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When I was younger (say 16), I was praying devoutly to my Guardian Angel. When I woke up in the middle of the night one night, I saw a "figure" in my room standing against the wall. It was an outline in white wearing what looked like a robe covering from head to toe. I thought I was seeing things so I rolled over. Curious, I looked back again and it was still there. Five times I did this. On the sixth it just disappeared. I never thought of speaking but I want scared or anything. I truly believe he was there.

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Here's my two cents. This comes from Alexander Vilenkin, a cosmologist from Tufts University.

I quote from the article

"But now Vilenkin says he has convincing evidence in hand: The universe had a distinct beginning — though he can’t pinpoint the time. After 35 years of looking backward, he says, he’s found that before our universe there was nothing, nothing at all, not even time itself."

As we know from mathematics, divide zero by zero and you have zero. Nothing. Nothing is difficult to comprehend. Therefore, if the universe began from nothing which is impossible in and of itself then "something" had to create it. What is that something? God.

From a Catholic perspective, here's a great watch from Fr Spitzer's Universe. Start at 22:55. He just spoke about this a week or so ago. This segment is about 8 mins.

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It's not only this, but do you ever see on the news where someone's father is shot and the daughter or son is on TV saying something like "we forgive the shooter." To me, it's kind of like that...both have lost something that never should've been taken. We are commanded to forgive and ask for mercy for those who wrong us. Today, many of us don't do it. It might take time to heal, but without forgiveness and mercy, you will never heal.

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I can tell you what I've done and do. Every morning, I pray the following:

Apostle's Creed Seven Our Father's, Hail Mary's and Glory Be's

One Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be for: The Holy Father Priests and bishops To end abortion For the sanctity and holiness of family For a athiests (names included)

Deceased family members & for those in Purgatory

That the Blessed Mother protct me under her mantle, and the Memorare

That my Guardian Angel protect me under his wings and the Guardian Angel prayer

That God hasten the purification of this world

Prayer to St Michael

The angel of Fatima prayer (My God, I believe, I hope, I adore and love Thee. And beg pardon for those who don't believe, hope, adore or love Thee)

At noon the Angelus

At 3pm Stations of the Cross and Divine Mercy chaplet when I can. If I can't, I remember the Passion and invoke the Divine Mercy

In the evening, at least five mysteries of the rosary

At bed: Apostle's Creed, Our Father, Glory Be, Memorare, Guardian Angel, nonspecific prayers.

Beginning Feb 20, I will start the 33 Day Consecration to Christ through Mary

I can honestly say that these have helped me greatly through God's grace and Our Lady's intercession. I ask Our Lady to take my will and life and give them to Christ and God. And for complete trust in Christ.

I read Scripture and books like St Faustina's Divine Mercy in My Soul, and Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Don Calloway, etc.

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Oh dear lord, I so just want to give you a friendly warm embrace! To see such dedication,and love, and faithfulness just warms my heart. I have my own daily things, such as daily mass,mother Angelica, my holy water, and prayer many times throughout the day. My faith is strong,and what's keeping me alive, I so pray to be as diligent as you in the future.

God bless ya my friend. Your an inspiration!👼

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I appreciate it, but I still think it's not enough. I know that we're not supposed to ask for "signs," but I admit I did yesterday. I got it last night at Mass but didn't realize it until this morning when I read your reply. The priest's homily, in a nutshell, was about navigational aides like lighthouses and such. He said nav aides are there to help guide and if you don't have them, you can run aground. Look at Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini...they all grew up going to church but lost their anchor: prayer, narcissism, etc., and look what happened.

It didn't hit me because it wasn't really about the Gospel. Then I read your reply this morning and thought, hmm, maybe I am on the right path even though I don't feel it at times. While I have a long way to go, this is a base for me.

I realize that without prayer, like most of America, we're doomed. Look at abortion, murder, kidnappings...all that because we've lost it.

I truly appreciate your comments. And God bless you, too! I think you're on the right path, also.

(btw, I splash myself with holy water when I walk out the door and come home. And sometimes throughout the day while I am home.)

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My apologies. I misread something. Your forgiveness is requested.

Hurrah_for_Karamazov 41 points

Correct. It attaches when the person self accuses.

Jumpie -3 points

He can refuse absolution. Or as a condition of absolution, the penitent must turn himself in

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The problem with being Catholic (if you want to call it a problem) is that if you want to try and live truly Catholic (love, forgiveness, mercy, devotion, steadfast belief in teachings, a prayer life, forsaking things of the world, etc.) is that it can be lonely. Many Catholics are lukewarm and don't care about these things. Personally, I do. And, as long as I have them, I have all the friends I need.

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JasonBetts 6 points

Yes, pretzel crust and cheddar crust are gone from our menu. Now that it's 2018 I can say that 😅. But stores will continue to offer these crusts over the phone or in store, until the necessary ingredients have either run out or expired.

EDIT: Sorry I should be more clear. Yes, these crust flavors are gone nationality. But if a particular store still has the necessary materials in stock they can continue to offer them until sold out, or the ingredients expire. In addition to the crust flavors, several unpopular toppings and specialties are also gone as of today. But again, stores can keep selling until they run out. Also premium sauce. And a few WingStreet items.

Jumpie 1 point

thanks for the tip! I just ordered one online and in special request I said something like: pretzel crust if u hv.....and they did! I really appreciate it. although I'm not sure how much longer. I got lucky

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It's not just a given. Faith alone doesn't earn it.

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I never presume I will go to heaven: sin of presumption. It also takes works not just faith. Works? The Beatitudes. You must also do. Plus, as Jesus said and I paraphrase: take up your cross and follow me. I believe that I, too, must suffer. Heaven for me is not a given, but I have hope that one day I will go when I die.

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You're right. There may be advancements biochemically, but that doesn't mean the miracle would've happened to so-and-so. It's a miracle because of faith.

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Heyya there, I wanted to try and give some words from an outside perspective, I myself am not religious, nor have I ever been, I've witnessed those around me find their own happiness in whatever God's they worship but I've personally never felt the need or desire to be religious.

I wanted to start with something critical, your brother has decided that he doesn't want to be religious and I can understand your want to reconcile him with God but I don't think that's a morally good choice. People should be allowed to believe or disbelieve what they will without pressure from others, it can be disheartening or ruin a friendship when somebody tries to push you towards something and often splits two people appart further.

Personally I am a believer of science and from what science has taught me is that if given the abortion took place early enough then the baby hadn't actually formed and wasn't concious, I understand that people have their views on abortion and I respect that but try and understand from your brothers perspective what his views on it might be.

Lastly, we all make mistakes and I hope that if needed you can find forgiveness for your brother, prayers are meaningful to some but forgiveness and a clear respect and love for one another is what keeps people close.

I really hope you understand where I'm coming from, I just happened to scroll past the post on /rising and wanted to lend my own thoughts to someone whos going through difficulties.

I may not believe in a god but I believe in many teachings that a lot of religions hold. :) Have a good day/night

Edit: And that's the last time I try to talk to religious people. What you've all taught me is that religion isn't about understanding one another, it's about calling people stupid and sending people death threats. That is pitiful, maybe you all do need a god.

Edit 2: I retract what Ive said above, I've had poor conversations with religious people in the past and I've used this to tell myself that all religious people are that way, it's simply not true. To add to this I'd like to define my initial response, shorter and clearer, to this; Dear OP I am sorry for you loss, sincerely, and I hope your brother and his can find comfortability or at the least some forgiveness in themselves for what they've done if they feel it necasery. Out of respect for your religion I will pray for you, your brother and his, that you all find peace with what has happened. Again, have a good day/night.

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I respectfully disagree with this thinking. All, each and every one of us if called to worship and glorify God. That being said, continue to pray for him especially the Divine Mercy chaplet and if you can at 3pm.

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I always used to receive on the tongue and once in a blue moon via have when receiving from a Eucharistic minister. Long story short, I've been through a personal conversion of sorts and especially after reading St Faustina Kowalska's Divine Mercy in My Soul, I have greater respect for the Real Presence and now receive kneeling.

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