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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
soeri27 13 points

Don't blame you playing against pros (in your case soon-to-be-pros) is just unreal. The awareness and ability to react to anything the regular could come up with is just mind boggling

KeksimusMaximusIII [score hidden]

Can confirm. Ran into swag in a pug. He dropped 48 kills on us in 25 rounds.

KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point

How are you so calm? I would have smashed my keyboard!

Eneshanerd 1 point

Little brother speaking, this guy smashes his keyboard at least twice a night because of bullshit like this

KeksimusMaximusIII [score hidden]


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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
AdreNMostConsistent 14 points



Gambit top 4 team

KeksimusMaximusIII 0 points

Def? You always name these random unknown players lol.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point

Fina-fucking-lee someone picked him up.

KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/AskReddit
akujiki87 2 points

"Her" absolutely MUST mean damn them all! Yup!

KeksimusMaximusIII 2 points

Lol and you got downvoted. Wtf reddit? Read the whole comment!

nojbro 5 points

I work at a fast food place and I think I can see why some people may act like that at a fast food job. Having to stay on your feet for 13 hours a day, dealing with stupid things all day and a general discontentment with your job can cause you to act rude. Also, sometimes we go on autopilot and I can see how that would be rude.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point

I worked at Hardee's for a bit. Honestly, fuck working in fast food. It sucks if you're not working on a cash register.

If you are a teen or looking to get your first job, try grocery stores, resturaunts (Make bank if you're a waiter or waitress), other stores, etc.

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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
boq_ -8 points

The point of contact should change the level of trust based on the integrity of said person. I was really more speaking directly to Loba based on his past experiences with others and me individually. Wasn't a public attempt to gain respect I don't deserve but merely a request that he give me a chance, despite his past occurrences and run ins with other members of ESEA staff.

The person using the alias before is the same person using the alias now. I've worked as a caster for the last 4 years in CS:GO. I'm not a big name but that's okay. I've worked really hard and carved out a small corner in esports for myself. I only recently took over the community relations aspect as I strongly believed it needed change.

This rebounds to my initial statement. I have a completely different approach then others do and I think in general, the people I have dealt with to date would echo that. While you may have outstanding issues with people in the past that took the responsibility of community response, all I'm asking is that you give me a chance to prove I'm different. If you don't want to though, I completely understand. I don't take any of this as a personal attack, never have. I knew it would come along with it when I signed up for the task.

KeksimusMaximusIII 0 points

I feel bad for all the shit you have to deal with.

Kaneki-kun 4 points

Love it how everyones just jumping on a tweet when theres no actual source. I could tweet that gaben puts drugs in your water supply which makes you play this game and i guess you would eat that up too.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point


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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
LabraTheTechSupport 68 points

As much as it's great to see Faceit do so well, I'd actually like to have ESEA relevant in the form as a 3rd party platform for players. Competition always creates better results for the consumer. Hope that ESEA don't do shady stuff like they have in the past.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point

Honestly as much as I like ESEA I hope Faceit just crushes them so the player base isn't split.

KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
zizx -5 points

Ok... How many are in rank S? A+ is nothing for a "pro" If your best players can barely make rank G, that's pretty bad to be paid like a professional, no? I guess every player in A+/G should be considered a pro and be able to enter the same tournaments they're in right?

KeksimusMaximusIII 4 points

What are you trying to argue here? You completely missed the point.

zizx -1 points

Their was no point, they’re getting paid like they’re top players and they’re not, which is why people are usually against the women’s “professional” teams.

KeksimusMaximusIII 6 points

Ok, I agree, I was just saying they're not "Literally MM scrubs"

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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
Jamesbeach1 292 points

If they wanted to bench azk then who could they have possibly wanted to replace him that is better?

Torqued more than likely don’t have the funds to afford the buyout of most half decent NA players so this change really confuses me

KeksimusMaximusIII 2 points

MDL has a lot of good players.

KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/syriancivilwar
3oR 2 points

Didn't they already down an Israeli jet?

KeksimusMaximusIII 2 points


KeksimusMaximusIII 7 points

Syria needs a modern air defense network. Not just S-300s, it seems their entire network needs to be revamped since they cannot down even a single plane when Israel strikes so frequently.

KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
ItsMrBlackout 128 points

Ska needs to go too, although not sure who could replace him, maybe nifty?

KeksimusMaximusIII 94 points

Yes, or cerq.

Like, nahtE and Cerq could be a package deal for FNS and skadoodle. Extreme fire power boost, and Tarik could go back to IGLing (Which was working).

TL_Woopsies 1 point

That would absolutely fuck over NRG tho

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point


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KeksimusMaximusIII commented on a post in r/Conservative
theinfamousjosh 56 points

This is what abortion looks like...

1st Trimester NSFL

2nd Trimester NSFL

3rd Trimester NSFL

These are not clumps of cells, they are completely innocent, living humans, with DNA/lives/souls that are distinct from their mothers and worth preserving.

Planned Parenthood is a baby genocide machine. Government money to them is like subsidizing gas chambers. It's insane.

Here is Steven Crowder interviewing a former Planned Parenthood director about how PP only cares about pushing abortions. And in some cases, provides the least effective birth control in the hopes that it will fail and they can then provide an abortion.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is not enough. The organization as a whole needs to be razed and the earth beneath them salted.

KeksimusMaximusIII 18 points

This is what abortion looks like...

1st Trimester NSFL

Wow, I stopped at the first one.

While I would say im more conservative, I always did think a woman should have the choice to have an abortion or not...

...It actually has a heart beat, toes, etc at 11 weeks? That's horrific, this will change my view for sure.

Perhaps both parties should be more responsible during sex if they don't want to have a baby.

Nonethewiserer 16 points

Perhaps both parties should be more responsible during sex if they don't want to have a baby.

That's the kicker - if you don't want a baby then don't get pregnant. Casual sex without pregnancy is not a right.

KeksimusMaximusIII 6 points

Especially when it's drilled into their heads at school that they should use protection or just abstain from sex.

timdub 1 point

Those locations are usually the offices you would be reporting to as an employee. For example, when I used to do this, I reported to an office in Cincinnati, even though I'm in Louisville.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point

So I could realistically apply from anywhere when the opportunity arises?

timdub 1 point

Yeah. Just be sure to pick the listing with the closest location.

KeksimusMaximusIII 1 point


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