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I like the idea, but I feel like the general public would be confused.

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Comics were at their biggest in the 80s and early 90s, they were also at their most confusing continuity wise at that point. I think it'll be fine.

Bender was more destructive and random. The demon seems more calculated with his evil ideas.

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There were a lot of evil people in Futurama:

Bender - Evil as evil can be.

Robot Devil - He did some fucked up shit to the crew.

Mom - How many times has she tried to rule the world?

Nixon - To be fair, he was less evil in the show than in real life.

Professor - Lets see, he wants to make atomic mutants, constantly sends the crew into danger, has constantly made dangerous inventions and is insane.

Robot Santa - He kills people on Christmas.

Zapp Brannigan - Brannigan's Law.

Amy's Parents - They're mostly just pricks, but still.

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I mean this is the dc vibe straight out of the comics instead of being snyders interpretation of it.

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Even the Nolan movies had that vibe. Remember Bruce joking about he's going to pin all the crimes on Alfred. Dark doesn't mean depressing. A dark Superman movie can work, if he's the light that shines through it all... like how Wonder Woman was in her movie. Hell, even on the other side, a dark Spider-Man movie can work well with a depressed Peter Parker and all - just so long as the moment he puts on that costume it all sheds away.

If you think Nolan and Snyder have the same vibe I have the feeling you are not good at interpreting vibes.

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If that's what you think I said, I have the feeling you are not good at interpreting comments.

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Harry Potter fans are primarily book fans. To me personally, everything else is essentially expensive fanfiction and my imagination while reading looks nothing like the films.

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I mean, this is written by JK Rowling, so it isn't exactly fanfiction... I understand how you feel though as I feel like the new Star Wars are fanfiction with a copyright.

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Barry is also getting a suit upgrade that is more "comic book accurate"

Nora is clingy to Barry but distant to Iris, at first anyway

Sherloque Wells is the new Wells this season

Cicada will not be a cult leader


We will learn more about how Killer Frost came to be

Iris will go back on the journalist track

Barry will have his job back

Ralph will be going deeper with his detective route

Tom will direct the mid season finale (episode 100)


Lots of deaths this year

LGBTQ character introduced

Season 5 theme is "legacy"

Younger version of The Rogues will be in this season

Vow renewal without Oliver and Felicity could happen

King Shark and Grodd in one episode in the latter half of the season


Nora's writing in her book will tie into her story and it will be figured out then

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Nora is clingy to Barry but distant to Iris, at first anyway

So, Rachel Summers?


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Don't you know who the fuck he is? He's the Brickernaut, BIIITCH!

My God. Saxton really does look like the most pathetic young lion. Suzuki would destroy him on sight.

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Suzuki is clearly a homosaxual, he would more likely want to be saxtonated upon coming in sight of Byron.

He was the best part about the first one and I would have loved to see him develop through the films as a personal antagonist of Newt’s, seeing how Dumbledore and Grindelwald already have a rivalry. A powerful, positioned man of MACUSA who joins Grindelwald because he wants to protect his own kind that badly makes for an interesting character.

Oh well, what’s done is done.

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It would be really easy to retcon in that Graves is alive. For all we know, Graves and Grindelwald only switched places in the tunnel. Maybe they had a plan, Grindelwald goes to jail publicly while Graves carries on his work in secret, gives the impression that with Grindy in jail everything is all right, so Graves work goes unhindered.

I was under the impression that Grindelwald took some of Grave's hair and just impersonated him using Polyjuice potion, maybe keeping him locked up in Nurmenguard or something.

Didn't think they were allies, or did I miss something?

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It wasn’t polyjuice, it was transfiguration. I just suggested a retcon.

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Yeah it looks incredible. I just consider the glimpse we saw in Justice League the rough concept version. This is the true Atlantis

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This is the true Atlantis

I just want to take this moment to say fuck you Namor! Your Atlantis was destroyed for the first 100 issues you were even in and then it turns out you aren't even Atlantean, that you're a mutant! Namor is a false king! Arthur Curry all the way!

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so far trusting in James Wan has not felt like a let down

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This reminds me of the old Brendan Fraser Mummy movies, like in terms of how adventurous it is in discovering new worlds and all.

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Tbh Gohan did bodied Super Buu for like 1 episode.

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That episode was so cathartic though.

I'm not entirely thrilled but if they keep the basis of what we already know about Bardock and throw in Gine, I won't be upset with the tweak. We technically haven't seen much of canon Bardock besides a single flashback. They could change it to him and Gine sending Goku off and then he rushes off to try and stop Frieza.

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the basis of what we already know about Bardock

I don't think its hard to assume he was a bloodthirsty Saiyan warlord who was feared because of the planets he destroyed in King Vegeta's name for Frieza to sell.

No I'm Green Goblin NoI'mGreenGoblinNoI'mGreenGoblinNoI'mGreenGoblinI'mGreenGoblinGreenGoblinIsMe

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No, I'm the tag team champions!

Man, a John Wick/FandF crossover could be really neat fun. Have John pick off all of the FF crew one by one until a hand to hand showdown with Tyrese in the last minute.

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John Wick is the trucker from the first one, the only one who beat Dominic Torreto.

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can we give him his fucking oscar this time

No nomination even for Split is one of the most egregious snubs in like the last decade and I don't even think i'm exaggerating. He is Lecter level in that film.

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Professor Xs always miss out on nominations they deserve.

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They totally did Gohan dirty. I get that he was never a huge fighter and his characterization did sorta make sense, but I’ll be damned if Ultimate Gohan isn’t amazing. He sorta got buffed again in time for the Tournament of Power, but didn’t really have the spotlight, I don’t think.

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Didn't Gohan become as powerful as Super Saiyan Blue?

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Goku held back as SSJ 3 because he thought Gotenks would have been able to kill Buu. Vegetto lost on purpose to save everyone inside Buu. Gotenks lost because of cockiness. Ended up getting absorbed. Vegeta let his cockiness and pride get to him like always. You could say Gohan lost because of cockiness. I think it was more that Gohan wanted to punish Cell for everything he has done and Cell just wanting to take the easy way out.

Pride has been a real downfall for all the Saiyans. Goku against Freeza, Vegeta against everyone. Gohan against both Cell and Buu. They are always stronger than the enemy but they end up gloating or wasting time. It’s why Whis resets time for Goku to kill Freeza. The only one who doesn’t seem to lose to the Pride is Future Trunks at least not when he out powers someone. He went back and pretty much destroyed the Androids and Cell before they pulled some gank crap like Freeza on Namek and Earth or like Cell against Gohan.

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I think it was more that Gohan wanted to punish Cell for everything he has done and Cell just wanting to take the easy way out.

I like to justify it as Gohan going Psycho Saiyan, he doesn't like training or hurting, but he does like adventure and fighting so when he does get training and fighting, he gets way too addicted to it and roid rages the fuck out.

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I know this has been said to death but man was I pissed when Depp's reveal happened in the first movie. I fuckin love Colin Farrell and I was so damn hyped for him to play such an important character in HP lore and then they decided to peg me right in the bum.

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There's easy ways around it if they want to bring him back for the third one, the easiest being that he and Grindelwald just swapped places when they entered the tunnel because Grindy wanted to take stock of the situation personally. Graves left and while Grindelwald is in prison, he's leading the charge. There are plenty of other ways to get around it too and I'm sure others have thought of them.

So why did they choose an actor who's like 15 years younger than Redmayne to play his older brother?

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I know you're joking but those jobs were gone anyways. Comcast would've fired people too.

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Comcast would've fired people too.

Saying that doesn't justify it. If greed weren't so ingrained in Murdoch's heart then he never would've sold.

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Murdoch has a lot bigger sins than selling Fox.

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That again doesn't justify the sale.

It'd probably break Jason too.

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Apollo Todd.

Raditz doesn't exist anymore. In the episode Frieza was revived King Yenma said Frieza was the only soul that resisted moving on and being reincarnated.

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It'd be easy to bring him back though, just use the Tree of Might or some other deus ex bullshit that can bring back personalities in new souls even if the old one's been reincarnated.

Zenkais a shit ton of zenkai boosts.

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You can tell this ain’t his first rodeo

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He just saved Nemo’s brothers.

Brought him back during Resurrection F and have him be the one who orders Frieza to train and so they both get extremely strong. Goku manages to take down Frieza, but Cold appears and Vegeta takes him down, Frieza blows up the planet and we're back to the do-over.

I'm pretty sure Vince is American

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He’s an Irish American.

"Foightal.......oops........*Fatal 5 way."

The moment Vince thought "oh, fuck him."

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Vince IS Irish, that’s the moment Kevin Dunn would’ve thought fuck him.

Hey, did you get better internet? Enough to address how her playing Dante Gill, a man she looks nothing like, is different than her playing Oprah, a woman she looks nothing like?

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Sure, but now its your abrasive attitude that makes me think that doing so will be a fruitless endeavour for the both of us. Also, I no longer want to.

And your initial response was...not abrasive?

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You and me both my man

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I just got my baby momma and my side bitch kissing.

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