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Kalkberg 3 points


Python with matplotlib (left panel) and cartopy (right panel)

Some touch up work in Illustrator

Data Source:

Fun idea given to me by a friend.

theramenrater 2 points

These are scored by the quarter point. When I give a 3.5 and it is rounded to a 4,this is worthless. It's like taking a C grade and making it a B grade. Would like to see my scores handled a little more accurately.

Kalkberg 1 point

I don't round anything. For example, the average for Japan is 3.981605113636364, and that's the value I use when generating the plots. I SHOULD be rounding it to a 4.0 to maintain the number of significant figures you use, but I don't for the sake of accuracy.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making your data accessible!

xsoulfoodx 3 points

Ramen as in packed instant noodles?

Kalkberg 2 points

You got it.

Eticology 3 points

South Korea isn't even colored on this map. They do have good ramen, I'm just doubting the legitimacy of this data due to there being several errors.

Kalkberg 3 points

Yah, it's all just one guy's opinion. So pretty biased overall. Plus low sample sizes make it problematic. I'd guess South Korea isn't colored because the shape files I used to make the map have it listed as "Republic of Korea", so it doesn't match up with the ramen review database.

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Kalkberg commented on a post in r/amazon
CelibatePower 9 points

That's pretty amazing story and interesting to say the least. I'm not a Marxist. I'm all for capitalism, I believe if you start a fair business pay your employees Fair wages, run an ethical and moral company that empowers people the environment in the world I'm all for it., but when you worth 95 billion, that is like Donald Trump x 20.

95 billion dollars and the drivers are still racing through the streets like cocaine-fueled NASCAR drivers. Sing Story to say the least thanks for sharing.

Kalkberg 14 points

Let's say you have two companies: Company A, which treats it's employees well, and Company B, which drives it's employees into the ground, thereby maximizing profits. In an ideal capitalist society, Company B will always out compete Company A. It has more profits, so can invest more money into infrastructure, R&D, and whatever. After it achieves market dominance, it can also hike up prices, pay off the government to eliminate competition, and cut spending, channeling profits solely to the owners. This is how capitalism actually works.

If you want good conditions for workers like yourself, you really SHOULD be a Marxist. I'd argue that one thing Donald Trump is right about is basic negotiating tactics. In the real world, you will never get everything what you want. But if you stake out a radical position, you'll get more of what you want than if you start negotiations on a compromise. So if you start by saying you want good wages and fair treatment of workers, you'll get mediocre wages and occasionally non-awful treatment of workers. If you say you want to overthrow the capitalist system and institute broad-based workplace democracy, you might actually get a result closer to what you're looking for.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/polandball
jorgp2 -23 points

Well considering Texas is one of the more liberal and open minded states, with a large population and varied culture.

But yeah, at least were not Montana or Missisipi.

Kalkberg -1 points

How many of your state reps organize events for the IWW? Mine does. If you're going to complain about people painting your state as radically right wing, you shouldn't do the same to others. Montana is similar to as every other state - left wing cities chained to a right wing countryside. Except our liberals are as anti-corporate and anti-establishment as they come.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/stateball
TheBurningEmu 13 points

Previous thread

It's been a long time since I made anything here, but I was randomly going through some of my old posts and this seemed oddly relevant with the fires raging right now.

We'll send you help with your fires, but we're still a bunch of isolationist bastards.

Kalkberg 1 point

Montanans keep complaining about Californians, but they still vote for them!

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/pics
kered1996 -1 points

I'd love to have some beers with him.

Kalkberg 0 points

From everything I've read, a typical meal or drink with Trump involves:

1) One to two hours of Trump talking about how awesome Trump is. All attempts to change topic are ignored.

2) Trump stiffing his guest with the bill.

If that's your jam, more power to you.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/pics
The1trueboss 0 points

I don't think statehood will ever happen. Chances are it would mean 2 more democratic senators and at least one rep, which since the house is locked at 435 one state would lose one, not sure if they would get more than one representative. This would drastically change the balance in the senate and affect anything that requires a simple majority.

Kalkberg 6 points

Yah, it's kind of depressing. The Republican party would never give the Democrats such an institutional advantage. With 3.4 million people, they'd get 4-5 reps in the house, which would really throw a wrench into the works of Republican gerrymandering plans to win house majorities despite losing the popular vote. To be fair, the Democrats would do the same thing if they had the power, but it doesn't make the whole thing any less terrible for our country

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/nottheonion
Roundaboutsix 169 points

Trump long bragged about how intelligent Jared, Ivanna and Don Jr. were... now they seem on a determined race to the bottom of the pit of ignorance. How stupid can you be to use your private email for official business after hearing Trump blast the practice endlessly. What a vapid, embarrassing family. In the sixties JFK and Jackie gave us Camelot. The Trump clan is giving us Scam-a-lot!

Kalkberg 59 points

Why did Jared do something he saw Hillary persecuted for doing? Because the rules never apply for the children of the 1%. Jared has lived a life where there are no consequences for malfeasance. Hell, his father in law got bailed out by New York bankers after failing to run multiple businesses. I'm sure Jared thought that this email thing wouldn't be a problem for HIM, if he thought about it at all.

Now that the Trump/Kushner family is in the White House, all of the sudden, there are consequences to their actions. They can't just do anything they want and let lawyers and media spindoctors fix everything. That's a huge part of why the White House has been such a mess: this is the closest any of them have ever come to living in the real world. A world where words, and actions, have consequences.

rp-one -7 points

TIL....Occasionally using a private email is roughly equivalent to routing tens of thousands of confidential emails through a private, unsecured email server running in your bathroom....

Kalkberg 4 points

Same problem - both Hillary and Kushner tried to skirt federal record keeping laws. The only difference is the magnitude of the malfeasance. I'm sure Kushner would have kept using his private e-mail if his lawyers didn't point out the problem, and would have ended up with thousands of emails in an unsecured server by the end of Trump's term.

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Kalkberg commented on a post in r/geologycareers
Kalkberg 2 points

I'd agree with /u/tempo_typo. The job market is pretty similar, though geophysicists may have a slight edge. If you're a structural geologist, you should have enough geophysical background when you finish school to be able to learn what you need to get a geophysics job. More qualitative types (e.g. oldschool seds) would have a harder time. Geophysicists becoming geologists can be either easy or impossible depending on their experience, background and interests.

The main difference is if you are planning to go into a graduate program. (e.g. get an MS and go into industry) Geology grad programs are WAY more competitive than geophysics positions. In my (limited) experience, geologists usualy turn away potential students. Geophysicists seek them out. So if you go the geophysics route, you can get into a MUCH better school with the same academic record. That means better contacts for a better job when you finish.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/pics
UrbanDryad 19 points

There is no legal requirement for jobs to give time off.

Because this is America and we don't believe in that liberal nonsense. The market will fix it. Companies that accidentally kill all their employees will naturally go out of business.

Kalkberg 9 points

Because this is America and we don't believe in that liberal nonsense. The market will fix it. Companies that accidentally kill all their employees will naturally go out of business hire new employees at lower wages and increase profits.


Kalkberg commented on a post in r/pics
[deleted] 1,867 points


Kalkberg 21 points

I was talking to one of my elderly friends a few months ago. She starts rattling off how she's making more money in retirement than she did working. I asked her how she managed to do it.

She says "Easy, just save half of your income."

I respond with "Ok, how would you recommend I do that? Rent and utilities are half of my income, and I live in one of the cheapest places in town while making a decent salary."

What does she respond with? "Oh, yah, your generation's screwed."

Thanks lady.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/LateStageCapitalism
Skensis -19 points

I don't know why people think pensions are so great, they tie you down to were you work and make finding new work harder as you will lose out on the accrued value of that pension. You also get royally fucked if your company fails to properly fund your pension.

Kalkberg 23 points

Unless it's a government run pension system. Then you can move between organizations at will, and are only screwed if your country collapses, in which case you'd be screwed regardless.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
terablast 8 points

The man happily threw sick people in front of a bus to make a buck.

Those with insurance got the drug anyway, and those without could get it for free from the company.

So the ones getting screwed were the insurance companies, not really the sick people.

Kalkberg 2 points

The price hike contributed to increasing premiums for everyone with insurance.

Higher drug prices -> higher cost to insurance companies -> higher premiums for consumers.

So he wasn't just screwing sick people. He was screwing everyone with health insurance.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
Kalkberg 3 points

It was a warm summer day, and Dan was walking home from work when he saw a door. It called out to him, like some doors did these days. Ever since he found the key, they sort of did, on occasion. It was a weird sensation. He’d be spacing out on his way to or from somewhere when pop! A door would appear in his mind. He’d instinctively turn in some direction, and see in real life what had just shimmered in his mind’s eye.

The call never came when he was busy, or rushing off somewhere. It didn’t even seem to happen when he was listening to podcasts or certain types of music on his walk. He had to let his feet wander to his destination, and let his mind do the same.

The doors would always lead him somewhere interesting, and occasionally beneficial. Once, he found a hundred dollar bill lying just across the threshold of a basement pub. Another time, he had accidentally wandered into the start of a yoga class. He was too embarrassed to leave, so joined in. He’d been going for a few months now, and it had really helped with his back pain. It was weird, and surprising, but it was the same way for all of the doors that he had opened. He joined events, marveled at art galleries and historical sites; Dan visited new places he would never have discovered on his own. He met interesting people who gave him a fresh view of the world, and occasionally became his friends.

Dan popped the key in the lock of his latest find, and tried to turn it. It didn’t work. That had never happened before. The doors always opened with the key. Dan wasn’t sure what to do, so he knocked. He heard some scuffling behind the door, but it remained tightly shut. He knocked again.

“Oh, hold your horses.” A muffled groan emanated through the frame.

A few seconds later, Dan saw a grizzled old woman peer through a newly opened crack in the doorway.

“Members only.” She said, and shut the door.

Dan knocked again, and the woman reappeared, scowling at him through the crack.

“How do I become a member?” he asked

“You don’t. No keyholders allowed. End of story.” She shut the door again.

Dan knocked again, and quickly asked. “I’m sorry, but what’s a keyholder?”

The old croon rolled her eyes and sighed, opening the door slightly further to reveal a small but sturdy frame dressed in the fashions of a long forgotten time.

“Nobody’s explained this to you? The key is in your right pocket, yes?”

“Uh, yah.” Dan replied, after patting himself down to verify its location.

“That makes you a keyholder. A person on a path revealed only by the key. That path does not take you here. Ever. Didn’t your mentor teach you all this?”

“I’m sorry, mentor? What? I just found this key on the ground one day, and have been opening doors ever since.”

“And how do you find those doors, huh? Open them up all willy-nilly?” she inquired.

“No. I get a…” he paused, and scratched his head in embarrassment. “Well it’s going to seem weird…”

“A vision?” she asked while stroking her chin.

“Yes! Haha, yah! I thought I was going crazy there for a while.”

“Go on…”

“I get a vision, then I see a door. I get this feeling that some doors want to be opened, and some… do not.”

“Have you tried opening those doors? The ones that do not want to be opened?”

“No. I haven’t” Dan replied, furrowing his brow.

“A wise choice. And what did you feel when opening my door?”

“I felt… A warm sort of reliable feeling. Like a trusted friend, or a ….”

“Mentor.” The old woman finished Dan’s sentence for him, and sighed. She stared at the ground for a few seconds before muttering. “So the time has come.”

She looked back up at him. “I’m Abigail, I’ll be your mentor in the ways of the keys.”

“I’m Dan, nice to meet you.” Dan stammered, and started to reach out his in greeting. Before he could fully extend it, Abigail had already bounded down the long hallway in front of him.

“Come, we have much to learn!” she yelled.

As he crossed the threshold, Dan heard Abigail softly in the distance “And close the door behind you, best not take any risks!”

Dan turned around and shut the entryway. It somehow looked larger and heavier from this side. As he began to follow Abigail, an image of the doorway raced across his mind. It was accompanied by a feeling of unspeakable terror, unlike anything he had ever felt before. At that moment, he knew that he had just entered another world.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/MapPorn
Darkwoodz 128 points

Montana at #9... What's up with that?

Kalkberg 4 points

In the early 20th century, a massive amount of US copper production was sourced in a single city: Butte, MT. The mines were predominantly run by a single company, the Anaconda company, which pretty much ran the state. They had everything from lumber interests for support beams to hydro power plants in Great Falls. All of this meant you had an impressive amount of local wealth (for the mountain West at least), local copper, and cheap power. So that allowed for a surprisingly large amount of electrification early on.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/CrusaderKings
3rd-wheel 11 points

For all the younglings out there:

Kalkberg 1 point

Pretty cool to know the reference is from one of my favorite video game series! I've only played the first two and Escape from Monkey Island, though. How does The Curse of Monkey Island compare to the original Secret of Monkey Island?

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/todayilearned
_AlreadyTaken_ 39 points

First class must come with free rescheduling. Try that with a coach ticket.

Kalkberg 2 points

It's free to reschedule tickets on domestic Chinese flights, though I'm sure there are restrictions. I once accidentally showed up three hours early for a flight in China, and couldn't check in. (They only allow check in like an hour or two beforehand) So they asked if I wanted to switch to the flight leaving in 30 minutes. I asked how much, and they said free. So I started doing the Chinese thing and changing my flights between different times of the day whenever I wanted to.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/pics
AtryxE 13 points

I'm in my mid twenties working in a trade and am part of a union. There are 96 positions at my location and the average employee age is 48yo. Efficiency is recorded for all employees. All but a handful of the employees with the most seniority and highest pay hang around 50% efficiency between hours worked and billed(the goal is 90% from corporate). The company is global with 50,000 employees and management doesn't give a shit because it's better than the 13 other branches in our region.

I literally see guys come in. Talk for three hours, take twice the allotted lunch break, clean and sort their tools, take break, do the days paperwork, and then clock out.

It's embarrassing.

Kalkberg 0 points

The main thing to remember is that because your union sucks, doesn't mean that all unions suck. A lot of them seem to have drifted from helping workers keep from being exploited to mandating that employers treat their workers with kiddie gloves. I totally agree with you - union or not, if you do a bad job you should be fired. Period. That's not the union's business. The union is there to ensure you get your fair share of the company's profits. Everything else is negotiable.

My union experience was a bit different than yours. When I was a union worker, I loved my local chapter. They helped me have relatively good wages in my field, and better health care than I will probably ever have for the rest of my life. Did they try to implement initiatives I didn't like? You bet! But you know what? I went to the meetings and explained why I thought they were bad ideas. I wasn't the main mover and shaker by a long shot, but those ideas ended up floundering.

So if you don't like what your union is doing, go to the meetings. Get the other young hungry guys to go to the meetings. Fight with the leadership. Become the leadership. Make the changes you want to make. I'm sure that if you allow corporate to toss the guys not pulling their weight, they will let the rest of you take a bigger cut. But that is your, and the union members', call.

If our generation doesn't take over the unions, they are as good as dead. Then we will be saying goodbye to the 40 hour work week, goodbye to worker safety, and goodbye to overtime. Though to be fair, most folks only have 1/3 of those if they are lucky these days.

AtryxE 3 points

I'm not bashing unions in the least. I'm grateful to be part of mine and have incredible pay and benefits for my age. All I'm saying is they don't lead to more productive employees like some try to argue.

Kalkberg 1 point

Sounds like we're on the same page then! Sorry to have posted a wall of text.

Kalkberg commented on a post in r/funny
Tragicanomaly 1,116 points

If he ever comes to Canada he has to visit Climax, Saskatchewan.

Kalkberg 2 points

Or Climax, New York. It's just a few miles west of Coxsackie, for the extra giggles.

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