

That line is so infuriating. He's already had his "chance" and fucked it up.

This is like someone robbing your house, and your neighbor saying "oh no dude just give him a chance (because maybe he'll wash your dishes or something)" rather than helping you or recognizing what is even going on. The dish-washing is never coming and you're actively being robbed. Except your neighbor is also being robbed, as is the entire neighborhood.

I guarantee you these guys are utterly uninformed and don't know the truth or nuance of a single thing Trump has done outside of what Fox News tells them and what Trump tweets/says. They are completely isolated from reality and don't know how hard we're all getting screwed.

JuanPabloElSegundo 3 points

They don't want a chance in the sense that you sit back and watch what happens.

They want a chance in the sense that you shut up and stay out of the way.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/bestof
CBSh61340 46 points

Stupid people do stupid things with other stupid people. How much you wanna bet the red flags were all over the place well before the baby happened, and she just ignored them or thought she could "fix him"?

How much you wanna bet the baby was an oopsie?

JuanPabloElSegundo 37 points

DUIs 1-4 should have been a clue.

CBSh61340 -1 points

2-4. Everyone makes mistakes, a single DUI is easily forgivable if it's really out of the ordinary for them - sometimes people just have a really shitty day and drink more than they intended to and the bartender wasn't doing their job and keeping an eye on them and they were drinking alone, etc.

Most people get the one DUI and get their shit together. If they have more than one on record... yeah, there's a problem.

JuanPabloElSegundo 4 points

I'm not saying I'd ostracize a person with a single DUI and agree that people make mistakes, however, in regards to a relationship it would definitely be worthy a "flag" to me.

Maybe a "yellow" flag.

JuanPabloElSegundo commented on a post in r/politics
unmarrow 12 points

Their best argument is basically that he's a fucking moron who can't vet people or spot a money launderer from a mile away when one comes to him with foreign debts up to the eyeballs and asks to manage his presidential campaign.

JuanPabloElSegundo 1 point

Even with that pathetic argument, it still doesn't explain why he didn't receive a paycheck.

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