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Im fine with both means, but i rather not die in pain if i decide to do it myself. Ive attempted once with around 40 pills in total of antidepressants and sleep medication. I just took em before i went to bed, my stomach hurt a bit but i didnt feel anything else otherwise. Next thing i knew i was in the hospital and apparently while i was out, i went to the restroom, started foaming at the mouth, had an abulance called for me, and had to be carried by like 4 people because my ass is so fat. Wish i hadnt been saved still :/

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The best thing about this is that in tarot, the Death card isn't meant to be negative, it just means "a change."

So if somebody wants to die this is basically the cards being like "yep. Sure is a change. No worries though."

Me too thanks.

Hey there, I know this post is ancient, but from one depressed INFP to another, this shit is hard, and yeah I hate myself, but I'm at least a little strong for having to deal with this for so long. And you are too.

The ultimate dream...

First time i thought of something like this, i was 13, how about you guys?

Edit: autocorrekt

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I don't remember, I wanna say 8 or so?

DAE really enjoy the droid liberation/rebellion scene in 'Solo'?

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Yes!! L3 was my favourite part of Solo, so this comic felt really apt for me in particular. :)

Callister would end on a way darker note. The ending completely ruined that episode for me.

Either they don't get out or she gets caught breaking in his house and he puts her in the sim. Idk something less happy.

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Completely agree. The ending was not only overly saccharine, but unscientific and weird (the game patch is in the wormhole??) I would have liked something where the real Nanette discovers the digital clones of the office workers and tries to shut the whole thing down. I liked the idea of a person and their cookie working against each other instead of together.

I took it that his game was offline except he programmed it to allow updates to download. The wormhole was the connection to the cloud. Once they breeches it, they were in the cloud and the game was able to detect the modded game and shut it down.

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I'm just saying it doesn't make sense from a game design perspective to have a connection manifest in the form of an actual game construct, like, you don't see Overwatch patches in the form of a minimap or something. It kind of stuck out from the relatively realistic premise of the rest of the episode. But maybe I'm just nitpicking. :P

I graduate from college tomorrow at 3, so a free game for the summer would be quite well timed. :P Good luck to everyone!

goddamn reddit I love this and hate it at the same time

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Fixed me. Made me realize things i never noticed before that would make me a more compatible and better partner. Losing her also taught me many lessons too. I'm better lifestyle and personal trait-wise now but sadder than ever tho

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God I relate to this comment so hard. I was a better person with my boyfriend, and I've even learned a lot in his absence, but I'm much sadder now.

I love my job Lol... I'm unemployed rn...

I died in a few days and I will never forget you

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Who tf laugh like ah ah ah ah ah

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Wow, this resonated with me a lot. I've only played through the beginning of DDLC but when I read the plot synopsis online I felt similar experiences of relating to Sayori and being filled with panic, though probably to a lesser extent. I'm unsure if I'll ever finish the game, as I'm sure it'll trigger me to no end, but it also seems so interesting.

I would be down!

F/22/bi/senior in college. I've been very out in college for pretty much my whole time here, but I didn't come out to my parents until about a month ago. They reacted in a surprisingly positive way; I too was worried they would be mad at me for hiding it so long, but I think that they were more understanding than I gave them credit for.

Don't be afraid to give yourself as much time as you need, but also don't be afraid to accept the sunshine of leaving it if/when the time ever comes. :)

Oh no! I'm about to graduate with my CS degree in May, and I'm currently looking for industry positions with very little luck. Should I stop checking the disability box too...?

From what I can tell my INFJ friend has all the benefits of being a feelings weenie but is better at getting shit done, so I'd probably trade to that if I could.

Now I'm even more excited for my Moon Milk lip balm and Mermaid Tears shampoo which are on the way! Thanks for the reviews, it's always helpful to hear more opinions. I may just check out the dusting powder next :)


It's called WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I've been having a lot of difficulty finding swatches or reviews of it, probably because of the name. It looks lovely (and the name is hilarious!) but I'm hesitant to go just off of one swatch, especially since my skin is warmer toned and some eyeshadows go different on me. There also isn't really much of a colour description (just "bold cool purple").

Has anyone gotten this colour and would be willing to share a review or swatch? Or is it too early in the month still?


Are you part of the Facebook Group (Shiro Cosmetics Happytime Fungroup)?

I don't follow it that closely, but it may be a good spot to request a swatch. It's fairly active, and many members post daily faces in there.

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Thanks for the tip! I just put in a request to join the group, hopefully I'll see something in there :)

I'm interested in only one decant; would you be willing to do that or is there a shipping minimum?

I've got a Valentine's Day date this evening, so I'm wearing my SO's favourite scent on me, Haus of Gloi Mama's Porridge (Brown sugar sweetened oatmeal with a spash of milk and a piece of buttery cinnamon sugar dusted toast.). I'm normally not into gourmands, but Mama's Porridge is and probably always will be the exception. My SO likes to bake and he always says this smells like apple pie without the apple. Whenever I wear it I feel super cozy, like something cinnamonny just came out of the oven in a warm kitchen. :)

That sounds amazing! Do you get much of an oatmeal scent through the spices? I love the smell of straight up oats for some reason

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On my skin I get mostly the brown sugar / cinnamon with just a hint of oats. I know I do tend to amp spices though, so it could just be me. Either way it smells amazing, and definitely worth going for if you like warm spiced / sweet scents.

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