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Casual black people being racist towards white people, nothing to see here! Even though i have never seen a black celebrity chef and every single celebrity chef is either white or spanish, guess black people really are better cooks than those whites!

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Either white or spanish? what race do you think spaniards are? maybe you meant hispanic as in brown/mestizo people who happens to speak spanish? Is the spanish chef José Ramón Andrés Puerta not white to you?


So I have been mining with the skypool miner in Windows the whole night at 8kh/s and I guess I haven't been lucky because apparently I got 0 rewards.

My question is, how long would it take for me to make some profit? Is it worth mining with the skypool miner or should I just go with the official solo miner?



You can type your address in the search and see how much payout you have pending under Balance. Every day at 0:00 UTC+8 that balance will be transferred to the wallet in the config file of your miner.

For me, mining at roughly 10kH/s I've got roughly 130 NIM.

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Thank you guys, found out I got 47.60 NIM pending.


how do you know if you mined a wtc? just refresh the wallet every few hours and hope?

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I am also wondering this, as I've left my computer mining (CPU) all night long and then checked the wallet and it has apparently been mining but I can't see how much or anything. Checked the waltonchain explorer and it says 0 blocks mined so far. So has it mined nothing?

Correct - many others are mining with more resources.

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So it is only worth mining if you got a rig? Hmm...

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