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Tone explains that securing Bitcoin is one of the hardest things in the world to do – much more difficult than, say, securing gold in a vault.

In fact, securing Bitcoin is as challenging as securing nuclear energy and nuclear waste, states Tone Vays. That’s because the Bitcoin can be hacked internally or externally, and it’s going to be challenging for the SEC to trust whatever company is going to be responsible for that Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin underlying the ETF gets hacked, there will be a serious problem which, naturally, the SEC doesn’t want to happen.

Trash article with trash "expert".

I’m surprised how few nodes in general there are. Shouldn’t there be like 100,000 for having dozens of millions of investors?

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These are just reachable/listening nodes.

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Full Nodes

(Original research by theymos on June 6, 2016 18:30 UTC.)

According to, there are 5834 listening full nodes. Assuming they're all using default Bitcoin Core settings, they'll each provide 117 connection slots to the network on net (125 provided minus 8 consumed). SPV nodes typically use 4 connection slots, and full nodes typically use 8. So the network can support a maximum of around 170,644 SPV nodes or 85,322 non-listening full nodes at one time.

Bitcoin Nodes: How Many is Enough? Should we be worried about the declining number of nodes?

I keep tabs on the number of full nodes via Bitnodes, which recently updated its crawling algorithm to be faster and more accurate. This update caused the number of reported nodes to drop by an order of magnitude, from more than 100,000 to fewer than 10,000 because it no longer counts nodes that do not accept inbound connections.

Total Bitcoin nodes are closer to 100,000.

You're probably joking but the profit of shareholders Won't be maintained. I actually removed most Walmart stock from my portfolio a while ago because everyone could see this coming from a mile away.

Higher prices at Walmart mean less consumption which results in lower revenues and profits. It's a bad time to hold Walmart stock.

It's far better to stay safe in Euro bonds right now. The currency crisis is already starting a new recession as we speak. Normally the USD would be safe as well. But since the US and China are in a trade war it's better to pick a third party like the EU and their currency by buying Euro bonds.

Stay safe investors, rocky times ahead.

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Also, hold some physical gold and bitcoin.

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Did you see a better video than the one on that news site? They clipped the shit out of it so you can't see what happened in the seconds before the shooting and the woman filming is more concerned about catching them pulling the trigger than her man so we don't see what he was doing most of the time.

It's entirely possible that he did something that would get a cop off and they may have counted on it as a "fear for our lives" kind of thing. i.e. he may have said "I'ma fuckin' kill you!" and reached like it was for a'd be in line with the rest of the way he was acting.

Based on the time it took for the son to fire his shotgun I'm not thinking that'll fly at all but the dad might be able to use that defense...if the full video doesn't show otherwise.

Edit: It doesn't show the shooting but it does include the dad telling him that if he comes within 3 feet of him he's going to kill him...the guy who was shot angrily yells "then shoot me!" and you can hear a heavy footstep as the son readies his shotgun right before the first two shots are fired.

Honestly, in a stand your ground state with the threats that this guy made and how big he is coupled with the warnings the shooter gave him...there's a pretty clear defense whether or not it's going to fly.

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It does, but the video shows only threats by one guy with a bat against two men with guns. That's not an imminent or serious threat of bodily harm. Stand your ground means you don't have to try to retreat to safety. It doesn't mean killing someone who is not a significant threat.

In addition, the victim's fiancee describes stepping between the victim and the accused, and them firing past her head. That's potentially negligent discharge of a firearm and demonstrates further that they did not exercise proper control. You don't shoot when you could hit someone else.

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It does, but the video shows only threats by one guy with a bat against two men with guns. That's not an imminent or serious threat of bodily harm.

I'm not so sure, a huge aggressive and violent guy with a bat yelling that he will kill you and approaching you after you repeatedly and calmly told him many times to back off, could fit the bill.

So when is the next crash coming? It dropped from $20k to $6.5k like a rock before. I don't believe that the current support at $6k is natural. When exchanges claim of being hacked, like the recent hack event which is a lie, it means their price manipulations took a wrong turn and they suffered big losses.

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And this sub is on track to reach 1 million members before this year's end.

How do you get the marker like that?

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I love taggers!

These are useful tools to identify or filter out trolls and bots:

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“Our concern with these tariffs is that the U.S. will be hardest hit, and that will result in lower U.S. growth and competitiveness and higher prices for U.S. consumers,” the company said in a letter to the U. S. Trade representative. “The burden of the proposed tariffs will fall much more heavily on the United States than on China.”

The U.S. ran a $233.5 billion deficit in goods trade with China during the first seven months of the year, an 8 percent increase compared with the same period in 2017.

So far, Trump's strategies are backfiring from all possible angles against the US. It's as if Putin would be dictating those strategies himself.

These are not Russian bots. This is coming from a tweet that Ted Cruz sent out, where it let you click a button and automatically tweet this message. These people are paranoid, delusional and have Russia on the brain.

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Nice try, Russian bot!

I love taggers!

These are useful tools to identify or filter out trolls and bots:

He was talk about ecoin,Can anyone plz tell me what is ecoin ?

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Centralized government coin, like 'Petro' in Venezuela.

Don't post this fud articles. 99.999% of terrorism is funded with fiat government money.

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