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Kebtard commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
Doctor_Amazo 79 points

His dad was the badass who stood up to terrorists and repatriated our constitution.

Kebtard 5 points

He stood up by declaring martial law, leading to the death of Pierre Laporte and the arrestation of hundreds of innocents who were violently questionned about things they had nothing to do with. Not so much of a badass, just an arrogant prick who ended up dividing the country even more.

buckeye563 5 points

Barred tiger salamander?

Kebtard 4 points


PixelWidget 168 points

What kind of salamander is he?

Kebtard 111 points

He's a Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma Tigrinum), I don't remember exactly what sub-species

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TechVolus 2 points

Cat breeds are not like dog breeds. Most cat breeds are purely aesthetics.

They almost all come from stray cats that were considered beautiful or have a desirable trait for the breeder. They are also quite recent. The rest is either hybrid (Bengal, savannah) or a mix of pre existing breeds to make a new one.

Basically purebred cats descend from stray cats and most cats will have 0 breed in them but may end up looking like one.

Even Scottish folds, sphinx, rexes or Maine coon have traits and mutations that came from a moggie.

Your cat is a domestic longhair. He may or may not have purebred ancestry. He's a beauty.

So what I'm going to say is more of a reaction to seeing many posts online about cat breeds or people and shelters claiming a cat is x breed because he is spotted tabby, colourpoint or longhair buuuut...

I understand many people are curious about their cat ancestry or want them to be mixed but it really doesn't matter that much. Cats are awesome. Purebred cats are great if they come from a reputable breeder who can socialise them well, do health checks and give you advice for years but that's mostly it. Domestics are like a lottery but you're more likely to get a cat that will live a long life though some will still have health issues.

I've had both in my life. Please move your moggies for who they are. They are the first cat breed, the origin of every other cat. They are awesome.

Kebtard 2 points

It really doesn't matter much, one of my other cats looks like we picked it up in a dark alley and I still love her, the breed isn't actually important to me either

Kebtard commented on a post in r/Esperanto
Kebtard 3 points

Mi estas komencanto. Kion signifas "forpasis" en la angla?

Toldoth-- 3 points

For - away, forth, off Pas - to pass So it would be "passed away" since it's passed tense with -is. If you want a link to the PDF dictionary I use I'll look for it(mine is Avortaro.pdf)

Kebtard 3 points

Estas kion mi pensis, multan dankon!

Hellobrother222 3 points

The metro truly is the best beginner pen you can get

Kebtard 2 points

Italic nib takes some getting used to tho

ecniv_o 1 point

Where did you get an italic metro? I thought they only came in F and M?

Kebtard 2 points

The black one is also available in MC, definitly worth the boring color

Edit: I ordered it on Jetpens, along with [[noodler's borealis black]]

troutmask_replica 7 points

[[Noodler's Borealis Black]]

It's got a little of dark green which makes it seem blacker than black in the way that a little bit of blue will make whites seem whiter than white.

Kebtard 2 points

I actually ended up buying this one! Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive

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