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Thanks, cunt.

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Man, a soyboy faggot calling me an incel is just hilarious Hahahaha

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If I'm doing an impromptu series binge, I always watch S1, S4, and S8. There's so much contrast from the beginning, middle, and end of the series. You could watch those 3 seasons alone and get a feel for the progression of the characters

You'll probably have your license suspended. That being said, if you think you're right around the legal limit, refusing a pbt is a viable strategy to avoid getting convicted of DUI. If you refuse to blow, you'll be arrested for suspicion of DUI. But the arresting officer would have to get a warrant for a blood draw if you refused to consent to that as well. This can take a few minutes, could take a few hours if it's a smaller agency. And your BAC would obviously lower in that timeframe to (you would hope) under the legal limit.

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People in their mid twenties are too young to own a dog? You're joking right? Plenty of people have their first kids at that age and parenthood is a much bigger responsibility than dog ownership

Not really, I'd choose cap over fresh for value for pretty much anything

Should have called police. Even if you didn't feel like it warranted that due to the (hopefully) minor injury done to your dog, that pitbull and its owner needs to be at the very least be documented if not punished

Original Poster19 points · 1 month ago

Believe me, I highly regret not doing so immediately. He’s my first dog & this was his first altercation, so I was quite shaken up, to say the least. Definitely a serious lesson, though I’m still going to report it to the police, even if it’s a few days late.

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Yeah that would be good. And the damage done by the pitbull to your car would be documented as well for insurance purposes

Original Poster-39 points · 1 month ago

The operation was focused on kiddie diddlers.

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Reading is hard...goddamm GED waivers

What's the odds he is an actual HS graduate? I'm saying 3 to 1 he is this "smart" because he completed HS.

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It's possible, retards graduate high school all the time

My dog had some pretty bad seperation anxiety as well. Couldn't be kenneled or trusted to roam freely. The solution I finally found was to babygate him into my hardwood hallway. Large enough space that he could pace and do that other neurotic stuff SA prone dogs do and not feel trapped but small enough that he wouldn't destroy my apartment looking for me. I recorded every time I left him alone to monitor progress. Started with short periods of time (half hr spent going to a a store, etc) and as he became more at ease as shown by recordings, increasing the time spent alone. Eventually I could leave him alone kenneled. SA dogs just need to get a chance to slowly learn that you will be back. The trick is to manage panic levels while they learn. I've had to repeat the process each time I move because he associated the being at ease with a specific location but it's never taken more than a week or so ever since

What's a "DV retard?"

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DV= "Dysfuntional Veteran". Guys who may or may not have actually seen some shit while in service. They pride themselves on perpetuating every negative stereotype about veterans. Basically if emo kids started wearing 5.11 apparel

Oh, okay. Thought it meant "disabled veteran." I was like "how the fuck does being a pog devalue your disability?" lol

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Haha no. The only disability most of them have is low intelligence

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Incorrect meme format, you are a no-go at this station

Someone didn't get invited to parties...

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Lol I had already graduated by the time I hear about all the bullshit that goes down in that place. Enjoy walking through puke and trash on the way to your glorified dorm that mommy and daddy pay for.

.... or mounting student-debt.

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Let's be real, no one who lives in those expensive ass apartments is in debt of any kind, let alone for educational purposes.

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To add to what everyone else has said, silencers/suppressors/whatever you want to call them also designed to reduce or eliminate muzzle flash, which makes them ideal for night ops.

Pit bulls do not belong in dog parks, I swear there is a post like this almost every day. Sorry this happened to you, and of fucking course the owner wasn’t close to help you out.

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It really is the owners though. People who tend to own pitbulls also tend to be lower class, irresponsible individuals.

I am tired of the lower class argument. What’s wrong with being lower class? They are just irresponsible and negligent, but putting no blame on the dog makes no sense. In my experience, very few pitbull owners have been responsible. Most blind themselves to what their dogs are capable of and they put other peoples dogs at risk as a result.

A portion of pitbull owners adopt from shelters with no previous dog experience. Pitbulls are a strong tenacious breed with an instinctual prey drive and aggression towards other dogs. Pair that with inexperience and you have a recipe for disaster. Ironically, pitbull lobby tactics rope these inexperienced owners into adopting these dogs which leads to these attacks.

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There's nothing wrong with being part of the lower class in terms of socioeconomic status. There is a lot wrong with lower class pitbull owners who get them for the toughness factor. You all know exactly who I'm referring to so don't try to make this into a stereotyping/discrimination issue.

Yes to the University, not sure about the direct admission to b-school

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Fudge? How do you mean?

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Purposely score lower to be placed into lower level courses. Not saying you should do that, just an example of one way a native speaker could place into a class of choice

As far as I know there's no such barrier that would stop you from doing so. I mean hell, you could probably fudge a placement test to get into a language class you'd get an easy A in

If you're talking about the first few seasons, his scrubs look like a very dark navy blue to me

This is bullshit depending on the situation. There are plenty of females out there that can manhandle smaller, weaker males. I see chicks deadlifting 225 lbs pretty often at my gym. Plenty of sedentary males out there who couldn't do that. Now if we were talking about a 5'6, 160 lb female who works out frequently and test her strength against a 6'6, 300lb male fatty, my bet would be on the fatty.

Both of these guys have an ideology that is incompatible with the military and both should have been given the boot /thread

The Punisher skull is the icing on the boot cake. "I was security forces, we're basically the AF's SEALs"

6 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I am not certain where I heard/read this, or even if it is accurate, but I do recall something about Laufey having a higher "rank" socially?

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Nope. Norse surnames were always patronyms. Rank doesn't matter

Norse surnames were always patronyms.

Well that's clearly not always the case, seeing as this entire post is to do with why Loki (in this instance) is named after his mother.

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OP is asking if there is a possibility that Loki would have been chosen to be called Loki Farbautissen instead of Loki Laufeysson. Not that it is actually recorded as such

Scientific testing of IF is still fairly new so you will see lots of contradictory information right now. Think of it this way though, if the goal is to reduce the amount of calories we take in, is it easier to be hungry 24 hrs a day or hungry just 16 hrs a day with 8 hrs of satiety? Assuming your calorie intake is the same with either plan, you'll achieve a lot more satiety with more calories being packed into a shorter eating period. It's also not bullshit that your body burns fat when it is in a fasted state

Original Poster4 points · 3 months ago

Yeah, I've been eating roughly between noon and 8 for about 10 months, and I do find it much easier to manage my hunger and stay within my calorie budget.

I'm interested in the burning of fat in the fasted state. It makes sense to me that insulin spikes after eating are the body's signal to stop burning fat, since energy just came in.

I guess I'm really just wondering if my understanding of what glucagon and insulin do is correct. I'm still relatively new to nutrition science, and it's hard to tell what is solid science and what is bullshit.

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Dr. Fung explains it best but essentially the solid biological aspect of this is that glucagon and insulin have a negative relationship. Your liver puts out more glucagon when your insulin levels are low and vice versa. I'm fuzzy on the exact mechanism but glucagon basically releases stored energy into the bloodstream in order to prevent hypoglycemia. If you're a non-diabetic, healthy person, there's no reason that low blood sugar levels will hurt you given that it is, in fact, intermittent. So the logic behind fasting is that you want to be in that low insulin-high glucagon state as long as possible to release all that energy stored in your body as fat for the body to use up. That's why some recommend doing fasted cardio.

No one is cohesively able to prove that it's a function of biology and not one of socialization.

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Are you retarded? Or do you also believe that mental retardation doesn't have a biological basis? Do the world a favor and at least enroll in a basic biology or physiology class at your local community college and try not to drool long enough to learn this basic shit.

Edit: Never mind, you're one of those SJW oxygen thieves.

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