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“Zues” is one thing but I’m here for “Hamp.”

Thanks! Unfortunately I’m still working on not sounding like that irl.

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No way, I am a non-autistic person who loves to learn about the Age of Fighting Sail and I loved your comment.

I've just realised I've never made it to the end of an Angry GM article.

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The fact that every article starts with a 2000-word preamble about how he’s going to write an article really puts me off.

It's not demanding at all, it's often hard to get someone to bounce ideas off of.

I'm happy to volunteer my services, though with the heavy caveat that anything I will say is only going to be my opinion and I would always advise you to follow your gut when the two clash.

We also have a Writer's Thread for any general questions you may have:

(This is in part also why I started up the WriteYourOwnLitRPG threads; to give a no risk improv-style space to experiment with writing ideas and techniques if you fancy that: )

Is there anything in specific you want to start out with here (meaning that other people can join in) or would you prefer to PM?

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I can confirm that /u/Se7enworlds is a thorough and sharp-eyed reader! :)

What is this show...?

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Obviously they're all joking around but you can totally see him become Will Riker. (both scenes synched)

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Yeah that was actually pretty awesome. He’s still got it.

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She could the whole time. Thing is, I was so concentrated on forcing her to learn how to speak like a human that I never considered that I could teach myself to quack like a duck. I dismissed the things she said as inhuman gibberish, meaningless, because I thought I had all the answers. When I realized that I couldn't change her nature, that she was going to be who she wanted to be, for her and nobody else, I began to listen. Really listen. I apologized for making her feel like an other, and, months later, I was able to watch the farm scene of the original Babe without the subtitles on.

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I want to be your friend

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He might be getting ready for a new role 👀

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Build: trim Beard: trimmed

Traralgon HJs is the finest in the country so this guy's still winning

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What the heck is a Traralgon?

Some guy tried to kill FDR. Fired five shots and missed.

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Jeez, can’t even hit a stationary target.

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El Paso, Tx is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Houston,Tx.

If you drove for 12 hours straight from Taranto, Italy going to Copenhagen, you would cross several countries and have to change roads several times. If you did the same in the US going from Miami, Florida to Augusta, Maine, you wouldn't even get half way and can do it on one highway (I-95).

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Can confirm, got married in Maine and honeymooned in Virginia Beach.

I’m no expert, but I haven’t seen a great political adventure from the OSR.

What about Kidnap the Archpriest! It is supposed to be a heistcrawl (I never played/read it though)

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Never heard of it, but now I want to play it!

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My wife is a teacher, what the kids' parents don't buy on their back to school lists, the teacher has to buy. The school won't do it and yet she's expected to come up with the supplies magically.

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So, can kids provide supplies to other kids? My plan once my own is in public school and we’re not paying for daycare is to use some of that saved money to buy him like five times whatever the supply list says. Then he can just give his extras to the class/kids who need it. Is that allowed or is the system somehow too broken?

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Of course they can, and in my experience the supply lists the schools give out have loads of extra stuff listed for this purpose already, and most of what your kid brings in will get dumped in a communal bucket that the kids dig what they need out of anyway.

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Good to know, thanks!

Another Fine Myth

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Boycott Maine if she doesn’t wake up.

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Hey, don’t punish all of us Mainers. We’re doing our best. Collins has gotten by for years running this scam that’s she’s a centrist. What she’s doing now is hedging her bets— if she votes in favor of Kavanaugh, which I think she really wants to, she can point to statements like this and claim that she just didn’t have enough evidence. See also her whining that the left is being too harsh in asking her to oppose Kavanaugh (the old “the left made me do it by not being nice”) and her pledge to oppose Kavanaugh if he was anti-Roe (knowing full well that he would never ever give an actual answer about that). She maintains just enough of a moderate image to get re-elected.

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I asked more questions but he shuts down when I dig for more info

As a parent I can say this is because kids love talking nonsense and it doesn’t actually mean anything.

If you want an easy avenue to readers and aren't concerned about profits, try posting as a serial to Royal Road. Mine has done quite well there. Closing in on 15k readers.

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Does Royal Road pay at all, or is it just free and for fun?

This may be the single most inspiring post I’ve ever read.

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can't imagine the regiment this dude is on.

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Leg day every day

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I'm going to get shit for this, but it's a really dumb episode. Dolores does not rhyme with clitoris - the stress is on a different syllable. Who says "cli-to-ris"?

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This has bothered me for twenty years.

This is the best edition of D&D ever published! Congrats! I dream of finding old D&D stuff at a yard sale.

Just out of curiosity, why do you consider it the best?

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Well, you have to enjoy the old-school style of gaming, but B/X was really tightly focused on a single goal. The Basic book is all about dungeoneering, and the expert book is about wilderness adventures. Everything in the books is there for a reason and works nicely together. It’s easy to learn and teach, and simple enough that it’s really easy to tweak and make your own. Plus they came with great intro adventures.

Exactly -- I get that Maine land is a pun, but I also fail to see the connection with Hawaii.

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If you read the article, OP got it wrong. They call it Hawaii 2 because it’s “the Maine island,” a joke about how Hawaii (the island) is the main, or primary, island of Hawaii (the state).

Except that Oahu is more the main island of Hawaii than the Big Island is. Oahu is way more populated and Honolulu is the state capitol

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Take it up with them, man!

I’m almost done watching ENT for the first time. It’s a pretty good show.

I have never made it past episode 2 or 3 and it is 99% the fault of that horrendous intro music. Maybe I'll try again on Netflix with skip intro...

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Do it! Season 1 isn’t great but it gets better from there.

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