Roman Reigns is the greatest wrestler of all time by whitemoonrising in SquaredCircle

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Yes but the Big Show won the WCW world title in his first night in the company, so that makes him far better than AJ Styles.

Does this bother you or not? I took it from wwe.com by SwingDingeling in SquaredCircle

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That's the dude with the beard, right? He said on the team, so, probably under that guy.

Braun's finished with Reigns by andrebelo in SquaredCircle

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He's been a face since 2017, doesn't ignore that he tried to murder Reigns at Elimination Chamber.

Comcast Bid 16% More Than Disney for 21st Century Fox, Filing Shows by Arrow2197 in movies

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Wouldn't the AT&T/Time Warner deal getting blocked increase chances of Disney/Fox? I mean, I know one's vertical and the other is horizontal, but a merger is a merge?

Roman vs Wreddit by Ingoranus1_2_3 in SquaredCircle

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You know what else should be against the rules? Roman Reigns.

Teaser poster for Halloween movie by KatanaAmerica in movies

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He escaped from a hospital in the beginning. I think that implied that he took a shit ton of painkillers.

[Spoilers] Holy. Fucking. Shit. by PrometheusIsLit in arrow

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You and I, kid? We can go places. Places that Redditors can’t even touch. Guggenheim, Prometheus, DeVoe and even Gods like Broly or Beebo- just spokes on the wheel. You and I? We can ride. We have the hustle. I have the loyalty. You have the respect.

In kayfabe, who is the worst General Manager in WWE history? by MarkMVP01 in SquaredCircle

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Worst: John Laurinaitis

Best: Eric Bischoff, God I hated this guy

*SPOILER* will be added to championship match at Greatest Royal Rumble by rockydoggy in SquaredCircle

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My bad. Should I step on my shoes? Give them to you? Here's my cars and my house, you can live in that too.