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KBowTV 13 points

I put a blue light filter on all my devices. It eliminates the blue light coming from your screen (or at least some of it) which is one of the reasons people can't fall asleep right away after using them. It truly works wonders for my sleep and I highly recommend.

TourGoat 23 points

I have a notebook where I spend 10-15 minutes writing about my day - things I want to remember to share with someone such as my mom or my SO (LD relationship), things that made me happy/things I'm grateful for, things that I know I'll dwell on while trying to sleep, sometimes even things I want to remember for the next day. It doesn't help me plan or prioritize but it does release things from floating around my head, and it puts me in a positive frame of mind before I sleep. (The positive stuff is the most important for this!)

Another thing to note - I turn off all my overhead lights and write/get ready for bed using a lower light lamp. I found that overhead lights keep me awake but dim light is a cue now for me to wind down to sleep.

KBowTV 1 point

That's a good idea! By the way, does LD mean 'long distance'?

livyy525 1 point

I read and pet my dog. And eat lots of chocolate.

KBowTV 1 point

You eat lots of chocolate with your dog? I don't think that's healthy

Edit: You ---> your

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ReavesMO 3 points

Could be shit kratom. It's all over. I get crap batches all the time. I won't even order over 50 grams anymore, usually just 25g at a time because there are so many duds.

I'm amazed when I hear people talking about kratom like they get the same great effect day in and day out for years at a time. I don't see how that's possible because I've yet to find a vendor that can provide that type of consistent quality.

Then you come online and people are like, "Oh it's just your tolerance, quit taking it for a week." No, that's not what's going on. And when you get duds, simply taking more never fixes it. If it sucks at moderate dosages it'll suck even more when taking a ton.

KBowTV 0 points

I've had great consistency with Mystic Island Kratoms. Their selection is pretty solid and they have a deal going on right now where you can get a kilo (1,000g) for $61. I called them to help me place an order recently and they're very friendly and inviting as well. I've enjoyed using their Kratom and so far it looks like I'll continue to 👍

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Queen_Jezza 26 points

most games opt only for full support of the Xbox controllers, this says a lot.

Well, PS3 controllers were never supported for PC and were pretty hard to get working. So probably a lot of people got used to using xbox controllers from that which is why it's still what most people use.

I use a DS4 though, the touch thingy works as a trackpad for the mouse which is fantastic.

KBowTV 3 points

No freaking way! Any software needed to make the DS4 work? I'm a huge Xbox controller fan, but the mouse feature is turning me on lol

KBowTV commented on a post in r/WWII
KBowTV 2 points

I'm not joking when I say I would literally throw you a few bucks over PayPal to make an emblem for me like this. I wish there was a way to transfer emblems

KBowTV 6 points

Holy shit, these are AMAZING! I Love your signature 'BC' hidden in each photo, very well done!

KBowTV commented on a post in r/rickandmorty
Lockhartsaint 203 points

This is adorable. You guys are adorable.

Seriously, I'm going to sleep after this and couldn't be happier. Thank you for the vibe!

KBowTV 2 points

Youre the best, yogi.

KBowTV commented on a post in r/WWII
KBowTV 1 point

GT: KBowTuning

Xbox one

The contracts were "45 kills in any mode, 55 kills in TDM, and 35 kills in war" I purchased each of them at least 5 times.

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DGAF_AK87 15 points

Looking at the list, times are suffering because of traction and only a track thats .64? Thats going to give an advantage to higher traction cars for a good moment. Honestly this list just proved why i like broughy1322 even more. He actually has different tests and he tests the thoroughly. This just seems lack lustered and rushed.

KBowTV 6 points

While I do appreciate OPs effort, I do have to agree with you.

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John_Wilkes 18,794 points

When humans started farming, blue eyes in humans hadn't evolved yet.

KBowTV -2 points

So if 2 people with blue eyes get together, it's technically incest?

Oh boy ...

Toby_Forrester 3 points

Incest only happens between close family.

KBowTV 1 point


I mean... oh, awesome!

KBowTV commented on a post in r/WWII
[deleted] 51 points

The winter drops in general are pathetic. Emblems EVERY DAMN TIME. Getting to the point that I feel like quitting trying to get the drops because I never get anything worth having

KBowTV -3 points

Right! I have received a certain variant of the Gewhr 43 (the Kapitan) three different times now. That's too much, man! Not to mention that these winter bribes seem to be a bit harder to get that the winter supplies, but I seem to be getting worse stuff out of them (Not including the duplicates I get as well...)

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