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Does anyone actually want to see something like this? Did no one learn from the last time the franchise over-extended itself?

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Honestly, I could see myself loving this show. Not if it’s a teen melodrama with Star Trek paint on it, but if it really explores the Academy experience. I have so many questions about education in the 24th century, how they teach at the Academy, what kind of adventures the students get into, etc.

So as always: if it’s good, I’ll like it.

it's from the same people as gossip girl and runaways.. I think they'll go more into drama and shy teens. something for the younger audience. oc California in a star Fleet uniform

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That’s definitely my fear. I just mean that a Starfleet Academy show could be really cool.

I used to be this way, the only thing that changed me was living with a friend and his family in their house for free. They could ask me to re-shingle their roof naked on the hotest day of the year, the only thing I would ask is where the ladder was.

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Score hidden · 41 minutes ago

My brother-in-law lived with us for free for about a year. He was awesome at promising to do stuff like this...

How has the show departed from the book in terms of silliness?

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I gave up at the end of season 5 (?) when the little child sprites were throwing fireballs at Bran.

Weren't they throwing fireballs at the white walkers chasing Bran though?

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Oh, maybe so. I haven’t it seen it since it originally aired. Either way, the fireballs jumped the shark for me and I’m pretty sure weren’t in the books.

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Dungeon crawls. Dungeon exploration. Dungeon mapping. Dungeon adventurer party logistics. Dungeon Meshi.

I'm kind of over the lavishly-described food thing in fantasy but put that shit in a dungeon and GIVE IT TO ME. I MUST HAVE IT. PRECIOUS TREASURE. I DESERVE IT.

Also actual Tolkien-esque elves. The epic Silmarillion shit.

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Ah yes, the yeeroscope

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Same root! Gyros are called that because traditionally the meat for the sandwich is carved from a hunk of lamb rotating on a spit. Gyro = spin.

I was named after her actress!

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Anderson Cooper?

Warsh Bucket

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Scruffy hears ya. Scruffy don’t care.

I added a few dungeons from TftYP which really upped the treasure quotient.

Which ones?

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My players did Sunless Citadel (Shatterspike still gets used almost every session), half of Tamoachan, and 2/3 of White Plume. The older adventures have a buttload of treasure.

You may be ripped, but you’ll never be Wearing Only the Top 1/16 of a Shirt ripped.

Try Arcadia National Bar. Video games and drinks.

Arcadia is amazing! I haven't been there since the renovation, though.

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Neither have I but I think it’s bigger and has food so win/win IMHO

I kind of liked how the horrible garbage people in the video seemed to come from many different walks of life.

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for me personally, the more freeformy stuff is what feels authentic, and more traditional stuff feels inauthentic to me. that is a thing though of what you are trying to be authentic to though. for me, i am trying to be authentic to fiction. i am trying to be authentic to dranaturgical structures, and to literary styles, and to story logic. thus, things feel most authentic to me in games that bring all of that to the forefront, and things feel less authentic to me in a game where you have to jump through gamey hoops. whereas the gamey hoops might feel more authentic to you if you are looking to emulate life, since in life, things are often difficult, etc.

i personally am not interested in the act of playing a game when it comes to rpgs, i am solely interested in rpgs as storytelling engines that will help my group and i tell our collaborative stories more easily and in a more strongly structured way.

you are not wrong that trad rpgs feel more earned as far as their stories, but that is not a feeling storygames are aiming for, nor is it one i feel like they should be aiming for.

storygames put players in a very very authorial role, as the ones writing the story, and the concept of a story needing to feel earned to its author is a very strange one, because an author just needs to describe something happening in their story for it to happen. adding challenge-based hoops for them to jump through to make it feel "earned" would just be unnecessary and make writing a pain in the ass.

trad games do not position players as authors, they position players as people playing a challenge-based game where they sometimes act as their character, so it is reasonable to want something to feel earned in a trad game, because your goal is a challenge-based game, not shared authorship.

edit: i actually do feel like pbta feels inauthentic, but for a totally different reason than you do. it feels inauthentic to me because of "play to find out", which does not mix at all with my perspective of player-as-author, because for me as a writer, i plan what i write in great depth before i start writing, so authorship without preplanning everything is especially foreign to me. the storygames i typically play are all about prestructured character arcs that the players wrote together, then in play we explore and act through and revise what we wrote, like a second draft. "play to find out" for me feels like taking in a passive media that i get to sometimes make bounded choices in (like a telltale adventure video game, for a comparison to another type of game), which is not at all the feeling i want in an activity i do for shared authorship. if i want to experience a piece of media, i will watch a show or read a book (and even then i will go in knowing what is going to happen, because i read spoilers for media before consuming it, because i do not like surprises in my media, and care about how something happens instead of caring at all about learning for the first time what happens.

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I’m really curious, because you’re at least the second person I’ve seen express this idea on the sub. (I thiiiiink the first was /u/emmaroseheart on a very interesting thread a couple months ago?) Anyway, I have no disagreement whatsoever with how you describe traditional vs. story games. What I’m interested in is why you play games at all when, as you describe, you’ve written the story ahead of time? What does the game add to the experience?

I hope this post doesn’t come across as gatekeeping or judgment— that’s not at all my intent. As a traditional gamer who enjoys the unexpected most of all in RPGs, I would just love to better understand your viewpoint.

i play with emma, and she is my girlfriend, so the comparison between our play philosophies is completely reasonable, and i am often surprised it is not something more people pick up on.

what the game adds to the experience is a vehicle to collaboratively expand and explore those details.

i am the sort who in media does not care about the larger details of a story as long as they are well-written enough to not break my suspension of disbelief of the story as a story, because for me those larger things are only a vehicle for character exploration. i care exclusively about how things happen, and the craftsmanship of how the story is told, instead of caring about the what.

the game gives us a structural vehicle to help is explore those stories, those characters. the game gives us pacing tools. the game pushes us to try harder and work harder than we would playing freeform, because the game helps us in our play and keeps us focused, and offloads some of the work onto the mechanics so that we can focus most on the stuff that is the most interesting to us.

if a character and her best friend get in a fight and one of them kills the other, the focus is not the fighting. the focus is the trauma and pain that comes from that experience. the focus is her tears when it's done, and the way her girlfriend tries her hardest to take care of her in the aftermath. the focus is on how the experience changes her, and the person she becomes because of it.

another benefit of something like that being planned is that it gives us a thematic palette of what the story is going to be about. in earlier scenes we show her friend talking to ravens, or standing at a crossroads, or some other piece of imagery related to death. we show the two of them get in an argument and talk about how they would never want to hurt eachother, and the scene is beautiful because it is ironic. we the players get to watch the tragedy become set up, like in a greek tragedy where the narrator tells you at the beginning what is going to happen but does not tell you how.

games help us with that structure, or rather, the ones we play help us. most rpgs are not useful to us, but the ones we play are invaluable. they help us in highlighting the emotional and narrative importance of what is going on. and they help us get more invested than we would working in another medium, because of the fact that as we are telling the story, we are acting out the roles of all the characters. we are feeling what they feel, like many actors do in a role they are highly invested in.

does that help the whole paradigm make sense to you?

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I think I understand. Thank you for the explanation. It’s truly amazing how much can be encompassed by “roleplaying games!” I hope I get a chance to try your style of play someday.

HAHA all those people trying to sell their copies for 250$ and stuff.

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They were getting it for a while there!

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Can’t start allowing kicking in soccer

I was really interested in this when it came out so I read some reviews and honestly, it basically sounds like a reprint of the basic rules with some minor tweaks, ie what you’re already doing. However I ended up not buying it so I can’t say I’ve read it myself.

I ran Maze for a bit over six months, in which they did in fact meet the Medusa and even made it out alive. I had to make a few changes for functionality (and Overdose, the stoat, was still responsible for all 4 PC deaths pretty much singlehandedly), but it ran well overall. It felt bad from a GM perspective and I tired of it fairly quickly, but it still ran well and the players all had fun. (I'd be happy to give my own broader thoughts, though I don't typically write reviews and it's been about five months now.)

This guy? I've got nothing on what he's criticizing. I don't get it. Did he not know what the module was on the way in?

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I’d be curious to hear more about how it “felt bad” as a GM.

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If there were a Bingo card for people complaining about old-school D&D modules, describing the Tomb of Horrors authoritatively but incorrectly would be the free space in the middle.

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This is in my top 5 comments of all time on r/rpg.

According to a recent post, japan has a small market of rpg games translated into manga form. Besides novels, there’s also stuff like “The All Guardsman Party,” which soon after its creation stops mentioning that the game is an rpg and starts telling the story from the perspective of the characters

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They’re called replays, I think? The most famous is the series that Record of Lodoss War was based on. Explains why halfway through the show two characters die and in the next episode two new characters join the party. :)

I thought she hadn't invented horcruxes until much later?

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I’m no expert! I wish I could find the interviews and stuff that made me think this. Maybe I’ll try to round them up and make my own post on here for smarter people to pick apart. :)

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Yeah, its biggest problem is that the first half was obviously cut to pieces to keep the runtime down, so it's really a case of "just give us a few minutes more and we're golden".

I'm not even a huge Warcraft fan and only played like 4 months of WoW but I adored how faithfully they adapted the whole look.

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Interesting— I’m not a WoW player at all so I fired the movie up because I like fantasy, but with zero knowledge of or connection to the lore. I found the beginning such a mess that I turned it off. Sounds like I should give it another shot?

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Pacific Rim. I have yet to see a review that properly captures the perfect union of pure big screen spectacle aesthetic, love letter to the West's action films and the East's animation, and a beautiful message of cooperation and unity that this movie was. that movie's only weak point is the casting of Charlie Hunnam as the lead.

Pacific Rim 2 fucking sucked tho.

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I absolutely adore this movie.

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I’m not a cowboy but I have to assume that real cowboys don’t wear jeans so tight they look painted on. I feel like it would get in the way of actually doing anything.

You would be surprised, those Wranglers are some of the tightest britches money can buy. Most of the old timers still wear and buy them regularly. I hated those pants growing up.

Source: Wore 13MWZ’s my whole life till I got a job and bought my own pants

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Interesting! Is there a benefit to wearing super tight pants when doing that kind of work, or is it just tradition?

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