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KBowTV commented on a post in r/breakingbad
spookyspicy 25 points

I don't know if many people love Mike and Gus like I do. Skinny Pete is always a great guy and he doesn't get as much screentime. Saul, he's probably not underrated in the fan community, but in the actual show folks certainly don't appreciate him enough :(

KBowTV 8 points

Saul Goodman, 100%, is my favorite character! I know what you mean though, everyone else kind of sleeps on him

KBowTV commented on a post in r/news
KBowTV 6 points

"Wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older."

-Avicii, 'Wake Me Up'

Yaeyama -3 points

God I hate everything about that song and that video. Cringe fest.

That being said, RIP.

KBowTV 2 points

I liked the chorus, haha. RIP.

regressionsimulator 5 points

Definitely agree with a lot of the ones mentioned here. A personal favourite is "Varmints" - Purely because it showed a much more emotionally vulnerable Princess Bubblegum that was never really apparent in the series before. Certainly made her character a lot more endearing in my opinion.

KBowTV 1 point

Love it!

Foooood11 5 points

"I Remember You" or "Simon and Marcy." I love the whole Ice King arc.

KBowTV 1 point


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KBowTV commented on a post in r/rickandmorty
bean_germinator02 63 points

It’s weird that Dan Harmon considers it his least favorite episode. I think he’s on record saying he hates the episode. Strange to say the least

KBowTV 49 points

If Im correct, It's because of the way the story line was written. It doesn't follow his usual formula like all other episodes do. I still liked it though, and great work OP

StopTheDamnTrainCJ 1 point

Airborne type 100 w/ rapid fire & ext mags


Streaks:Artillery,Para’s & BT Gunner

Literally all you need to drop 100+ kills

KBowTV 2 points

Agreed. I LOVE high fire rate SMGs (Tommy and waffe), but my god I love the range and accuracy of the type 100. I hate that it has a relatively high TTK, but it does extremely well overall at nearly every range

KBowTV commented on a post in r/yesyesyesyesno
KBowTV 265 points

Hey, I just wanted to say that I saw a video on cheating arcade games like this by a YouTuber named Mark Rober. Apparently there's a setting which the owner of the machine can change which will make the grip loosen up and only actually give a reward after the games been played many times to ensure they get a good return on investment. It sucks, I wish I knew that like...10 years ago. Great job though, she's definitely got the skill!

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