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as a suffer of PTSD, I can tell you the number one way to get through the fog is to talk about it. Talk about it with anyone. You dont have to give details, but you have to talk. I can give you the name and number to a retired USAF Captain who authored a manual on PTSD. Dont ignore it. I lost a dear friend last week to mental instability.

know the vocab and formulas. if you learn that you are golden

its probably used to determine your course of study and ability to devote time to your education. dont be offended. Be thankful they care enough to ask questions to make you successful.

MS pays more. plus you can teach on the side

I hope for the sake of future students that they are moving away from the CIW certs. They're the worst part of WGU IT degrees. 6 year old info and poorly worded test questions that lead to a certification that nobody cares about

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could not agree more. CIW is as irrelevant as learning to make ice cream. Horrible exam and zero worth in the real world. They are so bad that the main person in charge makes pottery on the side and is not even a full time person.

I took both of these outside of WGU, hated them both. The first three chapters are the same. The number one thing that helped me was to realize there is a difference between economics and accounting. Economics takes into account things that you can't necessarily put a price on, like happiness. Know the vocabulary really well. Those vocab words tell you what should happen is something goes up or down or stays the same and how it will affect something else. kee in mind everything has a cost, but not a price. That cost could be time, happiness, or simply just not wanting to do something. we sometimes call this an asshole tax. i would not do work for guy1 at normal rates, but at four times the rate i might.

economics is not easy because you are trying to find a common form of evaluation between things that are not common.

I learned the vocab and did just well enough to have passed each course. Thank God I never have to take either again. If the course is using Pearson text, its even worse. call your course mentor and book time with them. They should be able to explain everything you need.

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Got it. Part of the deal was purchasing some spare switches and other hardware with the money saved from using the 3rd party as a supplier, so we will have some extra hardware laying around In case of a physical issue.

So if I’m understanding what you’re saying correctly, when i buy the contract from CDW it’s relatively useless as CDW is the one providing the hardware warranty as Cisco won’t register it (provided the have the necessary replacement hardware) and not the manufacturer?

In that case, wouldn’t that Insinuate that a CDW warranty/service plan and a Smartnet contract bought via CDW are essentially the same thing at different price points? Not that I expect you to be an expert in CDW’s business practices, just curious why they would even sell smartnet if it’s essentially a CDW service plan with a different SKU.

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we buy used throw away 2960s switches for harsh environments. they cost about 200.00. every one we have received looked like it came straight from cisco, down to sealed bags and everything. we keep a copy of the config on hand if we have t replace one. Point the switch to a TFTP server and its up and running.

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The info is much appreciated. That makes a lot of sense.

So theoretically, if you bought from a 3rd party who bought from a 3rd party, there could be a chain of 3rd parties all required to contact each other until the reseller who actually purchased the equipment from the original authorized partner is contacted, and then sends the necessary info back down the line? That sounds like a special kind of hell.

The gear was sold to us as “new”. I can’t confirm this by any means, but it appeared to be packaged and stickered like every other unit I’ve opened that was purchased from a partner/reseller. One strange thing I did find was that they all had European style power cords (we’re in the US) packaged with them. The 3rd party included the required cabling, but they still came with the euro one sealed in the box.

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what IOS is it running? typically a refer will fun the LAN-Lite, as it is the free base image. Once they are setup for resale they are wiped and this is the only image people have access to put back on it.

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aaa authentication serial console LOCAL

username "username" password "password" privilege 15

drop the " "

that should work and is what i use as a backup login for local authentication.

I went through that with one of my math courses. The math help line almost begged me to call so they would not be board all days. I started looking like this, They have a passion for their job and I was robbing them of their happiness. I goth through math and felt as though I helped them a little as well.

i would email the course mentor and ask them

i carry a copy of my pay stub and a picture of my wife and kids. seems to work so far. three classes to go

personally i would send an email to the course mentor or call the writing lab and ask them. Better to get it right the first time.


Been waiting a few weeks to be able to post this. Used Boson, and Wendell Odom. Did the Boson labs and one practice test. Scored a 60% on Boson, that worried me. I figured I'd give it a shot anyway because I knew that I knew the information. I did not find the test difficult and used about 45 minutes. I was relieved to find that the wording of each question was straight forward and very clear as to what was being asked. On to ICND II


Got my ICND1 booked for the 21st of July. Currently watching the cbtnuggets videos, and making notes as I go.

Any advice?

Are the Boson practice labs good?

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CBT nuggets is good but does not list specific detain information. If you read the book and watch the videos you should be good. I got a 60 on the pretest via Boson and passed with ease. The NDA I had to sign keeps me from going into much more detail. know how to subnet

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Well, the Automoderator removed your post as too many people reported it. I guess you really told that script off.

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its the thought that counts

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a picture of a girl holding a sign that said "stop killing alligators to make gator-aide."

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I think you might be in the wrong subreddit.

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no, I like to add humor to the WGU subreddit. Things get a little uptight in here. I figured something funny could help ease the tension.

I switched to NOS this spring and I’m planning on transferring back to my BSIT program in July. It seemed that nearly every instructor and my new mentor urged me to go at a snails pace with the NOS program and that many students falter on the Cisco courses.

While that wasn’t too scary my progress slowed quite a lot because I was over studying for everything afraid to fail. I lost the momentum and excitement I had my first semester. Eventually I realized I want to study for the Cisco certainly when/if I’m actively utilizing the knowledge and I can devote some time to them. Studying while working full-time and working in a totally different area of IT was just too much for me.

Because you can only change your degree between semesters be certain you are ok with it impacting your progress. Then again, maybe it will be more intuitive for you!

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you are so correct. All i have left is the CIsco stuff. CCENT was not that hard. I think Net+ was harder. CCNA is killing me. CCENT and CCNA use the windel odom book and CBT NUggets. CCNA is a lot of theory. WGU uses a 24 week schedule which is rather slow compared to other courses. I have not run into any issues with the course mentor not allowing me to do as many chapters per week as i wanted to.

Just wait til you get to CCNA Security and find that all the official resources are only going to get you 70% there. :)

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yeah, I've decided to go to a training class to get through it. I dont think i have it in me to read another Cisco book.

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CompTIA are some of the worst tests out there. Not because of the material you have to learn, but the wording of their questions. What I found with CompTia is that if you purchase THEIR learning system/practice test, your odds go up. I think its because they give you the same horrible type questions. Good Job getting through it. hit Net+ and then start the Cisco stuff as a lot of the information will carry over and be fresh in your mind.

yeah its hard. nobody knows what you are capable of. You might not be able to add 2+2, then again you might be like Albert Einstein. take a look at some of the certs required, pick one and see if you can pass it in 2-3 moths before you start. I know people who passed everything up until they hit certs from Cisco and had to drop out or pay 3500.00 for cisco training. Do you have access to server images that you can play with? have you loaded Linux? I dont mean to sound rude, but you are kinda of shitting on my career field. NO, not everyone can work in IT.

dont be late and take a bath every day. Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled and comb your hair / maintain a casual haircut. Those are some of the biggest issues we have with the younger workforce. and no im not kidding.

one thing i have learned is, if it is not stated in the requirement then you can make up anything you want. you can build your capstone off of whatever you decide the determining factors were for a decision. Once you get over that hurdle its not that bad. Write it like you know what happened if they dont tell you the information you are looking for.

I would say take the comp tia a+, net+, and sec+ and see if you still like the network side of things. those four exams will transfer for credit and will test your resolve. If you still want to pursue the security track at that point, start your cisco stuff as the comp tia tests flow into it. good luck.

Net+ material is great to know. Provides a great foundation. The test for Net+ is awful. Its almost like they spent more time trying to figure out how to word questions so you could not provide the correct answer. It also uses cisco configs as a ref for some of the questions. CCENT I found to be a clearly worded test that actually tested my knowledge and no trick questions. I would do CCENT and then CCNA. A lot of people have issues with the Net+ due to the wording, but its not hard material.

you will be fine. The word problems are a pain but if you have a good base then it is doable. plan on it taking 8-10 weeks though. Call the math help line and they will basically give you each of the formulas that all the word problems fit into. You can't pass the OA without being able to do the word problems.

they take the full amount for the first term and you pay the difference within 10 days of the second term. GI Bill should cover the full tuition of each term and you should get money back if you use the Pell grant first with the GI Bill being used second.


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