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TheOliveLover 89 points

Fixed me. Made me realize things i never noticed before that would make me a more compatible and better partner. Losing her also taught me many lessons too. I'm better lifestyle and personal trait-wise now but sadder than ever tho

Kindredness 18 points

God I relate to this comment so hard. I was a better person with my boyfriend, and I've even learned a lot in his absence, but I'm much sadder now.

Kindredness commented on a post in r/GhaziGamer
Kindredness 2 points

Wow, this resonated with me a lot. I've only played through the beginning of DDLC but when I read the plot synopsis online I felt similar experiences of relating to Sayori and being filled with panic, though probably to a lesser extent. I'm unsure if I'll ever finish the game, as I'm sure it'll trigger me to no end, but it also seems so interesting.

Kindredness commented on a post in r/infp
Kindredness 1 point

F/22/bi/senior in college. I've been very out in college for pretty much my whole time here, but I didn't come out to my parents until about a month ago. They reacted in a surprisingly positive way; I too was worried they would be mad at me for hiding it so long, but I think that they were more understanding than I gave them credit for.

Don't be afraid to give yourself as much time as you need, but also don't be afraid to accept the sunshine of leaving it if/when the time ever comes. :)

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Kindredness 4 points

Now I'm even more excited for my Moon Milk lip balm and Mermaid Tears shampoo which are on the way! Thanks for the reviews, it's always helpful to hear more opinions. I may just check out the dusting powder next :)

mand3rin 5 points

Are you part of the Facebook Group (Shiro Cosmetics Happytime Fungroup)?

I don't follow it that closely, but it may be a good spot to request a swatch. It's fairly active, and many members post daily faces in there.

Kindredness 1 point

Thanks for the tip! I just put in a request to join the group, hopefully I'll see something in there :)

Kindredness commented on a post in r/Indiemakeupandmore
Kindredness 7 points

I've got a Valentine's Day date this evening, so I'm wearing my SO's favourite scent on me, Haus of Gloi Mama's Porridge (Brown sugar sweetened oatmeal with a spash of milk and a piece of buttery cinnamon sugar dusted toast.). I'm normally not into gourmands, but Mama's Porridge is and probably always will be the exception. My SO likes to bake and he always says this smells like apple pie without the apple. Whenever I wear it I feel super cozy, like something cinnamonny just came out of the oven in a warm kitchen. :)

Charlottemae64 3 points

That sounds amazing! Do you get much of an oatmeal scent through the spices? I love the smell of straight up oats for some reason

Kindredness 3 points

On my skin I get mostly the brown sugar / cinnamon with just a hint of oats. I know I do tend to amp spices though, so it could just be me. Either way it smells amazing, and definitely worth going for if you like warm spiced / sweet scents.

Kindredness commented on a post in r/Indiemakeupandmore
Kindredness 3 points

Alkemia - Woods on a Snowy Evening (freshly fallen powder snow, juniper berries, hemlock pine, white needle balsam pine, flat cedar, camphorous evergreens, and icy aquatic elements) which I was very excited to try because it's inspired by my second favourite poem! It reminds me a lot of HoG Snow Wolf (my current fave perfume) but fresher and lighter and with a little less bite. Perfect for the barely-cold weather we've got in SoCal at the moment.

Unfortunately it only lasted 2 hours on me (like all of Alkemia's perfumes), but since my skin eats up scents anyway I'm probably going to get a fixative rollerball and wear it again that way. :)

Kindredness commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Kindredness 1 point

Kind of medium I guess. On the upswing after a near-suicide-attempt on Monday, but we'll see how long that lasts. It's been such a long week. I'm fortunate enough to have a good support system of SO and friends on my side to keep me alive in my worst moments, so it could definitely be worse.

squishycaveman 8 points

he sounds incredibly sweet. glad you found a different way to find peace in such a shitty time. stay strong too, bud :)

Kindredness 2 points

I'm trying to find peace as often as I can... thanks, friend! Stay strong as well!

JohnnySeven88 5 points

That man is the hero and friend we all deserve.

Kindredness 2 points


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Kindredness commented on a post in r/Indiemakeupandmore
Kindredness 1 point

TMI/TMO buying a decant of NAVA Santalum. I've steered clear of NAVA so far because their price point is way out of my jobless-college-student zone, but I recently discovered Ajevie decants, which I'm probably going to place an order from soon. Santalum 11 is, unfortunately, more because it's LE. I really like sandalwood. Is it worth it?

SnarfinMcSnarf 2 points

Ugh wish I could tell you its terribe but their sandalwood is my favorite! I haven't tried the anniversary 11 but I own Pyramid Santalum it's a combo of a few of their sandalwoods and it's snuggly and gorgeous. I think it wouldn't hurt just to get a decant if you like it then you could look at their other sandalwood scents.

Kindredness 1 point

I'm convinced- just pulled the trigger on my order. Decants ahoy! :)

Kindredness commented on a post in r/2meirl42meirl4meirl
stratce 24 points

To be fair it fucked me up for a week. Was on suicide watch from the only person that knows I'm suicidal.

Kindredness 5 points

This is why I haven't played it yet. :/ It looks so great and I love the concept, but I know I'm way too vulnerable for anything that even remotely summons my latent suicidal tendencies.

Man, my depression is getting in the way of gaming now. :(

maximilianwilkins 2 points

What game?

Kindredness 6 points

Doki Doki Literature Club

Kindredness commented on a post in r/Indiemakeupandmore
Kindredness 2 points

I have a few perfume questions that will probably be quite obvious, as I'm still quite new to the hobby, sorry!

First, how does decanting work in general? I notice it's not in the FAQ, and I keep seeing people mentioning decanted full sizes in the Sunday Swaps. Does this just mean people emptying out full sizes into their own bottles? What kind of bottles are used for this?

And secondly, how much of an indie perfume should generally be applied? Almost every scent I've tried has given me really low throw and sillage, and I can't tell if that's because my skin really eats it or because I'm just not putting enough on. I generally dab a few drops on each wrist, and a few drops right below my Adam's apple.

Thanks for reading!

meredithbecca 5 points

Decants are usually in the same bottles as samples. It is kind of like a sample that doesn't come directly from the company. They are made by other people dividing the bottle into sample sized portions.

If you are using oil based perfumes, they typically do not have as much throw as alcohol based perfumes (there are exceptions, of course). This is part of the nature of oil based perfumes. I usually apply just a little, applying more than a certain amount doesn't help. There are alcohol based indies (and many companies offer both options). And one of the best places to apply perfume is under your elbow (where your arm bends). I find it last longest there on me.

Kindredness 1 point

Thank you very much!! I'll definitely start applying perfume more on my elbows. :)

callistron 4 points

Certainly ask Alex how they feel about it! You don't even have to bring up this specific incident if you don't want - say something like, "hey, just wondering if you mind me correcting people when they misgender you or if you'd prefer I let it slide?" Honestly, I've had a conversation with every one of my friends on how to deal with this situation. We all have varying feelings on it, we've all experienced it, and we'll probably all experience it again so it's good to know what to do in the future, no?

For this particular incident, it reads to me like E. simply slipped up, which happens to everyone. Still, definitely let Alex decide how to proceed!

Kindredness 2 points

I think I am going to ask Alex how they feel about the situation. It is good to know what do in the future, and it's true that I can't know how they'll feel about it without asking them.

Thank you for the advice, I've learned a lot from your comment and everyone else's.

needagame 13 points

I wouldn't do this at all, but especially not in class, without asking Alex first. It's likely to embarrass them further.

If the professor asked for pronouns, it's likely he at least wants to use the right ones. I'd ask Alex's permission and see if you could send an email on their behalf if they don't wish to, just letting the professor know that they noticed he wasn't using the right ones and that you wondered if he was aware. It's possible he's just very forgetful and doesn't realize, or only realizes it after he says it and doesn't want to make anything more awkward.

The important part is to offer Alex support in what they want to do - if they would appreciate you assisting them in talking to the professor then that's great, but you need to be a team - not you dragging them or going on your own.

Kindredness 4 points

This comment really clicked for me - being a friend to Alex should be more about supporting them then solving problems before them. Especially since, as another commenter said, they might not want me to, and I should get to know how Alex feels about it.

I'm definitely going to have a conversation with Alex and ask about their preferences regarding their situations like this. If they'd like me to write an email for them, I definitely will, but I won't do anything without their permission.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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Kindredness commented on a post in r/Indiemakeupandmore
Kindredness 6 points

This is really lovely, I especially love the blending in that first image. I'm always a sucker for green eyeliner as well, and you used it beautifully. :)

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