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Kalkberg 3 points

My advice would be to check flight options to a few of your most common destinations. Odds are, if you limit yourself soleley to a single airport in any of the bigger towns (Zootown/Bozo) you'll have to spend a day flying somewhere you need to be. That might be a problem.

The solution? Move to Butte. You'll be within 90 minutes of four airports, giving you plenty of options. Cheap housing, beautiful city center, decent breweries, an emerging art scene, and close to anything you'll ever want to do in the outdoors. With the added bonus of not having all the trails swarmed with people, like all the other Montana towns.

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Kalkberg 2 points

I'd say the first step is figuring out how much of a pay cut you would be willing to take. That will eliminate a lot of industries.

I'd guess Data Science/Data Visualization would be your best bet. Plenty of transferable skills, especially if you hit the books.

If you have remote sensing skills on top of programming, there are well paying opportunities from startups to large corps. That will take a bit more studying beforehand, depending on your background in this area, and some hunting.

If you have the above, and can get TS clearance (No pot smoking in the last few years is a major hurdle for many geologists) go for DoD or intelligence jobs in image analysis. Good pay, stable work.

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bigskyguy1978 3 points

I’m surprised Tech is facing the problem of declining enrollment. It’s a STEM school, and STEM is all the rage these days.

Kalkberg 7 points

Most of the drop in enrollment is from the petroleum engineering program crashing due to low oil prices. Without that, enrollment would be flat or just slightly down.

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chamcook 1,471 points

The British meanwhile just asked the locals...

This is supposedly how Canada got its name: Brits asked "what do you call this place?" meaning "Land" and the Indeginous folks answered "kanata" meaning "this village". Or so our legends go...

Kalkberg 98 points

Nah man, Canada only got it's name with the signing of The British North America Act, 1867. The representatives of the Francophone and Anglophone colonists couldn't agree on what to call the new colony. After watching them argue for a while, the Brits just threw up their hands and made the representatives choose letters out of a bag. A guy from Ontario picked letters, while a guy from Quebec recorded. Legend has it, the conversation during the process went something like this:

Ontarian- "C, eh?" "N, eh?" "D, eh?" "What we got there Pierre?"

Quebecker- "CANADA!"

Kalkberg 3 points


Python with matplotlib (left panel) and cartopy (right panel)

Some touch up work in Illustrator

Data Source:

Fun idea given to me by a friend.

theramenrater 2 points

These are scored by the quarter point. When I give a 3.5 and it is rounded to a 4,this is worthless. It's like taking a C grade and making it a B grade. Would like to see my scores handled a little more accurately.

Kalkberg 1 point

I don't round anything. For example, the average for Japan is 3.981605113636364, and that's the value I use when generating the plots. I SHOULD be rounding it to a 4.0 to maintain the number of significant figures you use, but I don't for the sake of accuracy.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making your data accessible!

xsoulfoodx 3 points

Ramen as in packed instant noodles?

Kalkberg 2 points

You got it.

Eticology 3 points

South Korea isn't even colored on this map. They do have good ramen, I'm just doubting the legitimacy of this data due to there being several errors.

Kalkberg 3 points

Yah, it's all just one guy's opinion. So pretty biased overall. Plus low sample sizes make it problematic. I'd guess South Korea isn't colored because the shape files I used to make the map have it listed as "Republic of Korea", so it doesn't match up with the ramen review database.

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CelibatePower 9 points

That's pretty amazing story and interesting to say the least. I'm not a Marxist. I'm all for capitalism, I believe if you start a fair business pay your employees Fair wages, run an ethical and moral company that empowers people the environment in the world I'm all for it., but when you worth 95 billion, that is like Donald Trump x 20.

95 billion dollars and the drivers are still racing through the streets like cocaine-fueled NASCAR drivers. Sing Story to say the least thanks for sharing.

Kalkberg 10 points

Let's say you have two companies: Company A, which treats it's employees well, and Company B, which drives it's employees into the ground, thereby maximizing profits. In an ideal capitalist society, Company B will always out compete Company A. It has more profits, so can invest more money into infrastructure, R&D, and whatever. After it achieves market dominance, it can also hike up prices, pay off the government to eliminate competition, and cut spending, channeling profits solely to the owners. This is how capitalism actually works.

If you want good conditions for workers like yourself, you really SHOULD be a Marxist. I'd argue that one thing Donald Trump is right about is basic negotiating tactics. In the real world, you will never get everything what you want. But if you stake out a radical position, you'll get more of what you want than if you start negotiations on a compromise. So if you start by saying you want good wages and fair treatment of workers, you'll get mediocre wages and occasionally non-awful treatment of workers. If you say you want to overthrow the capitalist system and institute broad-based workplace democracy, you might actually get a result closer to what you're looking for.

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jorgp2 -29 points

Well considering Texas is one of the more liberal and open minded states, with a large population and varied culture.

But yeah, at least were not Montana or Missisipi.

Kalkberg -1 points

How many of your state reps organize events for the IWW? Mine does. If you're going to complain about people painting your state as radically right wing, you shouldn't do the same to others. Montana is similar to as every other state - left wing cities chained to a right wing countryside. Except our liberals are as anti-corporate and anti-establishment as they come.

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TheBurningEmu 14 points

Previous thread

It's been a long time since I made anything here, but I was randomly going through some of my old posts and this seemed oddly relevant with the fires raging right now.

We'll send you help with your fires, but we're still a bunch of isolationist bastards.

Kalkberg 1 point

Montanans keep complaining about Californians, but they still vote for them!

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kered1996 2 points

I'd love to have some beers with him.

Kalkberg -1 points

From everything I've read, a typical meal or drink with Trump involves:

1) One to two hours of Trump talking about how awesome Trump is. All attempts to change topic are ignored.

2) Trump stiffing his guest with the bill.

If that's your jam, more power to you.

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The1trueboss 1 point

I don't think statehood will ever happen. Chances are it would mean 2 more democratic senators and at least one rep, which since the house is locked at 435 one state would lose one, not sure if they would get more than one representative. This would drastically change the balance in the senate and affect anything that requires a simple majority.

Kalkberg 6 points

Yah, it's kind of depressing. The Republican party would never give the Democrats such an institutional advantage. With 3.4 million people, they'd get 4-5 reps in the house, which would really throw a wrench into the works of Republican gerrymandering plans to win house majorities despite losing the popular vote. To be fair, the Democrats would do the same thing if they had the power, but it doesn't make the whole thing any less terrible for our country

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Roundaboutsix 166 points

Trump long bragged about how intelligent Jared, Ivanna and Don Jr. were... now they seem on a determined race to the bottom of the pit of ignorance. How stupid can you be to use your private email for official business after hearing Trump blast the practice endlessly. What a vapid, embarrassing family. In the sixties JFK and Jackie gave us Camelot. The Trump clan is giving us Scam-a-lot!

Kalkberg 59 points

Why did Jared do something he saw Hillary persecuted for doing? Because the rules never apply for the children of the 1%. Jared has lived a life where there are no consequences for malfeasance. Hell, his father in law got bailed out by New York bankers after failing to run multiple businesses. I'm sure Jared thought that this email thing wouldn't be a problem for HIM, if he thought about it at all.

Now that the Trump/Kushner family is in the White House, all of the sudden, there are consequences to their actions. They can't just do anything they want and let lawyers and media spindoctors fix everything. That's a huge part of why the White House has been such a mess: this is the closest any of them have ever come to living in the real world. A world where words, and actions, have consequences.

rp-one -6 points

TIL....Occasionally using a private email is roughly equivalent to routing tens of thousands of confidential emails through a private, unsecured email server running in your bathroom....

Kalkberg 5 points

Same problem - both Hillary and Kushner tried to skirt federal record keeping laws. The only difference is the magnitude of the malfeasance. I'm sure Kushner would have kept using his private e-mail if his lawyers didn't point out the problem, and would have ended up with thousands of emails in an unsecured server by the end of Trump's term.

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Kalkberg 3 points

I'd agree with /u/tempo_typo. The job market is pretty similar, though geophysicists may have a slight edge. If you're a structural geologist, you should have enough geophysical background when you finish school to be able to learn what you need to get a geophysics job. More qualitative types (e.g. oldschool seds) would have a harder time. Geophysicists becoming geologists can be either easy or impossible depending on their experience, background and interests.

The main difference is if you are planning to go into a graduate program. (e.g. get an MS and go into industry) Geology grad programs are WAY more competitive than geophysics positions. In my (limited) experience, geologists usualy turn away potential students. Geophysicists seek them out. So if you go the geophysics route, you can get into a MUCH better school with the same academic record. That means better contacts for a better job when you finish.

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UrbanDryad 17 points

There is no legal requirement for jobs to give time off.

Because this is America and we don't believe in that liberal nonsense. The market will fix it. Companies that accidentally kill all their employees will naturally go out of business.

Kalkberg 10 points

Because this is America and we don't believe in that liberal nonsense. The market will fix it. Companies that accidentally kill all their employees will naturally go out of business hire new employees at lower wages and increase profits.


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[deleted] 1,872 points


Kalkberg 21 points

I was talking to one of my elderly friends a few months ago. She starts rattling off how she's making more money in retirement than she did working. I asked her how she managed to do it.

She says "Easy, just save half of your income."

I respond with "Ok, how would you recommend I do that? Rent and utilities are half of my income, and I live in one of the cheapest places in town while making a decent salary."

What does she respond with? "Oh, yah, your generation's screwed."

Thanks lady.

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Skensis -19 points

I don't know why people think pensions are so great, they tie you down to were you work and make finding new work harder as you will lose out on the accrued value of that pension. You also get royally fucked if your company fails to properly fund your pension.

Kalkberg 25 points

Unless it's a government run pension system. Then you can move between organizations at will, and are only screwed if your country collapses, in which case you'd be screwed regardless.

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terablast 9 points

The man happily threw sick people in front of a bus to make a buck.

Those with insurance got the drug anyway, and those without could get it for free from the company.

So the ones getting screwed were the insurance companies, not really the sick people.

Kalkberg 2 points

The price hike contributed to increasing premiums for everyone with insurance.

Higher drug prices -> higher cost to insurance companies -> higher premiums for consumers.

So he wasn't just screwing sick people. He was screwing everyone with health insurance.

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